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#1 Micah Strauss [WIP] on Mon Apr 17, 2017 6:45 am

Name: Micah Strauss
Apparent Age: 21
True Age: 1292
Sex: Male

Once a generous and loving man, he has been reduced to quite the opposite. While he does have similar aspects to him of his old self, he is much more apathetic, and truly an aggressor in most situations. Whether that be for his own amusement or a complex once can't really say. To most outwardly he is an ambitious man who knows what must be done, or what he wants to do in order to achieve his ultimate goal. While he simply "Wants to die a King" it is a goal he has stuck by since becoming a hollow. Though the dedication he has to said goal does not make him a flat out asshole, it does curb many of his more compassionate emotions.

To his friends he strives to be a better, more powerful friend they can turn to, as in the end, his need to become King always falls back to his protective nature he inherited from his past life. That said, there are not many that have kept up with him enough to be called true friends of his, most either die along the way or turn their backs on him due to his sandpaper-like grating his person does on their sanity. This does make it easier for him at times, though he does get a tad bit lonely. Finding someone he can trust is one piece of his puzzle to becoming King that he hopes to place along the way, and whether that's a comrade in arms, or a lover in bed he does not care.

Getting a bit out of hand every now and then is what keeps Micah from becoming bored, a state of mind he absolutely abhors. Ridding himself of such an emotion is sometimes a bit hard as he doesn't find too many things amusing. Food, Alcohol, and being the center of attention are sure ways to make Micah happy, and if there's ever a way to achieve all three, this man will surely be doing it. Overall he is a man who lives for his pride and to fulfill his glutton, who hopes one day every man alive will know his wrath.

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 155lbs
Physical Traits:

Micah's mask fragment does not rest where one would expect, instead it goes across his collar bone and down his abdomen half-way. the bone flares slightly at the shoulder and goes up and down. A hollow hole lies upon the middle of his left hand palm. His outfit differs much different from the usual Espada uniform, consisting of a dress shirt that is of random color and design, over that he wears a black jacket with golden buttons, three on the left side, two on the left. While his pants are dark black jeans and combat boots as shoes.

Quite notably his eyebrows curl off the ends giving him a somewhat whimsical appearance at times. Preferring to stay quite comfortable his slouch doesn't give off any threatening or menacing vibes, however once you get to know him, it's clear he's an aggressive individual. Not in a merciless way, just in the way he knows who he is and what he wants.

General Fighting Style: [Everyone has a general fighting style. What is your characters?]
Strengths: [What are your characters strengths in terms of Hierro, Sonido, Pesquisa, etc?]
Weaknesses: [What are your characters weaknesses in terms of Hierro, Sonido, Pesquisa, etc?]
Boosts: Speed, Strength, Durability
Ability Name: [Characters are allowed 1-2 personal abilities.]
Ability Description: [These can be combat oriented or roleplay oriented.]

Sealed Appearance:
Instead of the traditional katana most carry, Micah's blade is a long Scimitar. It's handle is gold and maroon with a curved blade That is Slightly bigger and at the end, making it easy to swing and slash.
Zanpakuto Name: AKAI TAIYOU NO
Zanpakuto Call Out: Suffocate
Cero: Cero, Bala, Gran Rey Cero.

Appearance: Sand wisps around his body as his swords disintegrate and a  tornado of sand envelopes him completely before slowly blowing away revealing Micah with sand infused unto his body. The sand around him is completely infused with his body which he can control and morph with his mind. Although if you hit him where his body would naturally be, the center or part of the arms/leg/head, he will feel just as much damage as normal, but if you hit an extension it will scatter the sand while causing some pain in the extremity it is mimicking. In this form his body slowly becomes that of a large Titan made of hardened sandstone. Even though he is large his movements are still swift and accurate.  His hollow mask fragment is now leading up his neck creating a helm-like structure in front of his face.

