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May Kyoujaku

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on Mon Apr 24, 2017 6:46 am


3rd Division
3rd Division

Name: May Kyoujaku
Apparent Age: 17
True Age: 17
Sex: Female
Personality: May often says that there’s no point in pushing against a wall that won’t budge, as violence tends to be the only answer at that point. As a result, She has no interest in rivalry or competition, but is more than willing to take up arms when it becomes necessary to defend herself or someone else.

Tending to be logical and complacent, She just wants to let things happen, but She often guides events if at all possible to work to her advantage. Rarely is she taken aback or caught off guard – as if she'd had a hunch that they would occur - and it is very difficult to cause her to lose her composure, though it has happened before. A few of her peers dislike her nonchalant demeanor and believe her to be pretentious because of it.

When speaking to others, she rarely asks a direct question, nor does she usually tell the whole truth, though she never shares a falsehood. It is her belief that all beings will come to know the truths that they must with time, and, to her, it is an insult to their intelligence and discipline to simply push it upon them. Because of this she often tends to get very annoyed with people who rush her for an answer but does not let it show and does not allow it to bother her for more than a few seconds. In times of urgency she will ask questions to receive information quickly, but in more placid occasions she speaks in statements.

Another reason she would rather not speak with questions is that she sees them as an innocuous form of coercion; it is still coercion, nonetheless. Questions require answers and to give no answer at all is considered blatantly rude, putting people in a difficult social position, and to admit to not knowing the answer risks treating her inferiorly in certain situations. Statements allow another to simply ignore her comment if they are not comfortable with sharing their information and move on without giving insult.

None can deny that she likes wherever she is and when situations arise she is a force to be reckoned with, refusing to give up until her last breath. The thought of taking a life has no appeal to her and to make sure that she is never tempted to kill without good cause, she maintains a strict code of never starting a fight. She hates the sight of watching life fade away into oblivion though. Despite her aversion, she knows that death is an inevitable part of life, and so she performs her duty without hesitation.

Rin is a charismatic and intelligent leader-type individual. She usually likes taking her time with most matters and tasks that must be addressed. She generally doesn't care what others think of her, but tends to act amiably to those who look up to her. For all the others, she simply acknowledges them and lets them decide when they wish to encounter her. She says she pledges her loyalty to the people, but her eyes say that she is simply along for the ride.

Height: 5'7''
Weight: 150 lbs
Physical Traits:

General Fighting Style: As most of Rin's attacks deal with an ability she tends to stay within mid to long range combat though she is capable of close combat if she has to, but she is no expert in the latter. While using tactics May is well known for dragging a fight out due to playing around because of her personality. As she enjoys the fight for as long as possible. When pushed into being serious May emphasizes "explosive" fighting styles that deal with putting out a huge amount of power and attacks in an attempt to overcome an opponent quickly before they have time to readjust to the heightened power output.

Strengths: Stamina, Reiryoku, Reaitsu
Weaknesses: Endurance, Durability


Ability Name: Quintessence Force
Description: Using this power May achieves several passive bonuses at once. First she gains a high rate of cellular regeneration, secondly her body becomes highly efficient to the point of superhuman physical conditioning ( though her pain tolerance and ability to take damage remain the same as a Human this just makes her average on everything else when compared to spirits and other "more than human" people.) which increases all of her bodily capabilities as well as drastically increases her stamina to inhuman levels, Thirdly she obtains the capability of Self-Sustenance which allows her physical needs to be greatly reduced or completely removed. These needs include sleep/rest, food, drink, bodily evacuations, shelter from environmental effects and their lack (heat/cold, dryness/wetness), etc. May is also able to stay unmoving without normal effects this would have. When she is low on energy, due to this last bonus, she gets an in-human capacity for eating and processing food.( See Goku for reference to black hole of a stomach joke ) This ability is the SOLE reason she survived as a child.

Ability Name: Repair
Description: The user can repair broken objects. This includes soul-infused objects like Zanpaktou and Dolls. But this ability only works on objects, not people.


Ability Name: Aether User
Description: Aether is the "force" or "energy" that created the universe. She is able to use energy available around her instead of relying on the energy inside her by drawing upon this "Aether" which gives her a technical limitless supply even though she can still fatigue from over drawing from it. It also isn't instant. This "statistically" allows her to regenerate five percent of her spiritual energy per post.

