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#21 Re: [Private] Two to Tango on Fri Aug 18, 2017 11:12 pm

Ashley's onslaught had mostly connected, and while they were wearing Maki Kesshou down little bit little, she was charging her ace in the hole. Final Spark was her most powerful technique, even surpassing her Lucent Singularity, and she was just about to release the focused laser of light as Rinoa tackled her down to the ground and covered her with a large white wing before releasing a massive burst of pale energy. Ashley felt nothing when it touched her, a testament to Rinoa's control over her abilities, and as she looked up she saw the rocks falling on them (which she didn't notice until now) being completely obliterated by the attack.

Then she began to basically lowkey yell at Maki Kesshou, calling her reckless and revealing that she was done playing around, and snapped her fingers before saying 'Meteor'. Ashley wasn't even given a chance to freak out as Rinoa put an arm around her and began to guide her out of the training room, saying that they would be fine from the attack. Ashley wanted to panic lightly, but remembering the pale energy that didn't hurt whatsoever and obliterated the rocks... she trusted Rinoa with her life, and the two of them waited by the exit to see how Maki dealt with the attack.

Given that Rinoa had basically snapped, Ashley let Final Spark fade out, not firing off the laser, and letting her other abilities relax as well. Her True Sight eye faded as her iris and pupil returned in her right eye, she watched as the lingering light on Maki faded from her will, and she was able to fully relax. It took a second, but everything was returned to its normal state, and she was alright. Leaning over to Rinoa, she kissed the girl on her cheek a second time.

"Thanks, Rin."
technique log [click to open]
Ability Name: Esoteric Light [passive]
Ashley can manipulate the esoteric side of light with special properties and a mystical nature to it. This ability is constantly active and gives Ashley High-Speed Regeneration while in contact with any form of light. Ashley can also physically touch someone to grant them her High-Speed Regeneration as long as they are in physical contact with her. Ashley's Regeneration takes three posts to regenerate a lost limb, two posts to heal major internal damage, one post to heal deep cuts and burns, and minor scratches and knicks are healed almost instantly. Ashley's own abilities do not trigger [Esoteric Light], the Light Source must be external and unrelated to her.

Ability Name: Esoteric Light Manipulation
Ashley can manipulate the esoteric side of light with special properties and a mystical nature to it. This ability allows Ashley to fire off Esoteric Light, and allows her to release attacks of varying strength from her staff. Her limit is Cero Oscuras, and any attact released has a relevant cooldown, preventing attacks of that strength from being used again until the cooldown is up.
    Bala: 10 per Post
    Cero: 3 per Post
    Gran Rey Cero: 4 Post Cooldown
    Cero Oscuras: 5 Post Cooldown

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#22 Re: [Private] Two to Tango on Sat Aug 19, 2017 12:17 am

I was more than pleased to see such raw power and talent from two girls younger than I. That was well worth most the pain I was about to experience for certain. As I looked up in awe, I saw a meteor heading straight for me, massive in size, and far too gargantuous for me to completely displace, even with all the powers I had. Still, I wasn't about to just let it kill me or something dumb like that. No, instead, I chuckled. I chuckled and cackled and laughed. "Alright girls. You pass. With rainbowy flying colors and all that fancy shit."

I would then form a staggeringly huge chunk of solid crystal on my right arm, enveloping it and my staff entirely. I probably looked like a freak, but the hell did I care, I was going to beat a fucking meteor out of the sky. Doesn't get any more interesting than that. From what was left of the earth beneath my feet, I bounded upward, channeling reiryoku through my staff, and by extension, the immense crystalline fist I was now wielding. On impact, I noticed two things. One, that thing had an immense amount of heat, singing my hair and skin... well, what was still left of it. Second, it wasn't going down easily. The impact was enough to crack it into several large chunks, all of which exploded in a fantastic fashion, something that I couldn't have anticipated. Needless to say, as the force generated knocked me back down to the earth, I was pleased. Fairly well battered, but pleased. The crystal that still remained on my arm disintegrated into dust, and I laid there for a few minutes.

And for the first time in a while, I cracked a great big smile and laughed so much it echoed off of the cavern walls, that as I did so, were starting to revert back to that of an undamaged training room. I got up onto my feet, a tad bit unstable and looked at the two girls. "Alright. That was actually fun. I owe you two an apology for harassing you when we got here. I look forward to seeing you reach your peak potential." I'd stick out my right hand, for them to shake if they so desired.

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#23 Re: [Private] Two to Tango on Sat Aug 19, 2017 8:30 am

Rinoa blinked the second time Ashley kissed her cheek. Given her emotional meltdown a moment ago she had completely blanked the first time and focused on Maki. The second time however got her full attention and caused her to turn beat red for a moment, "y-you're welcome Ashley.." she shook her head swiftly and managed to clear her flushed face as Maki did..something. As Rinoa refused to look behind her to see, and then congratulated the girls and thanked them before apologizing, "That's great and thank you.." She started to soften from her emotional outburst as she heard Maki apologize and started acting like her old self again as she spun around and put a finger in the air looking at Maki, "out of curiosity where would you like us to apply our talents the most? I don't know the positions available and I would rather not put the wrong thing and end up where I can't be useful.. Since you run the show and you saw what we can do I was hoping you would have an idea."

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#24 Re: [Private] Two to Tango on Sat Aug 19, 2017 8:42 am

As Rinoa blushed a bright red, so too did Ashley. Granted, the cheek wasn't quite as symbolic as the lips, but Ashley was racking her brain trying to figure if Rinoa... knew. Her brain was so taxed at the moment that Ashley simply stared at Rinoa, not even registering Maki Kesshou tell them that they passed, and completely oblivious to Maki's actions afterward, missing her entire fight against the inanimate object.

Only Maki's incessant, creepy laughter drew Ashley back into the world, and as she looked over to see Maki lying down and stating it was fun, Ashley shook her head, still bright red.

If anyone asked, she'd say it was from the heat of the lava.

Rinoa spun around and asked about where she wanted the two girls to be, but Ashley drifted away from listening once again and just... kept watching Rinoa. Did she know? That was going to be a potentially awkward conversation, later... maybe it'd just be better to let it fade away, and hope it never got brought back up. Ashley started to fan herself, to commit to the 'heat of the lava' excuse, her blush only growing stronger as she kept thinking about it.
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Orb of Deception [1]
Slow Field [4]

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