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#1 [Open] Days of Boredom on Sat Apr 29, 2017 11:20 pm

Graven had been particularly busy and cranky. Leaving Alicia nothing to do until preparations for whatever it was that had spooked him into action were complete and she was called into service. Since he was SO busy though, he had purposely made it very clear that while he won't prevent her from trying to kill him, as per the usual condition, he wouldn't be as lenient or tolerant of it for the moment. A point he drove home when he backhanded her through several pillars and a wall out of anger because he was trying to form plans and strategies of defense for Las Noches.

So the woman, in a huff, and boredom, opened a garganta and paid a visit to the human world. She ended up in Tokyo, Japan and merely grinned as people stopped in the area around her since she was apparently in the downtown area and stared at her. Then proceeded to flee because she beheaded the nearest person before slowly feasting on their soul as it left their corpse.

As the rest fled she simply unleashed the weight of her spiritual energy and for the most part caused the bulk of the fleeing mass to stop in their tracks and fall to the ground in various ways. Taking her time she'd slowly come up to them one by one, grinning and looking right into their eyes as they tried desperately to make their bodies speak out begs and cries for mercy before slowly sliding her Zanpaktou into their chest, killing them and devouring their soul.

She would proceed to do this slow meticulous method until stopped or the large group of sixty people had been killed before doing something else.

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#2 Re: [Open] Days of Boredom on Mon May 08, 2017 5:19 am

So an Espada was on the loose in Tokyo, surprise surprise right? Aaron was sent to dispatch the high-priority target with what can only be called, "Extreme Prejudice." He didn't really need help in that department, and as he walked along the streets of Tokyo he spotted 5 Semi-Trucks in the lot beside him, and Several cars and jeeps and trucks and vans of various shapes and sizes lining the road. He switched into his Secondary Form, and smirked. Converting two cars into enough Iron Dust to form a 200 foot blanket of the shit above them by about 30 feet, and it was at this point that he animated one of the semi-trucks into forming a transformer thing of sorts.. It was a functional robot puppet, that he could rig to explode at a moments notice essentially. Especially since this particular truck, was a fuel tanker. "Espada, would you like the opportunity to state your name before I kill you..." as Aaron said this, he flipped open the flap on his pouch, as Iron Dust filled the air in front of him in large quantities, and began to convert two more cars into the substance.. "Or would you prefer to die nameless, it does not matter to me.."

Aaron smirked, staying on guard..

Things were about to get rather interesting..

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#3 Re: [Open] Days of Boredom on Tue May 16, 2017 10:11 pm

"Ningen.. Do not speak to me." Alicia said as she simply ignored Aaron and continued finishing her task. Since she was on the last one, a woman who noticed Aaron's approach and had started begging him to help save her. Silenced and shocked as the blade slide up from chin to brain killing her anyways, "I have no reason to fear you or anyone else your pathetic forces send to me." she stood and swiped her blade in the air to remove the blood on it as the soul behind her was absorbed into her mouth, since she was making a small sucking action, before she decided to continue, "I have feasted and I am still bored. You think you can kill me? Try. Fail. Die. This is what shall happen."

She didn't move, didn't take a stance, didn't need to. A moment later both Aaron's mind and body would have been effected by her first illusionary assaults, as energy passed from her to him in order to activate it and it was highly unlikely anyone, even the brightest of sensor's, would have noticed on the first try. If it did fail oh well, it meant this would be more interesting, but she doubted it.

As for the effects, his body was caught in immense pain, though he had not suffered, nor was suffering, any real physical damage. Every fiber of his body was telling him he was hurt and it was bad. At the same time a voice in his mind, his own voice, his own ego, in every concievable way being himself telling him this, though it was not, said "We don't want to fight her. We need to get away."

(OOC - Just trying to move threads I'm in along. Sorry it's short)

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#4 Re: [Open] Days of Boredom on Wed May 17, 2017 6:21 am

"I do think I could give killing you an honest shot Espada.. why quite frankly I..-" It was at this point that Aaron slowly but surely began to realize that he had fucked up. Royally. In an instant, his body was enveloped with pain unlike anything he'd ever experienced, his teeth began to grind against each other slowly as let out a pained cry, his body was telling him to flee, his mind was telling him to flee, but to where?.. He couldn't go back with his first mission a failure, he couldn't.. Why did he think he should?.. Why was his body in agony..? Why was he on his knees in pain?.. "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!"

Aaron would grind his teeth harder, till eventually by accident he slipped his tongue across his canine teeth and blood trickled out of his mouth, but then?... A miracle occurred.. The pain stopped, but the voice in his head telling him to flee, did not... He stood up slowly, trying to solidify his resolve a bit. Iron Dust leaked out of the car to his right, and from the pouch at his waste... "Iron Dust.. SCATTERED SHOWERS" like that, spear after spear of Iron Dust was launched at the woman at Bala speeds, if it did not hit and impacted something else it would disperse and be withdrawn. Aaron then smirked, sending three jeeps into the sky 30 feet overhead before dispersing them into Iron Dust.. He would continue however at a lower level. "Iron Dust, NEEDLE SPHERE!"

(For visual reference..)

Scattered Showers

Needle Sphere

(Ignore the slow builds to the attacks, cause Naruto, those attacks/Constructs are forming simply out of the Iron Dust filling the air and area around us. Cause fun.

