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#1 Rena Reborn on Wed Apr 26, 2017 5:30 am

Name: Rena Lisola
Apparent Age: 20
True Age: 20 (Mentally recalls 400-ish years from past lives)
Sex: Female
Personality: Somewhat cocky but masks it with indepth knowledge and cool. she loves flowers and has no problems trying to help out others. She usually keeps her power level at next to nothing simply to keep others around her from knowing her true strength. She hates taking sides as it gets confusing but will do as she's told by superiors.

She see's the world as a beauty more than an annoyance so she still does not wish it or those who dwell within it any injustice. She believes that whatever she is doing is the correct choice as she always follows her gut in the heat of a situation. She is a severely logical person. If something irrational happens she'll find a logical way to explain it regardless of if it is 100% accurate or not.

She tends to not be very creative and as such would rather read books than paint or draw. She is both playful yet serious as she tends to switch between the two of them. She'll follow her ideals and goals to the letter but she can't help having a playful and cocky attitude during matches. When push comes to shove however she becomes fully serious and gives it her all in order to complete her objective.

She will never back down from a challenge. She will always step up to the plate and fight back whether its mentally, verbally, or Physically. This might be considered being stupid but its one of her more admirable qualities. There is no challenge she won't accept even if she knows she can't win. She is extremely confident..perhaps even OVER confident in her abilities. She is considered very vain in how cocky and somewhat arrogant she can be when talking to others.

She does not have problems formulating plans of her own devices but isn't exactly bright when it comes to mind games. She easily falls for being baited into anger and usually responds extremely hostile to any form of threats. She cares about her subordinates as much as a she should but she doesn't have any strong feelings that would guide her to be overly protective of anyone. She is more of a loner in this respect and doesn't show much affection for anything. She can organize plans well enough but when it comes to keeping her home clean and neat she utterly fails. She cannot maintain any amount of organization within her own life.

Height: 5'8''
Weight: 172 lbs
Physical Traits:

General Fighting Style: This style focuses on the fluid motion and constant switching of many different forms, stances, and styles to suit the needs of the situation the fighter is currently in. Making it hard to predict and harder to counter this style encourages growth and change rather than rigid "pattern" and "technique". So you may never see the fighter fight the exact same way twice or you could see her do the same thing many times. It really depends on her opponent. It combines all of ones martial knowledge with tactical analysis and through this refines into a style that cannot become obsolete. One might argue it could be considered the "ultimate" style, but due to how complex and never ending it can get.. It would also be considered impossible to learn and dismissed. The Lisola Blood-line specialize in this "impossibly growing" style.

Strengths: Stamina
Weaknesses: Reiatsu


Name: Cutlass
Description: A modified Beretta 92FS made out of steel and with it's barrel extended from 4.9" to 5.9" each (the 5.9" is the combat MOD barrel) and is also adapted for silencers. The grip is made of ivory. These are sturdy enough to be used to block swords with minimal damage, but can be destroyed with enough force. this guns holster is hidden inside her cloak usually on the right side somewhere.  This gun is unique further in that it has a special "container" chip that keeps track of how much ammo the gun has fired, and pulls out ammo clips as needed from "seemingly" thin air. While Rena still needs to manually reload, she has 5 clips of ammo within this special "modified container" which is attached to the gun. The drawback however is that this is automated, so if for some reason she can't access the clip when it forms, it'll spawn another in half a minute. Causing her to possibly lose ammo.

Name: Cloak of Anonymity
Description: While wearing the cloak, she can be seen, felt, heard, and otherwise detected. However you won't know it's Rena under the cloak unless you pull the hood down from the cloak, or she does, or find another means by which to remove the Cloak from her body.

