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#1 [Open] Urgent demand on back-up on Thu Apr 27, 2017 6:42 pm


13th Division
13th Division
Dwyn took the sweat off her brow with a bloodied sleeve of her uniform, letting small strikes of blood on her forehead and the left of her face. She was supposed to be assigned to a calm town in the middle of France, a zone renowned to be boring.
    And currently fighting off a group of twenty or so hollows, some a bit smarter than the others. She sent hurriedly a half-coherent message back to Soul Society to ask for urgent help by hell butterfly, before turning again to the hollows. One of them with a crab appearance was trying to crush her between his pincers. She threw the attacks off with some kidou, but she already felt her hands trembling under the strain her body experienced. She gulped back spit and blood, her sword tightly gripped in her left hand and the other forming another low kidou spell.
    One of the hollow wrecked one of the numerous trees of the forest, blocking her only accessible path. She was surrounded by tall walls of stones or the group of hollows, the tree already assaulted by two monsters. Night was already setting on a raining sky, big droplets of water crashing on her brown hair with lilacs tips.
If no one come soon, she was doomed...
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#2 Re: [Open] Urgent demand on back-up on Thu Apr 27, 2017 7:34 pm

All was cheery within the squad 11 barracks, Hagane was watching an intense sparring match between two of his subordinates. Honestly he wanted to do some sparring himself, but none of his men wanted to meet him on the opposite side of a blade. Hagane and his men were cheering, as the fight continued to go on. A drink in his hand and a massive bowl of food in the other. What else could he ever ask for, well there were a few more things he would prefer. However sometimes it was good to just take a break and chill. Hagane laughed as he ate, and the rest of his men doing the same. However this laughter was about to change. A hell Butterfly slowly made its way into the middle of the barracks. All his men, including him instantly stopped all activity. The Hell Butterfly landed on Hagane's lap and showed him a rather urgent message. A newbie among shinigami, had found herself on the brink of death, ambushed by a swarm of Hollow.

"Get me my sword!" he yelled towards one of his subordinates, "we've got a fellow shinigami in danger".  

Hagane shot up quickly, dropping both his drink and food. There was someone in distress, and Hagane needed to help or death may be waiting around the corner. The Hell Butterfly flew off, most likely going to spread the message, or do its own thing. Hagane opened the doors to the Squad 11 barracks with a rather loud bang. ...and as it just so happened, the Captain of squad 9, Shingen Minamori, was wondering by. "Oi you!" he yelled, "Come with me, emergency, no time to explain". Hagane made his way to Shingen, and stood beside him for a moment. He stared at the fellow for a second, giving him a weird look. "You been through the Senkaimon? If not, you're gonna love this", Hagane said smiling at Shingen. Hagane Un-sheathed his Zanpakuto, flipping it in the air as he did so. He caught the blade with two fingers pinched at the opposite end of the blade. He then flipped the blade again, catching the hilt in his hand, swiping downwards with the blade. The Senkaimon before Hagane and Shingen opened. "I recommend you draw your blade early. Now come along", Hagane said running into the Senkaimon.

He reached the otherside, Just where the Hell Butterfly had directed him. He quickly scanned the area with his eyes, seeing a rather hurt shinigami. Hagane Jumped out from where the Senkaimon had opened. Quickly locking eye contact with several Hollows as he did so. "Better make your picks real quick, or they'll all be dead before you can say what", Hagane said smiling. He quickly ran towards several of the hollow, cutting them down within a flash. One of the Hollow's tried to get the jump on him, by attacking him from behind. Hagane had noticed the monsters attack before it even did. He coat hanged the poor Hollow, making it fall onto its ass. He looked down at the hollow and said in an arrogant tone "You shoulda' thought a little harder about that", before proceeding to stomp onto the Hollows face and crushing it beneath his foot. After which, he quickly made his way to the injured Shinigami.

