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#1 [Open] Alone with my Thoughts on Mon May 01, 2017 1:03 pm

Kawa Kensai

Kawa had recently went shopping and had just returned but surprisingly he did not head back to the palace , or the building he called home, he had a lot on his mind the seed of war had been planted and harvest was fast approaching. Rage, hatred, blood lust, these traits defined who Kawa was. The arrancer would pull a slender piece of meat from the bag that lied in the white sad next to him. He was excited that war was coming he could finally teach the shinigami that they were not gods, But he still had some uncertainties. Like allowing the vizard so called leader to take the soul kings place. Kawa remembered King Graven saying a arrancer couldn't take the throne, but why can a vizard, and why these man. Kawa honestly didn't like the man King Graven chose he seemed much to powerful and some that could be a threat if they chose to be.

" Ahhhh" Kawa screamed and fired a cero into a group of hollows that were trying t pass by unnoticed. He hated these calm he was feeling he was always impulsive and hot blooded in combat that was easy, but on days like these with nothing but his thoughts Kawa couldn't sit still.
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