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#1 Rinoa Heartilly on Sun Apr 30, 2017 8:17 am

Name: Rinoa Heartily
Apparent Age: 17
True Age: 17
Sex: Female
Personality: Rinoa's main selling point is that she is an extreme extrovert. She focuses on everything externally, where one takes things in primarily via their intuition. Her secondary way of thinking is internal, where one deals with things according to how you feel about them, or how she fits in with your personal value system. Rinoa is warm, enthusiastic, and typically very bright as well as full of potential. She thrives in the world of possibilities, and can become very passionate and excited about things no matter how small or mundane. Her enthusiasm lends the ability to inspire and motivate others, more so than you'd expect in someone else. She can generally talk her way in or out of anything. She loves life, seeing it as a special gift, and strives to make the most out of it.

Rinoa also has an unusually broad range of skills and talents. She is good at most things which interest her, usually without having to try very hard at first. Project-oriented, She may go through several different careers during her lifetime. On the outside Rinoa may seem directionless and without purpose, but she is actually quite consistent, within her own behavior and choices, in that she has a strong sense of values which she lives with throughout her life. Everything that she does must be in line with her values. Rinoa absolutely needs to feel that she is living her life as her true self, walking in step with what she believe is right, as any deviation from this "comfort zone" causes rebellious behavior and struggle to return to the path regardless of circumstance and consequence. Rinoa sees meaning in everything, and is on a continuous quest to adapt her life and values to achieve inner peace. Rinoa is constantly aware and somewhat fearful of losing touch with themselves. Since emotional excitement is usually an important part of the girl's life, and because she is focused on keeping "centered", she is usually an intense individual, with highly evolved values.

Rinoa needs to focus on following through with her projects which can be a problem area for someone of her mental state. Unlike other Extroverts, the girl needs time alone to center herself, and make sure she is moving in a direction which is in sync with her values. If Rinoa manages to remain centered she will usually be quite successful at her endeavors. She can get excited about new possibilities, however it can keep her from finishing "greater" achievements by running into a habit of stopping halfway in.

She has great people skills. She is genuinely warm and interested in people, and places great importance on her inter-personal relationships. Rinoa almost always has a strong need to be liked. Sometimes, especially at a younger age, Rinoa tends to be "gushy" and insincere, and generally "overdo" in an effort to win acceptance. However, once Rinoa has learned to balance her need to be true to herself with her need for acceptance, she excels at bringing out the best in others, and is typically well-liked. She has an exceptional ability to intuitively understand a person after a very short period of time, and uses her intuition and flexibility to relate to others on her own level.

Because Rinoa tries so hard to live in the world of exciting possibilities, the details of everyday life are seen as trivial drudgery. She places no importance on detailed, maintenance-type tasks, and will frequently remain oblivious to these types of concerns. When she does have to perform these tasks, she does not enjoy it. This is a challenging area of life for her, and can be frustrating for her friends and family who deal with her regularly.

The gift of gab which she is blessed with makes it naturally easy for her to get what she wants, within reason. She doesn't consciously try to, and wouldn't be willing to, abuse her abilities of speech however, because that would not jive with her value systems. Rinoa sometimes makes serious errors in judgment. She has an amazing ability to intuitively perceive the truth about a person or situation, but when she applies judgment to her perception, she may jump to the wrong conclusions.

She is basically a happy person all around. Though she may become unhappy when she is confined to strict schedules or mundane tasks. Consequently, she works best in situations where she has a lot of flexibility, and where she can work with people and ideas. She has the ability to be quite productive with little supervision, as long as she is excited about what she is doing.

Because she is so alert and sensitive physically, constantly scanning her environments, She often suffers from muscle tension. She has a strong need to be independent, and resists being controlled or labelled. She needs to maintain control over herself, but she does not believe in controlling others. Her dislike of dependence and suppression extends to others as well as to herself.

She has a high tendency to be charming, ingenuous, risk-taking, sensitive, and people-oriented with capabilities ranging across a broad spectrum. She has many gifts which she will use to fulfill herself and those near her, if she is able to remain centered and eventually master the ability of following through on things she could achieve wonderful results.

Height: 5'4''
Weight: 140 lbs
Physical Traits: She wears a black sleeveless, possibly strapless top replacing her black sleeveless shirt under a blue vest that is long on the back. Rinoa also wears shorts that have a thin cut line on each leg on the front. She also wears a miniskirt-like hip wrap, with a holster that holds her gunblade; Vanishing Star. She wears blue pull-up sleeves and an armlet on her left bicep.

