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#1 Jeremiah Yisrael on Wed Apr 19, 2017 5:58 am


Name: Jeremiah Yisrael
Apparent Age: 27
True Age: 2,632
Sex: Male
When you first look at Jeremiah, you may think that he's soft. That isn't entirely inaccurate, because Jeremiah is rather trusting of his fellow Arrancars and Hollows, almost to a fault... he trusts people by default, and there needs to be tangible evidence for him to do otherwise. However, Jeremiah is not foolish, and acknowledges when a person or situation is beyond his ability to handle correctly. He keeps his calm in most situations, often referred to as a mediator when people are disagreeing, and never seems to let anything surprise him. In reality, all of these are fronts; Jeremiah is horribly scared of being alone again, simply bottles his emotions until no one can see him cry, and is just good at hiding his actual surprise.


Height: 5'9"
Weight: 173lbs
Physical Traits:


General Fighting Style: Jeremiah is mostly a defensive, utility Arrancar that relies on others to his fighting for him while he supports them. Jeremiah prefers to stay at range due to his predisposition to utility/support combat, but when he absolutely needs to fight he actually better at melee than he is at using ceros and the like.
Strengths: Reiatsu, Reiryoku, Endurance, Durability, Stamina
Weaknesses: Strength, Sensing, Sonido [Can only use it 1/post], Ceros [Standard, Non-Special Ceros inflict 1/2 damage]
Boosts: 2x Reiatsu, Reiryoku, Durability

Ability Name: Overdrive
Every time Jeremiah takes damage, his damage dealt is increased by a proportional amount. The closer to death he is, the more dangerous he is. Healing and Regenerative factors have an inverse effect, lowering the damage proportionally, so Jeremiah cannot get to the brink of death and then fully heal and keep his damage boost.

Ability Name: Trance
In response to a life-threatening event, where Jeremiah is at a serious risk of actual death, Jeremiah can ascend to a special state called Trance. For 4 posts, Jeremiah's body freezes it's cells, meaning he cannot heal or take any more damage from his current state. His Overdrive ability keep his active damage boost, and he cannot die. He does not need to fight for those 4 posts, and can instead choose to run away and save himself instead. After Trance ends, Jeremiah will not have any more energy to fight with. Jeremiah cannot activate Trance at will, and can be killed before Trance activates or after it. In order for Trance to activate, Jeremiah must feel the true fear of death and his subconscious mind must determine that the threat is valid, and not an attempt to force Trance to activate.


Sealed Appearance: [Picture]
Zanpakuto Name: Mago Blanco
Zanpakuto Call Out: "Their wounds sustain us, Mago Blanco!"
Cero: Bala, Cero, Gran Rey Cero, and the following Unique Cero Variants:
    Cero Name: Lluvia de Energía
    Jeremiah leaps into the air and fires off a large number of bala-like blasts in a short period of time. In total, there are approximately 200 bala, each of which deal only half damage to normal but travel at normal speed. This ability can be concentrated into a 1ft x 1ft area, or spread out up to a 20ft x 20ft area, and anything in between. This has a 4 post cooldown.

    Cero Name: Cero Negativo
    Jeremiah fires off a cero as normal, but rather than dealing destructive damage, if this hits someone it restores their reiatsu based on how much energy Jeremiah puts into it. This can be a regular Cero strength or a Gran Rey Cero strength, and either way it has a 3 post cooldown. If this is intercepted by someone that Jeremiah didn't intend to hit, they will receive the restoration instead.

    Cero Name: Absorción Cero
    Jeremiah creates a cero in his hand, but rather than firing it off creates a small barrier approximately 2ft in diameter, perfectly circular. If a Cero hits this barrier, Jeremiah's reiatsu is restored equivalent to what was spent by other people. If nothing hits this barrier, he loses reiatsu equivalent to a Gran Rey Cero. Creating the barrier itself is a gamble, and Jeremiah can create this once every 5 posts. Balas will stop at the barrier, but will not restore his reiatsu. The barrier lasts for 2 posts.


Appearance: [Picture]
Boosts: 3x Reiatsu, Reiryoku, Durability
Abilities: Retains previous abilities. Also receives access to Cero Oscuras.

