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#1 Kade Howlett [Done] on Sat Apr 15, 2017 11:58 am

Name: Kade Howlett
Alias: The Shadow Assassin
Real Age: 543 Yrs Old
Phys. Age: 25 Yrs Old
Gender: Male
Personality: In the beginning, Kade was something of a rule-breaker because the child was mostly raised in secret because the clan's sinister laws. At those times, Kade was more arrogant and battle harden in his actions not knowing right from wrong becoming more and more of an thief. He didn't really listen to his morals for what his clan wanted him to be having much of an angry bad side to him all that changed when his mother decided to join the other side.

Finally, Kade still had a reckless side to him but everytime he would try to find a fight more often a certain kindness feeling started in his mind. He always believed that he was something of super hero that was given an unbelievable gift taking on different roles as a hero and a friend. After being trained, Kade has inherited the way of the warrior into his having the dark desire wanting to fight worthy opponents and knows that his fate is to win or die in battle. Throughout time, Kade started becoming more confident in his gunner abilities enjoying the thrill of fighting against strong & powerful opponents. Seeking enlightenment with each encounter, he constantly journeys in order to improve himself. Outside of battle, Kade is a calm, collective but easy-going man, caring only for sake and food, He has something a romantic interest in some women. He's also admits to not being very smart at times and talented but he believes that these are obstacles for him to overcome.

Being person to right cause which is justice yet he hates betrayal or being lied to that is worse once he sets his mind to the cause. He'll show his 10,000% respect to that organization this is same case to his rival or some opponents that he likes fighting people that are stronger. He may be naive, but more likely he is just too generous and trusting, believing that his "family" would never try to harm or betray him. He is forgiving towards his friends, but not so much towards his enemies.

After leaving the Seireitei forever, Kade still wishes to get to know people. Being exiled for so long...He want that connection back to have friends.

Height: 6'0
Weight: 201lbs
Physical Traits: People have say the man when in his gigai or normal body. He's of Yakuza descent of the Japanese tattoos upon his body. The tattoos are japanese ones representing the words "Vengeance, Love and Hope". But in truth, Kade Ian Howlett is of part Chinese/part Caucasian being mixed in between. He had a muscular but slim build to his body keeping well clean. His hair for the most part his dark green in the beginning it was black but after a haircut incident it was dyed green without his consent. Even though being older, Kade looks clearly looks a teenager going completely into adulthood by his looks and character. His eyes are a dark blue color still things have changed ever since coming into the Rukongai district starting anew.

He once wore the basic shinigami clothing known as shihakushō. Consisting of a white shitagi, a black kosode, a black hakama, a white hakama-himo, white tabi and waraji. The black kosode had Kade's division insignia emblazoned on the inside of it. During his tempoary run as Shinigami Captain giving the major opportunity to wear a white haori with his division mark on the back. Those wear the old days...

Now, Kade has abandoned his shinigami wears for American clothing. Consisting of black underwear and white socks. He now has on baggy baggy Levi jeans, Blue Customized T-Shirt and Black Boots and Closed Finger Gloves. Sometimes having a red ribbon to tie up his long dark green hair. Having a I-Pad, Cellphone and Boost Mobile Phone as a form of technology. A wallet with Identification and lots of cash and debit/credit cards because it a human thing.

General Fighting Style: He was trained by trainers at the shinigami academy, Kade Howlett has become an experienced swordsmen specialist. On the training grounds, Kade didn't even rest until he mastered his weapon with full skill and determination to fully understand hif fighting tactics. He was shown to face off against stronger opponents even stronger soul reapers becoming highly proficient with his sealed zanpakutō or transformed Zanpakutō. Kain was shown to fight at an higher level his mastery of the zanpakutō weapon was through his solo trainings.

