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on Sun Apr 30, 2017 1:29 pm


While Shiro tried his best to sign off on his punishment paperwork he started to twitch from having nothing to do his right-hand moving side to side on the small wooden desk Shojo had bought for them a few weeks back. "GODDMAN IT!!! ALL OF THIS WORK FOR A DMAN DOOR!!" referring to the when he first had a meeting with their Captain which ended with Shiro doing all the paperwork until. 'Shiro we need to go we can't keep our little cat lady waiting forever.' Shojo commented as Shiro stormed out from the office and quickly did around about the Nest to make sure that everyone was still around and not trying anything stupid "I swear I'll kill 'em next time he wants me to do something!" Shiro shouted heading for the door. Once they left them waited for the cat girl to show herself to them 'Shiro lets not do anything rash okay she's a friend.' Shojo added on as a cool breeze blew past their face while the sun made Shiro's purple eyes shine brightly in the midday sky.

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