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#1 Caoilainn Mac Giolla Bháin on Sun Apr 30, 2017 9:16 am

Noziel AranOnline

8th Division
8th Division


Name: Caoilainn Mac Giolla Bháin (translates over to and will be referred to as Kalinn White.)
Apparent Age: 14
True Age: 14
Sex: Female
Personality: Due to her previous incarnation, there is a lot of mystery surrounding Kalinn's existence. While she doesn't remember it, she hears plenty about the legends of the Lamb, and is curious about any information related to that legend.

Kalinn is a rather quiet and patient young child. Despite being cast out of her family, she has proven to be quite formidable as a survivor. She may very well try to coerce others into pitying her, but only as a last resort. She doesn't complain much as far as insults, struggles, and the like go. In fact, you could say she's pretty relaxed.

After meeting Wolf, he has told her some about her previous incarnation. She currently isn't sure what to make of this, and believes them to be stories and nothing more. Nonetheless, she enjoys the stories, and frequently asks Wolf to share more with her, or simply tell them again.

Wolf tends to laugh at this a little, but playfully so, this is because it used to be him that told the stories as part of reminiscence. He fully enjoys them and doesn't seem to mind his 'prison' much. In fact, he's rather proud to have found Lamb again.

Wolf is still partly Hollow, and as such, still has a hunger for souls, while Kalinn will not let him devour any, he does not need them as long as he is imbued in the staff. She will however toss him an apple every so often for his loyalty and stories.

One of the most defining aspects of Kalinn is her love of nature, and of the sea. She is drawn to it regularly and would not stand to live far away from it. Her love of water and the plant life around her stands out, and those around her notice that. In one sense, she is indeed the lamb of peace and unity from the old days of Ireland, but she is also a fluid and charming girl, one who may very well summon attention from her regal air alone.

Something still however eats away at Kalinn, though she refuses to acknowledge it. Her past as told to her by Wolf is true, and though she doesn't remember it directly, it haunts her by way of nightmare. She has glimpses and flashes of her old human life, the terrors and joys of it, and her death. She sees bits of her soul contorting, and of meeting Wolf.

Only time will tell what growth Kalinn will have, after all, she is young, and still changing.


Height: 4'3"
Weight: 94 lbs
Physical Traits:


General Fighting Style: Kalinn prefers not to fight altogether, however, if forced to, will use her affinity of water and plants to slip, trip, and trap her opponents. Her priority is survival, and by extension, survival of her allies. Her second priority is to use her gifts to control her opponents movements, possibly stopping them cold. Either way, she does not wish to harm anyone.

Oddly enough though, she has shown dangerous potential, even to the extent of drowning, suffocating someone by way of mud or quicksand, even squashing people under tree limbs. Every death she causes, she remembers, vividly, and each death scares her more.

Strengths: Reiryoku, Spiritual Control, Defense, Reflexes
Weaknesses: Hakuda, Zanjutsu, Strength, Endurance


Fullbring Item: The Staff that Kalinn carries is the source of her Fullbring connection. However, as a side affinity, she can command nearby water, whether by pulling it out of the air, nearby plants, from the earth, or from nearby bodies of water. Wherever it exists. She cannot however create water using her own life energy, or by pulling it out of her body, or someone else's body. She can summon human-made water if it is exposed to the outside air.

Fullbring Appearance: A staff that closely resembles a cast-iron lantern holder. While it is odd in appearance (see actual appearance above), it holds a mysterious spirit. His name has been lost to history, but Kalinn refers to him simply as "Wolf." The Spirit remains trapped in the cage-staff as long as Kalinn is sealed, but conversations can still be carried on privately or publicly depending on the choice of Kalinn.

(None of Kalinn's abilities are instant.)

Ability Name: Call of Tides
Description: Water cannot be created from within Kalinn, but she can pull it anywhere that it exists, so long as it is exposed to nearby air. The range of her control is 5 meters in sealed, and 25 meters in Fullbring mode. She cannot solidify, vaporize, or otherwise alter the structure of the water aside from condensation, that means no density or pressure shenanigans aside from the natural reaction the water would have on contact. Elsewise, she can control any amount of water so long as it is within her range. If for some reason any water she controls changes states, so long as it is not being controlled by someone else, she can reconvert it back to liquid water.

Ability Name: Born to the Sea
Description: Kalinn can heal her wounds, replace blood, and circulate said blood through her body to create a regen effect similar to a Hollow's Rapid Regeneration. The only limit to this ability is her Reiryoku, and the fact that whatever needs healing must be in and remain in contact with water. She can extend this to other people, but only if physical contact with water and touch are both made and maintained. By extension of this, she can walk, glide, or be lifted up by any water she controls.

Ability Name: Selective Purification
Description: Kalinn can purify water to any extent, extracting, but not eliminating anything dissolved into a batch of water under her control. This includes but is not limited to the removal of sediments, nutrients, contaminants, pollutants, and foreign materials.

An example of this would be if Kalinn is covered with some sort of poison, she can use water to slide it off of her. She'd then have to then eject the poison out elsewhere, but the poison would not remain in water she controls unless she chose to leave it there.

Ability Name: Sew What?
Description: Kalinn can plant seeds of various grasses, flora, and trees, with no limitations other than rate of growth. Basically, plant generation.

