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#1 Ryse Xenethis on Sun Apr 16, 2017 4:55 am

Name: Ryse Xenethis
Apparent Age: 25
True Age: Approximately 2000
Sex: Male
Unlike most arrancar and hollows, Ryse is calm, always keeps his composure, and surprisingly doesn't like to fight too much unless he needs to. A lot of younger hollows like to fight every chance they get, and there's nothing wrong with that. Ryse however has seen far more than his fair share of combat and it doesn't generally get his blood boiling anymore. However, there are a few special cases to that. With his age, he has seen nearly everything, but when somebody does something unexpected even for Ryse, that really excites him.

Ryse is actually a rather formal person, and keeps everybody he meets as "associates" and rarely makes any real friends. That only leads him to being lonely at times, but he doesn't let it get to him. Parties or silence? Ryse prefers the silence of being by himself over the loud crowds. Then, doesn't that make it his fault for being so alone? Yes, but large crowds just aren't his thing. However small groups are something he doesn't mind.

Usually Ryse has a solemn look to him, and is seen to be frowning all the time. This is simply due to how his mouth is curved. Though it is true that he rarely smiles and usually only close friends do. If anything, he is usually annoyed or angered but always keeps his cool on the outside. With his experience most things he sees are just repeats and it annoys him.

Unlike most younger hollows, Ryse isn't power hungry. He sees power as something that indeed runs the world, but it isn't necessarily what he strives for. He isn't looking for any position of power, but instead the respect of others. Ryse does seem a bit strange with so many differences from other hollows, but there is one thing he does have in common with them. That being the disliking of Shinigami and Quincy.

Being a hollow, he is a natural enemy to Shinigami and Quincy. Though despite that, he personally doesn't like them. Quincy generally go on and on about their Quincy pride and that's annoying. Having lived hearing that for so many years,it eventually begins to just get under your skin. Shinigami aren't tooo different. They generally go on about Honor, but Shinigami can be rather interesting at times.

Shinigami are unique and usually no two Shinigami have the same abilities. Each one has a different fighting style and different expertise. Sometimes there are Shinigami that show him completely something new, which really gets his blood boiling. In the end, all Shinigami and Quincy just find a way to annoy him one way or another.

The only group he doesn't despise would be humans. They're not interesting at the rate they evolve and even the nostalgia of one. Ryse himself was one so of course he would have some sort of nostalgia, however he normally doesn't befriend them as well. They stick to large groups of which he hates. Though a group besides humans he finds interesting are Vizard.

Vizard are both shinigami and hollow, a rather strange mix. Both sides are against each other's naturally, but a Shinigami trying to take on the abilities of a Hollow is strange and they're always unique and unexpected. But of course, there is one thing that Ryse finds annoying. Most of them are insane. Most Vizard have lost their minds which allow them to become Hollow but that takes away their individuality. Boring.

Overall Ryse is looking for a new thrill in life to look forward to. With his experience he has seen nearly everything and so there really ain't much to surprise him anymore. However if he does find something, he won't rest until he figures it out and learns everything there is to know about the world.

Height: 5'11
Weight: 172
Physical Traits:

Ryse has light blue shoulder length hair. His hair is shorter near the top and his bangs cover up his forehead and nearly reach his eyes. His eyes are a dark blue color and he would have a perfect face if not for a scar over the bridge of his nose horizontally. His skin tone is actually rather fair, one could almost say he is tanned even.

He has an average height and weight which is to be expected for his type of build. He isn't bulky at all but has a rather athletic build. for clothing he wears white robes, unlike Shinigami black, with a white high collar. His top is left open revealing his torso and even the hole in his stomach that yes, you can see through.

Ryse wears a black cloth belt and then from there white pants. His clothes are rather loose on him, the way he likes it. Ryse usually has a solemn expression on his face, and is generally seen to have a frown from the way his mouth is curved. Every once in a while one may catch a smile on his face, but that is indeed a rare sight. Ryse usually doesn't show too much emotion except for extreme situations, but even then it isn't much.