After being a vizard, Kade trained in New York sewers increasing his power. That time his only friends we're the rats. But he manged but become more focus and determine with his actions.
Strengths: Spiritual Energy, Zanjutsu, Strength, Speed, Sensing
Weaknesses: Hand to Hand, Durability, Kidou, Poison Attacks(200% Effective)

Ability Name: Chaos Smasher
Ability Description: A dark lightning energy wave attack. Kade putting his right hand at his side with concentration forming a lightning black sphere. Once the energy sphere is charged red sparks will emit from it signaling that it's ready. He brings his hand forward firing off a strong lightning energy wave leaving red lightning sparks as the attack is fired. It can do some damage [Having the same strength as Gran Rey Cero] [Cooldown: 3 Posts] {Combat Oriented}

Sealed Appearance: This Zanpakutō looks almost the same to a regular katana blade whenever it's in the sealed state where the vizard can give his enemies a good fight. Its features a brown handle, brass fittings, a 440 stainless steel blade with a wire brushed hamon, and a black scabbard. The Guard is a circular design with small indents and is made of brass with the handle of the sword is wood with faux ray skin, synthetic brown, and textured brass fuchi/kashira. The throat of the scabbard is covered with brass and short red string. The finish is black lacquered with Assassin written on the side.
Zanpakutou Name: KazeTsumeato
Call Out Command: "Fang Out and Howl KazeTsumeato"

Abilities: Kaze no Kizu: Kade's sword to start glowing as it will start to absorbed yellow lightning particles circling around it charging up for an attack. Kade get into a fighting stance as his energy from the Zanpakutō as then his shikai sword will start pulsating. Kade draw his Zanpakutō like he was getting ready to slash an enemy drawing it weapon pointing at the enemy. The blade will shoot out a five grounded blade energy projectiles which is designed to hurt enemies and block certain attacks. The energy blade projectiles is shaped almost like a large triangle with bladed spikes. [Hado #40 can actually defeat it]

Bakuryūha Tengai: Once known to the world as Dark-hawk wave to some shinigami warriors because of the silver white flame. As wind starts coming upon the blade, Kade raises the blade as the silver-white flame comes to the tip of the shikai Zanpakutō blade. The sound from the silver-white flame will be as one of a white wolf meaning the attack is ready. Kade raises the sword and then does a single slash releasing a strong condense & energized wave of white spiritual pressure tearing anything in it path. It takes a small trace of Kade's spiritual pressure and the vizard's determination to create the condense energy wave. Still the Bakuryūha Tengai is the same strength and weakness of an arrancar's cero at the best because it weaker to the Getsuga Tensho. (However, It needs a one post cooldown before using the technique again feeling a tiny bits of the stamina drain.)

Kekkai Yaburi: A medium energy wave slash that can do small even medium based damage to an opponent which can cause bruises & small wounds. The slash is based of fire energy, the attack itself can actually person's sword hand or medium based attacks but it would be worthless against stronger attacks. However the slash itself can be defeated by the natural enemy of fire which is strong water based attacks or stronger attacks by the enemy depending on the attack's strength. (The Kekkai has the same strength of the Hado kido of #40.)
Boosts: Strength x2, Speed x2

New Name: Karas KazeTsumeato
Appearance: Karas KazeTsumeato has a slim figure, and is actually a suit of armor animated by human souls infused into them. Kain appears to be wearing a black metal plate that covers his whole torso, a whitish-silver belt with an emblem in the middle and gray thigh protectors that have a slit across the top. Bankai Kade also wears gray spiked shoulder plates, gray knee pads with three ridges lining across vertically, gray calf protecters with three leather straps, gray metal shoes with a tongue that covers the top of the shoes and ankles and gray arm plates with three spikes lined across. Finally, Kade wears an odd shaped helmet in the shape of a Raven's head, tiny blue glowing slits as eyes and what appears to be feathers that cover the front of his neck.
Abilities: BlackBird Wings Flying: Yet Kade has the ability of flying to different places whenever the vizard wants do so because of his big blackbird wings allowing him to travel many places at much faster pace than his shikai state. The big blackbird wings can create air current allowing them much faster than any other transformed beings. The vizard can actually travel almost like a bullet depending if he used his speed combined with the blackbird wings.

