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#1 [RULES] Concepts Inc! on Fri Apr 21, 2017 8:11 am

Welcome to the Concepts Forum!

The Concepts Forum is a forum on BleachStory dedicated to the users who enjoy coming up with character and power concepts. This forum generates no coins to post in, will not show up on the Recent Topics list on the Homepage, and has the sole purpose of allowing users to express their creativity in a friendly manner. There are a few rules to using this forum correctly, so please pay attention; it's not long!

Rule Number 1 - Do not reply to Topics
Please don't reply to topics! Every concept posted in this forum is posted as an individual topic. The reason for this, and the entire forum rather than a single topic, is so that if anyone adopts a concept posted in this forum, that concept can (potentially) be deleted so it's not taken again. If there are things you wish to point out about a concept, ask questions about it, or simply admire it, please either contact the poster via Private Message (or Discord!), or simply use the forum's Reputation/Voting system.

Rule Number 2 - Anyone can post Anything
Now, this is a bit of a loose rule. The concepts in this forum can range from a single Zanpakutou ability to an entire character concept. Anyone who posts here has no limit to what they are required to make, and is not required to use proper templates. We do ask that you refrain from simply posting cool images, though you absolutely can post them with an ability set, either as an inspiration of the ability set or just because they look cool. That's up to you!

Rule Number 3 - Nothing in this forum is Staff Approved
We, as users and staff who post here, are not liable if any user copies and pastes from this forum onto their app, and is then told to change something. This forum is meant to express creativity, even that which passes beyond the normal rules of the forum, and as such we do not always think about the forum's limitations when designing an ability or an entire kit. Most of the time, things should be okay on a fundamental level, but even that cannot be said with absolute certainty. At any point, Staff have the right to ask for changes to an ability; the concepts in this forum are not real characters, and are only presented as options if someone is stuck in their character design.

Rule Number 4 - One Concept a Day
Several key features on BleachStory are based off of a user's post count. Rather than limit people to posting in this forum once they've reached a certain post number, Staff have decided to limit posting in this forum to once per day. As a reminder to rule 2, you can post anything from a single ability to an entire character sheet, so think carefully about what you want to post for the day! This rule is the only one that will be enforced by all staff members, and failure to abide by this rule will lead to denial of access to this forum entirely.

Rule Number 5 - Have Fun!
The most important rule, obviously, is to enjoy yourself. If you don't like coming up with character's fighting abilities, but enjoy coming up with their history or personality, then you can be a general browser of this forum! If you do enjoy coming up with character concepts, to any extent, like myself, then this forum is where you can dump all your little one-offs that you don't want to make into a full character! ...or if you're at the forum cap of 8 characters and don't want to kill anyone off! ...Like me! As long as you are having fun, we're having fun.

And just like that, the rules are done with! See, that wasn't so hard! As long as you follow the rules, and they are very simple, then there are no issues with anyone using this forum! Enjoy yourself, and take care!

♥ Alexis Nicole Grey, sponsor of Concepts, Inc.

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