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#1 Gil de Grey on Mon Apr 17, 2017 12:33 pm


Name: Gilgamesh de Grey
Apparent Age: 18
True Age: 492
Sex: Male
Gilgamesh is a very charismatic individual, who never gets bored with things and enjoys meeting new people, as well as forming lasting relationships. He knows he'll outlive most of the people he meets, but he never lets it get him down for too long. Gilgamesh


Height: 5'7"
Weight: 127lbs
Physical Traits:


General Fighting Style: When Gilgamesh does fight, it's mostly at range and using his guns. He doesn't enjoy getting close, but does know some level of swordplay to deal with that as well.
Strengths: Gilgamesh does not excel at anything.
Weaknesses: Gilgamesh is not substandard at anything.


Ability Name: Immortality
Gilgamesh cannot die. If he takes fatal damage from any source, he 'stops' for the remainder of that thread. his body can be freely manipulated by the remaining people in that thread. If, out of character, permission is received, Gilgamesh can resurrect in that thread; otherwise, he simply gets up off-screen. Additionally, due to being a Human, his memory is not that of a Shinigami; despite his age, he can only accurately recall the past 80 years of his life; anything over that and Gilgamesh only has vague recollection; however, he does remember every death in vivid detail.

Boosts: Gilgamesh has no boosts to his stats.


Name: [|DG-X|] - [Dual Guns Mark Ten]
The DG-X are a pair of guns that never run out of ammunition. They are semi-automatic, and fire every time the trigger is pulled but do not need to be cocked back. The guns absorb trace amounts of reishi and reiatsu from their surroundings and form their bullets out of that, but once fired the bullets are completely physical. Additionally, the guns can each form a large golden blade, around one-foot in length, which curves downward, and are as durable as a Zanpakutou.

Name: [|ES-I|] - [Energy Sword Mark One] [Gilgamesh has 2 of these]
The ES-I ais a sword that functions vaguely similar to a Quincy's [Seele Schneider], by forming an energy blade by absorbing reishi and reiatsu from the local area. Once the blade is formed, however, it separates from a Seele Schneider in that it is compact energy and doesn't function like a chainsaw, but is of zanpakutou-durability and won't break. The user can activate and deactivate the ES-I at will. When deactivated, there is a small loop at the bottom which can be attached to the user's belt.

Name: [BC-V] - [Black Choker Mark Five]
The BC-V is a simple matte black choker worn around the user's neck which prevents them from feeling the effects of another being's reiatsu. Developed as a combat to civilians committing suicide over a powerful person's reiatsu at full brunt, the BC-V makes the user able to acknowledge how powerful a person is, but they do not feel the negative effects from overwhelming reiatsu.

Name: [GH-II] - [Grappling Hook Mark Two]
This device is implanted in the user's palm, and functions similarly to a grappling hook. The user can fire this off at will, reaching up to 50 meters, and upon contact with anything will pull the user towards it, or it towards the user, based on which is lighter. This functions at the same speed as Blur/Shunpo. [Side Note: Gil cannot airwalk. This functions as an alternative.]

Name: [ML-III] - [Memory Log Mark Three]
The ML-III is a n implanted chip in the user's bran, directly behind their left ear, which records memories. This device allows the user to replay these memories at any time, and they will directly appear in the user's visual cortex, while the audio is supplied to their audial cortex. Only the user can see the replayed memories. This device will allow a user to replay memories forever, but only has capacity to store 30 years worth of memories. To store more memories, please upgrade to the ML-V.


I don't remember a whole lot, to be honest. The ML-3 stopped storing my memories a long time ago... how old even am I, now?...

Uhm... anyway. We're talking about me, not my equipment. Right. Alright let's try this out.

The ML-3 says that I was born in the year 5029. There wasn't really a whole lot of war anymore. The Gotei and the Espada stayed in their respective realms, the Quincy and the Humans teamed up and took care of the human world... things were pretty boring. Around the age of thirteen, the Espada marched into my world and destroyed several cities. They amde their presence known in the most violent ways they could think of. The screams... sometimes I wish I could turn the ML-3 off...


