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#1 [Spar] Piff the Magic Dragon (Ryuuichi) on Sat Apr 15, 2017 11:35 pm

Graven Fel


Arthur stood in the training grounds behind Shin'o Academy, designated for those who didn't have a Division quite yet, most of the Shinigami and students around him just watching as he trained. His broadsword, a large two-handed affair, swung in slow, graceful arcs before stopping exactly where they needed to, never another half-inch more. He was aching to actually spar against an opponent, but there wasn't much hope of that. Most of the students around him were hardly even unseated in level, and the few Shinigami nearby had absolutely no intention of joining someone who could be considered Captain-Class. All he could do for now was go through the motions, making sure his muscles remembered exactly what they were supposed to do. He had lost quite a bit of strength throughout the years he spent asleep, apparently, and he couldn't even use Excalibur's true form anymore. Lowering his blade for a moment, he extended his senses and noticed that someone was nearby, a bit closer to his current strength. Perhaps they'd like to spar? Oh well, he'd just have to wait and see.
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#2 Re: [Spar] Piff the Magic Dragon (Ryuuichi) on Sun Apr 16, 2017 1:11 am


5th Division
5th Division
Ryuuichi casually waded his way through the crowd of souls. When he made his way through, he noticed only one person in the center. He figured everybody was crowded around because they were waiting their turn or something, but turns out there was only one person. Ryuuichi pulled his hands out of his pockets and walked out as well. He didn't know why so many people were watching, but he wouldn't let that get in his way to ruin his own training. Ryuuichi drew his own zanpakuto and began doing a few swings.

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