Enhanced Bakuryūha Tengai: A much more strong version of the Bakuryūha Tengai; the power of the technique is enhanced as dark lightning energy is combined. It starts with Kade getting into a fighting stance with his bankai Zanpakutō as energy is starts to channel itself into the blade. Soon it will starts sparking of lightning. As wind energy starts coming upon the blade, Kade raises the blade as this a red-white flame is produced at the tip of the bankai zanpakutō blade. Upon the battlefield the lightning dragon will unleash a howl roar and it will disappear inside the Zanpakutō producing a large amount of spiritual pressure. Kade raises the sword and then does a single slash releasing a very strong condense wave of red spiritual pressure this time lightning will b combined with it. As the lightning will starts tearing up things around the condense spiritual wave.It takes large traces of Kade's spiritual pressure and the vizard's determination and willpower to create the condense energy wave. Still the Bakuryūha Tengai can be defeated by a strong bankai and other stronger even powerful attacks can defeat/block the Bakuryūha Tengai. A single strike from it can disperse an entire rainstorm leaving trails of black blood once the attack is done. (However, The attack power has cooldown of three posts but really the attack power is same of the Gran Rey Cero technique.)

Kekkai Kongōsōha: Seven energy slashes to an opponent can do some damage. Each slash is based of fire based, the attack itself can actually cause third degree burns. However, Kekkai Kongōsōha can be augmented with the vizard's power to create even stronger energy slashes that stronger damage to an enemy. However the combo slashes itself can be defeated by the natural enemy of fire which is strong even powerful water based attacks or powerful attacks by the enemy depending on the attack's strength. (The ability has a 2 posts cooldown and all seven slashes from the Kekkai feels like you've been blasted by arrancar's two cero blasts. This has the same strength of Hado 50.)

Meido ZanChoyo-Ha: The destruction of the dragon god; Kade will start infusing his spiritual energy into his blade as the lightning dragon will appear. The dragon will roar as lightning is shot directly from the sky into the Zanpakutō causing it to glow then the warrior forced the weapon the into the ground. As first nothing will giving the enemy some confusion, A black dragon's circle will appear forming around the enemy quickly the circle once activated will cause an explosive energy fire bomb under the enemy with a radius of 90 meters from the blast. By increasing his spiritual pressure the damage from the energy will increase. Yet the problem with this ability is that he can only use it twice a battle the first drawback is it takes large amounts of spiritual pressure to create the attack. If used a third time it could drain him completely leaving him vulnerable and his Zanpakutō would return back into it sealed state. This leaves Kade weaken a lot because of the power it drains from his body. The other drawback is it takes one post to charge the sword if anybody hits him the attack power of the energy fire bomb is reduced. (This technique needs one post to charge yet it has the same strength of Hado #80 that is if it's not weakened. This ability has a two posts cooldown.)
Boosts: Strength x3, Spiritual Energy x3, Zanjutsu x3, Speed x3

Appearance: Kade's hollow mask is some like like dark skeletal mask with slits for his yellow eyes to look into. The mask looking menacing it has scars upon it menacing demon skull mask making the vizard looking almost like a demon in making. The hollow mask is look half white and and the teeth the lower part of the skull mask is cover in complete pitch black almost looking more of an monster.
Abilities:  Enhanced Speed and Vitality
Hollow Powers: While using it, Kade is able to utilize Cero, Sonido and Hierro
Boosts: Strength, Speed And Stamina

Appearance: Kade on his full hollow state has taken the penultimate embodiment of an true hierro armored warrior. Almost cover white armor hierro dragonoid body.
Abilities: Cero Voltekka: This is his signature attack. When his hollow eyes starting to flash just once. This activates the shoulder cero cannons on his shoulders which they unlock revealing an energy cannon on each shoulder they start gathering both air and hollow energy powering up the energy cannon. Kade yells "Cero Voltekka". The energy cero cannons are fired which dish out having the same strength of arrancar's normal cero.