"Hey! are you alright?" he asked. She was trembling, and only able to just stand. Hagane noticed this and wrapped his arm around her, bracing her in case she fainted or fell to her knee's.
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#3 Re: [Open] Urgent demand on back-up on Fri Apr 28, 2017 2:53 am


9th Division
9th Division
Tier [1-3]
It was a typical day, around midday, in the Seireitei however it had become overcast so there was no way for Captain Minamori to enjoy those beautiful sunsets that he likes to see when it comes time later that day. In the meantime, he had just come from turning in the morning reports from his Division which was no issue and gave him plenty of exercise as he walked from his Division to the 1st Division everyday at least 3 times a day just for the reports.

On his way back to his barracks though, he was passing by the 11th Division barracks and were stopped by it's Captain. Not very often a Captain comes yelling out of his barracks, especially toward another Captain when they would usually just dispatch orders within their own Division if they were about to head out unless the threat level could only be handled by Captain-levels. Shingen stopped in his tracks and looked over at the man rushing over with a raised voice. It was another face Shingen could recognize from the Emergency Meeting that the Captain Commander held not too long ago but he hadn't seen this man's face since that day to meet the man formally. After the 11th Division Captain caught up to Shingen, he explained the situation very briefly before stopping and looking Shingen over. "An emergency eh? Very well, I will accompany you. As far as Senkaimon travel is concerned, I've definitely used my fair share of it." chuckles Shingen as he reflects back upon his personal history then his current Division assignment which has him make constant trips from Soul Society. Of course, not every Division has to know what other Division responsibilities are...but seeing what his responsibilities are, he does. Regardless, that's another thing for another day. He draws his sword as the 11th Division Captain opens and enters the Senkaimon.

Captain Minamori comes out from the Senkaimon and sees the emergency situation he was coming into. It most certainly did bear him to come in armed as he is now completely surrounded by Hollows and rescuing a near death Shinigami. Shingen watched as the 11th Division Captain dispose of several of the them with ease on his way to reaching the Shinigami who asked for help. While he took in what the 11th Captain was capable of, a couple of Hollows decided they would try to take advantage of the situation and attack the distracted Captain. Unfortunately for them, he wasn't as distracted as they would've liked. As they struck with their appendages, Shingen spun around and sliced off those appendages leaving them hollowing in pain. Shingen followed that up by cross slashes to their heads to finish them off. As they dissipated, he figured that the time for admiration of his fellow Captain either had to completely end or wait until later. Either way, he had work to do as launched himself forward to dispatch of more Hollows that threatened the area.

Shingen took out a few more Hollows on his way to where the 11th and the injured Shinigami were. "Alright, we got here in time. We also need to end this as soon as possible. Agreed?" suggested Captain Minamori as he noticed that the remaining Hollows weren't retreating from the appearance of the two Captain levels. These are either some really brave Hollow who overestimate their own abilities or really stupid Hollow who believe numbers will win out over experience and skill. Either way, Shingen braced himself as he watched each side for any Hollow movements that would warrant any counters before he and 11th go all out.
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#4 Re: [Open] Urgent demand on back-up on Fri Apr 28, 2017 9:25 pm


13th Division
13th Division
Dwyn's vision was too blurry for her to really see the arrival of the rescue team. But upon sensing two captain's reiatsu level which suddenly submerged the place, she felt an intense wave of relief overwhelming her.
No one will have to get hurt because she couldn't handle a team of hollows...
The towns around were safe.
She was alive.

All was well.

Her knees became jelly-like and darkness edged at her mind. One of the captain... the one of the... the... was it 11th Squad? Well, this captain swiftly fight his way to her side. He said something, but she couldn't be sure. She swayed on her feet, and he seemed to notice as his arm surrounded her shoulders. Maybe she could finally let go, as she had completely drained herself, well beyond her capacities? It would certainly be alright with those two here.
Letting a pain-filled sigh, her head lolled dangerously as Dwyn slumped against the Captain's side. Unconsciousness finally claimed her and she gladly embraced it.
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