Name: Lisolan Blade
Description: A blade left behind by the Lisola clan hat Rena picked up after recovering from her "transition". It can block standard weapons and attacks, regenerates when broken (but not past the image below's "worn" appearance) and allows her to fire, once per four posts, a weaker form of her Ankoku Shuuha. This form only does damage equal to a cero and is done in a "cutting line" shape rather than a wave. The reason the ability can't be used very often however is because the sword itself is generating, replenishing, and using the energy that causes the attack. As such it has no cost to Rena. She generally carries this weapon on her back and it is tied to her by a band of material that goes around her right shoulder and left mid-torso. The sheathe of this weapon is black and is also special in that it can "call" the blade back to it. Seemingly telekinetically manipulating the sword to come back to the sheathe of it's own accord. It does this at Bala speed and will penetrate anything needed in order to achieve this (Or go around if that isn't possible)


Ability Name: Supernatural Combat Specialist
Description: Users possess immense combat skills, both offensive and defensive, which may be innate, honed or both. This encompasses precision, reflexes, technique, analysis, control, adaptation and all aspects of practical fighting. Rena retained all her knowledge of her shinigami life and the life previous to that. As such her mental repertoire of martial combat is to such a degree that she can think of things "outside" the box in ways that most observers are simply incapable of understanding what's happening until it's already happened. She is the "Grandmaster of Grandmasters" when it comes to Hand to Hand combat.

Ability Name: Kinetic Energy Combat
Description: The user is able to utilize kinetic energy with their physical combat skill, channeling energy through parts of their bodies or use the energy for defensive purposes. This essentially allows them to perform superhuman kicks and punches. Toss people several meters. Punch a tree and cause it to fall over. Etc. This is not "true superhuman strength" however. As it does not actually happen due to the sheer muscles of the user. Thus while this person could "Damage" or "Defend" on a superhuman level. They wouldn't be able to, like, lift a car or something.

Ability Name: Danger Reflex
Description: Rena has a combat aura which tells her mentally when an attack is coming even if she can't see, hear, smell, taste, feel or detect it by any other means. This "Aura' extends to roughly 3-4 feet around her (Essentially her Hand to hand combat range.) For best mental imaging of this "Aura" just picture a sphere around Rena that is said length from every part of her body. This means that even if the attacker is faster than her. She can use her enhanced reflexes to more effectively deal with them.

Ability Name: Complete Body Strikes
Description: Rena can attack in a way that causes strikes on one part of the body to cause damage to the whole body. The strike spreads around the whole body, bring the same effect and damage to all parts rather than just what was struck alone. So if the head of an opponent were struck, the whole body would feel the same amount of damage and feel pain despite not being hit.

Ability Name: Acceleration Accumulation
Description: The user can accumulate speed and motion from any/all types of activity and unleash it all at once, granting them the ability to move at virtually any speed depending on how long they accumulate it. This allows one to produce sonic-booms, move at shunpo-speeds, and other impressive feats, simply by being active and storing the "acceleration" rather than getting faster. Rena stores this passively in her daily life, allowing one use at the start of any thread, but then must wait at least two posts in order to do it again. This, coupled with human's ability to use Blur, means that she can essentially "double Blur" in an instant allowing for greater maneuverability.

Boosts: Strength, Speed, Endurance, Stamina x2


Ability Name: Regenerative Shielding
Description: Rena gains a shield spell, similar to Kidou from a shinigami, fixed to two central areas, the back of her neck and chest where her heart is which, when inactive, remains invisible. Upon contact with an outside force, the spell enlarges to fully protect Rena. The barrier keeps the attack away from the target, gathers the energy in one area, and momentarily absorbs the energy from the attack before forcing the attack outward and away from the shield, dispersing the attack altogether. This can block up to a forbidden Kidou. Once activated this ability gains a CD equal to the power it dispersed. The barrier only activates if she is hit by an AoE from the front or back or a purposeful attack to the back of her neck or chest area.

Ability Name: Repulse
Description: Generating an orb of light at the point of calculated impact made of spiritual energy she is able to repel any one physical attack regardless of strength or speed back in reverse against the offender. Effectively sending them flying in the direction opposite of the attack's trajectory. She is able to do this once per post.

