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#1 Urek Mazino on Sun Apr 30, 2017 8:42 am

Name: Urek Mazino
Apparent Age: 26
True Age: 93
Sex: Male
Personality: Urek is known to have a ruthless personality which leads him to be well respected by all who call themselves men. However, women seem to find him repulsive and dislike him. Urek however doesn't understand why that is so. Urek can be seen as having a very confident personality, never afraid to take on anybody. If anything, it was as if cowardice didn't exist for this man, a man amongst men.

Really though, Urek has just about zero traces of cowardice, he is full of confidence in his own ability and is always up for a challenge. Urek is constantly looking for something or somebody that can actually stand up to his power and be a challenge for him. He loves the thrill of the fight and doesn't care about the situation. He follows orders from nobody and does as he pleases. In the middle of a large scale battle and feels like taking a nap? Well.. he'll take his nap.

Urek has a presence full of power and isn't one to be ignored or taken lightly. There are those who act confident or cocky and really can't put their money where there mouth is, Urek however can most definitely walk the walk and talk the talk. A flaw for Urek would most likely be how he goes out of his way to save women. He sees himself as being a hero that will show up and save the damsel in distress. Usually he will try and find a way to not have to fight against a woman, but if it's necessary he will go easy on them and attempt to not hurt them too bad.

Urek usually has a rather smug look upon his face and always is full of confidence. Despite being a sinner, he is rarely angry and is very carefree in general. He jokes most things off and has a rather dominating presence even with his carefree nature. Urek does what he wants, and whenever he wants. So because of this, Urek is anti-government. Up to this point one would wonder how he came to be a Sinner with the type of attitude he has. Urek is one who wants to crush any oppression and any sort of government, he is an anarchist that wants his freedom, and he will go by any means to obtain it. This usually being acts of violence and force to get what he wants. He really uses force for everything. No matter what he wants he will generally use force to obtain it unless it is something petty.

Urek is a natural leader. His presence inspires others to join him. Who wouldn't want to be free from their job and responsibility? With Urek, you will get freedom. Isn't that what most people want, freedom? Urek's attitude, the way he holds himself, Urek lives a carefree life. The only thing left is to get rid of any other governments that would attempt to reside over them. The one that affects them the most would be the Committee since he resides within the world of the living. The Committee seems to also have the most influence there, more than the Gotei and definitely more than the Espada. His first goal would be to rid the Committee, then after that any other form of government.

Overall Urek isn't a bad guy. He doesn't go around hurting people to hurt people and really is interested in social clubs. However despite whatever kindness he may show, don't let that trick you from how evil he can be. After escaping hell he has toned down a bit. Sure he originally was much more evil but  after gaining all this power, he finds himself in heaven. The power he gained is wonderful and he enjoys it, leading to him enjoying "life" more. No longer to petty things get on his nerves or is he as violent as he used to be. Urek is now living life to the fullest and doing as he pleases, giving no regard to rules. This is the Supreme King, Urek Mazino.

Height: 195 cm
Weight: 178 pounds
Physical Traits:

Urek Mazino is rather tall standing at 195 centimeters. He is notably handsome with his blonde hair and piercing red eyes. Usually Urek has a confident or smug look upon his face, sometimes he just has a blank one. There usually isn't much of a change to his expressions beyond that. Confident smiles, smirks, maybe a frown every once in a while. He usually doesn't express any emotion except for perhaps when he is fighting. When fighting at times he gets an excited expression, almost a maniacal grin one could say.

Urek is always seen wearing a white SnapBack with a black bill backwards upon his head where a bit of his blade hair falls out from it at the center and at the sides. His body is extremely well built which is obvious by his well-defined musculature. On his back is the symbol the "Wing Tree" with his name "Mazino" upon his upper back while as the "Wing Tree" takes up nearly the entirety of his back. When he is topless around his waist would be his black hoodie tied to him over his white shorts. If he isn't topless he simply has the black hoodie on either zipped up or left open. If he isn't wearing white shorts, an alternate would be black pants. Finishing off his attire is a pair of white shoes that somehow never seem to get dirty despite being an easy color that gets dirty. Finally within his ears are on each a spike that serves as ear rings

To generalize his style would be to say he looks like a "rapper." However, despite the appearance he is a very terrible rapper. Urek prefers comfortable clothing compared to anything formal. This actually seems to show how carefree he is bybwearing loose free clothing instead of sharp formal attire that isn't as comfortable. His facial features and expressions show just how laid back he is.