Cuatro Voltekka: An super version to cero voltekka bolt. Kade Howlett started yelling and the energy cero cannons in his shoulders and arms are activated. They all start drawing energy into them powering up the cero cannons formed four air black balls started to form one black air ball. Then suddenly super nova starts and energy starts forming within him, then Kade starts yelling. Kade gets into a stance jumping into air unleashing a giant massive energy spear beam. Once this thing hits is leaves a giant tri-explosion which destroys anything in it path. An enemy must an very fast speed to dodge it if blocked the the attack will dish out about two forbidden kidou abilities. (Because from the immense power it has the hollow warrior can only use this technique only once per thread. This is a final technique and it can drain him completely.)
Boosts: 4x Spiritual Pressure, 4x Strength, 4x Speed, 4x Durability, 4x Endurance

History: Kade Howlett the son of James Howlett and Jean Summers have lived within the Rukongai district almost all of his life but after his 311th birthday some lost memories came back. Then the soul human remembered everything and what happen to him; Kade was born in New York city during a great war between two families. After Kade's father won the great family war the whole family decided to leave into Karakura town so the other families would finally leave his family alone forever and finally find peace. Growing up was hard for Kade; he always had to live with a certain fear because his family lived a certain evil lifestyle which he secretly hated but the young man lived through it. He had to say goodbyes many of his friends within New York city before moving to Karakura town really he didn't know anybody here. Kade doesn't remember anything after that really his father didn't want this family war bothering his children so the father took steps into his son's memory of anything mafia or evil crimes. After his 19th birthday, Kade noticed something was wrong with his father his attitude changed completely from honorable to completely mad. Yet, He tried talking to his mother about his father yet she told him to ignore him about focus more of his senior year of high school and try to life an normal life again. Something deadly happened after graduation, Kade returned home seeing his parents gunned down by some gang his dad's past caught up to him then six of the gang members appeared outside. Kade was unarmed still the gang leader said "It just business nothing personal to you....But all traces must be eliminated even you kid". The child didn't want to die as he tried to fight but it was pointless the child was shot about 15 times until he finally feel to the ground.

Six days later, Kade found himself on the streets with chain link to his body as people were passing through his body he didn't think this was heaven. He started to see weird shadow creatures appearing from the sky, Kade couldn't see them at the time. Then suddenly an invisible monster attacked him he didn't have time to escape as the monster was about to got for his face. A dude in black clothing appear and attacked the monster killing it with a katana blade saying that he was safe and it was time to go. Kade was a bit confused and he wanted answers but before he could say anything the konso ability took effect and the soul was transported. This weird feeling took effect as it felt like heaven but it was different then by opening his eyes, Kade realized maybe this was a second chance. He spent most of his time helping the people of the Rukongai district with food and health problems trying to do the best he could around the place. Every night went he would find some place to sleep he would wonder who that person was who saved him and what his deal was. People were talking about this weird place called the Soul society and many things that could happen to you when you pass the academy.

Then fragments of his past were floating around in his head as he started to realize this new place and these people were his family. As obtaining shikai abilities, Kade still wanted to grow in strength thinking their had to be another way besides training, he thought reaching bankai could work but that was forbidden. Besides would have gotten mad and found out too, Kade started searching for ways and tricks for reaching higher strength. Squad members started to realized, Kade as becoming much solo Shinigami doing missions on his own yet helping people almost as a lone shinigami. The captain started witnesses the shinigami in action thinking he could handle things on his own at the time. The captain of squad ten thought maybe Kade should step up and become higher rank than a seated member. Yet it took some missions, Kade actually made it to vice captain of squad ten helping his captain with whatever was needed. To Kade, he thought it was much a "babysitter role" as the captain was the baby and he was much of a babysitter.

Yet things were settling down within until some unseated members and captain were disappearing, Kade and few others were sent to investigate the kid was the first on the scene. A hollow was attacking and then he noticed he was wearing something familiar it looked like a badge. Kade attacked the hollow cutting off the freak's arm but it did a hollow-fied spit something the shinigami's face as the other squad members attacked with Kidō. Kade felt funny and his stomach was feeling bad and he started to vomit first then he started throwing up blood at first. But then it started turning white as his mind was coming undone the hollow was combining with his mind and it hurt bad. He felt something forming on his face then he noticed some water to see what was forming, Kade was shocked he was turning into a hollow. Kade didn't know what was fucking hell was going on as he started growing wings and his mind was being split in half it felt like. Kade took on a violent personality leaving the Soul society heading to Hueco Mundo where his transformation began turning into a complete hollow. Within Hueco Mundo, Hollowfied Kade for a few months was running amuck until finally he started looking at his shadow which he started to remember something. Deep within his mind, Kade was taken inside a weird looking realm this was where he met Ttelwoh Edak an hollow human like version of him. They started fighting which the hollow was seemingly stronger then the human but Kade looked deep inside himself finding his true power. The hollow started going berserk within Hueco mundo attacking everything and everybody it blood-lust for pain and vengeance was growing. Kade managed to defeat Hollow Kade aka Edak then the inner world started to evaporate which the hollow started to break apart from the outside.