Ability Name: Sage Art: Hundred Bindings
Description: Rena claps her hands together, if possible, otherwise merely exerts the power required for the ability, forming an orb of light above her head which condenses into a hexagonal pole. This pole then transforms into 100 which are then hurled at target(s). They are able to pierce the body like cotton candy but do not do physical damage, instead weighing down and slowing opponents and reducing their movement capacity until the poles that hit are dealt with. If the poles hit a body at any angle to any degree it "Sticks" in place.

Ability Name: Wave Motion Shielding
Description: Rena is able to make a "wave motion" of energy that forms as a shield in a flexible area of her choosing around her to block one attack this means the shield can be any shape or angle, but only becomes large enough to fully defend against the attack (It doesn't get bigger than it absolutely needs to). This shield can only block one attack, it can be up to a gran rey cero, but gains a CD proportional to that which it blocks. With it's upper cap being 3 post CD. However she can only use this once per post regardless of if she gains a CD or not.

Boosts: Reiryoku, Reiatsu x3


Ability Name: Incarnation
Description: While in Hyper Mode Rena is cloaked in shadowy wavy substance of energy that when looked at resembles a shinigami's robes, this also shows her previous titles Haori as Captain-Commander, however the Haori only appears during her use of Arctic Eulogy. Otherwise she is merely cloaked in dark wavy energy taking a "semblance" to shinigami robes. This energy reforms when disrupted or damaged and acts like a Heirro for Rena. The entirety of her Hyper Mode relies on Reiryoku. If she runs out of spiritual energy (Not necessarily stamina) she cannot remain in hyper mode.

Ability Name: Ruler of the Frozen Tides
Description: In her full power she is so attuned with manipulation and control over water and ice that she is able to give it bare minimal sentience based off her own mind in addition to creating it from her own energy if not enough is around. She is able to pull forth water from the varying planes of existence. Allowing her to call forth water that can burn, without being hot, water that can cause pain just by being touched, and water that can heal wounds. She can only call forth one planar water at a time, can only use it for two posts, and cannot switch for an additional post. Any damaging or Healing factors to this water cannot exceed 10% at any given moment regardless of any circumstances. She is also able to spiritually or otherwise empower and alter the very make up of her water and ice manipulation to the point where it could exceed it's own physical make up. This means she could empower the ice to be able to withstand damage far exceeding the limits of ice. She is not able to generate defenses or attacks greater in power to a Cero Oscuras in this manner however. Anything used in this ability gains an appropriate CD depending on the power of which she did said attack/defense. Attacking moves and defending moves do not share a CD, but while on a CD she is unable to empower an attack or defense to that same level. This concept of CD based on power is very similar to Kidou rulings.

Ability Name: Frozen Blade of the Water Goddess

Description: While in Hyper Mode Rena is able to form the above sword at Zanpaktou levels of effectiveness. It is an ice blade with a metal handle and guard and some metal parts, but even the Ice is considered at Zanpaktou levels. The blade cuts like a Zanpaktou, takes hits like a Zanpaktou, can even regenerate like a Zanpaktou. This weapon is the catalyst for the below power too as she can only unleash it using this weapon.

Ability Name: Ankoku Shuuha
Description: This power allows the user to fire an overbearingly giant wave of black spiritual power from the weapon. Equal in strength to a level 80 kidou and covers an 80 by 80 area in "wave" shape. This ability has a two post cooldown. She can only use release this ability from her above weapon.

Ability Name: Arctic Eulogy
Description: Rena focuses her spiritual energy and causes snow to fall around her opponent, as long as she has "any" means to track this target the snow falling will be transfixed on them and move to where they are. Once this is done Rena converts all of the snow and stops half-way through the process by force leaving nothing but unstable half-altered snowflakes. Pumping her spiritual power into these causes them all to explode at the same power as a Hadou 4 for a few feet per snowflake. This can deal a total damage limit of Two Forbidden Kidou in a rather short time frame to any target caught in her ability. This does not spread the damage between targets. Each target can take up to two forbidden kidou in damage if they don't defend themselves somehow.. Rena is not able to use her Zanpaktou powers again during the thread this is used and what remained of her spiritual energy is completely tapped for the thread as well. She can only do this once per thread as a result. This also means she cannot remain or go back into Hyper Mode as the entirety of Hyper Mode relies on Reiryoku.