Ability Name: Mago Blanco [Passive]
While in his Resurrecion, Jeremiah's Zanpakuto splits into two weapons. The [SWORD] in his right hand is 8ft long from tip to tip, with the blade being 6ft; the [STAFF] in his left hand is also 8ft long from tip to tip. The sword is standard for all intents and purposes, but the staff becomes the center of where Jeremiah charges his ceros; the gap at the top is where his ceros are charged and fired from.

Ability Name: All-Sight [Passive]
While in his Resurrecion, Jeremiah gains a 360-Degree radius of vision around him, stretching up to 50m away. Anything within this area is subject to his perfect vision, and he can see it as though he's within 5ft of it, regarding the details of it. Jeremiah can see everything within this area simultaneously, and all of it is within his focal range.

Ability Name: Armor Break
Jeremiah channels negative energy into his blade. For two posts, shields and barriers do not resist his attacks at all, and are destroyed when struck; this includes, but is not limited to, Hierro and Bakudou. This ability has a 5 post cooldown.

Ability Name: NulGrade
Jeremiah channels negative reiatsu through his body, negating any one elemental-based attack. This ability can be activated instantly, but has a 4 post cooldown before being used again. This cannot be used on another target.

Ability Name: Shell
Jeremiah can coat himself and up to 1 other person in negative reiatsu, reducing the damage taken from Energy-Based attacks by 50% for up to 3 posts. This has a 6 post cooldown. This ability shares a cooldown with Protect.

Ability Name: Protect
Jeremiah can coat himself and up to 1 other person in negative reiatsu, reducing the damage taken from Physical-Based attacks by 50% for up to 3 posts. This has a 6 post cooldown. This ability shares a cooldown with Shell.


Appearance: [Picture]
Boosts: 4x Reiatsu, Reiryoku, Durability
Abilities: Retains ALL previous abilities, including All-Sight and Mago Blanco.

Ability Name: Flight [passive]
Much like a Quincy's Vollstandig, Jeremiah has wings in his Segunda and can fly with minimal effort. He doesn't need to airwalk, and can move around without delay.

Ability Name: Holy
Jeremiah releases a large burst of energy, dealing damage akin to a Cero Oscuras to everything within 50ft of him, in the form of a shockwave centered on his location. The shockwave itself travels at Bala Speeds. This ability has a 7 post cooldown, and drains Forbidden Kidou-levels of reiatsu from him.

Ability Name: Lancet
Jeremiah fires off a special beam of energy which looks like a Bala, but travels at Cero speeds. If this attack hits any living creature, it will drain reiatsu equal to Hado70 and begin to return to Jeremiah. At any time, this ability can be destroyed by taking a Gran Rey Cero's worth of damage. If this attack successfully returns to Jeremiah, his reiatsu will be restored equal to a Hado70. This abiltiy has a 4 post cooldown, and takes 1 post to hit a target and 1 post to return.

Ability Name: White Wind / Mighty Guard
Jeremiah can choose one of two effects upon using this skill. Regardless of which effect he chooses, this ability can only be used once per thread. Both abilities effect himself and up to two other targets of his choosing, so long as they're within 20ft of him.
    White Wind - All affected targets have 33% of their maximum reiatsu restored, in addition to 33% of their body being healed back to full.
    Mighty Guard - All affected targets take 50% less damage from all sources for up to 5 posts.


615 BCE - Birth.
589 BCE - Siege of Jerusalem of 587 BCE (Began)

Jeremiah was minor nobility in the court of Zedekiah, the King of Judah, when the siege began. Instead of going into hiding, or waiting out the oncoming storm only to butter up the new ruling class like the other nobles, he decided to fight and defend his faith. Jeremiah had been trained in the way of the sword casually due to his Noble status, and fought bravely to his dying breath.