After that event, the Committee began to recruit everyone to help, since the Gotei were trying to make us handle it ourselves, or something. They supplied us with weapons, armor, and everything else we'd need to combat the Hollow Incursion. That's where all my equipment comes from, by the way. It's all somewhat based on Human Tech and Quincy Abilities. Ammunition died out around the 45th century, or so History class told me. right, sorry, I got distracted. The ML-3 does that to me.

So, I signed up for war on my fifteenth birthday. Age didn't matter to the committee, what mattered was surviving. I stayed low for a while, mostly protected my little sister who was only nine, and tried to just keep things mostly normal.

Five years after the Hollows attacked, the Gotei finally came back. They started slaughtering the Hollows by the thousands. Within six weeks, the entire war was over. They apologized for waiting so long, said that they were getting their gear back in check because they'd been slacking off, and an agreement was came that they would continue to patrol and watch over the Human World, as long as the Humans stopped attacking them.

Well, here's where I fucked up, and I'll never forget this even without the ML-3.

I decided to follow the Shinigami back to the Gotei. I wanted to see what it looked like. Unfortunately, I got kicked over to a large purple tunnel because of some gate key I didn't have or something, and eventually I got eaten by a laser wall.

That would normally be where the story ends, but nooooooo we had to write a sequel!

So, turns out, the... shit I can't remember what it's called, I didn't find out until about a hundred years ago or somethin, so I don't recall... anyway, it spit me out in the year 1543... and let me tell you, going from a Technologically Perfected society where things are basically perfect, to a shithole of a fucking barbaric assinine society where war and disease are still a thing... it fucking sucks.

Around six years after I was in the fucking past, I got stabbed by a Knight who thought I was too feminine to be wearing armor. That guy can fuck straight off, but since I woke up later, I'm not actually sure what happened. I'd later find out that I'm fucking immortal, because the stupid tunnel thing fucked with my dna on a biological level and I can't ever fucking die. I can 'stop' as I call it, when I should die, but I always get back up.

Turns out, when you can't die, even suicide is fucking boring. I laid low, realized I wasn't even aging, so I can't die to that either, and found my way to America during the gold rush, pitched a tent in California and just relaxed. My memory gets really foggy from around 300 to 100 years ago, because I just can't remember everything I've been through, and since the stupid ML-3 only had thirty years of storage... like, fuck me, I'm sorry I didn't have the god damn six dollars to buy that. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention I paid for my equipment... I also forgot to mention that we didn't really do lots of money back in my... future, I guess. That's a story for another day though.

I thought I'd get lucky and maybe play some things I knew from history, but it turns out we skipped around a lot in school. World War 2 did not happen after the Committee was set up, for example... or, actually, it's much more likely my coming back fucked with everything on a butterfly effect -level. I'll never know, I guess. All I can do is just live my life, and hope I eventually die.

Oh, I somehow forgot to mention... my name's Gilgamesh, but friends just call me Gil. I guess somehow my last name was never said in my first 30 years because I don't remember it, but since everything nowadays runs on shit like that, I've gone with a fitting 'Jones' - It's generic in this time period, so no one really things too hard about it. So yeah, that's my story.

Can I buy you another beer?

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#2 Re: Gil de Grey on Mon Apr 17, 2017 12:38 pm

Heya! So, a few things for a person who looks at Mr. Gil:

1. He can never be higher than tier 3-5.
2. His equipment needs to be looked at on a personal level because they cannot be replicated by other people ever.
3. He's human, so he can only accurately remember the last 80 years of his past (though he remembers the first 30 due to the ML-3)
4. He is a replacement for Skylar. See a slot? Take a slot!
5. Stats are 1x at all times. He doesn't get boosts, has no strengths, no weaknesses.
6. He's intended for the Committee. What role, I'm not yet sure. Probably Social or Defense, though.

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#3 Re: Gil de Grey on Tue Apr 18, 2017 9:38 am

Approved 3-5

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