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#1 Eto Garamond (Done) on Tue May 02, 2017 1:53 pm

Name: Eto Garamond
Real Age: 270
Phys. Age: 27
Gender: Female
Eto is a happy go lucky, bubbly and playful young women. Eto is mainly characterized by her boundless enthusiasm, and Cheerful behavior. When Eto talks, many of her words may sometimes come out randomly without her actually giving much thought to anything she comes up with. This is caused by her rather peculiar imagination, and her free-spirited attitude. However, Eto is more insightful than one would think and is capable of being serious when mostly necessary.

Eto is very open with her squad and will quickly grow fond of them. Because of her motor mouth, she is very open to conversation and tends to play pranks on her friends and squad,making her a very social and likable person if not at times a little of a nuisance. She also appears to be good at reading people.

Although Eto retains her joyful personality even in combat, she is seen to be more focused and in control of herself during an encounter. She can be patient, and smart. If she does not see the need of her assistance, she will stand back and choose to observe. Eto is a surprisingly good leader and commander even with her personality she has no trouble shouting orders to her squad or others with a calming yet strict tone. She can become very serious and very bold and cold when things call for it, personally she hates acting the par of the leader, but  She knew that sometimes she had to to get the job done.

Eto typically uses her happy go lucky ad bubbly personality to hide any pain or stress she is feeling, she tends to hide her true thoughts through laughter and humor.

Eto seems to have a liking for sweet things, like cake and candy's and usually has a bag of candy on her. She is a big fan of pancakes with strawberry syrup. Yet at the same time she love spicy and hot foods as well. If anyone took a plate of food from Eto it either be sweet and full of sugar or hot and spicy enough to melt your mouth.

Height: 151cm
Weight: 44kg
Physical Traits:
Eto is 151cm tall, and weights 44kg, she has a very slender and slim build. Her skin tone is a pale white. Eto has two different colored eyes one a shining  emerald green, and the other a glowing crimson red color. She has long green hair which is usually messy and uncombed. Eto oddly seems to always smell of taffy.

She has a very care free, and relaxed presence. Many of her expressions are obscured by the bandages she wears, but when not wearing them she can be seen always wearing a smile. when hanging out and spending time with her squad her mannerism are usually cheerful and bubbly, and when in a fight she is still seems a bit cheerful and bubbly but also more controlled and focused.

Eto's usually outfit is rather odd she usually has her entire body wrapped in bandages, like a mummy. For all you perverts that need to know yes she wears a bra and panties under the bandages. Over the bandage's she wears a tattered maroon cloak with droopy ears attached to the hood.  She also wears a long floral scarf around her neck.Eto does not wear shoes at all and typical holds her zanpakuto, carrying it with her right hand.

Oddly enough many may see Eto in what he calls her Pj, probably because they have to wake her up. When sleeping Eto usually wears a short sleeved t-shirt with her legs still wrapped in bandages. When it comes to having to dress for any formal event Eto wears a  a pink shoulderless dress with a white skirt. Notably, the seam joining the two sections tapers to a point, which gives the top part of her dress a resemblance to a pink heart-shape. When Eto visits the world of the living in a gigai she normally wears a red plaid skirt, and a brown jacket with a tan vest and white shirt with a red ribbon tied at the collar.  

General Fighting Style:
Eto specializes in the use of kidou. She tends to fight defensively and favor Bakudo  using it to slow and immobilize her opponents before swiftly striking them down, and combines her Hado with her Bakudo to create destructive combinations. Along with her skills in using kidou  Eto uses Iaijutsu and many other sword drawing arts to quickly dispatch her opponents.

When sparring which Eto would always be welcome to sparring with her squad, She usually only uses Bakudo and low level Hado. When fighting opponents weaker then them they tend to use Bakudo to pin them and then dispatch them with her sword or all at once with Hado. When faced with a stronger opponent Eto will use more tact and will tend to fall back or retreat util she can fight them with a partner or group or until she has the upper hand.
Strengths: Kidou, Zanjustu, Reiatsu

Weaknesses: Hakuda,Shunpo

Ability Name: Doppelganger
Ability Description: Eto is able to create at most two clones of herself that can preform simple tasks. They do not however have a copy of Eto zanpakuto o them and there reiatsu is only a fraction of Eto own. if i combat the clone are easily dispatched one clean hit will cause them to fade , and will be 4 post until Eto can create a new one.