Edak wasn't going down without a fight as they fused together a chain reaction took place thus the inner hollow disappeared from Kade's mind awakening from his rest. Kade realized that he was still within Hueco Mundo; he noticed some extreme changes the major one was that he had a hole in his foot. "THE FUCK IS GOING ON WITH ME". The terrible realization hit him real bad that he wasn't a shinigami the guy felt bad which he didn't know what he was now but he couldn't dwell on it. The best thing the guy could do was survive as he started slaughtering hollows coming his way the best thing in his mind was to get stronger and evolve. As an arrancar, Kade started killing hollows left and right about 100,000 hollows died by his blade which he soon discovered after some training. He thought his Zanpakutō had come back to him as he tried calling out her name but didn't hear anything at that moment his heart shattered. Years later, Kade thought everything he once had was lost to him but now the person was a humanoid hollow and it was something that he would have to live with and survive. Hollows kept attacking him but the arrancar didn't care a huge chunk of his life was gone the arrancar wanted rage and destruction and the guy yelled "Punish Relámpago Endriago-Hombre". Kade transformed into some creature reaching his resureccion state turning into some winged knight that was really weird which he couldn't control it at first. But the arrancar started getting used to it transforming at will then years later after fully mastering the power the ress arrancar started hearing a voice telling him to remember as his head started to hurt. He needed help......Kade met up with some Arrancar within Hueco Mundo then a group decision was made which the new arrancar joined a group of the espada clan. The new arrancar took all sort of missions without of care in the world only protecting his family was the most important and listening to his superiors. He began moving up the ranks  but still the Arrancar of the group didn't believe the new guy was ready to leader but still kept giving him mission. After 17 years, Kade kept to his duties until he was given a new mission to test his skills against soul reapers from the Gotei 13 then the arrancar froze. The words Gotei 13; Kade felt it sounded so familiar to him then the voice again back within his head until it was gone again and the arrancar went on the mission.

The mission was to hunt down some shinigami and their families the mission was about to be completed as the arrancar was about kill the shinigami's families. But something a child said started a chain reaction as memories started pouring back into his head thus his arrancar powers went out of control as sparks of spiritual pressure came out. Kade started running away opening a garganta as his mind began splitting into two as Kade and Edak; They fought another battle until his Zanpakutō spirit got in the way. Edak was too strong started beating up his partner like a rag doll trying to see if the shinigami could actually defeat him but it was pointless. Edak had him beat but really the thought of seeing his friends again was on his mind and apologizing for his actions for what he's done as an arrancar trying to atone for his evil sins. But then the only friend that he had was his Zanpakutō now, Kade wanted his friend back as his Zanpakutō rematerialize back in his hand it was back as it dematerialized from the inner's hand. Kade refuse to give up and attack the inner hollow giving a long fight until finally the shinigami defeated the inner hollow stabbing him in the chest. Edak was pleased telling never to lose sight of the big picture as a gift he'll give some of his power calling him his best buddy and that the world will a newer place for him now. Kazetsu was smiling and crying at the same time she had her friend back as they both hugged each other having a big family reunion of some sort. Then his arrancar body; Kade started feeling the chain reaction as both arrancar and shinigami spiritual pressures started coming out of his body. "I WANT TO BE A SHINIGAMI AGAIN....I AM IN CONTROL GIVE ME WHAT I WANT BACK PLEASE.....I'M KADE HOWLETT AND I WANT IT ALL BACK RIGHT NOW". Both pressures became one becoming a combined hollowfied/soul spiritual pressure once that was done the arrancar's body started to disappear as the guy started tearing it away. Kade noticed his hollow hole was gone but a weird mask was upon his face then he remembered something from the shinigami archives about this. He was something called a vizard; Kade had both shinigami and hollow powers then the guy couldn't come back into Seireitei anymore or become a member of Gotei 13 not ever again.
Side Notes: He does have a Modified gigai body
Roleplay Sample: This was something brought to the attention to Kade by an distraught person who had his life savings completely drained by a blackmailing asshole. He wasn't ready for returning back into Karakura town but this man or organization needs to be stopped and luckily the dog vizard had his scent. Kade had activated his dog senses having the scent of the blackmailer already wondering where he's gone to this was quite weird the scent was all around the place. This was going to be a problem but he might need to go everywhere this evil man went to and make him pay for what he's done. The vizard looked in supermarket first still nothing there but some good food which the dog vizard had enough money to buy it with. He was lucky did that not alerting the Karakura police but now that was done; Kade should start looking somewhere else and then his dog sniffing leads him to a hotel. He was wondering why this building was so tall but the dog vizard enters the scent was getting stronger as security couldn't sense or track him which was good. The thought of taking an elevator would be fun but training was and always is a must so the stairs will help with some measure of cardio as the dog vizard opens the door. This might take forever but the scent was strong now as the dog vizard started walking up the stairs and after about a hour of running. He started feeling the burn but the scent was getting stronger around 40th floor but his legs we're feeling the pain but he had to keep going.