Boosts: Everything x5

History: Rena was born into a family of slaves, her father and mother having been forced into servitude in order to repay a debt to a vicious and wicked man. As she grew she was forced into the same labor and servitude as her parents, but through this a rare spark of pride began to show in her. She was always questioning, always arguing, and above all, always fighting back. She refused to take verbal or physical abuse of any sort, a trait her "master" came to notice very quickly. And in the world Rena and her parents lived in, that was not a good thing.

Rena's pride continued to get her in trouble, with people in higher and higher positions of authority. Culminating in a confrontation with the masters own son. Rena had been in the field, enduring another long, agonizing day of brutalization and assault at the hands of the foremen when the masters son happened by. He stopped to watch, laughing as he commented on the need for a sturdier hand, even taking the whip from the foreman's hand to show him proper whip use. On Rena. Rena had had enough and, showing impressive reflexes, caught the whip, turning it back on the masters son. A big mistake.

It took four men to restrain Rena and then chain her, dragging the young girl of only thirteen at the time to the master, who was livid. He ordered Rena's family executed in front of her with the statement "As you have struck my own, so to shall I strike yours!"

He then sold Rena to a man he knew that ran a small gladiatorial arena, expecting Rena to be killed in her very first bout, a two on two where Rena was teamed with a veteran, though he was old and damaged, gladiator who was also expected to die. To everyone's surprise though, they not only survived, but won the match. From that point on Rena and the old gladiator, Greecus, were a team, sent into matches together to please the crowd of powerful criminals who ran the secret arena.

Greecus took Rena under his wing, teaching her how to fight in every form he knew and arming her with a mixture of pride and the ability to fall fully into the fight, allowing herself to enjoy the bloodshed and forget about the pain.

Finally one evening, Greecus told Rena it was time. He had been planning to escape from this life, fighting and killing for criminal overlords, for quite some time, but he would need Rena and her impressive power to do it. Rena agreed and that night they made their escape. Normally, it would never work, the guards had guns and they had nothing. But Rena tended to even such odds easily. Escape was in sight, the very gates, before real trouble appeared. A powerful and specially powered henchman on the books for the boss of the arena.

Rena and Greecus found him to be a real challenge, simply due to his several abilities, but finally Greecus managed to slow him, with a hammer he picked up during the escape, screaming at Rena to leave him and go. "One of us has to make it kid! I am old and have lived my life. Now go! Its your turn!"

Rena took his advice and his words and ran for her life, escaping servitude forever. Or so she thought. Just as soon as she reached the outskirts of the Arena and was about to make it into town the man Greecus had slowed down had shot her in the back.

Dying.. she could only think of freedom and the need for power..

But then something happened she didn't know how to explain. Someone appeared, bonked her on the head, and said she'd be going to Soul Society.

She didn't know what that was.. but it certainly beat dying...she thought? She wasn't sure..thinking was very hard.

When she next opened her eyes. She was already in Soul society. Her body felt different, even seeming to be more powerful than before. She didn't realize at first she was a spirit and it took her at least a week to realize she was a potential for becoming a Soul Reaper. Since she had to ask around and figure out what in the world was going on..

But now that she knew she knew what she was going to do. The same thing she had been doing before. Reaching for the top. Aiming for the goal so that she could be proud and show her pride to those who would push her down.

What she soon discovered however was that Gotei 13 and even Soul Society as a whole were not quite as grand and strong as the Academy had lead her to believe during her years of training. By the time she had graduated she had quickly risen the ranks for her naturally high combat prowess and become a captain of the 13 court guard squads. Fifth Division in face, the so called Jack of all Trades division with very versatile members.

