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#1 Devola on Sun Apr 23, 2017 10:38 pm


Name: Devola de Grey
Apparent Age: 23
True Age: 1967
Sex: Female
Devola is a surprisingly caring individual. Though she disregards humanity and holds contempt for the lesser race, she is beginning to understand that they have potential to change themselves and be better as a whole. She respects the ideals of the Committee, and though she will never join them directly she does try to stay out of their way and has been reportedly seen furthering their cause. Devola does enjoy a good bout of chaos, destroying public landmarks and other things which strews discord throughout Humanity and Earth as a whole, but attempts to steer away from causing direct harm to people that don't deserve it when possible. Her intentions are to cause mayhem and chaos within the landmark's destructions, not the death tolls accompanying the destruction itself.

Due to spending centuries fighting non-stop in war after war after war, Devola has a dislike of raw combat now; she prefers to avoid confrontation, and will run away after causing her chaos if at all possible, but she is still capable of putting up a fight. The black-haired girl prefers and enjoys solitude in the physical sense, but due to her Psychic Bond with Michael she is never truly alone. Devola is open-minded and always up for changing her mind at the last moment, about as far from stubborn as anyone could get, aside from her predisposition to causing mayhem and chaos.

When someone is on Devola's bad side, they tend to regret that decision very quickly, in addition to all of their life choices. Antagonizing Devola into a fight never ends well for the antagonist, while Devola usually gets a free meal out of it. Her pride in her abilities and self-control prevent this from happening often, but it's almost always triggered by blood when this rage occurs, whether it be her own or someone else's.


Height: 5'6"
Weight: 147 lbs
Physical Traits:


General Fighting Style:
It's hard to quantify the fighting style of a person who dislikes fighting at its' core. Devola prefers to stay away from combat by any means necessary, but when she is absolutely pulled in her style is fluid and erractic, difficult to predict and hard to fight against. She is instinctual, like a wild beast, but also capable of clever planning and utilizing her vast array of abilities to overcome almost anything. She doesn't like to fight, though.

Strengths: Strength, Speed, Durability
Weaknesses: Takes 2x Damage from All Non-Physical Attacks; anything that isn't physical-based which successfully hits Devola instantly deals double damage.


[Devola's Sword] is a 4ft long blade with a handle just big enough to comfortably fit her hand, almost like it was crafted for the sole purpose of her using it. The sword, unnamed, is as durable as a Zanpakutou, and has a blade stained red with the blood of the thousands of people she's killed with it. Though the handle retains its shiny metallic glisten, the blade is tarnished with blood that will never wash off no matter how hard she tries, though she never does. When not in use, this blade is on a sheath on her back, with the handle to her right side.

[Devola's Gun] is a standard silver Desert Eagle .50 Caliber, of the 12-bullet variety. At the start of any given thread, Devola actually has 13 bullets on her first clip due to keeping one in the chamber. She keeps two spare clips with her at all times, giving her a grand total of 37 bullets per thread.


Ability Name: Masquerade [passive]
Much like a bount, Devola releases no spiritual signature whatsoever.

Ability Name: The Kiss
Devola can affectionately and gently bite someone on their neck, draining all of their blood. She will then give them a single drop of her own blood, causing them to be raised as a Vampire themselves. While they will not share any of her direct abilities aside from [Masquerade], [Psychic Bond], and [The Kiss], they will technically be a Vampire. This can only be used with player permission, or on NPCs. When used on an NPC, Devola can alternatively drain them dry and read their memories. This cannot be used to obtain Organization-level information without prior Staff approval, and is mainly an RP tool.

Ability Name: Psychic Bond [Michael]
The two share a psychic link that reaches anywhere at any time for any reason at will and requires no focus or energy to activate. Devola can use this to talk to Michael, or for Michael to keep tabs on her and offer advice or lectures if he feels it needed. He can speak directly with her mind and vice-versa, or speak in the area around her by projecting his voice. [Mostly an RP Tool]

Ability Name: Obfuscate
Devola can deceive the mind of others, allowing her to be completely invisible to all five senses as long as she stands still. This ability has a 3 post cooldown, but can last indefinitely. On Non-Player Characters, this ability can also be used to manipulate their memories. This requires physical contact, lasts for approximately 1 hour, and the affected NPC will have no memory of their actions during the memory manipulation.

Ability Name: Protean
Devolva has the capability to turn into any animal known to Man, so long as that anime is not extinct or considered mythical. This ability is mostly an RP tool, and has no cooldown when used this way. Devola need not fully transform; she can turn partially into an animal and become a morph, or mix two animals together; her favorite in this way is the [BearShark] - Regardless of her form, be it a full animal or a hybrid, her stats remain exactly the same. Additionally, however, Devola can turn her entire body into mist allowing her to squeeze through anything non-waterproof. When used like this, Protean has a 5 post cooldown and lasts for up to 2 posts. While in Mist Form, Devola is immune to any Non-Final-Level attack; Final-Level attacks deal full damage to her if they hit any amount of the mist.