General Fighting Style: When put into Melee combat Rinoa relies on quick small strikes focusing more heavily on being defensive. Her main offensive is her abilities and what they can do to augment her combat potential. If for some reason she can't use her abilities though she will always default to the most defensive tactic's she can think of or manage under the circumstances. Pressure Tactics is definitely a good way to describe the "flighty and quick light strikes" that she tries to use.
Strengths: Reiryoku, Reiatsu
Weaknesses: Endurance, Durability

Fullbring Item: Angel Wings
Fullbring Appearance: See her normal appearance They are painted permanently on the back of her Blue duster sweater. While an odd fullbring choice. It serves it's purpose as it's important to her.

Ability Name: Silent Tear

Description: This fold-able Blaster Edge weapon responds to Rinoa's mind and can be fired at bala speeds and upon hitting or missing it's target(s) it will always return back to it's wrist mount on Rinoa's arm. This functions as a shield when attached to Rinoa's arm and can withstand Zanpaktou Material and strikes as if it were a Zanpaktou.

Ability Name: Vanishing Star

Description: She is able to fire "bala" from the gunblade by using either of the trigger's, as the weapon was modified to be used with one or two hands, and the weapon is created as durable as a Zanpaktou and otherwise functions similar to one.

Ability Name: Junction System
Description: Rinoa is able to junction magical ability to her Silent Tear and Vanishing Star. The following spells can be junctioned: Tornado, Holy, Blizzaga, Firaga, Thundaga, and Quake. She can use the Junction System for one full post, cannot use the same junction more than once per six posts, and cannot change Junctions during a post one is in use already. She cannot Junction magic to herself, only her weapons. She can only junction to one weapon at a time.

Silent Tear Effects:
*Tornado - She is able to fire Silent Tear to a target area and create a massive Tornado in it's place. The Tornado is not empowered and merely acts as it would at the same level as an F5 Tornado. Her allies, and herself, are entirely immune to the effects of this tornado, but can choose to let themselves be caught in it, and reverse this decision at will, allowing them to manipulate it's effects for combat.
*Holy - She is able to fire attacks of Holy Energy in the shape and size of Silent Tear, rather than firing the weapon itself. These do a cero worth of damage each and still move at the speed of a bala. Rinoa is immune to this being used against her, and can make her allies immune to it as well.
*Blizzaga - She is able to shoot an blue energy blast as if she fired Silent Tear, this blast expands when it makes contact with something and can turn small lake into the perfect skating ring with just one blast. If hit directly this leaves a thin layer of ice over the target and deals concussive force equal to a cero. Rinoa is immune to this being used against her, and can make her allies immune to it as well.
*Firaga - Literally the fire version of the above leaving first degree burns on grazes and second degree burns if hit directly. Rinoa is immune to this being used against her, and can make her allies immune to it as well.
*Thundaga - She fires Silent Tear at the target like normal. However every foot that it travels causes a lightning bolt to strike at the power of Hadou 40 the strike is always behind Silent Tear. Should Silent Tear hit an opponent it "almost" guarantee's the a bolt of lightning would attempt to slam into the victim a moment later. Rinoa is immune to this being used against her, and can make her allies immune to it as well.
*Quake - She fires Silent Tear into the ground and causes a Magnitude 7 Earthquake for fifty feet of where Silent Tear first made contact. Causing concrete, earth, or anything else to shake burst apart, jut up like spears, etc as well as make it hard for anyone to remain balanced. Rinoa is immune to this being used against her, and can make her allies immune to it as well.

Vanishing Star Effects
*Tornado - The gunblade is covered in winds and is able to bypass air resistance, making her attack speed with the weapon be increased by x2.
*Holy - She is able to stab the Gunblade into the ground and create a pillar of holy energy for fifty feet around her and three hundred feet above her. This deals damage equal to a Cero. Rinoa is immune to this being used against her, and can make her allies immune to it as well.
*Blizzaga - The gunblade is covered in ice and leaves arcs of ice in it's wake. Increasing it's potential for damage. Rinoa is immune to this being used against her, and can make her allies immune to it as well.
*Firaga - The gunblade is covered in flames and causes minor 1 foot explosions of flame energy when the blade makes contact with anything. Rinoa is immune to this being used against her, and can make her allies immune to it as well.
*Thundaga - The gunblade is covered in electricity and causes electrical shock to any conductible object/person it makes contact with. Increasing it's potential for damage. Rinoa is immune to this being used against her, and can make her allies immune to it as well.
*Quake - The Gunblade turns brown temporarily and creates minor tremor shockwaves anytime it makes contact with something making it harder to properly block and even painful as the tremor shockwaves could eventually damage someone's arms after enough blocks. Rinoa is immune to this being used against her, and can make her allies immune to it as well.

Ability Name: Wishing Star
Description: She is able to perform eight dash attacks at Shunpo Speed leaving after images in the wake of her massive speed burst. This can hit multiple target(s) within the "Line" of the dash but the distance traveled per dash is thirty feet. She "seems to" phase through objects and people in the way of her dash, but in reality is simply moving around them so gracefully and quickly without missing a beat that it only "appears" that way. This has a four post cooldown.