General Fighting Style:
Urek has a fighting style he likes to call Ray Barracuda. Ray represents his spiritual attacks, all extremely fast while barracuda is a very ferocious and dangerous eel which would represent how violent and ferocious the style is. Urek tends to play with his opponents, sometimes even going as far as using one finger against them. However sometimes even that is too much.

Urek mainly uses his fists to combat his opponent which are very powerful at that. A lot of times he maybthrow in a kick or a knee, perhaps even some grappling. Urek has a very unique style that isn't really a martial art despite him actually knowing a few of them. Overall Urek uses his brute power and overwhelming speed to dominate his opponents without giving them even a second of rest.
Strengths: Hakuda, Reiatsu, Stamina, Speed, Strength, Durability
Weaknesses: Endurance, Zanjutsu, Sensing, Reiryoku, Agility
Boosts: 4x all Physical, 3x Reiatsu Reiryoku and Spirituals control

[Unlike other races, Sinners are always at full power. You have access to all of these powers at all times.]
Ability Name: Supreme King's Scorching Fist of Death
Description: A technique Urek claims of being "Legendary" even though it's really just a punch. Urek punches somebody with the power of a cero oscuras. Visually, Urek's fist is shrouded by a white/yellow glow. Cooldown, 4 posts.

Ability Name: Supreme King's Megaton Railgun Cannon Splitter
Description: Urek changes energy into the right and left hands then puts them together and fires a powerful blast of energy at his opponent(s). This does damage equal to Hadou 65 and moves at Bala speeds. 3 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Supreme King's Finger Bang
Description: Urek uses a mere one finger and jabs it at his opponent five times with Bala/shunpo speed. Each poke does Hadou 45 damage. 4 post cooldown. There is a white/yellow glow around his finger.

Ability Name: Supreme King's Dome Splitter of Destruction
Description: Urek simply flicks his opponent with the power of Hadou 55. Visually there is a white/yellow glow around his finger. 2 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Supreme King's Finger Blaster
Description: Urek points his finger and shoots three small beams of energy that deal 30 Hadou damage. Moves at Bala speed, one post cooldown.

Ability Name: Supreme King's Ranged Deflect
Description: Urek can deflect an incoming ranged attack/kidou at the cost of its cooldown. Urek does this by pumping his own reiatsu to whatever body part he is deflecting the attack with.

Ability Name: Supreme King's Fist of Calamity
Description: For one post Urek charges his attack into his fist, then he delivers the attack the next post with the power of forbidden-kidou. 4 post CD

Ability Name: Supreme King's Full Counter
Description: Urek can counter an opponent's melee ability by attacking their attack with the same force that is applied. Cooldown is the same as the opponents attack.

Ability Name: Supreme King's Range
Description: Urek channels reiatsu into his hands to extend his "melee" range by 3ft for 3 posts. 3 post cooldown. This is shown by Yellow/white reiatsu extending out from his wrists as a beam of light.

Ability Name: Supreme King's Overload
Description: Urek surpasses his physical limits, getting x5 speed and strength for 3 posts. There is a 6 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Supreme King's Infinite Fists of Fury
Description: Urek channels Reiatsu into his right fist, this ability drains reiatsu equal to a forbidden kidou, but lasts until Urek hits a target. When Urek hits anything with his right fist (While the technique is active) the target is attacked five times simultaneously with equal strength.

Ability Name: Supreme King's Shield of Protection
Description: Urek gains a 50% boost to Durability and Endurance for one post at the cost of Urek being unable to move when he uses it. This ability has a 4 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Supreme King's invincibility
Description: Urek's thick reiatsu coats his body and give him a 20% damage reduction.

Ability Name: Supreme King's Overwhelming Power
Description: Urek's pure overwhelming strength and power causes him to do 10% more damage.

History: Urek was always a rebel. He was against the government that restricted his freedom and as well as anybody else's that kept him from doing whatever he wanted. Urek hated taking orders and always got in trouble for it. Eventually, Urek ended up becoming an Anarchist. He hated laws, rules, restriction. All Urek wanted was absolute freedom. When somebody opposed him, he took them out. Whether with his bare hands or a weapon he took out anybody that opposed him.

This didn't last long however, he was eventually caught and put to death for mass murder. Instead of becoming a Hollow or Shinigami, he became something else entirely. Urek was sent to hell. However, for him it was more like heaven. Urek was able to gain power within hell, enough that lead him to be able to go back to the world of the living, however he was bound to a mask. Once again Urek was displeased. Bound by a mask, bound by rules. Urek hated it. He returned to hell once more and began to gain even more power than he had before.