Ability Name: Aether Calling
Description: First off the summoned creature and May share life force. Any hits landed on one of them count as hitting both of them; however, this also means that they have a higher life force in general in total which is made more apparently by May naturally possessing high amounts of life force and reiryoku by default. Second the summoned creature is brought into existence at the same tier (up for debate) as May. Third the creature can be any creature, fictional or otherwise, but all of it's attacks share categories. (Gran Rey level attacks have a 3 post CD and no other attack can be made at that level during the CD for example.) It can use attacks as strong as Forbidden Kidou. It can have defenses as strong as a forbidden kidou (Where applicable) but they follow the same rules. Offense and Defense do not share categories or CD's.

Ability Name: Melody
Description: This power is created using Aether and actually has a few variants. The essence of the ability is the manipulation of SOUND energy. Using it normally she is simply able to use her guitar to mimic any known song in guitar form and due to this power even if she screws up the sound waves are altered to play the right note using her Aether. She is also capable of playing "theme songs" by starting the song manually and using Aether to continue the song while leaving her hands free. While playing the effect of Melody changes based on the music being played. Each music will fall into one of the following categories: Battle, Soothing, Inspirational and will possess effects depending on the category. Each tune lasts four posts and while they do not share cool downs they do each have a four post cooldown. Soothing has a "thread limit" of healing 100% in "total" and that total is the accumulated amount of "All" targets of the ability. (Meaning if she healed 20 people on post one the ability would immediately be capped)

  • Battle - Each post, increasing by a bala each post up til a cero of damage, a wave of sound energy is burst from the sky down at Rin's opponent(s) for a bala in damage and at bala speed.

  • Soothing - Every post May and her allies gain five percent of their stamina, health, and reiryoku restored to them.

  • Inspirational - Every post, refreshing is need be, May and her allies gain advanced Heirro, five percent of their health back, and temporarily add strength, speed, durability, and endurance to their strengths.

Ability Name: Offense Musical Burst
Description: This is actually a list of different attacks May can perform using sound.

  • Innuendo Dive - May strums on her guitar and causes the sound energy it creates to spiral and warp around her being. This ability is generally used to keep her from being hurt from falling as it cushions the impact completely but it could also be used to tackle someone. When used to tackle it can only be done once per 3 posts. Only when it is used to cushion the impact of a fall can she use it consecutively. When used offensively however it is like being hit with a condensed Gran Rey Cero if her tackle gets within five feet of you.

  • Cresendo Spike - May goes nuts and plays a long rock metal jam. Causing the sound energy the guitar emits to be sent out like a shockwave in a circle with the purpose of repelling nearby people or incoming attacks. This ability can be used once before needing to wait three posts and is capable of repelling high level attacks like Gran Rey Cero.

  • Dancing Rhapsody - This ability actually lasts for as long as May strums the guitar but can't be maintained for more than 2 posts before needing to be stopped for at least one. While she is strumming the jam on her guitar for this ability the sound energy she is emitting is altered to act like swords that constantly swipe randomly at everything around her within 5 feet. It is a defensive move. Each of these "Sound Blades" are like Zan Strikes.

  • Animato - Playing this song is akin to activating her full power in second stage without the problems or actual ability gains that her REAL maximum power would actually give ( So basically she gets the boosts and thats it ). After strumming this tune it continues to play on it's own without Rin's continued playing for 5 posts. During which time she has access to all of her power without the enraging effects that it actually has on her. This ability can only be used once a thread but does not impede the use of her real full power mode even after it's use.

Boosts: Everything x2

Ability Name: Aether Gates
Description: Her affinity with the element of the cosmos increases her potential and drastically shoots her reiryoku and reiatsu through the roof maxing them out for her tier. However this is why she goes into Berserker Mode. She gains 50% damage increase for all of her abilities while in this stage of power.

Ability Name: Berserker Mode
Description: Due to the unrealistically high potential of her abilities as an Aether user she cannot control herself after trying to reach this level of power. She becomes enraged to the point of trying to kill whatever it was she was trying to fight even if it means blasting though an ally who got in the way. This mode remains active for as long as she continues to use this level of power.

