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#1 [Private] Two Against One on Sun Apr 16, 2017 1:33 am


Gfx Queen
Gfx Queen

Any time she could be seen by anyone, Annie wore the mask. The smiles, the hop in her step, the adorable little 8-year-old girl that everyone just immediately falls in love with... it was all such a boring charade. She wished dearly that something would happen to where she didn't need to keep this event up, and luckily for her... she knew just the way to make something happen.

As the sun began to set over the town of Washington D.C., people were leaving their buildings and going home for the night. The red-haired child sat on a bench and kicked her legs, as though patiently waiting for someone, and most people didn't even pay attention to her. They assumed she was waiting for a ride, but this town was so big that people didn't even really notice her aside from her existence. For the most part, she was just a girl on a bench and nothing mattered about her, because they all had their own lives to deal with.

Eventually, the public died down and there was no one around. No one to watch Annie walk across the street towards the school. No one to watch Annie walk inside and go to the cafeteria. No one to watch Annie make a sandwhich, and sit down to eat it. No one watch Annie as she went to the center of the building, as best as she could tell, and blew the entire building up. No one to watch as Annie rushed back to her bench and sat, terrified, clutching her teddy bear in shock.

No one to watch Annie's sly smirk, until people arrived. When they were there, she simply started crying and told the ocifers how scared she was!

"I-I was j-just sit here... a-and the school blowded up!..."
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#2 Re: [Private] Two Against One on Sun Apr 16, 2017 2:53 am

Seo wasn't 100% sure why he was in Washington D.C. at this very moment in time, but he wasn't too concerned with the specifics of life either. Most others were home or on their way to that simple destination, Seo on the other hand did not have such pleasantries. Alas, his home was broken quite rudely by a larger Shinigami, he couldn't even get his damage deposit back. Since then he's been doing very little other than wandering the darkened streets of cities he had no business being in, and messing with any Shinigami he could as long as he wouldn't get caught. Perhaps being here for a century and a half had made him complacent.

As he was winding down a narrow side street he turned a corner just as a small red-headed child popped her butt of a bench and strode directly into an empty school like she was on a mission. At first he paid no mind other than a brief contemplation of who might leave a child alone in a city such as this, even if it was the capital of this country. It didn't take him much longer to continue his stride however, and it took even less time for a large explosion to rise out of the building once called a school. Or so the sign had once said. Stopping in his tracks Seo turned around and looked just in time to see the little girl run back out of the school and sit down. By the time he made it back over to the bench there was a large group of people surrounding the school and the now crocodile tear filled girl. Smirking to himself he held back the amusement and ran into the group frantically, before turning and grabbing the girl in a hug.

"OH MY! I was sooooooo AFRAID, I thought you went back home, but you wriggled out of my sight!"

Turning back to the large group surrounding the girl, he shook his hands in a dramatic gesture.

"Oh I must thank all of you sooooo much for making sure she was alright, I can't believe I let my dear sister out of my sights for so long. Come now, let's get home, you have school tomorrow."

Reaching out his hand towards the girl in a motion that could only mean take my hand let's go, he leaned in close to the small girls' ear and whispered in a playful tone.

"I saaawwwwwww thaaatttttttt."
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#3 Re: [Private] Two Against One on Sun Apr 16, 2017 5:20 am


Gfx Queen
Gfx Queen

This was now the second time her plan had been foiled. Sure, Annie had burned down other buildings, even other schools, without being caught... but this was the second time she stuck around to feign innocence and watch the mayhem, only to realize she was caught. What to do...

As the strange man ran through the crowd and picked her up, she fought the instinct to burn him into ashes, knowing that with people watching she couldn't prevent herself from hurting all of them on accident. He held her in his arms tightly, and she played along for safety, hugging him back and crying instantly.

"I worried! You left me all alone Mickey!" She took his hand as he began to lead her away, and upon hearing the comment that he had seen her actions, it only confirmed what she had already expected. Her eyes were still watering as she jumped up to the strange man, who was now officially and forever named Mickey to her, on his back like a piggy-back ride and rested her head against the nape of his neck. "I was so scared Mickey... The school blowded up and everthing..."

