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13th Division
13th Division
Dwyn clutched in her hands her application form. She needed to go to her not-really-but-soon-to-be Captain, Arthur Pendragon, and present it. She was nervous as hell, her tall form all tense. Gulping, she found herself in front of an enormous barrack. She looked at the number. 6. Great. She was definitely lost, had been passing now ALL the division except her own. To be fair even with an extended Academy time, they didn’t really cover Gotei 13 grounds more than once or two. And her memory sucked. She felt really useless right now, unable to found her own squad ground. At least there was no time limit, and if it took her a week to finally arrive at her destination, she wouldn’t be listed missing or something. That did little to reassure her, but she clung to what hope she could.
Even if one of her strength was reiatsu sensing, having never encounter her superior she couldn’t find him between all the strong reiatsu crossing each others.
Sighting she turned and choose an undiscovered path, making her way with a defeated slouch. Dragging her tired feet for a solid thirty minutes, not even looking where she get anymore, she suddenly arrived next to a large pond. Perking at the sight, Dwyn remembered that squad 13th grounds contained a pond next to the captain’s private home. Following a promising trail, she ended up in front of the good building. Her nervousness returned full force, but she ignored it in favor to walk in the hall. Founding a friendly-looking fellow unseated member, she got her directions to find her superior.
She sort of creeped behind him, not knowing how to address him. “Hm… Hello? Are you by chance Mister Pendragon…?” she nearly whispered in a meager tone.
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