The remnants of his mask are upon the right side of his face, mainly just the jaw but it does however stretch up to nearly the top of his head. However this doesn't interfere with his sight. Ryse does happen to have more casual outfits as well that vary from time to time.

General Fighting Style:
Ryse is the type to kick it back at the start and observe his weaknesses. He tends to stick to range at first and keep his distance, playing with his opponent by popping a few cero at them. Once he observes their patterns, weaknesses, strengths, he will begin to move in for close combat.

His actual style is a rather mixed one. He doesn't have an official sword style but he always tends to drop a cero even within short distance. When he pulled off his mask, he didn't sacrifice regeneration for brute force so he doesn't ever overpower his opponent. His main quality would be he overpowers them with speed instead of strength. Though this causes his endurance to be rather low since he doesn't take hits too often. When he does, his hierro usually holds for him to take all the damage.

Little by little, blow by blow, he eventually weakens his opponent and causes them to slip up enough to get caught by his powerful cero's or the bite of his blade in a vital area. With the accuracy of his blade, he makes clean kills against his opponents. Ryse often never spars  though, since the bulk of his fights are for his life.

When fighting any opponent, Ryse tends to take the same tactics. Sticking back with cero bombardments before closing in. However, he tends to play with his opponents more if they are significantly weaker than him. Yet he also does the same for stronger opponents. He enjoys the fight more and tries to make it last by taking it slow and playing with them.
Top Tier Sonido
Top Tier Hierro
High-Speed Regeneration
Top Tier Cero
Boosts: 2x All
Ability Name: [Existencia Primordial]Primordial Existence
Ability Description:Any soul that Ryse consumes has their memories, experiences, knowledge and skills absorbed into his existence. The moment he consumes their soul, he has lived their entire life up until that point. Any [Non-Player Character] being which consumes Ryse has their existence absorbed into him as well, and he takes over their body as they change into him.

Ability Name: [Acero]Steel
Ability Description: An advanced version of Hierro, Acero is a stronger protection that Ryse has at all times. For context purposes, Ryse's Hierro (referred to by himself as his 'Acero'), is 4x as strong as a normal Hierro.

Sealed Appearance:
Ryse's Zanpakuto is jet black and has a wide pomme and wide handguard. The hand guard extends out and is flat on the flats of the blade and curved on the sharp sides before the blade itself extends from the handguard. The blade itself follows the monochrome color of black. There is a slight curve near the tip but besides that it is mostly straight.

The hilt itself is long enough to fit two hands and is rather soft for comfortable gripping. However, despite that it is rather sturdy. The scabbard itself is the same. It's comfortable to have at his hip yet again sturdy itself.
Zanpakuto Name: Truth
Zanpakuto Call Out: "Be enlightened on true strength"
Cero: Bala, Cero, Gran Rey Cero, Cero Oscuras

Appearance: Ryse's mask covers his whole face and is a pure white except for two blue marks that make an X over where the bridge of his nose would be. Like all masks the teeth are all sharp and the mouth takes up nearly the full width that it can go. On the top left and right of the mask protude horns that bend near the top to make tips.

Over his body it looks like a suit of black body armor is covering him. On the shoulders are like shoulder pads with a spike arcing out of each. On his arms are bracers that as well have a spike arcing out of them. The armor isn't necessarily that bulky anywhere else besides on his knees, which look like large skulls are imprinted on, but still in the color black. The skull itself is actually two parts, one on the upper of the knee and one on the lower so it can still be bent. The rest of the armor is hugged against his body. Even his muscles who on the torso such as abs.

On his chest however are two blue marks again, one significantly longer than the other, but they still both make an X once more. Moving down his feet have three pronged claws sticking out. All of the armor itself is multi plated and upon the left hip are two plates while the right has nothing. His fingers are clawed but despite that he can still hold a zanpakuto.

