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Rena was just finishing up paperwork for the day when a tear in space opened in front of her desk about fifteen feet away. She then frowned as a Vizard with it's Mask on showed up a moment later through said tear. He was grinning, though Rena couldn't see that through his mask. Trying to keep from being more irritated than need be she asked, "And what brings a vizard back into Gotei, in the office of the Captain-Commander no less."

The reply she got chilled her despite her belief it could be followed through, "Why I'm clearly here to kill you SouTaichou..." which was met with the man drawing his zanpaktou, turning it into two blades, and calling his shikai out, which she responded to by kicking her desk at him as she stood up.

The desk didn't get far as he scissor cut the thing in half as he pushed forward to dash at her. But since she was already standing she ran to meet him so the desk pieces fell to either side of the two as her zanpaktou gloved fists collided with his swords. However what happened next was unexpected for Rena. For the first time she lost a contest of pure force. She didn't quite realize it was due to his shikai's special ability. But his Pulse Strike activated and caused backlash into her arms which made her entire body slide backwards from the exchange.

She quickly regained her composure, assumed her Sendo Genkotsu stance, and was ready for him having now activated her own shikai when he rushed her again like a blurred hard to see object. She didn't need to worry about "where" exactly he would be however because clearly she was the target and there were only so many ways he could attack her in a frontal assault.

Which she lol noped the fuck out of by having water tendrils rise from her feet and crack at him like bala powered whips at the same speed. He didn't seem to have any issues changing his rush trajectory and dodging the attacks though, However when he brought his weapons down in an X-slash for the woman's neck it was his turn to be surprised as despite Pulse Strike still activating, Rena was ready for it this time and caught both of his blades before forming ice along them slowly making it's way towards his hands.

He growled and fired an energy beam from his Mouth forcing her to let go by back flipping with the beam to avoid it, but she left him a surprise as a chunk of ice jut out of the ground suddenly and tried to impale him in the pelvic area. He simply kicked it and caused another pulse strike to obliterate the chunk of ice but the fact she aimed there wasn't lost on the man.

This time instead of closing in for close combat they stayed where they were. Rena would form water attacks in all shapes and sizes and throw in random ice attacks as well to try and catch him off guard, but on the same token Reno merely formed pure energy into attacks similar and equal in strength to all of hers. Making the combat area between them an absolutely destroyed zone before they finished.

Rena used her shunpo, which left a crater where she used to be and ripped the ground along her path, managing to catch Reno off guard as he'd never seen a shunpo be used that "wildly" before and slammed her leg up towards his upper torso and right arm. He still managed to block it, but quickly learned the error in not trying to cushion the blow by moving instead as he was hurled straight through the wall in that direction while spinning like a friggin top.

He managed to land, still skidding and spinning along the ground, on his feet, but his shoulder was dislocated by the force and he had to snap it back into place. Rena was charging at him like a bull and he spat a bit of blood out of his mouth as he fired "Hadou: 88 Hiryū Gekizoku Shinten Raihō" while holding his right arm out at her mid-charge.

Sensing the energy build up and clearly recognizing the kidou in question she kept going in her charge but through up Bakudo 81: Danku between her and the hado. She slammed into the back of the Bakudo, but it stopped her in her tracks, then proceeded to prevent the Hado from hitting her and backlashing back towards the man who had fired it.

Who simply spat out a curse and threw up and energy shield equal to the backlash's power he was going to recieve. It protected him much like her Danku did without using up his ability to use his own Danku should it become needed later. With the attacks over Rena proceeded to resume her charge but was forced to skid to a halt as Reno started laughing like an idiot on cocaine.

"More more more more moremoremoremore!" He spat feverently as he fired several cero's at her having pulled his mask down with his other hand. Supplementing his bombardment with energy blasts from his shikai of a similar nature from around him rather than from his occupied hand.

Rena tch'd and clapped her hands together before releasing one of her Martial Kidou, "Maito no Sufia" (Sphere of Might) and created a large expansive sphere of energy in front of her, normally meant to catch in opponent in it or near it. it was instead used as a repelling force for the incoming energy attacks.

He had stopped firing the cero and with his, now considered typical by Rena, blurred speed movements he had swung low to her left side and brought both swords up to bear against her exposed side. While she was forced to hop to the right to try and avoid it she wouldn't succeed, though still managing to soften the bite of his blades by forming ice along the path they would cut into it. She grimaced and landed from her hop back and punched forward as she released another of her special kidou, "Kaen Bakuhatsu" (Flame Explosion) which fired a red energy ball similar to shakkaho, except more powerful, at the man. Who proceeded to casually just tilt his body to avoid the thing, only for it to expand and explode a moment later engulfing him anyways.

As the smoke cleared he was singed and she was cut, but neither of them seemed like they were going to stop anytime soon..
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