Kade smells the scent was very stronger and wondering where it was as his willpower help him continue running the stairs. He finally makes at the 49th floor the dog vizard had the blackmailer's scent and it was close but which room was it; Kade started sniffing each door. The dog vizard smelt they been really cleaned with some clorox but then then after sniffing Room 308; A large noise was emitting out the room. He started looking through the keyhole seeing the blackmailer and his accomplice which was a woman maybe his wife celebrating as the dog vizard was listening in. "I can't believe this human bastard actually bought it that stupid kid we blackmailed for all that money. The Captain Commander said I never make a name for my ruthlessness and now thanks to my dirty dealing. I'm a multi-billionaire because I blackmailed that stupid rich guy who in the hospital right now. He actually believed he destroy my car which he never did...Hey Honey we blackmail the poor guy some more. Maybe we can hire some thugs to harass the guy's girlfriend too that would be something too more money to us".

Kade was shocked the blackmailer confessed this fucking asshole was a dead man cracking his knuckles getting ready to break the damn door down. No zanpakuto this time around his fists will do all the damn talking now just needed for him to build up some anger. He started running up and down the hallway getting a good running charge for bashing the door in; Kade gets ready. Charging full force at the door bashing it down and the blackmailer was pouring some champagne and then drops the whole bottle recognizing who Kain was. "Hi Old buddy....Kade's productions would like start the final series of THIS IS END OF YOUR LIFE MUTHAFUCKA. Captain Yamamoto was right your were garbage in the Soul Society and antics here your garbage and the worse of all your hurt one of people of Karakura town with your lies and malice. So this is going to hurt and I'm going to enjoy it"

Kade attacked the bastard punching him hard in the face beating him up pretty bad even slamming him hard into a marble table. Causing the whole thing to break apart the whole brawl was happening while the blackmailer's wife was in the shower getting ready. In a complete fury, Kade was beating up this guy punching and slamming him into furniture and seeing some blood everywhere the blackmailer's schemes were coming to an end. "Kade....I can explain please.....Waitaminute, I was banished I needed to make a living. Nothing else was working so I saw how these humans lie and somehow get what they want. I've done 470 times to these humans....even past members of the Yuudeshi clan. It's just money..."

Kade was growling "Did you fucking say 470 times??? 470 Times you've blackmailed these humans for money with your lies??? You were stupid enough to confess and even more stupid to boast like the asshole you are. Everything you've said is fuel for your funeral pyre. So then I think I'll begin BY EXTERMINATING YOUR SOUL YOU EVIL BASTARD"

Kade slams the former shinigami punk into the kitchen throwing him around the place giving him the lesson that he damn well deserves. "470 Times??? I think you deserve 470 buttkickings so here comes the pain. Better yet, I won't put on my vizard mask my fists are going to the talking to your face". He attacked the man violently punching him then slamming his head in the fridge before stopping the man was crying and he should be. All those people who might have families of their own might have use that money for good uses and other thing instead this fool manipulate others; Kade hated everything about him.