name: Dareni Maisou Itai Shimasu (Burial to whom remains)
type: offensive
cooldown: 1 post
cost: Medium
range: Long  
description: Sand controlled by Micah encircles the opponent on the ground before rushing into the air like a tornado as it very quickly encloses and attempts to crush the opponent dealing relatively high damage.

name: Fuxeejingu Miraajixyu (Fading Mirage)  
type: offensive/defensive
cooldown:  1 post  
cost: High
range: Mid
description: Micah fades into the ground to either confuse an opponent or dodge their attack as large Spires of spiritual energy and Sand/Rock shoot from the ground into the air potentially cutting or stabbing any in the area before bursting into many grains of sand which then rush at the opponent hitting them with blunt force and causing small cuts. The range is around 100ft in radius.

name:Jinsei No Suna (Sand of Life)
type: Healing  
cooldown: 2 posts, lasts 4 posts
cost: High
range: short
description: Sand envelopes a comrade and heals them for every post rotation that goes by.  A severed limb will take the entire duration of this ability to heal, and will heal only that. The sand hardens into Sandstone while healing if it is a broken bone, otherwise, it only hardens in places That would not have joints While still healing. The hardened sand also gives slight protection to the one Being affected.

name: Sanran Chiheisen (Scattering Horizon)  
type: offensive, defensive, passive, healing
cooldown: 2 posts, lasts 6 posts
cost: High
range: Short-to-Long
description: The sandstone on his body dislodges itself and hovers in the air around Micah leaving him without protection or an immediate weapon. The sand is extremely quick and dense making it hard to cut through or dodge.  It whips and cuts anything it touches.

Boosts: 3x Durability, Endurance, Speed

Appearance: The sand around his body now fully encompassing it scatters in a flurry blocking him from view.  The sand hovers around his body, much like Sanean Chihiesen as it reveals his body is now much like a normal Arrancar, his hollow mask now runs up the side of his neck from his collarbone and up his jaw line hidden by his hair as it forms a crown-like structure with two horns sticking out of his head and his golden hair is slightly longer covering his face partially.  His eyes have become a dreary yellow and his eyes seem to be like slits.  His clothes seem to remain the same however the black jacket is now down to his knees and flares outwards as the golden buttons line the left side.  The collar is flared up as well hiding his face from side view.  Instead of a single sword, he now has two scimitars he can merge into one.


name: Nenshou Cero
type: Offensive
cooldown: 10 posts
cost: Very High
range: Long
description: Concentrating a ball of Orangish Yellow Cero into the palm of his hand sand encircles his arm in a corkscrew motion as though being threaded into the energy.  In an instant a beam as thin as a strand of spider web shoots from the concentrate faster than the eye can see before almost instantly expanding into the actual attack.  The beam once expanded is nearly 20feet in diameter and goes as far as the eye can see.  This Cero is slightly more powerful than a Cero Oscuras but slower to charge.  When released it releases a shockwave of golden energy from Micah which will rain down on those below him.

name: Momikesu (Smother)
type: Passive/Defensive/Healing
cooldown: 4 post cooldown once duration of 5 posts ends.
cost: High
range: Short
description:  Sand envelopes Micah under his clothing as it slowly heals injuries. The sand heals minor cuts in the same post while gashes take a whole post to heal.  Severed limbs take three posts to heal and fatal injuries will take all five posts but have to be focused on entirely enabling no other healing.

Boosts: 4x Durability, 4x Speed

History: Micah was born in early Egypt. His father was a European that traveled through the land spreading religious bouts and nonsense. His mother was one of the kings "advisers" and after becoming pregnant with the child of an outsider had two choices, stay and be executed along with her child, or leave and live on the streets. Of course she chose the latter. In a new place, with new people, she became another street rat for quite some time. She would feed Micah on the scraps she found or the minuscule amount of food she earned. Due to this Micah and his mother were relatively malnourished until Micah could work himself. This hard-life style have him a sense of Hope, and understanding in the world. At the age of six Micah began working for the "Doctor". Of course it was a loose term as most of his patients never survived more than a week in his care. Now that did not mean he didn't care for them, his practices were just too old and unbearable to work.

