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#1 Noziel Aran wants elevensies. on Mon Apr 17, 2017 5:59 am

Noziel Aran

8th Division
8th Division
1-2 to 1-1 for now, I'll be back for 0-5 later.

900 coins upfront.


to 0-5. 1900 coins, I'll miss you, but only for five minutes.


Play the game, use all the pieces, leave your cards on the table.

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#2 Re: Noziel Aran wants elevensies. on Mon Apr 17, 2017 6:18 am


Gfx Queen
Gfx Queen
Okay then. That's what I'll do. I will tell you a story.

Can you hear them? All these people who lived in terror of you and your judgement. All these people who's ancestored devoted themselves, sacrificed themselves to you... can you hear them singing?

Oh you like to think you're a god? But you're not a god... you're just a parasite eaten out with jealousy and envy and longing for the lives of others. You feed on them, on the memory of love and loss and birth and death and joy and sorry so...

so... come on then. Take mine.

Take my memories.

But I hope you've got a big appetite... because I've lived a long life, and I've seen a few things...

I walked away from the last great time war. I marked the passing of the Time Lords. I saw the birth of the universe, and i watched as Time ran out. Moment by moment until nothing remained; no time, no space, JUST ME. I walked in universes where the laws of physics were devised by the mind of a mad man. I watched universes freeze and creations burn; I loved things you wouldn't believe, I have lost things you would never understand, and I know things... secrets that must never be spoken, knowledge that would make parasite gods blaze, so COME ONNNNNNNN THEN! TAKE IT! YOU TAKE IT ALL, BABY! HAVE AT IT! YOU HAVE IT ALLL!


Donating 200 coins to Noziel Aran so he can hit tier 0-5. You're welcome buddy.
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#3 Re: Noziel Aran wants elevensies. on Mon Apr 17, 2017 6:20 am

Ika Mazi



Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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