He was about unleash punishment of the worse kind on this former shinigami for all the hurt and suffering with his evil blackmailing still an assortment of ideas. This was the penthouse suite the guy could easily throw his ass out the window saving him a bunch of people a lot of money so he wouldn't be able to con people ever again that would be sweet. But that might lead to bloody mess and some angry shinigami that he didn't want to deal with still it was a thought then again this fool's partner in crime was taking a shower too. But 470 times this blackmailer has cheated and lied about people so he can enjoy fame and fortune, Kade was about to make sure this was his last day on earth. What pissed him off??? The human was a former shinigami no denying his scent either as the man was pleading for his life like old movie villain. The dog vizard had his mind made up screw the consequences the jerk was going out the window until something stops him and this may have put a jolt into his reasoning too the good part anyway. His dog senses were activated, Kade's scent picked someone else it wasn't the woman in the shower either this was a shinigami trying the figure it out this was strong who was this.

Smelling the scent even more the dog vizard thought about it then he knew calming down a bit it had to be a female shinigami in training or Rukia Kuchiki. Now Kade doesn't know anything about as her name was mention here and there but the vizard didn't give a damn about the Kuchiki legacy ya don't mess with Captain Kuchiki or his family. Kade thought this was none of Rukia's business so the vizard calm down

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#2 Re: Kade Howlett [Done] on Sun Apr 16, 2017 10:01 pm

Terra Manipulation - Being an earth bender (avatar lols) is fine.. but also causing earthquakes as a "non-released" ability is a bit much. For example one of the characters that can cause earthquakes has to release to do so.

Kaze no Kizu - instead of stating it can't stand against Bankai or high level kidou. Please stated hadou 40. As this seems to fit under that level of Kidou.

Bakuryūha Tengai: Since this is a weaker flame getsuga, you don't need to limit it to seven times per thread here. The power also needs a comparison as used on this forum. I would suggest putting this at a cero maybe a cero and a half and give it a one post cooldown.

Kekkai Yaburi: I would put this at Hadou 30 or 40. That way you can use it whenever you want and it's still performing the way you worded it.

BlackBird Wings Flying: Just be aware that the fastest movement speed the forum allows is Shunpo. As long as you keep this in mind and rp it accordingly then this is absolutely fine. and cool.

Enhanced Bakuryūha Tengai: Power comparison here. Since it's meant to be a Getsuga clone I would say it's on par with a Gran Rey Cero and needs a 3 post cooldown. You also do not need to have it limited to five times per thread.

Kekkai Kongōsōha: Let me make sure I have this correct. You can do 7 to 14 fire element "wave" attacks like Ichigo's Getsuga which do Medium damage. Because it's "Fire elemental" it can leave burns on someone.

^---~If the above is correct. Here is what you need to do. Instead of "Strong Damage" put it at Hadou 50 and state that if "All" the slashes hit your opponent you do a total damage equal to 2 cero. This ability then needs a 2 post cooldown.

Meido ZanChoyo-Ha: Since it's meant to be clearly powerful and has a one post charge time. I'd add that this is as strong as Hadou 80, unless weakened, and has a 2 post CD (It would be 3 CD but since you spend a post charging that reduces the CD by 1 as well.)

Cero Voltekka: Just state these are as strong as a normal Cero. "Medium and Strong Damage" is a bit vague.

Cuatro Voltekka: We consider this to be a "Final" move on this forum. This would drain you of your remaining ability to fight the battle. But it also means this would be as strong "In total" as 2 forbidden Kidou. So put that in instead of "Immense Damage"

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#3 Re: Kade Howlett [Done] on Sun Apr 16, 2017 10:53 pm

Approved 2-1. Edits were made.

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#4 Re: Kade Howlett [Done] on Mon Apr 30, 2018 5:42 am

Changes approved. You are still tier 1-5.

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