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#1 Ekaitz Dwyn Eá ADITI -Dwyn for short- on Fri Apr 21, 2017 11:50 pm


Name: Ekaitz Dwyn Eá . Aditi
Alias: Dwyn
Real Age: 71
Phys. Age: 17
Gender: Female
Personality:  Dwyn is a very laid-back kind of girl, with a positive and optimistic view on life. She is a gentle soul with a smile always on her face, and isn’t prone to engage in pointless fight. Coming from a broad make-up family in Rukongai, she have more than 20 brothers and sisters, but only three parental figures. Being the only one with spiritual energy yet, she joined the Academy in hope to be able to support her family who’s struggling to provide everyone.
Used to noise and excitements all around her, she find it difficult to bear loneliness. Growing up in the mid-Rukongai Dwyn made Dwyn used to death of family members or close-friend. This gave her perspective on her life, and drives her to make the most of each days. Since she wasn’t able to eat enough each day, she tends to pig down her meals and carry on her small portions of food. Her manners aren’t the best but she improved them since her time at the Academy. Spontaneous and easily carried away, Dwyn speaks her mind most of the time. Not prone to remember a lot of things, she tends to forgets new faces if she doesn’t see them regularly and gives nicknames to some in hope to recall them.
Since she tends to forget a lot of things, Dwyn isn’t the best at keeping her promises, but she is a loyal friend always there to listen. Not the best at comfort, she generally just gives her presence and some (hopefully!) good words to reassure. She isn’t the type to be jealous, but she can be wrongly protective when she sees something that doesn’t meet her standards. She has empathy, but she isn’t very socially perceptive and can easily jump to wrong conclusion. Like the one time she pranks her big brother’s crush thinking she was hurting him because he stuttered every time he spoke to her. His crush still has to give him her forgiveness. And her brother still have to speaks to her again. Anyway! She can speak to her Zanpakuto since she came in the Rukongai, but she didn’t know what it was until her beginning at the Academy.
On her work-life she is eager to learn and to do her tasks as best as possible. She doesn’t mind paperwork and fulfills everything given to her seriously. Dwyn loves the human world, and has been assigned regularly on long missions to calm towns ( She have never been assigned to Karakura town for example, or reiatsu filled zones ). This gave her a lot of knowledge on human and their technology, which can come in handy. But Dwyn can be distracted too, particularly if she is with someone she likes. Times flies! Her inexperience in battle makes her still freaks out about the idea of fighting, but she likes to train with friends and superiors.
Despite being responsible and serious with her work, she hates bringing unfinished business at home. There Dwyn likes to lounge around, drawing a bit of everything, creating new accessories or new dyes for her hair. She regularly changes her hair color, usually just the tips with flashy colors, but sometimes her whole head too. The same can be said with her bracelets, necklaces and earrings, which she has in profusion and alters every day. She sells some of her creations to increase her income, since she isn’t yet very high in the Gotei hierarchy and doesn’t get paid a lot. Dwyn lives in her division’s quarter, but she completely personalized her room with drawings, paints and small objects. Being lazy when it comes to tidy up her personal space, she usually have pieces of clothing on the floor and the bed, and her desk is overwhelmed by drawing utensils, pearls and stuff. This gives off a messy but warm and friendly feeling, which can resume her.


Height: 175 cm
Weight: 59 kg

Dwyn Shinigami uniform:

Dwyn Gigai:

Dwyn Random:

Physical Traits :   Dwyn is a tall woman with a slender build and a medium sized chest. She have pale green eyes with long black lashes, a round face and full lips on fair skin, naturally butternut hair always dyed at least on the tips with colors. She wears a black sleeveless Shihakushō with a pronounced low cut at work. Dwyn accessories it with numerous bracelets, necklaces and earring, as well as black finger-less gloves. They end part-way between her elbows and her shoulders. Her hair are cut short and messy, she likes to add some random small braids with pendants and feathers in it. On the back of her neck one thin and long braid finished with a feather hang with two dreadlocks, one which stops at her chest and is always black, the other going until under her buttocks and colored.
She smiles a lot, showing white teeth with a tiny space between the two front one. She plays a lot with her accessories and her hair, and makes wide moves with her arms when she speaks, clicking her bracelets together. On mission she used a small kidou spell to mutes them.
Since she spent a lot of time in the human world, she usually wears imported human clothes on off-work. She favors crop top and baggy trousers with colors, as well as finger-less mitts. Of course she always wears her full accessories, they are part of her and her character.
So a very laid-back kind of clothing, sometimes even bohemian, but she owned one or two more kimono and haori reserved for her visits in the Rukongai or events were human clothing were badly viewed.