Ability Name: Waltz of Hades
Description: Her attacks now lack patterns and are completely random in rhythm making her exceedingly difficult to predict and block effectively. That being said she is still perfectly capable of using every part of her body and her guitar along with all her powers as if all three were her hand.

Boosts: Everything x3

History: Rin's parents had died before she was one year old.. her first memories are from when she was six however..she assumes that anything before her first recalled memories was only survived because of her abilities struggling to keep her alive despite the seemingly impossible situation the very young child was in. When she was six she had finally managed to get into an actual town with actual people because her parents had lived in the middle of nowhere and no records of their death were ever made public, so she doesn't know who or what killed them or why.

But she was an orphan and as such was eventually put in an orphanage by the system, being older than most of the children already there because she was seven when she was discovered on her own and the fact that the orphanage had a high adoption rate, she ended up developing a sense of maternal emotion towards her fellow orphans and acted like their mother, even sometimes going so far as to lecture their caretakers for being too lenient or too harsh with the other orphans. When they had found her she was highly intelligent for her age..already having a complex understanding of the human thinking process to the point she actually stated what the people who came to come get her were going to say to her before they said it, Though she has not demonstrated this power since then making it seem as a fluke or possibly as something she could only do as a child, with this heightened intelligence May was often the only one who could get the other orphans to understand why certain things happened or why something was occurring..making the orphans flock to her and basically make her their little ring leader.

This continued for several years.. Rin's growth with her powers leapt by giant bounds during this time as she had a more suitable environment within the orphanage with which to grow. unlike the harshness of being alone as a child without food or a home the orphanage allowed the tranquility required for May to begin to access her powers consciously. Which thrived and often times amused the other children because of the fun and interesting things she would do.

However an Orphanage is a facility meant to try and give children homes. As such most of the children who grew up with May were scattered to the four corners of the world and taken into homes which cared for them, or didn't, and eventually May was all by herself with just her and the aging caretakers who had raised her. Soon though even that remnant of her past faded away.. because in the year that followed the final child finally being adopted.. The caretakers had passed away from old age.

Now on her own again, far better equipped to handle the world than she was when she was a child, she walks the earth and tries to enjoy life to the fullest. Didn't take her long either. As she ran into a musician named Lloyd and he taught her everything he knew about the guitar and for a couple of years they traveled together and played on the streets for people.

Though she enjoyed her time with Lloyd the two didn't really "connect" and it stay'd on mainly a whimsical level between them. When it ended neither of them regretted a thing and neither of them really bothered trying to convince the other to stick around. They just drifted and as far as she knows Lloyd is still playing his music for people in some city.

Now she was seventeen. The years since the orphanage and the time with Lloyd both seemed so far away even though it had only been four years. In that time her powers had grown exponentially and she was forced to register as a non-hostile supernatural human with the committee to avoid being constantly hounded by their lackeys. Still trying to live life to the fullest. Which she managed to accomplish by running a repair shop that she started on her own. Due to her powers of Alchemy granted by her ability to use Aether she's able to fix nearly anything as long as it's smaller than a standard driving vehicle. So people love to bring old sentimental items to be restored to their original value. Not to mention that on a good day sometimes they stuck around and listened to her sing and play on the guitar and then tipped her for that too.

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on Mon Apr 24, 2017 8:08 am


8th Division
8th Division
Approved 2-1 just because it's Rin but Rin before she was Rin but still Rin

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on Sat Apr 29, 2017 12:12 am


3rd Division
3rd Division
Ability Name: Aether Calling
Description: First off the summoned creature and May share life force. Any hits landed on one of them count as hitting both of them; however, this also means that they have a higher life force in general in total which is made more apparently by May naturally possessing high amounts of life force and reiryoku by default. Second the summoned creature is brought into existence at the same tier (up for debate) as May. Third the creature can be any creature, fictional or otherwise, but all of it's attacks share categories. (Gran Rey level attacks have a 3 post CD and no other attack can be made at that level during the CD for example.) It can use attacks as strong as Forbidden Kidou. It can have defenses as strong as a forbidden kidou (Where applicable) but they follow the same rules. Offense and Defense do not share categories or CD's.

replaced her spammable sound manip ability.

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on Sat Apr 29, 2017 12:18 am


8th Division
8th Division
Approved, go play Yugioh or something.

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