Micah helped him with whatever he could, gathering herbs, restraining patients, and even surgeries. Because of this him and his mother had a place to stay with a good amount of food. One moment sticks out in his mind, perhaps it was because it was the first time he saw a man die, or maybe it was the realization that their methods were unpractical. A man named Issac came in with a bite on his neck and upper thigh. This man Issac was a very... Influential man of the city. He had many followers and many men would be angry if he were to die at their hands. Going to grab the usual herbs Micah came back to find the Doctor pouring liquids into the mans wounds as he screamed about the pain. Afterwards there were visible burn marks and the man was clearly unable to do anything.

Later that day the man passed away from an unknown reason and the Doctor let Micah explain to the family what happened. That was when he began to explore the depths of medicine and forbidden processes. He studied how effective they were and their casualty rates. Along with this e began studying foreign medicinal practices.

After a while the doctor, along with over fifty percent of the city became infected with a virus. Micah attempted to treat them but even with his advanced medicine he was unable to get them back to health. After a while a burning was held and all the bodies were burnt, including the old doctors. Taking up the title Micah now was in charge of the cities health and well being. Years went by and it all seemed to be looking up. The people were no longer sick, the economy was boosted, and the King was happy. A state of peacefulness went on for many more years until Micah's mother became ill. It was hard for him to admit, but it was her time. She had lived a good life and it was her time to die. On her deathbed she looked at Micah and told him. Find your father, rid yourself of this horrid place, hopefully he can help you.

Help? Did he need help? He didn't believe so, but out of respect for his mother he left the town in the care of his own apprentice and set off for Europe. Stories of his father from his miter told him he was a tall muscular blonde man who was also a priest. Traveling across the land he met many people, good and bad. After two years of travel he finally managed to arrive at the place he believed to be his fathers residence. William J. Strauss was his name. He approached the building and was directed towards the church. Obliging he entered and called for his father, who responded in fright. Micah tried to calm hi down but all he did was mumble something as he walked around. Rushing him out he told him to never come back. He questioned his father which only made him angry. Leaving he was confused how could his father, the one his mother talked so fondly about, throw him after such a long journey? Was his company not wanted? Was he worthless to his father? With sadness in his heart he left.

On the trek back he began to run out of food and water. Nearly back to his home the desert began to overcome him. Hallucinations and thirst began to get to him. Falling to the ground he thought about his life. As the sand covered him from head to feet he concluded, although hard, his life was an enjoyable one. One he does not regret. Ready to pass on the everlasting darkness of death washed over him as he went Into his eternal sleep.

Soul Society:
After his death he found himself, without recollection of his past. The only thing he recalled was the urge to help others, and so he did. He built his own building out f scraps, and from there helped any who were sick, or any who needed help. Shelter, health, whatever. It too sometime for him to become interested in joining the Gotei, of course fighting wasn't his forte, but helping those in need were. Again, he set off for a journey and left his home in the hands of a capable young girl. He had thought her everything he knew and decided it was time.

He enrolled in the course, he had to relearn everything he knew. He found he excelled in the use of Hakudo so that was what he stuck with. He memorized nearly all of the phrases before he even learned the name of his Zanpakto. He had been assigned to the fourth squad upon graduation, a fitting placement for the young shinigami. At this point in time his swordsmanship lacked yet he was resilient. Whenever free time shined through he would either study or practice sword fighting with his squad mates. After a time he began to train with squad eleven, of course they would always beat him, but he thought of it as an honor that they would even think about letting him train with them. They were the best of the best after all.