587 BCE - Death at the Temple of Solomon, one of the last defenders to fall.
586 BCE - Transforms into Hollow.
586 BCE - Eat first Soul, do not like do not want.
552 BCE - Only eats as absolutely necessary.
521 BCE - Arrives in Hueco Mundo.
500 BCE - Gets a taste of Eating for Fun and more Power.
422 BCE - Angered Graven Fel, the Ghost of the North by flirting with Annora.
421 BCE - Graven Fel buries Jeremiah 20,000 Leagues under the White Sands of Hueco Mundo.
500 CE - Jeremiah finally resurfaces, in a very weakened state.
501 CE - Jeremiah devours everything in sight (he was asleep for almost 1k years, and he was understandably hungry.)
502 CE - Jeremiah discovers that there’s nothing more he enjoys than the rush he gets from watching a person disappear.
503 CE - Jeremiah acknowledges that devouring souls is how he powers the beautiful temple that is his body. (but not as beautiful as Solomon’s.)
581 CE - Jeremiah ascends to Menos Gillian, retains his Consciousness.
602 CE - Jeremiah ascends to Adjuchas Menos.
605 CE - Jeremiah encounters Graven Fel a second time. Encounter is survived due to Annora not being present, and they part ways.
840 CE - Jeremiah is tired of constantly eating things and not getting any stronger. Decides to take a break and visit the Human World- specifically, the Al-Aqsa Mosque.
840 CE - Jeremiah kept his presence low and didn’t eat anyone, wishing to keep the Mosque a holy site, and just observe how humans act.
841 CE - Due to the Holiness of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Jeremiah finds he didn’t need to eat any souls to sustain his form while in close proximity. Jeremiah still consumes one soul a year, just in case.
853 CE - Jeremiah encounters his first Shinigami. As an Adjuchas-Class Hollow, Jeremiah easily overpowers the Shinigami. They taste delicious.
870 CE - Jeremiah has abandoned the Al-Aqsa Mosque, hunting down Shinigami souls due to their succulent taste. He has consumed over 200 Shinigami in these 17 years, but finds he’s still not getting any stronger.
871 CE - Jeremiah returns to Hueco Mundo, abandoning the Shinigami-Soul Hunt and returning to eating Hollows.
1438 CE - Jeremiah is, once again, tired of eating Hollows that don’t increase his strength. Seeks out Graven Fel for assistance in becoming stronger.
1453 CE - Jeremiah encounters Graven Fel for a third time, and is presented with two options: Luck out, and become a Vasto Lorde through eating enough souls, or become an Arrancar. Jeremiah decides to just become an Arrancar, not wishing to keep spending time eating souls and going nowhere.
1454 CE - Jeremiah becomes an Arrancar under Graven’s guidance, ripping off his mask and becoming a Human-Like. According to Graven, this was surprisingly rare, as an Adjuchas-class, as only Vasto-Lordes like Graven Himself usually became completely Human-Like. They part ways again, Graven hinting that Jeremiah owed him for the help.
1622 CE - Jeremiah no longer consumes souls unless absolutely necessary. Spends most of his time around the Al-Aqsa Mosque, enjoying the company of his former home.
1890 CE - Jeremiah encounters a human named Gilgamesh who can see him. Has an interesting conversation with him, mostly at the bewilderment that he can be seen, and they part ways as well.
1949 CE - Jeremiah suffers a devastating loss against a Shinigami, and activates his Resurrección for the first time.
1950 CE - Jeremiah returns to Hueco Mundo, once again seeking out Graven Fel for guidance. Finds the gigantic dome known as Los Noches, and makes his presence known. Graven explains the Resurrección to Jeremiah, mostly out of the subtle humor he finds in Jeremiah not knowing what it is, and explains there is a step even further beyond.
1983 CE - Jeremiah practices day and night for several years (33 to be exact), and finally unlocks his Segunda. On his way to return to Los Noches, to show off to Graven, he is attacked and left for dead by a Vasto Lorde-Class hollow.
1984 CE - Jeremiah survives the encounter, just barely, and sneaks off to the Human World to recover his energy.
2015 CE - Jeremiah has fully recovered in every way from the attack, except that he can no longer use his Segunda. Assuming it to be due to his body’s recovery process, he decides to bide his time and stay low for a little while longer.
2015 CE - Jeremiah discovers that almost all humans can now see him on a regular basis, and decides that it’s too dangerous to stay in the Human World, as the Shinigami might come back, and he wasn’t ready to fight them. He returns to Hueco Mundo and stays low there, instead.
2017 CE - Jeremiah returns to Los Noches… or rather, what’s left of it.

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Make the fixes I messaged you, and I'll Pre-Approve for 1-1

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Assuming that due to confirmations that changes have been made that Jeremiah has been approved at 1-1. Moving. Pick up the slack mate ;P

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