The Zanpakuto itself still remains so he can use it as a weapon. It does however change shape. The blade is pitch black and it looks as if parts were just added on. On the back flat side of the blade two sharp edges curve out and on the top at the front the blade extends outwards and comes down in a spike before curving back in to attach to the blade.
Resurreccion Ability
Ability Description: Upon activating his Resurrección, all of Ryse's reiatsu is compressed into him, causing him to emit literally no spiritual pressure at all. Additionally, while in his Resurrección, Ryse can cause any ability equal to or weaker than a Gran Rey Cero to simply stop existing, once every four posts. The ability vaporizes, leaving no evidence it ever existed in the first place, minus any damage it had already dealt.

King's Cero
Ability Description: The user is capable of firing off jet black cero with the power of two Cero Oscuras. Can only use 2 per thread because Finisher level.The ability has a 4 post cooldown.

High-Speed Regeneration
Ability Description: While many arrancar tossed aside regeneration along with their masks in order to gain brute force, Ryse was one of those who didn't. Instead he kept his High-Speed Regeneration and is able to even regrow limbs rather quickly. Most wounds were able to be recovered except for loss of organs.
Boosts: 3x All

Appearance: [What do you look like in segunda?]
Abilities: [What abilities do you gain?]
Boosts: [In this release, you get a 4x boost; you can apply this to as many 'stats' as you want (strength, speed, durability, etc) but they're diminishing returns; the more you have, the less effective they actually are.]

This is the story (Of a girl) of the first Hollow. Ryse lived a simple life and died at 25. 2000 years ago, people weren't expected to live that long. However this death caused him to go  through the soul cycle and thus, the first Hollow. Following instinct he devoured souls at his leisure. He simply couldn't be stopped. Time continued to go on with Ryse devouring souls.

More and more hollows were spotted and they too followed instinct. Ryse however was different. Every soul he ate, he gained all their knowledge and it was  as if he lived their life. With Hollows rampaging everywhere, eventually a new threat arrived, Shinigami. Shinigami began to combat hollows and finally there was balance. However, hollows began to eventually eat other hollows. At some point, Ryse became one of them.

Time continued on and he began to change from all the hollows he ate. This wasn't impossible, but extremely rare as only few have done so before. Ryse didn't stop there however, he continued to devour souls. Though one thing changed everything. There was a hollow that removed their mask and took upon the human form once more. They were known as arrancar.

Ryse wasn't one to jump on the train of being an arrancar. It was new and he wanted to learn about it first before taking the journey. Ryse himself at this point had become rather powerful. Some time later, enough arrancars popped up and Ryse figured it was time. When he became a Vasto Lorde, he himself stripped off his mask and became the human form once more. Unlike most arrancar however, Ryse didn't sacrifice regeneration for brute force, but instead gen kept husband high-speed regeneration. He figured it would come to use.

Time continued to fly by. He learned everything he could. From Shinigami to humans, and from Quincy to hollows. Ryse scoured the land for knowledge instead of power like he previously did before becoming a Vasto Lorde. Power wasn't all that was needed these days. Ryse waned to build up his mind. With that, Ryse strived for knowledge and information. As time went on, he got just that. His experience far surpassed his age with the amount of souls he inhaled. He lived countless lives and gained knowledge that was even lost to the sands of time.

Eventually a group of arrancar formed something called the Espada. Of course, Ryse didn't join at first. Instead he decided to keep roaming the lands to gain Moreno information. By this time he became the person he was today. He always had that solemn look on his face. Nothing thrilled him anymore. Nothing satisfied him. Nothing mad enough his blood boil. Ryse waned excitement, but didn't know where he would be able to find it.

After many long years, Ryse stumbled across the espada once more. Perhaps it was time for him to join their ranks? The only real question Ryse had was how long would he be staying?
Side Notes: Solid 1-1 would be appreciated so I can help out the poor hollows.
Roleplay Sample: Praise the sun!

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#2 Re: Ryse Xenethis on Mon Apr 17, 2017 9:30 pm

Tier 1-2, approved.

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