It was around that time that he learnt the name of his Zanpaktou, thus releasing Shikai. It was a particularly dreary day, he was around the barracks when one of higher ranked members were particularly upset. Asking what was wrong Micah only wanted to help, but the man lashed out at Micah with his Zanpaktou. Confused he jumped back as the man swung again. It seemed he was too upset to talk, but why attack him? He was confused and a cut appeared on Micah's chest as the man slashed the stunned unseated member. Drawing his Zanpaktou he easily out powered the officer in skill, blocking the attacks flawlessly and easily. Micah thought the man just needs to lose steam, but after a while the man seamed to be getting only angrier. That's when he released his Shikai.

He rushed at Micah with unknown power, blocking the strike he was sent back as a powerful force was shot through him. Hitting the wall he could hear something. A whisper. Turning around he saw no one but him and the man. Rushing again the man attempted to stab through Micah's arm, thrusting his blade he caught the man under the left should causing him to flinch back. He heard another whisper. And another. Soon his head was full of whispers as the man watched in confusion at the frantic eyes of Micah. Realizing this was his chance he attempted to strike down Micah, but in the moment he spoke the name of his Zanpaktou, releasing his own Shikai.

Fast Forward five years. The war has begun, hollow and Shinigami battling it out. Casualties were on the rise, the 4th Squad hell-bent on leaving no man or woman left for dead they rushed into the battlefields. The Captain leading the charge reflected the oncoming attacks while two lines helped push the front lines to gather the fallen. Panic had ensued, they were losing more men than they were helping, the captain seemed to be caught up in a battle with one of the Arrancars Elite, an Espada. They battled for what seemed like ages, both being at their full power one of the lower rank officers screeched as he was ripped to shreds form one of their blasts. The Captain looked back in shock as the Espada took the opportunity to slice him in half. Micah in shock, rushed to aid their captain. Grabbing her he looked at the Espada whose rank was labelled with an Eight on his neck. He chuckled as he was about to swing Micah blocked the slash, that's when the world became black and soon faded into a flurry of sand.

Opening his eyes his Zanpakto, Sunano stood in the middle of the familiar inner world. The structure that binded him looked old, cracked, and dilapitated. Micah asked what was wrong. All it gave was a huff as it broke free and rushed towards Micah. The five story tall Titan crashed as Micah jumped out of the way. He had no idea what was going on, but the Titan kept attacking relentlessly. He soon realized he needed to fight off the Colossus. With all his might he struck at his new opponent, each strike leaving an indent. Climbing up the Titans arm he sliced the back of the neck making a piece fall out revealing a crest. He knew this was where he would have to strike. Precise and quickly. They were both beginning to become tired. As the titan took it's last swing Micah jumped over and swiftly pushed off from a nearby wall and stuck his Zanpakto into the Behemoths back. With a roar is bowed it's head before calmly walking over to the pillars it had once been attached too and stacked them into a throne to where he sat down. That was when he came to. The air of the battlefield rushed his face as the pressure began. The captain's life could no longer be felt. A smile came to the mans face as a tear ran down the others. The only word he had ever spoken while in battle. "Bankai"

Sand rushed into the blade as it pushed the Espada back. Grabbing the cloak of the withered Captain he wrapped it around his neck as sand engulfed him. "GRAB THE INURED AND RUN" He yelled to those around him. Slamming multiple hollow with a barrage of Sand they retreated as The Espada looked on.

Back at the barracks they laid their leader to rest and held a memorial. Afterwards the squad was in shambles, in the heat of the moment Micah requested a moment with the Captain Commander. He asked to become at the least, temporary Captain, if his Squad mates agreed of course. They needed a leader, and to his surprise, none objected. After his appointment things began to slow down. The deaths were less frequent and the battles were less harsh. The epitome of dread to him was the Captains meetings. While he enjoyed his job in general the meetings were dragged out and the points brought up were insignificant.