Ability Name: Kidou transfer
Ability Description: Eto is able to have her Doppelganger to fire her own kidou,allowing her to launch three separate kidou's at the same time  and if an incantation is need Eto may speak the incantation and one of the Doppelgangers launch it and vise versa.

Sealed Appearance:
Zanpakutou Name: Jumon
Call Out Command: Cast and Weave



Destruction Bolt: A rapid fire of energy bolts each bolt is the equivalent of a bala in speed and power.  The bolts appear as lime green sparking bolts of energy.

Barrier Vortex: Create a vortex that deflects energy attacks. The barrier can last for 2 post or until canceled and has a 1 post cool down. The vortex look like a yellow swirling circle

Kidou Weaver: All kidou have a decreased cool down by one. and all Forbidden kidou are less taxing on Eto body allowing her to use them more often then most, but even one leaves her drained of most of her energy.  
Boosts: 2x boost to all

New Name: Jumon Kokumajutsu

Abilities: Kidou Weaver is the only ability that carries over on to Eto bankai.

Destruction Ray: A Powerful beam attack with the equivalent in speed and power of a cero.  The energy is a lime green color, and has a 1 post cool down

Feeding blade: The ability to absorb a energy attacks, the stored energy can be seen by the chains on the staff turning red. Energy cant be absorbed until the rest of the stored energy is released. can only absorb up to two cero equivalent of energy.

Death arc: Unleashes the stored energy from her scythe into a large crescent arc. The energy is a lime green color. A one post cool down.
Boosts: 3x boost to all

New Name: [What's your zanpakuto's new name?]
Appearance: [What does your bankai look like? Character appearance changes, weapon changes, etc.]
Abilities: [What abilities does your character gain]
Boosts: [In this release, you get a 4x boost; you can apply this to as many 'stats' as you want (strength, speed, durability, etc) but they're diminishing returns; the more you have, the less effective they actually are.]

Eto was not always called by that name when she was alive she was Nora Yoshimuro . Her mother was Chen Yoshimuro , and her father was Rin Yoshimuro. Her mother was an English teacher and her father ran a cafe. During Her child hood Nora loved playing make believe with friends and telling elaborate stories to the customers at the cafe.
When Nora was a teen they enjoyed reading books and playing games like dnd or anything that allowed them to create something unique. She loved school and was always eager to learn something new and was usually top of her class. Well in high school Nora worked part time at her fathers cafe, and was very popular with the customers.These is where she met Eric, a skinny guy who would always be buried in a book and order he same thing. One day Nora though it be funny to put hot sauce in his food, well she didn't get the reaction she expected, instead he eat it with out compliant and order another one. When she asked he smiled and told her he didn't even notice it. After that the two started talking about there favorite authors.

Nora started going to the local collage for her English major, when she graduated.She also started dating Eric well in collage as well. During collage Nora continued to work at the cafe when she wasn't studying or hanging out with friends.

After collage Nora stay with her family well working in the cafe again and trying to get her own books published. When not working or writing she spend time with friends or Eric. After a few years Nora polished one of her books, and biggest news of all Eric finally proposed. They moved in together shortly after. Nora started working as a teacher well also looking to publish her second book, but these wasn't something to last.

When Nora was 23 she was diagnosed with a fetal illness. Though regardless of her shortened life span it never changed Nora stayed the happy go lucky girl she always was. Nora decided to go traveling , so her and Eric traveled around the world until her death. After her death Nora remember meeting a man in black robes at her funeral, and that was the day Nora Yoshimuro became Eto Garamond.

When Nora Eto arrived in the Soul Society, she was slightly confused but she didn't have a lot of time to learn because Eto lived now in Kusajishi or district 79. the place was full of out laws and thieves and soon Eto realized she had to fight to survive, but that never stopped her from smiling and trying to see the good in things, even if that meant stabbing a man for a  piece of breed.