Ability Name: Vicissitude
Devola can, at will, alter her bodily parameters: height, build, voice, facial features, skin tone, and other things. Additionally, Devola can use this ability to instantly stop all wounds, and can place lost limbs back on her body to have them re-attached. While this does function similarly to Regen, Devola needs to have the original limb in order to reattach it; if she does not have the original limb, Vicissitude requires 24 hours to re-manifest any limb.

Ability Name: Obtenebration
Devola can passively play with shadows, tricking mortals in playful little ways. When used like this, Obtenebration has no cooldown; however, Devola can also form four black tentacles made of shadow that can each withstand a Gran Rey Cero before disappearing, and inflict a Cero of damage point-blank when they attack. These tentacles have a maximum range of 20m from Devola's position, and while they are under her guidance they are independant, and can act of their own accord. Each tentacle is 2m long.

Ability Name: Auspex
Devola's five senses [Sight, Sound, Taste, Smell, Feel] are all superhuman level, almost impossible to quantify. Additionally, Devola can have her mind travel away from her body up to 500m. This leaves her body completely vulnerable to attack, but allows her to spy on anything within 500m of her body. 3 post cooldown between uses, lasts for up to 5 posts when used this way.

Ability Name: Serpentis
Devola is immune to being staked through the heart, as it was removed hundreds of years ago. The only way to kill her is decapitation or other such damage to the brain. She is also immune to any form of paralysis and poison, because blood does not pump through her body. This, of course, also means she does not bleed.

Ability Name: Majesty [NPCs ONLY]
For 3 posts, NPCs cannot take any aggressive action towards Devola, and will either acknowledge her as the Highest Authority or not acknowledge her at all. This has a 5 post cooldown. When this is active, Devola does emit a spiritual signature, allowing her to be tracked.

Ability Name: Discipline
Devola can cycle through 3 different sub-abilities under the title of Discipline: Potence, Celerity, Fortitude. Devola can swap the active effect once per post, but does not have to have any of these active at any given time.
    Potence: 50% boost to Strength, 25% decrease to Speed; Physical attacks deal damage twice.
    Celerity: 50% boost to Speed, 25% decrease to Endurance; Devola can parry all incoming attacks in a single post, but cannot make any offensive attacks during this post. 4 post cooldown.
    Fortitude: 50% boost to Endurance, 25% decrease to Strength; Devola cannot be knocked back under any circumstances.

Boosts: 4x Overall


If you were to ask her what happened now, nearly two thousand years later, she still couldn't give you a straight answer.

Once upon a time, she was minding her own business. Her home was protected by knights, as she was royalty... at least, she believes she was. It's hard to keep track of memories from that long ago, even once you've... turned. The blood-curdling death cries from outside made her drop her lantern, and as the house began to blaze up she dashed out the door into the cold, staring at the dead bodies strewn casually around the area while a man stood there staring at her. Rather than scream or attack it, she simply accepted her fate; anyone that could kill five armed knights was beyond her ability to handle, so she simply sat down and began to pray. She felt the fangs on her neck, and allowed the embrace as she blacked out.

Time was no longer a factor. Some unknown amount had passed, and she'd never know exactly how long it was. His name was Michael; hers was now Devola. She no longer had a last name, due to some rule, but she can no longer remember the specifics of it. He had followed in the rules of his master, and 'blessed' her to be like him due to showing no fear over his abilities. Michael was her master now, her sire, her lineage. She was his progeny.

As she woke up, she realized it was a dream... but knew that it was real.

Over the next several centuries, Devola roamed the world engaging in battles and feasting to her heart's content. Michael guided her despite never being present, some sort of psychic bond the two shared, and it was through these centuries of battle that Devola earned her skill with a sword. She never cleaned it, leaving it a bloodied reminder of her own tale, and it became stained through decades of constant blood. Due to her spiritual presence, the blade never rusted either, and she was one of the few women in all of England who was feared with a blade.... even if she was a Vampire.

Industrialization had crippled the globe; nature failed, as technology spread. Swords were slowly phased out as Gunpowder became more commonplace, and as times changed so too must Devola. She learned how to use a gun, continued to partake in the biggest fights she could find to feast to her heart's desire, but was careful to never sire anyone. The bond she shared with Michael was special, and she didn't want to tarnish that bond by sharing it with anyone else... she of course knew she was capable of sireing a Vampire and becoming their master just as Michael did with her, but she simply didn't want to.

Eventually war started to calm down. The fights were no longer the bloody battles they once were, and she was forced to retreat. She hid underground, preferring the solitude and darkness of caverns and dungeons to the abandoned buildings her Master did. They kept eachother company for a long time, staying out of things... but as Michael stepped back into the light...

so too did Devola.

The world would soon know they still existed.

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