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#11 Re: [Private] They Say the Full Moon... on Fri May 19, 2017 8:36 am


Gfx Queen
Gfx Queen

Nicole shrunk down. So far, Kokoro had been respectful, elegant, almost royal. This unexpected outburst threw all of that out the window and, while it made him more Human, it made Nicole reconsider what she knew about him. Kokoro was a man of respect and admiration, a man who was careful about what he said and did, but clearly the knowledge of whom her father is threw everything he knew out.

Clearly, Kokoro did not expect that.

"I... don't really know? My first mother told me a long time ago that Ika Mazi was my father... I tracked him down in the Bogota, and then he did some stuff, and Soutaichou Lisola came to pick me up. They argued for a little while, but Father gave in and I came home with Mother. I don't really understand how it works, but Soutaichou Lisola told me that she was my mother, and that's good enough for me!" An innocent, genuine smile on the teenager Shinigami's face told Kokoro she wasn't lying; her stance told Kokoro she was still a little afraid of him and was trying to explain so he didn't freak out on her again; her quick breathing told Kokoro that she was nervous around him, now.

Hopefully he'd fix that.
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#12 Re: [Private] They Say the Full Moon... on Sat May 20, 2017 2:10 am

Ika Mazi

The woman smiled genuinely after divulging her story, and Kokoro was a bit baffled by the entire affair. She clearly was not lying, and she seemed genuinely afraid of him now, apparently, tentacles hadn't caused that, no, rather it was only when Kokoro had lost his mind. He swallowed slowly, taking in about as much of his own pride as he did confusion and oxygen, before continuing. "I don't even want to begin to ponder how Rena and Ika share a child, If I had to guess that was one of Ika's sick lab schemes.." He gulped again before continuing, "I apologize for the overreaction but, as someone whom has known both Ika and Rena for several hundred years I... I just don't see how those two could ever stand each other long enough to have a child.."

He pondered this again and shook his head, "I apologize for the overreaction, but without exaggeration that is the most shocking thing I've ever heard in my 1500 years of living on this rock.. I've heard of Captain Commanders being executed, I've heard of us losing wars and winning them, I've watched humanity shape itself from a race of children to a race that could rival any, but no surprise.. None of the things I've seen could rival that in shock factor.."


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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