Boosts: Reiryoku x3


Fullbring Appearance: When her power flows through the staff, wolf comes out of it, in spirit form.
Wolf is free to float around as a non-corporeal wisp, but cannot move further than one meter away from Kalinn. He also still remains attached to the cage-staff.

Ability Name: Overgrowth
Description: Kalinn can energize the growth of nearby living plants, or re-vitalize old and long dead ones. Yes, this means that even wooden doors and the like can sprout new plant life. In this process, she can cause them to grow at a far faster rate than would normally be possible, and can bend and control the position of the plants as they grow, allowing them to outgrow their natural maximum height with ease. Limiting this to common sense sizes based on plant type.

Ability Name: Limber Vines
Description: Anything that grows naturally thicker than grass, say a vine or root or something of the sort, can be used to trip, snare, or attack physically. Any object made of wood or other plant matter is treated as though it is as flexible as the most flexible type of that material (All woods behave like Willow, all vines behave like those that can move freely, etc.) By extension of this, any plant matter she controls can wrap around her body, but cannot act as any sort of armor. Damage is proportional to size of object.
If for some reason, there is not substantial plant life nearby, Kalinn can combine blades of grass and wind them into cord that is equivalent to vines, and can sprout more of the same plant, be it cord, vines, or wood, etc. out into any direction or size.

Ability Name: Force of the Tides
Description: Kalinn can use any amount of water to erode anything is possible to be eroded. Her ability to erode earth and stone is dramatically increased, can be used to make quicksand, entire pools of slick mud, and move the earth from beneath anything. Rate of erosion is based on overall surface area of the material being eroded, so fresh dirt and sand are near-instantaneously converted to quicksand/mud in a single post, moving of earth or wet clay via deposits takes moderately longer, but still doable, about 10 cubic meters of it per post. Any material that sets like stone, ceramic, concrete, but is prone to weathering, if it is porous (like concrete or sandstone), it takes one post to break it down, and another to move or dissolve it. If it is non-porous, or just dense, (like ceramic and stone) takes two posts to break down enough to move, and another post to move or dissolve it to dirt/sand grains. All of the above criteria considered, the amount affected is the same across all materials.

Ability Name: Rain Dance
Description: Kalinn claps her hands above her head and clouds begin to form in the sky. One post later, rain begins to fall at the rate of a mild shower. Several posts later (at least two), the storm picks up and behaves like a heavy rainstorm. This can last for up to a full duration of 8 posts and after the storm ends, it cannot be summoned again for the duration of the thread.

Boosts: Reiatsu+Reiryoku x4

History: Picking up from the death of Heiko, the spirits trapped within spiraled together for a moment, then parted ways. Much to the dismay of both, separation is a cruel mistress. While the soul of the Lamb was directed to the Rukongai to be purified, the soul of the Wolf fought the pain and anxiety of separation, and was falling apart just doing so. His soul weakened, to the point where he equated to a mere wisp of a corrupted soul. In time, he searched and searched until years later, he found a trace of the one he knew as 'Lamb'. He found her, not yet born, but in the womb of her new mother. This child, who was the purified and reborn soul of the First Lamb, Selena, the Lamb of the Lands, would be named 'Caoilainn Mac Giolla Bháin' or Kalinn White. He disappeared, unnoticed into the womb of this woman, and spoke to the girl who wasn't even fully created yet. She could not understand him, but the Wolf knew it was the same soul. He left, and dying, though still a wisp of a Hollow Soul, was doomed to die. He clung to life by embedding himself into an object, a cast-iron staff, designed to have the appearance of a lantern. It was the symbol of the old royalty in the old days of Ireland. Though it rightfully belonged in the hands of the one destined to lead Ireland, it was currently being used as a handle to one of the main doors of the old castle, which was now a popular tourist spot. As the young Kalinn grew up, she would often wander by it, both out of hearing Wolf's calls, and by familiarity. Her curiosity asked her what that object really was, where it came from, and why it spoke.

Rumors were started about this mysterious girl who looked similarly to a figure spoken of by word of mouth, a girl who belonged to a legend that was lost to time, and this created a superstition about her. On her 11th birthday, she was cast out of her home, and she lived from that day forward by scraping together what little food she could beg off of residents of her area, and by taking shelter and rest where she wasn't chased off.

On the girl's 13th Birthday, Kalinn walked back to the castle, on her own without her parents, who no longer cared of her existence, and decided that she would talk to the strange voice she had been hearing all of these years. "Hello, Lamb, I have missed you." The wolf said to the girl, who could see his wispy form, trapped in the staff. Though she thought the staff looked nice where it sat, she also couldn't help but think she'd seen it before. It didn't belong here, she decided, and touched it. The staff flared with blue and green energy, then faded. It popped off the door as if it had never been there to begin with, and she took it home, listening to the stories of the Wolf. It was then that her powers awakened, and to the few that would recognize it, her right to rule Ireland. She has only in the past year, learned to use and control her powers.

Side Notes: Continuing Reincarnation of "Heiko". For more reference, please check Heiko. The Lamb and Wolf.


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#2 Re: Caoilainn Mac Giolla Bháin on Tue May 02, 2017 6:19 pm

Ika Mazi

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