Boosts: Reflexes, Reiatsu, Reiryoku x3

Fullbring Appearance: The wing paintings on her back turn into "true" wings.

Ability Name: Angel Wings
Description: She can use her wings defensively, able to reduce damage from non-physical attacks by at least 50% if used to cover Rinoa, or someone she is near, though the wings would never show signs of damage. They are versatile enough to be used to slap attacks away as well. In terms of melee they are able to withstand Zanpaktou. These give her the ability of flight and the ability to use Air-Step, basically a variant of Shinigami's Ait-Walk.

Ability Name: Telekinesis
Description: She is able to manipulate up to five objects at once, up to the size of a semi, but regardless of size she can only lift five objects at a time. She cannot control an attack or object that is being controlled by someone else. She can fire objects the size of a human at high speeds, smaller at bala, and bigger at Cero.

Ability Name: Lunar Cry
Description: Rinoa is able to call upon the moon, whether visible or not, and do one of three effects. Each effect shares CD so she can't just cycle through all 3.

1. She can form five pillars of Lunar Light which teleport whoever is inside them shortly after to a Location of Rinoa's choosing or at random. Using the ability in this manner exit's Rinoa and her allies from the thread. Enemies are not able to enter or attack into the pillars of Light (This is Rinoa's version of a Hollow using Negacion)

2. She can protect herself and up to two allies from 75% damage from the NEXT attack they take. This effect can only be used once per six posts.

3. She becomes able to protect herself from taking "additional" damage from the time this effect begins, although attacks still make contact with her and the "physics" of those attacks still apply (being launched backwards and such) for one post. She cannot do this again for six posts.

Ability Name: Meteor
Description: Rinoa creates a meteor which then descends on the target location dealing a forbidden Kidou of Damage to anything, excluding Rinoa, within a four hundred feet blast radius. This will destroy buildings, wreck cars, and vaporize that damn lamp post that is half tipped over. This ability has a five post cooldown. Rinoa can make her allies immune to it as well.

Boosts: Reflexes, Reiatsu, Reiryoku x4

History: For as far back as Rinoa can recall she never had a mother. Her mother died after giving birth to her. This left Rinoa being raised by a Militaristic father who was too cautious and overprotective of Rinoa, choking her free spirit and causing her to easily become rebellious and stubborn against him. This would be a defining reason for most of the rest of her life choices. Aside from these details she had a relatively good and happy childhood. She was educated normally, had friends, bullies, the usual. Though her father usually kept the bullies at bay. She was used to being on military bases and had a different viewpoint than some because of it. All in all though it was a good time and her and her father were quite close for the general bulk of it. However..

As soon as she hit her teens she started running off to join a group of nature defenders who, while not being hippies or extremists, still planned out minor harmful pranks in order to stop people from completing construction work and such that destroyed area's of the natural landscape. Unfortunately once her father figured this out he not only had the entire group arrested, but forced Rinoa to return home under house arrest. This only deepened her growing distance from the father who she used to get along with as a child only for him to shackle her down more and more while she just wanted to run free.

This repetitive process of running off to join groups of people who were just being rebellious teens continued on and off for a couple of years. Yet she was always inevitably captured by her father and returned home. When she was fourteen however her father pulled her into his study and sat her down for a talk he was simply putting off hoping that she would gain more patience and maturity by the time they reached this point. Unfortunately he had run out of time. He could tell that Rinoa was growing stronger and he knew why, while she had no idea, that night he told her everything. How her mother wore that very duster sweater all the time, how he had meticulously had it repaired to gift to Rinoa. How her mother actually died and why. Why Rinoa seemed to possess special gifts that while currently "benign" were ever increasing in her own awareness of them.

He handed her the card of the Committee and asked if she would go there. While they were a Militaristic force of sorts, something he knew she hated because of his own life style and how it affected her. It would allow her many greater opportunities to assist with people in need, which was always her goal when running off anyways, and help her learn to better harness and use her gifts. She was skeptical of course, but she promised to think it over and went to bed. She didn't actually join the committee right away, though she did promise her father that she would in the future, she didn't believe she was good enough yet. Unlike before when he commented on her rash rebellious nature he had always been stern about lecturing her. That previous night he was calm, polite, kind. Like the dad she remembered as a child. It caused her to think deeply about what she wanted to do and who she wanted to be. Figuring that she was who she was simply to spite her father's shackling behavior.

She left home for a while on a "tour" trip of sorts afterwards, this time telling her father and having a proper plan for coming home at a certain date. Something that surprised him. She went and started talking with more people and brought up the committee more and more during conversation. Eventually finding what it was she was after. Upon this "finding" she returned home and told her father she was ready to join the committee. Who, being thrilled, called them right away and then called a Taxi for her to be taken there shortly after.
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