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#1 [Shinigami] Frozen Black Flames on Sun Apr 23, 2017 6:03 pm


Name: Friede
Age: 37
True Age: 571
Sex: Female
Although she comes across as apathetic, especially when fighting, Friede has her likes and dislikes like everyone else. She lives for battle, and enjoys a good fight more than anything else, going so far as to hold back in an effort to make fights last longer. Injury up to and including death are nothing but the price one pays for a good fight, but despite this brutal mentality, Friede will stop a fight if her opponent is too injurted to fight back, claiming she isn't interested in fighting enemies who can't fight anymore, and does not ever feel obligated to deal a death blow to her opponent, so long as they accept that the fight is over.

Friede holds a great amount of respect towards anyone who can defeat her in combat, and even those who can push her to her limit. That said, she contradicts her own logic in fighting: on one hand, she wishes to increase her own power to new heights; on the other hand, she concels her strength to enjoy a fight as long as possible. Although she thrives on battle, she does have emotions, viewing most people who have proven they have a decent amount of strength as younger siblings, and going so far as to protect them if they're in a fight they can't win.

•+ [COMBAT | Friede is a violent fighter, though her actions tend to be for the best, but she enjoys combat more than most other things. The thrill of fighting someone who can push you to your limits is what drives Friede to continue fighting, even though sometimes she wishes she didn't have to.
•+ [LOVE | Friede enjoys romance of any kind, including novels and movies, but especially in real life. She will often attempt to match individuals together in her head, and enjoys it when she finds out she's right.
•+ [NATURE | Friede also very much enjoys nature and all the things that come with it; rain, flowers, animals... they're cute, loveable, and even the violent ones like grizzly bears are really just big dumb fluffy hug toys, as long as you're brave enough.
•+ [COLD | Especially due to Friede's Zanpakutou, she very much enjoys the cold and the frigid nervousness one gets when fighting in the cold; even when not fighting, the cold is much better because it's easier to put on more clothes than take them all off.

•- [DEATH | Friede does not like needless death; though she fights, she doesn't kill (non-Hollow) enemies who can no longer fight, but could fight again another day. She doesn't see the purpose in killing what could be a good fighter in the future.
•- [ANGER | Friede does not take kindly to rage. She feels no rage when she fights, and does not understand people who fight through nothing but their rage. Friede often tries to calm people down, and can be seen as a mediator when things are going awry.
•- [POLLUTION | Due to her enjoyment of nature, Friede despises pollution. Friede will go to great lengths to shut down major sources of pollution near her monastery, evenif that means destroying the entire building it's coming from.
•- [HOT | Friede hates being hot. She hates anything that increases the temperature around her, and doesn't use heat when in her house; not even a fire. She will even eat food raw so she doesn't need to cook it, and let heat out.

•+ [LOVE | Friede's most vivid dream is to find someone who shares her views, and whom she can fall in love with properly. Due to her enjoyment of romance, she has an idealized caricature of her dream man, meaning she will likely never find someone who lives up to her expectations.
•+ [PEACE | Friede also wishes that things would be peaceful, hating the constant violence surrounding her monastery. While she will continue to fight until her last breath, sometimes she just wants to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea.

•- [DEATH | What properly fuels her ability to fight, Friede is scared of death. Though she's faced it once, she doesn't know what lies in her future and does not want to find out.
•- [LONELINESS | She's also scared of ending up alone. While she has her ideal man she's searching for, Friede wants a large family; her monastery acts as one for her, but it's not the same and she knows that.


Height: 6'3"
Weight: 163lbs
Physical Traits: [Picture 1] [Picture 2] [Picture 3]
With purple eyes and dark brown hair, Friede does not look very intimidating. Her height is different in comparison, but due to her very lithe appearance, one would never suspect Friede capable of the damage she puts out. Although she has B-Cup breasts, the only parts of her skin that are ever shown through her robes are her face, her hands, and her bare feet. Everything else on her body is hidden under layers and layers of clothing, mostly loose robes, which give off an almost nun-like appearance that lead people to sometimes call her 'Sister Friede'. Her skin is relatively pale, due to the clothing she keeps herself under, and due to the frost-element her abilities manifest as.


