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#1 [Human] Random Chaos Cards on Tue May 02, 2017 9:41 pm

Codename: Gambit

Gambit is a prideful individual, who knows exactly what he wants and is willing to do anything to achieve it. He has a strict moral code, but can justify nearly anything he does in that code. While he's commonly seen as an evil individual, Gambit is in fact neutral on the spectrum; there is a perfect 50/50 chance that he will kill someone who's near death or help them get back up, regardless of whether or not he was the one who put them in that situation.

When it comes to combat, Gambit fights with a magical deck of cards.

52 Cut Up
Gambit fires off 52 cards. Each card travels at the speed of a bala, will explode for Hado#30 damage within 6in when it hits anything, and can explode early for Hado#10 in a 2ft range at Gambit's discretion.

Every other post, Gambit can draw one of six special cards. This has a degree of random chaos: Gambit cannot choose which card is drawn, as it is dependent on post number. Every post, regardless of whether or not Draw was used, the card that will/can be drawn is cycled in order. Each card has a specific effect that Gambit can choose to cast on himself or someone else within 20y of him. Because the cards are beneficial effects, Gambit can auto-hit with them, and upon using the card the effect is given instantly. The cards, and their effects, are listed below:
    [THE BALANCE] - Increases target's damage dealt by 50% for 2 posts.
    [THE BOLE] - Reduces target's damage taken by 33% for 2 posts.
    [THE ARROW] - Increases target's attack and movement speed by 50% for 2 posts.
    [THE SPEAR] - Reduces target's cooldowns by 1 post.
    [THE EWER] - Restores 15% of target's reiryoku. This cannot be used on the same person twice in one thread.
    [THE SPIRE] - Grants target Regeneration for 1 post: All minor cuts and half of major wounds are healed, bleeding from lost limbs is stopped by the limbs themselves are not regenerated.

Royal Road
Gambit returns the currently drawn card to the deck; that card's effect is not used. The next card drawn is improved: Balance, Bole, Arrow, and Spire last for 1 more post than before; Spear reduces cooldowns by 2 posts, and Ewer restores 20% instead of 15%. This has a 10 post cooldown.

Gambit puts his current card back and draws the next card in queue instead. The queue's order does not change.

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