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#5 Re: [Open] Days of Boredom on Mon Jul 24, 2017 4:28 am

Alicia grinned as she noticed her illusion taking affect against the human and his subsequent agonizing over what was happening to him. however he managed to slip out of it quickly enough that she was only halfway to him by the time he started his assault against her. He fired metal spears at her in such number she had no choice but to counter with her Bala Metralleta shooting out 50 bala's in te span of a second shotgun style. This allowed her enough time to choose a path between the remains of the attack and dodge around them in graceful style.

He then seemed to lift two vehicles into the air with his..mind? and proceeded to turn them into another big attack that would have been difficult to avoid. Had Alicia not raised her power into her resurreccion and used her Copy Illusion to perfectly counter the ability with a mirrored version of itself. She stood there with a frown on her face though, because she hated her resurreccion for a reason only known to her, and proceeded to fire cero after cero at the man to vent her newfound irritation.

After about a half dozen of them she rushed forward with Sonido and tried to cut him horizontally across his stomach. A subtle pink energy version of her attack also making an attempt at him soon after in the same manner. As was her most special power. Double striking.

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#6 Re: [Open] Days of Boredom on Tue Jul 25, 2017 4:45 am

As he fired the Metal Spears she countered it with her own flurry of Bala, and seemingly side-stepped the rest of the Iron Dust attacks. Unfortunately for her, Aaron was a bit smarter than the average bear and though the Bala's certainly dispersed a LOT of the Iron Dust? It did not disperse all of it and with what was left he launched yet another flurry of Iron Dust projectiles at her, hoping to make her a fucking kabob by the end of this fight.. Yet then somehow, as he launched them she countered his needle sphere by making a mirror image of it?.. How the fuck?.. What was this Arrancar's fucking deal?.. This couldn't be real?..

She seemed to be very angry as evidenced by the frown that now graced her face and the fact that she launched at LEAST 6 Cero's at him. Not willing to be hit by this ridiculous fucking barrage, Aaron would smirk, drawing his shield out to block one, before using Blur to dodge the rest.. He also took this time use the Iron Dust pulsating around them, forming walls briefly in order to perhaps impact her vision, allowing for him to more easily dodge these attacks as it would take more time for her to pinpoint his location.. It was a carny trick at best and didn't do much if anything at all, but it was worth a shot.. As he did this he sent yet another pulse out, this time converting two fire-trucks, and a dozen cars into Iron Dust that would fill the air around them in all directions, 500 feet across which essentially made the area giant fucking snowglobe.. He of course infused some of his own iron dust to add to the density, and converted several other obscure objects to the tally to make this work-out better..

As she used Sonido to get in front of him he would only smirk, digging back on his heels he would use the shield to parry the attack, and as he did this he quickly reformed the shield through it's Iron Dust structure, and made it form several sharpened spears he attempted to launch through her chest at close range, at Bala speeds.. It was then he noticed that one of the half dozen spears had been knocked away, as though the first attack had been made twice?.. It was strange no doubt, but nothing Aaron thought he couldn't get around...

Or at least, he hoped it wasn't..

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#7 Re: [Open] Days of Boredom on Tue Aug 15, 2017 10:20 pm

Alicia didn't seem to care about the dust in the air, as it didn't stop her from sensing the man's location in the slightest, but she did care about the spikes he launched after he had blocked her zanpaktou, When her double strike knocked the first one away she immediately took a queu from it and started a flurry of defensive strikes in front of her to form a "Shield" of sorts using her double strike ability. Knocking the rest of the spikes aside while her free hand came up to her mouth, was bitten, and then proceeded to fire a Gran Rey Cero point blank at the cocky human.

She then decided to see what his mind had to say about his character, as she attempted to pulse her energy out for another illusionary attack in the place of, Hate Grudge Fear, if it managed to make it to Aaron unimpeded it would of course enter him and force his mind to put him in a scenario with that he most despites, fears, or wants to kill. Leaving him vulnerable for a time of course, but only until Alicia moved forward as a threat, the one weakness of her illusions is she had to plan out things before enacting them because any action from her would cause them to break...

Having decided upon her next choice of action. She charged a cero at the tip of her tongue and fired it. The act of charging it would have caused Aaron to snap to just fast enough to try to do something.. but whether it would be successful or not was up for debate.
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#8 Re: [Open] Days of Boredom on Wed Aug 16, 2017 2:44 pm

She parried the spike strikes yet again, kind of irritating him to a large degree. She didn't think she cared about the Iron Dust maybe, but she'd definitely care soon enough. Then he saw it, that Hollow that maimed his family when he was too young to think feel or do fuck all about it.. He mutilated it with Iron Dust spikes from all directions, till he awoke to see a Cero charged and aimed directly at his fucking face. He'd have been fucked if his shield hadn't been already attached to his arm, he drew it just in time to deflect the blast, energy radiating at his sides.. He then smirked, snapping his fingers so that electricity could pulsate through the electric dust.. Any contact with the once Iron Dust would result in her being shocked to hell and back. He snapped once more, calling forth a bolt of thunder from the clouds that would form his ace in the whole, Kirin..

The dragon came from the clouds above, radiating with electrical energy and Reitsu as it approached the woman ready to destroy her. He'd be curious to see her response as the creature aimed to destroy her with sheer destructive force, if she dodged?.. She'd probably be shocked to see the creature was still around. She either destroyed it, or it would destroy her.. That simple.

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