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#1 [Bount] Aura of Friendship on Fri Apr 21, 2017 9:51 am

Bount and Doll are very close friends, and both have a fierce level of protection for the other. Uniquely, the two of them share their damage due to [Aura Manipulation], which means that if either of them die both of them do. Doll is in a permanent state of release, and speaks telepathically to anyone who wants to listen to what he says, while Bount speaks normally. Example abilities, fighting style, and strengths/weaknesses included below.

General Fighting Style-
Bount and Doll are in perfect unison with each other. Doll is the primary melee fighter in the group, but Bount can hold his own as well; both of them are equipped with the same abilities and share cooldowns regarding them, but all abilities listed can be used by either character. Bount is a little more fragile than Doll is, but Doll is proportionally stronger physically.

Strengths: Speed
Weaknesses: Reiatsu

Aura Manipulation
Bount and Doll share a life force. Any hits landed on one of them count as hitting both of them; however, this also means that they have a higher life force in general. Bount and Doll also share all abilities, including cooldowns.

Aura Sphere
By compressing a large amount of reiatsu into an orb, this ability can be fired off at a specific target and will track them down, moving at cero speed, while looking like a bala, and exploding like a Gran Rey Cero when it hits anything. 3 post cooldown.

Physical Aura
Solidifying aura around the user, this ability increases their speed and strength by 1 level (from 2x to 3x, etc). This ability lasts for 4 posts and has a 3 post cooldown, which it shares with [Mental Aura]. Bount and Doll do not share the effect, only one can have it.

Mental Aura
Expelling aura around the user, this ability cuts the energy drain from all other abilities cast by the user in half. This ability lasts for 4 posts and has a 3 post cooldown, which it shares with [Physical Aura]. Bount and Doll do not share the effect, only one can have it.

Preservation Aura
The user channels for 1 post, unable to make any other attacks for that post, and then receives High-Speed Regeneration for 3 posts. Lost limbs require the full 3 posts to heal, major-moderate internal injuries require 2 posts, and other wounds are healed within 1 post. This has a 5 post cooldown. Bount and Doll share this effect, when either of them activate it, due to [Aura Manipulation].

Aura Reading [passive]
Bount and Doll are capable of seeing another person's Aura regardless of how sealed off they are, and can utilize this to determine a few things: their emotional status, their health (percentage-based, roughly), and any elemental preferences they have.

Aura Projection
User can project their aura to create a weapon, usually but not always a sword, 5ft or less in length. This weapon lasts as long as it is held by the user, can be made once every post, and is destroyed upon defending against a Cero of damage.

Extreme Speed
User moves at insanely high speeds for one post, creating multiple clones of themselves that last only a fraction of a second. This makes abilities more difficult to land correctly. This has a 4 post cooldown.

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