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#21 Re: [Private] Return of a Legend (Thor) on Tue May 02, 2017 1:59 am


5th Division
5th Division
Ryse'S hiero or as he called it, Accero, took the attack however it wouldn't be long before it was broken. As the bullets came towards him he had no choice but to Sonido out of the way now. Next, after successfully striking the man with a cero, he launched two balls at him. The first one was direct and easy to avoid as he moved to the side. However the second one twisted and curved towards him which Ryse only barely avoided, it striking part of his arm before it skimmed off. Without much time, Ryse couldn't do much besides raise his Zanpakuto to block off the incoming cero from behind him after turning, before it eventually struck him and his Hierro. His Hierro continued to hold though, but not much later his opponent continued the onslaught with a flurry of blade strikes.

Ryse narrowed his eyes and partied each one away before swiping at Thor's legs with his own sword and actually used it as a distraction to give his opponent a high kick, then follow up with a diagonal slash from shoulder to waist with his blade in an attempt to cut his opponent in two. At the same time as he did the blade strike, he pointed at his opponent with his spare hand to send a bala at him just to test how weak his Hierro had become, or possibly just how strong it still was.
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#22 Re: [Private] Return of a Legend (Thor) on Wed May 03, 2017 10:07 pm

tercero espada
©2017 Alexis Grey

The man would use his blade to attempt to swipe Thor's legs to which he would instantly jump high enough to avoid it, but only to be met with a high kick performed by the man. Sonidoing towards the side he would dodge it at the nick of time, and as the leg would surely be retracting to normal placement Thor would aim to sweep the leg of the man, and if he succeeded he would aim to cut the mans legs off in one swoop. The arrancar would close the gap as he attempted to slash Thor diagonally. Bringing his sword down towards his right and slanting it a bit towards his left, he would parry the slash sideways. As the man fired a Bala at him, Thor would use his finger to fire a Bala of his own resulting in both of the Balas colliding with each other.

Sonidoing backwards Thor would stomp the ground using his foot only for five foot tall spikes explode upwards in all directions. Then he would go onto point his finger and fire a Cero at wherever the man. Bursting into a Sonido Thor would get behind the man, to his right, already swinging an axe made of magma at the mans back. Then getting to front, melee range of the man, he would thrust his magma coated right hand aiming at Ryse's mid section, hit or miss Thor is going to follow it up with a step forward into right elbow strike with all of his immense strength. After the elbow strike he would go onto aim a right kick at the side of his left leg at the knee. If that kick hits it should strike with enough force that even through to break his leg at that point.

technique log [click to open]
Magma Manipulation - Thor at will can generate lava through his body and manipulate it. He can shoot massive continues streams of magma from his fingertips, fists, mouth, palms, or legs. Thor is able to coat in magma in said parts and direct them outwards if he wishes in at around Bala speed. His lava manipulation have a range of 100-ft in all directions. Using his magma manipulation ability he can create magma whips, hammers, balls, axes and etc. The magma gives the opponent 2nd degree burns.

Earth Manipulation - Thor has control over the earth underneath his feet and up to 100 feet in all directions. He can use earth manipulation to launch earth and etc, ranging from the strength of a Cero to the strength of a Bala. The speed depends on the size as the larger to slower, and the smaller the faster, fastest being a Bala.


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