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#1 [Private] The Gladiator on Sat Apr 22, 2017 11:41 am

A garganta opened above Oslo, Norway, and a large figure stepped out and looked over the town. It was midnight, or so, Thor assumed from where the moon was in the sky. Lights from the city life taking place below him shone out. Being a hollow that had spent most of his time within the deserts of Hueco Mundo, this was quite the adventure. This was his hometown -- at least it used to be when he was a human long ago . But now the place felt nothing but foreign to him. But no matter. He had things to explore and visit.

The Third Espada descended from his place in the sky down upon a small park in the middle of the town, the ground shook as he landed, small craters forming under his feet. He wasn't concerned about the craters, or the noise he had made for that matter which to the locals in the park must have been pretty deafening, because his eyes were fixed on the life all around him. Thor was enjoying every minute of it. The lights, the sights, and the sounds. All harmonising for a perfect image within his head. To say the least he was in awe.

Looking forward, he would walk. Hoping and praying that something interesting would happen, or at least he would get to see.


George Carlin wrote:The public sucks. Fuck hope.

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