Not long after his return to hell, Urek gained enough strength and power, more than a sinner that could escape from hell, but the power of a sinner that didn't even need their mask anymore. This made Urek feel free at last, and with a new found power so he could do as he pleased. Though by the time he was in the world of the living again, he was more calm and relaxed. He was satisfied with how things turned out. He gained the power to do whatever he wanted whenever he pleased.

Urek still had the same goal though. He was Anti-government, an anarchist, however there was a new kind of government to combat, actually a few. The main one that affected him the most in the world of the living would be the Committee. After that would be either CHAOS or the Gotei thirteen, and finally the Espada. These were his main concern. Though he wasn't in any rush to get things done. Why would he rush when he could take his time? He knew that no matter what they did he would be able to do as he pleased, none of them could stop him. However, why not have some fun with this?

Urek had a plan, well, not a plan but an idea. Urek figured why not make a whole group of people to go against them? Wouldn't it be much more grand and spectacular to have a whole group with him to take out these governments? It would be rather amusing watching the sides fight, especially when each of these governments were already in a free for all. With another faction added into the mix, things would become much more interesting wouldn't it?

Urek knew what he wanted to do now. Create his own faction to go against the governments and become a great power within the world. With this he would be able to quickly gain new members and people for his cause. Surely there would be others who shared his goal of freedom. For every member he gained his group would grow in power and soon would be seen as a threat on a large scale. However, Urek himself was indeed a threat but he wouldn't be seen as one if he was purely by himself against these large groups. Though if he had his own faction that was more of a threat.

With his goal set and plan in action, Urek began his hunt for members. It didn't matter what race they were, only if they would join him and his cause. All he needed were loyal followers that believed in him and his ability to obtain freedom with this faction. Together they would take down any governments that tried to oppress them. This was the start of a rebellion.
Side Notes: I was hoping to get a solid 0-5 or a 1-1. I will eventually purchase a group and then an Organization when I have the required posts and coins.
Roleplay Sample: [This helps us determine your character's tier. Roleplay in this character, please.]

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#2 Re: Urek Mazino on Mon May 01, 2017 10:05 pm

Urek changes energy into the right and left hands then puts them together and fires a powerful blast of energy at his opponent(s). This does damage equal to Hadou 65 and moves at Bala speeds.

3-4 post CD given the speed of this move and the damage. Damage on it's own is only worth a 2 post CD, but the speed is what brings me to 3-4.

Ability Name: Supreme King's Range
Description: Urek channels reiatsu into his hands to extend his "melee" range by 3ft for 3 posts. 2 post cooldown

Make the CD equivalent to the duration at 3, also the range must be in some way visible whilst striking.

Ability Name: Supreme King's Overload
Description: Urek surpasses his physical limits, gaining a 50% speed and strength boost for 3 posts. There is a 2 post cooldown.

Given Supreme King literally puts you at 6 x with no trade offs gonna say no. If you're sure you need it PM me and we'll talk about nerfing it but it will NOT be easy.

Shield of Protection should be a boost too. Also can't stack with the former ability.

Ability Name: Supreme King's Close Combat Superiority
Description: Urek can deflect two melee strikes that come his way per turn with the power under Hadou 65

This would essentially fuck Rena's full force punch twice, without a CD. So no. You don't need this, you already auto-fuck Melee. No.

To clarify, Ranged Deflect's cooldown is equal to whatever attack it blocks. Just state that since though I caught it, others may not.

Ability Name: Supreme King's Fist of Calamity
Description: For one post Urek charges his attack into his fist, then he delivers the attack the next post with the power of forbidden-kidou. If the attack hits it has a 4 post cooldown. If the attack misses it has a one post cooldown.

Name: Fist of Destruction
Effect: By channeling her spiritual energy into one of her fists she is capable of doing anything within the following range: Attempt to break another person's bones or otherwise severely injure them "almost" regardless of their durability, Create a massive 20m crater from an explosion of the same range of pure force, or divert an incoming attack in the direction correlating to being hit by her fist without injuring her hand. Regardless of how this technique is used it has a four post CD. (As such it cannot divert things stronger than Cero Oscuras)
He could bump that to forbidden. Sure. But it's CD goes from 4 to 5. Not one post cause you missed.

Also, we'll discuss the miss CD, but one post for a Forbidden Kidou level attack is assinine.

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#3 Re: Urek Mazino on Tue May 02, 2017 6:27 pm

Looks better, I PMed you the last fixes. Approved at 1-1 once necessary fixes are made.

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