Sniffling lightly as Mickey began to walk towards some random direction he had decided on, Annie kept up the act until no one else was watching them before taking her mask off.

"So are you gonna fight me cuz I blowded up a school or just scold me?" Her voice was no longer innocent and childlike, though it did still sound like an actual child speaking with the way she pronounced words, it sounded more cold and cautious, like someone who had clearly been putting on an act for everyone else. "Either way your name is Mickey now. I'm Annie."
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#4 Re: [Private] Two Against One on Sun Apr 16, 2017 6:35 am

He was relived the girl had decided to follow up on his act, it made things quite a bit easier on him, after-all, snatching a crying child is no good, especially in public. Right after a school blowing up too would probably cause an uproar. Walking in the direction he had once started before the bomb destroyed the school the girl jumped up onto his back and her words were innocent up until the moment they were out of sight. The second they were her voice became callous and suspicious.

"So are you gonna fight me cuz I blowded up a school or just scold me?"

That thought had come to mind, but he knew better, especially with children. You can discipline them all you want, but if you teach them to have fun the right ways, then that would be even better no?  The name she chose for him worked as well, not like he had planned on giving her his name, but Mickey worked.

"Of course not!  Besides, you're much too strong for me to fight. Right now anyway, I just figured i'd get you out of that mess and bring you somewhere you could have more fun. Like explosions, yea?"

His voice held barely any emotion now, quite the difference from his play he put on earlier, however it did show just a smidge of kindness and sincerity.

"Besides, what would that accomplish?  I'm sure you've been "dealt" with before.  Wouldn't be the first, and I for sure wouldn't be the last. No point. Nuh uh. That's why we're going there...."

Pointing to the edge of the ocean in the distance, the light and sun were just about to fade away, but one could barely see a raft holding something on it. As he spoke he slowly sped up to the point of him easily running past cars. Jumping up he held onto the girl so she didn't fall off. It only took him a few strides to cross half the city and be at the edge of the ocean, and then on the raft.

"Wanna make these fireworks real great?"
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#5 Re: [Private] Two Against One on Mon Apr 17, 2017 2:35 am


Gfx Queen
Gfx Queen

It seemed like, for whatever reason, Mickey... as he'd been named and hadn't bothered to correct it, knew he couldn't fight Annie. Since she was a bount, and emitted no spiritual signature, there was no way to judge how strong she was before actually fighting her, so subconsciously she determined it was because of a weakness on Mickey's own front. She sensed some decent energy from him, an amount that would signal he could at least put up a fight even if she was slightly stronger, but then it meant that he likely was missing some key fighting style.

He smelled like a Shinigami though, and she'd met a few of them before, but he had no sword on him... maybe that was the issue? If he didn't have his sword he couldn't really fight correctly... so he wasn't going to put up a fight after all. Good, Annie figured, at least then she didn't have to hurt someone. She didn't do it to hurt people, just send a message.

His voice was similar to hers now, no real emotion, cold and callous... but it was kind-hearted, she could tell. He also admitted that she'd been 'dealt' with before which wasn't inaccurate, people had tried to stop her before and it usually didn't end well when they pulled their weapons out. Annie was glad he wasn't going to try anything, and she closed her eyes and rested her head on his shoulder as he pointed to the ocean, though she didn't see it, and as they sped up she just held on tighter. For some reason, she trusted him... at least, enough that she knew Tibbers could protect her if anything happened, and he was being held tightly to her chest so that was good.

As they landed on the raft, Annie opened her eyes to see fireworks and heard Mickey offer them to her. Smiling and giggling, Annie jumped off his back and caught herself, the raft shaking lightly on the water, before holding her hand up to them and firing off a single fireball. They were all lit simultaneously and all got fired off into the sky.
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#6 Re: [Private] Two Against One on Tue Apr 25, 2017 6:21 am

Seo was quite pleased with the reaction the girl had, she seemed to recognize he had no intention of hurting her, and only wanted to see someone smile. As the fireworks lit up the sky he sat back and smiled as well. It was quite a while since he had really done anything that mattered to anyone, but he felt maybe this girl would remember at the least some of this.

"So... what do you wanna do next?"
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