After fighting many battles and ending up taking on some serious damage that altered her appearance permanently, as she refused to have them regenerated and healed, her combat style improved drastically and she even gained new methods of using her powers she had previously not known she had access too, but the fact remained that while she grew stronger Soul Society still failed to have a strong leader. Central 46 had a substitute captain commander in charge but the poor fool was clearly out of his league in terms of running the Squads properly.

So Rena began her many attempts to try and fix this by becoming the captain commander herself. It wasn't that she was feeling superior or that she believed she was the best fit for the job. She was merely trying to be as best help to Soul Society as she could and being in such a position would afford her many methods to strengthen their forces that she simply can not do as a normal captain.

Thus began a new chapter in her relatively short, as of yet, Shinigami life.

As time passed during her time as Captain-Commander, she finished "learning" what she wanted too from her disfigurement and previous failure, which aided her in multiple ways really, and eventually decided that since more powerful forces were beginning to appear. She needed to forego her own stubborn nature and gave into to letting the fourth division restore her arm as they originally wished to. However, circumstances occurred that resulted in her losing her Zanpaktou while it was in it's bankai state.. permanently damaging it beyond the ability to repair. She worked tirelessly to gain enough power to compensate.. but the loss is still felt by her and anyone who knew her full potential.

More time passed however and she noticed, since it was her own body, that she was....degrading. Wasting away. Dying. Like she had some kind of spiritual cancer. She figured it was simply because of her toukai being broken, but after a while of having recovered from the experience her Zanpaktou spirit said it had to do with the fact Rena had been using more power than most shinigami could handle. The only reason it was only occurring "now" was because she was so young overall when she had started making these massive leaps in power. In exchange however.. it had cut her life-span down drastically. A shinigami's record-breaking maximum life-span had been roughly 10x Rena's current age.. but here she was essentially dying of old age before she was old.

Rena, having discovered this in secret, didn't tell anyone. Nor was it truly noticeable because she didn't get any weaker because of it. However she put forth a plan for a replacement, she had found a shinigami academy student with unrealistically high potential by this time, and the plan became centered and focused on getting that Shinigami, Akane, all of the training possible from the other captain's of the Gotei 13 and groom her into being the next Captain-Commander. While Rena knew her "age" was even more massively young compared to Rena's own she knew enough of her captain's would willingly act as advisers and assistants to keep her from being too rash.

To the end that they did not however. She put in a secondary plan. When she eventually stepped down she would have Central 46 re-instated from people hand-picked by Rena who would know the truth, as they do not, nor have any reason to, speak to other shinigami about such important matters by default, and they too would assist the young Akane into becoming the fine Captain-Commander Rena foresaw her being with high astonishing potentially being tapped into.

With the plans in place she merely had to wait for Akane's training regimens to come to an end and. She merely hoped she didn't die before that happened. Luckily, in her infinite moment of wisdom, she had put in a failsafe that should she die before she can enact this herself, the leader of the new central 46 has a letter sealed and written by Rena to start up her plans and publicly explain why.

She didn't plan to tell anyone until the last moment though. No sense worrying people when times are tough.

When she did finally die. As per the normal of souls within Soul Society her soul recycled to the world of the living, but then something happened that she did not intend. Nor did it seem entirely possible. Thinking back, perhaps it was a reward from the Soul King for continuing to do her duty to the best even while dying the entire time, but since there was no way to check she didn't dwell on it and just thanked her luck because instead of being reborn as a normal human child. She was essentially "Ejected" from the heavens down to earth in a small town in the middle of America in human form. She had her memories, but since she didn't have her shinigami powers, her zanpaktou, or even the ability to use Kidou. She'd have to re-learn how to use this body to fight..

But first she needed to find a way out of this god damn crater.. she was too weakened and exhausted from the transition to climb out on her own..



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#2 Re: Rena Reborn on Wed Apr 26, 2017 7:30 am

Approved 0-5. Permission to do Superhero Landing when Rena decides to visit the Human World.

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Approved as such.

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