General Fighting Style:  Dwyn isn’t a combatant by nature, but she had decent grades in Zanjustsu ( Sword technique ) back at the Academy, and her upbringing in Rukongai gave her solid bases in street-fighting. She lacks real fight experience, having only recently joined and being assigned to calm towns, where she encountered only freshly turned hollows ( not the best fighters, no special abilities ). However like for everything she is determined, and have lot of rooms to improves herself. Her real abilities lies in kidou and Hohŏ where she is as good as someone with just a few years of experience can be. She doesn’t have her shikai yet, nor her bankai and can’t used the more advanced level of kidou and equivalent. But the spells she can use are generally well-done, with the exception of some rogue ones.
In fight she will discover she is best at mid-distance, from where she can support her allies with kidou and her sword abilities. She have skills in healing kidou, but she was uninterested by the fourth squad, preferring to be on the field or the human world and heal there if necessary. Being a newbie, she avoids to fight enemies with superior skills and close-fighters. She can use her speed and some Hohŏ special techniques, having a friend in the Academy well-versed in this last art who helped her train.
To avoid a fight she tends to use humor, good or bad, and appear as weak as possible in hope the enemy will either be uninterested or pity her ( yes you can hope ).

Strengths: Kidou and related abilities ( healing kidou ), Spiritual Control, Spiritual Energy, Sensing.
Weaknesses:  Strength, Spiritual Power (reiatsu ), Stamina.

Ability Name:  Enhanced Kidou
Ability Description: Dwyn has enhanced kidou ability in healing, which allowed her to use advanced healing kidou.
This technique cannot be used after the damage has been healed, unless the wound is reopened ( it only work on fresh, bleeding wounds. Once it scars, it cannot work since the body considered it already healed ).


Sealed Appearance: Her Zanpakuto is a standard build and Dwyn carries it on her left side under her obi. The handle is black with a Green flat cord wrap. The guard is in metal, forming a two rectangles, on outside and one inside. Four small pieces of a darker shade link the two part, each on a side. The blade is a metallic gray with greenish highlighting. Her scabbard is a chestnut brown with swirling of pale green on the end, and small petals danced all the way up in the same shade. A dark green cord with numerous amulets hanging is wrap at the extremity, just behind the guard of the blade when it’s sheathed.
Zanpakutou Name: Aranami ( Raging wawes or stormy sea )
Call Out Command: Fure, Aranami! ( Fall from the Sky, Aranami! )


[ Precision : When this character is submitted, she doesn’t have yet shikai ]

Appearance: Dwyn points her Zanpakuto up to the sky. A bit of wind curls around her, making her braid and dreadlocks dance wildly while her Shikakusho flaps around her legs. She shouts her release command and a single thin dark beam with blue undertone rise to the sky. When it touchs the clouds, it expands in the sky creating a tick coat of night, with heavy menacing clouds and sound of clapping thunder. It seems like a dark stormy night all around her on a somewhat 1km radius. Then she can lower her Zanpakuto.
Before invoking one of the different stages of her shikai, she have a cooldown of 3 posts. She can use kidou and her others abilities during this time.

- First ability : Tere ni kagayaku ! ( Shine in the night )
The sky is illuminated by thunder, and after a few seconds random bolts of lighting falls from the sky. Upon impact it creates small explosions ( max 1 meter of damage zone ).
This attack can touche allies and enemies alike ( until she can controls it enough to only target ennemies). This rain of thunder takes place for 5 posts, where 3 random lightning bolts fall in each posts. This attack can be launched up to 3 times, with a 3 posts cooldown between each. The number of lightning bolts begins at 15 and improves with her Tier.

- Second ability: Mamore kore seikatsu ( Protect this life! )
Dwyn can bless someone on the verge of dying. She heals physical wounds but she cannot restore reiatsu. When she uses this capacity, she and the healed cannot move for 2 post ( Time used for the healing process ). If interrupted only half of the healing is done, prioritizing major wounds. After using this ability Dwyn cannot move much for 1 more post after the healing process is completed ( usually just enough to take a bit of cover, or find someone to protect her ).  This ability can be used only one time per fight, and after she have bankai only 2 times max. If the ability is interrupted, all cooldowns are cut in half. She can cast this ability one more time 15 posts after the interrupted process.

- Third ability : Agare no umi! ( Rise the sea! )
Rain falls quickly and heavely, which can impede enemies and allies vision in the zone for 2 posts. Then the rain falls only lightly. On the floor large puddles of water appears. The water rises and forms a thin barrier which can protect a round zone up to 5 meters. After this barrier is set in place, a single lightning bolt falls from the sky and hits the barrier, making it shines an electric blue. The protection is complete.
This barrier can absorb all types of attack unless it’s physical. Physical attacks cannot damaged the shield since it go through. Allies only are protected inside the shield, but enemies can go through to physically attack the protected allies.
Conditions of the shield: The shield cannot be moved once it’s set. The shield only protect inside the zone, if an ally goes out he is not protected anymore. If the attack on the barrier is:
- The barrier can wistand 3 attacks.
- If the attack is a final ability, the barrier breaks.

Boosts: 2x Kidou and Kidou related abilities + 2x Speed


New Name: Kaminari Aranami
Appearance: [What does your bankai look like? Character appearance changes, weapon changes, etc.]
Abilities: [What abilities does your character gain]
Boosts: [In this release, you get a 3x boost; you can apply this to as many 'stats' as you want (strength, speed, durability, etc) but they're diminishing returns; the more you have, the less effective they actually are.]