General Fighting Style: Friede fights exclusively by using her Zanpakutou. While she can, to some extent, fight at range with some abilities, Friede's kit is focused much more on melee combat, and due to never attenting the Shin'o Academy, has no skill whatsoever with Kidou, nor does she know to any extent how to sense reiatsu, leading her to rely on her five major senses in combat. Her hearing and smelling are exceptional, especially in combat, leading her to an omni-assault combat style which combines a brutal offense with a brutal defense, making it very difficult to land a hit on her, though obviously this isn't perfect; she still has some to learn.
Strengths: Friede excels at Speed, Strength, Endurance, and Durability.
Weaknesses: Friede, having never undergone proper Shinigami training, does not know any level of Kidou, nor can she use Shunpo or anything else unique to a Shinigami except for Shikai, Bankai, and Toukai. Friede also lacks any ability to sense reiatsu, relying instead on her natural five senses.

REINIGUNG [purification]
Friede's Zanpakutou does not purify souls when she slays a Hollow. Instead, rather like a Quincy, when a Hollow (or anything else) is slain by Friede's Zanpakutou, they are destroyed utterly and completely, potentially disrupting the balance.

[unnamed technique]
Analogous to a Shinigami's Shunpo or a Quincy's Hirenkyaku, this technique which has no name is Friede's personal version of those. Having never undergone training for it, she had to develop her own in order to keep up with those techniques. This ability will be called Shunpo in roleplay only for the sake of roleplaying context, as it makes an identical sound. This ability negates the Weakness of a lack of Shunpo Friede has.

A technique developed by Friede, Haupteingang is Friede's way of traveling between the realms; Earth, Soul Society, and Hueco Mundo. This ability functions similar to a Descorrer, and was developed through torture and interrogation of Hollows and Arrancars. This ability only functions as a Roleplay tool.


Sealed Appearance: While in it's sealed state, Mähen takes the appearance of non-standard Oudachi. The handle of the weapon is around one foot in length, which is shorter than a standard oudachi, but the blade is five feet (60 in) which makes up for the shortness of the handle. The curvature of the blade is also significantly less than a standard oudachi, but is just enough for Friede to use it effectively without being straight. The blade itself is white with parts of it black as if made of two different metals, but it is, in fact, just one solid piece. While the handle looks like it's made of wood, it is in fact also metal, which Friede believes to be due to spiritual pressure. The entire weapon is riddled with scratches and dinks in it, showing centuries of use.


Name: Mähen [Reaper]
Call Out Command: Reap their souls, Mähen.
Appearance: Friede's Zanpakutou takes the form of a large Scythe, approximately six feet from the edge of the handle to the blade, with approximately two feet of blade. The entire handle has the appearance of wood, but it is in fact some unique material that has the durability of a normal Zanpakutou, as if the entire weapon was made of metal.
Boosts: 2x Speed, 2x Endurance

VERWÜSTUNG WELLE [devastation wave]
Friede charges her blade briefly, then releases a large attack equivalent in power to two Ceros, following the arc she swung at. This ability has a two post cooldown before it can be used again.

Friede slashes at the Earth beneath her with her blade, coating the area in a 10ft radius around her in ice. Friede herself can walk normally on this, but everything else will have 0 traction whatsoever on the ice. This ability lasts for 3 posts, and has a 3 post cooldown before it can be used again.

EISKLON [ice clone]
Friede can create a clone of herself in her current stance up to 10ft away from her. The clone can take up to a Cero's worth of damage before it shatters, and is made of ice. This ability has a 5 post cooldown before it can be used again.

AURA VON FROST [aura of frost] [passive]
At all times, the area within 25ft of Friede will never exceed 10°C [50.0°F] - If it is any hotter, it will immediately drop down to this temperature. Friede herself does not feel it.


New Name: Raureif Mähen [Hoarfrost Reaper]
Appearance: In Bankai, Friede has two Scythes. The first, which she holds in her right hand, is identical to the Shikai version in every way; the one in her left hand, however, has an icy blade and appears to just be a metal rod that grows a blade out of nowhere.
Boosts: 3x Speed, 3x Endurance, 2x Strength

GROßARTIG VERWÜSTUNG WELLE [grand devastation wave]
Friede charges her scythes briefly, then releases an x-Shaped attack, with each beam being equivalent to two Ceros; if hit by the X in the center, Cero Oscuras damage is dealt instead. This ability has a four post cooldown before it can be used again.