Eto only left the 79th after learning about the academy. the chance at order and education again excited her and she enrolled the moment she could. Eto not wanting others to know she was from a lawless area or maybe it was meant as a joke but during her time in the academy Eto wore bandages like a mummy. Well in the academy Eto was eager to learn every thing. Eto excelled at kidou and zanjustu.

When Eto Graduated and join the fourth division using her personal ability's         and kidou to heal and help who she could. But felt she still lacked some skills so she started to studying medicine. She become very popular with her patients her bubbly and cheerful helped with their emotional conditions as well.

It was during her time in the fourth division that she started communicating with her zanpakuto. At first it was rather unpleasant, her zanpakuto would plague her dreams with ciphers and riddles. Though the problems of not sleeping some days, Eto begin to enjoy the puzzles and with each one solved she got ever closer until she finally learned her zanpakutos name. Then she slept for two days straight in pure exhaustion.

When day she meet a man from the kidou corp that she remembered from the academy. They talk and the man joked that his shocked that Eto didn't immediately become their commander, which Eto laugh at and said. " Yeah  you want be to be your boss sounds great" She laugh and the two shared a drink. A few years later Eto transferred to Kidou corp.
Side Notes: [Anything you didn't say up above that's relevant to your character goes here.]
Roleplay Sample:
" Its raining again" Eto pouted as she. She was hanging from the ceiling fan of the room. Eto was in an empty classroom at the academy. she didn't have any ral place to call home so she didn't really leave the academy grounds and most nights she end up sleeping in a tree or a classroom, and as much as Eto loved sleeping in a tree the rain wasn't any good on her bandages. " Rain rain go away come again never" She sang to herself. " Or at least until i find waterproof bandages" she scuffed.

Then there was a noise the noise of a sliding door opening and Eto looked up or was it down hard to say when everything was upside down, and Eto saw a brown haired pale skinned scrawny guy. wondering what they where doing here, they were a little surprised to see Eto but that might be because Eto is upside down." Hello lost lamb or not so lost lamb, maybe you are supposed to be her or not, why are you here" She says cheerfully rambling staring at the man.

" Uh um are you Eto...Eto Garamond right" the poor guy was really nervous then Eto chuckled realizing these guy was a noble who was in her Kidou course. Eto flips down on to the ground and sits cross legged and she nods. " Yep yep that i or me whichever you prefer but yes i'm Garamond Eto" She hums and seems to be sing to herself as she waits for the mans reply.

" Uhh look these is really embarrassing but i could really use your help with my kidou" the man rubs  the back of his neck and a pretty shad of red coats his face. Though he looks shock when Eto laughs out loud, as she just remembered that these guy was utterly terrible at kidou and even the simplest spell blows up in his face. " You really laughing at me, i'm asking for your help you could be humble " the guy says as Eto recollects herself.

" Sorry Sorry just its funny is all if its funny i should laugh right" Eto chuckles and hums to herself staring at the guy. " oh right sorry you asked me something, OK Chocolates" she says with a smile hidden behind the wraps of bandage.

"W..What" the guy says confused. Eto Sighs as she gets up and lays on a desk " Chocolates, for lessons " she says slowly like shes talking to a child.  The man looks confused but shakes it off " are you serious sure yeah ill get you biggest box of chocolates you ever seen" the guy says trying to control his excitement.

Eto jumps up and goes out side the classroom and starts walking not really looking if the guy fallows. She continue walking until she gets to the training yard.  looking back to see the noble boy catching up to her." Alright lets start" Eto  says eagerly. the boy looks a bit shocked " wait right now its kinda late" the boy says panting as a small red ball smash's into him knocking him on the ass " Yes now because if not now ill get bored and not train you which means no sweet chocolate" Eto says. The rest of the night is spent with Eto throwing kidou blast att the noble man and training him until sunrise. The next day the during kidou training Eto ate a hole box of chocolates and got a tummy ache.            

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