One day he decided the new recruits to his squad weren't quite up to the task. Sighing he sent them out on a training mission in the Human World, it was all planned out. A known hollow menace was expected to show up at their location five minutes after their arrival. However it never showed up, instead, a group of Arrancar decided to decimate the group. The time they were told to report back came and they were not heard from, worried Micah went himself only to find the squad nearly wiped out. Out of anger and resent he annihilated all but one Arrancar before helping his squad back to the Seireitei. Sitting down he knew that the Arrancar would most likely report to her superior and he wanted to face that man or woman.

What he decided to face was far beyond his power. A conversation ensued between the two then the battle started. Right away he knew he was outmatched, the strength of the Espada was much higher than his own, yet he carried on. For his men and his pride.

Being forced to Bankai his power was low and it was lowering each and every move he made, and finally, he was struck down by the Espada Lord.

Life as a Reincarnate:
His death brought no peace or rest for his soul. Before being able to pass over, before he was able to become reincarnated, something interrupted his cycle. Instead, he was brought to Hueco Mundo with his mind fully intact. His body however was not the same, nearly human he had no way to defend himself against the monsters that inhabited the endless plains of sand. His mind began to waver as his body shriveled. At the end of his time as a human he was cornered by multiple Hollow, he knew he would not survive and as he closed his eyes they lunged at a newfound feast.

Hollow Life:
Once a man now a monster, Micah resembled the looks of a Titan, his mask plain and empty, his body was large and muscular. Tan and fearless his memories were stagnant in the back of his mind. A single thought resonated throughout him as did a single face. He could not recognize this man, but what it did was send a rush of resent and excitement throughout his cold veins. The want, no, the need to become stronger was more present than ever. The thirst and hunger moistened his mouth as he hunt throughout the worlds destroying the spirits that resided in them as well as his own brethren.

Over time his body evolved as did his power. He was smaller, quicker, more intelligent. Yet it was not enough. He needed... More. Nothing yielded his hunger more than those who say beside him. The Hollow. A power surged through him as he feasted on their masks something no other being could give. It was an addiction that soon clouded his mind. The mans face became ever so less apparent as did Micah's goals, and for a time, even his name became a blurred line on the chalk board.

This all changed one blissfully cold night. His greed brought him to a castle, the castle known as Las Noches. He heard the rumors of Hollow who surpassed themselves, those who became god-like in power. Lust for this power filled his veins as he approached the castle. He needed to know their secret. The source of this power. As he was about to reach the gate his mind became fuzzy. His eyes became blinded before a man rose from the castle walls. He disappeared quickly but what Micah saw startled him. So much so it snapped him out of his illusion. A man of great stature stood before him. A sword by his side he entered a gate in the sky and disappeared, however this man Micah had seen before. He knew he did. It was.. The man from his mind. The face that stalked his every moment.

Retreating back his mind scattered. His memories were becoming tangible, almost life-like. This man... Micah thought long and hard about who he was. But only one circumstance would circle his mind. This man was his Mentor, or perhaps a friend in his past life. He had to be. A man as such, with so much power. But he could not be sure. And with such thoughts he sought out for answers. Who was the man, and what was the source of these special Hollow's power? The answer for his first question was not hard to find. The second was a bit trickier. Not many were sure, but a common trend lay within the mask. Ranging from Devouring others' and even his own, he made his own conclusion. The mask was a limiter. A blockade of sorts. With such a revelation he decided to destroy his own... And the results were exactly what he expected.

The surge of energy released as his mask was removed destroyed his surroundings as if they were made of paper. A power flowed through him, at his side was a sword. He knew he was ready to face the man. And as so, he did. Reaching the castle he requested the presence of the man with a fire in his eyes. At first he was shooed away, but he would not falter. And after much debate he was led to the man. He body ached as he was marched to the man. What was this feeling...? A feeling he had not felt in a long time. The feeling of fright.

Side Notes: Previous Cap of 4th Squad before Seo and Dokuta.
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#2 Re: Micah Strauss [WIP] on Thu Jun 07, 2018 12:36 pm

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Mei's 4th Squad
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