New Name: [What's your zanpakuto's new name?]
Appearance: [What does your bankai look like? Character appearance changes, weapon changes, etc.]
Abilities: [What abilities does your character gain]
Boosts: [In this release, you get a 4x boost; you can apply this to as many 'stats' as you want (strength, speed, durability, etc) but they're diminishing returns; the more you have, the less effective they actually are.]


History: Dwyn appeared in the Ruckongai roughly 71 summers ago. She was physically four at this time. A group of travelers, mostly kids from all ages and appearances picked her up from the street and adopted her as a member of their family. They were merchants of first necessities, particularly fabric, and they traded in the whole low and mid-Rukongai. Dwyn knew by then that she was different, being the only one who needed to eat if she didn’t want to drop suddenly.
They’re family was a big one, and she always had new brothers and sisters. But the living condition were harsh, and when crime and poverty didn’t kill them, Hollows finished the job. She lost numerous member of her make-shift family on the way, and she knows that even now some probably won’t pass the cold season. But she gained way more while growing up, learning from her people simple facts of life or intricate philosophy, always supported when she needed it and provided shelter and food. In the end, she knows that her life wasn’t the hardest and it became her purpose, to provide them financial support with her job as a Shinigami.
While passing on a town in the mid-Rukongai she heard for the first time about the Academy. Sure, she knew that there were shinigami who protected them ( or try anyway ) from hollows, and that they have powers that others did not. She even heard about the jokes on their swords ( who can talk to a piece of metal, seriously? ). But when a buyer told her she should go there and try her luck, she wanted to laugh. And she did. For about five seconds, time to understand he wasn’t remotely entertained by her reaction ( and his eyes were becoming really scary! ). She had shown him some time before the little bundle of glowing blue light she liked to make when it was dark and he explained her patiently what reiatsu, reiryoku and Zanpakuto were. It was like an illumination. So THAT was the annoying voice who likes to make jokes of her life while it never revealed what it was, it name, or if she just went insane! It only answer was : “ You should work for it, lazy bum!” followed by laughs.
One week later she was at the Academy, filling out the forms and entering with the freshmen one month after her admission. If she was an eager student, she didn’t knew how to read and write before coming and that forced her to do her first year again. This setback allowed her to top her kidou class this year, and a comfortable advance on her favorite class while she was lagging behind on the physical and theorical ones. She made a good friend who excelled in Hohŏ and shown her some useful moves, but Dwyn still wasn’t on the top list of her class.  She graduated on her time, with average grades and no specific recommendations.
Fascinated with human’s culture she managed to get assigned to long-time mission in the living world, in the small towns were no one wanted to go.

Side Notes: Dwyn graduated 2 years ago from the Academy, and she isn’t sure about her age.

Roleplay Sample: I choose a scene from the Academy, with the friend mentionned in her history.

“It is a pleasant day”, Dwyn noted with a cheerful smile on her face. She wore her hair entirely black today, with lilacs touches at the tip and down one of her dreadlock. Her uniform was neatly pressed against her skin, rough but comfortable. Bouncing a little while walking, she hummed under her breath the late popular song. Suddenly a breeze passed strongly around her, causing her messy hair to flutter wildly around her head. To used to her eccentric friend to be surprised, she simply lean forward to escape the crazy hug coming her way. Still smiling, she patted the top of Lily’s head, the dark-skinned woman who has been at her side since her second year at the Academy. Her friend pouted at her cutely, her gray eyes flashing a mischievous smile behind her dark lashes.
“ Where in hell are you rushing like this?” Dwyn asked in a laughing tone.

Another scene, from her time as a Shinigami on the human world, facing a freshly turned hollow:

She stared in horror as the tall man she was chasing a second ago turned into a figure of nightmare. Blackness encompassed the body while white goo spilled from his lips, nose, eyes and ears. She stood here, unable to fathom her failure as it transformed before her eyes, turning into a small hollow with glowing red eyes, sharp claws and bony structure. Rising a trembling hand Dwyn unsheathed her blade, gulping audibly.
“ Couldn’t you wait two more seconds before transforming?” she weakly joked as her internal alarms rose in her head. She would have catch him for Konso before the transformation begun, if she had those two more seconds. But she is still too weak to do her job correctly, apparently. Reassembling all her flying courage, she quickly checked her lessons on slaying hollows alone. She could do it. She will do it!
Swiftly she shunpo on top of the beast, which seems too in pain to notice its surroundings. A battle cry tore from the depth of her chest as she pushed her blade toward the enemy.

She wished it to land right on the mark.

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#2 Re: Ekaitz Dwyn Eá ADITI -Dwyn for short- on Sat Apr 22, 2017 12:18 am

@Dwyn a mod will soon check your application.

In the meantime, join our official chat box;

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#3 Re: Ekaitz Dwyn Eá ADITI -Dwyn for short- on Sun Apr 23, 2017 12:56 am

Approved 3-5 as requested :D Welcome!

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#4 Re: Ekaitz Dwyn Eá ADITI -Dwyn for short- on Sun Apr 23, 2017 12:58 am

Yes thank you :D

Gonna apply at the 13th Now :D

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