GEFRORENE TRÄNEN [frozen tears]
Friede slashes at the earth beneath her with both scythes, coating the area in a 20ft radius around her in ice. Friede herself can walk normally on this, but everything else will have 0 traction whatsoever on the ice. This technique prevents air-walking within 5ft of the ice. At any time after the intial post, Friede can shatter the ice to deal Gran Rey Cero damage to everything that isn't her, that's within 5ft of the ice. This ability lasts for up to 3 posts, and has a 6 post cooldown before it can be used again.

GROßARTIG EISKLON [grand ice clone]
Friede can create a clone of herself in her current stance up to 20ft away from her. The clone can take up to a Cero Oscuras' worth of damage before it shatters. Friede can also make the clone shatter early, but not in the same post she originally made the clone; this ability has a 6 post cooldown before it can be used again. The clone will last up to 4 posts, and will deal damage to everything (including Friede herself) within 5ft when it does shatter, based on how long it survived: if it's destroyed the same post it's made, it will only deal a Cero's worth of damage; if it survives for one post, it will deal Gran Rey Cero damage; if it survives for 2 posts, it will deal Cero Oscuras damage; if it survives until the last post, it will deal Forbidden Kidou damage.

AURA DES ABGRUNDLICHEN FROSTES [aura of abyssal frost] [passive]
At all times, the area within 50ft of Friede will never exceed -5°C [23.0°F] - If it is any hotter, it will immediately drop down to this temperature. Friede herself does not feel it.


New Name: Noir Feuer Raureif Mähen [Black Flame Hoarfrost Reaper]
Appearance: Friede's weapon undergoes no additional changes; however, Friede herself becomes cloaked in a flame (see below).
Boosts: 4x Speed, 4x Endurance, 3x Strength, 2x Reiatsu, 2x Reiryoku - Friede also retains the use of all Bankai abilities.

SEELEN DER GEFALLENEN [souls of the fallen] [passive]
Upon ascending to Toukai, all wounds Friede has are fully healed, including lost limbs; in short, she is returned to the state she was at the very first time she ever ascended to Toukai.

MANTEL DER SCHWARZEN FLAMME [cloak of black flame] [passive]
Friede is constantly cloaked in a black flame that never rests. This cloak inflicts second degree burns to anything that touches it almost instantly, and emit no heat.

AURA VON ABSOLUTER NULL [aura of absolute zero] [passive]
At all times, the area within 50ft of Friede will never exceed -50°C [-58.0°F] - If it is any hotter, it will immediately drop down to this temperature. Friede herself does not feel it. This ability replaces Aura des Abgrundlichen Frostes.

SCHWARZEN FLAMME VERWÜSTUNG WELLE [black flame devastation wave]
Friede spirals her blades around her as she leaps 10ft into the air, then slams both scythes down at the same point. This ability deals second-degree burns as well as Cero Oscuras damage, and has a 4 post cooldown before it can be used again. (see: the gif up top)


[Friede is Born]

[Friede Lives in a German Monastery]

[Friede Watches as a Hollow Slays her Family]

[Friede vows to kill them]

[Friede attempts to kill a Hollow]

[Friede succeeds, but succumbs to her wounds]

[With no one to help her, she dies]

[Stays as a spirit for one year]

[Shinigami comes to purify her]

[She says fuck no, steals his weapon and kills him with it]

[Uniquely finds a way to purify herself from the Chain]

[Wanders around killing Hollows]

[Comes across other Shinigami who recognize she has a Zanpakutou]

[Kills them too]

[Kills everything]

[Goes on a Killing spree, acquiring over 2,000 confirmed kills]

[Learns what Bankai is]

[Learns that her scythe has a name]

[Learns that her scythe has a soul]

[Finds out her scythe likes her]

[Ascends to Bankai for the first time]

[Desires more power]

[Creates a portal to Hueco Mundo]

[Travels around, killing things]

[Eventually finds what a Toukai is]

[Ascends to Toukai because her scythe wants her to]

[Keeps killing things]

[Encounters a Vasto Lorde]

[Tries to fight in Bankai for a bit]


[Ascends to Toukai, finds out her wounds were healed]

[Kills the vasto lorde]

[Opens a portal back to Earth]

[Relaxes for a few years, keeping her (now repopulated) monastery safe from hollows]

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