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#1 Nicole Lisola-Mazi on Fri Apr 14, 2017 3:34 pm


Name: Nicole Lisola-Mazi de Grey
Alias: n/a
Real Age: 153
Phys. Age: 15
Gender: Female
Nicole has two very different spirits inside of her; Mizu, the kind-hearted compassionate pacifist, and Sansei, the cold-hearted aggressive bastard. Everything that Nicole does, from how she feels about a person to her fighting style, stems from these two souls dictating her daily life. If there were ever a way to silence both of them for any period of time, Nicole would be apathetic because they are everything about her being, from her very core.

Due to the different personalities her two souls have, Nicole can come across as bipolar herself. While she prefers to let Mizu handle her emotions and other factors about her life, there are numerous times when Sansei takes over her personality, leading her to be cold and cautious, on top of cruel. It can be difficult to determine which of the two souls is in control and guiding Nicole, but there are some ways to figure it out:

When Mizu is in control, Nicole is almost always smiling and is genuinely interested in everyone. Her stance is relaxed and playful, she often forgets she even has a sword to fight with, and she is a complete optimist. Mizu guides Nicole through social interactions, and often tries to steer her towards people Mizu believes to be friendly, so she can be around polite and kind individuals.

When Sansei is in control, Nicole has no facial expressions. Her stance is tight and aggressive, usually with her arms crossed or one hand always on her Zanpakutou. She is a complete pessimist, and while she doesn't often bother talking her voice is cold and callous, and very short with everyone. Sansei guides Nicole through fighting, and tries to keep her away from other people as a whole, preferring isolation to the risk of damaging Nicole's body.

When the personalities are cast away, and Nicole is forced to be herself, she's a rather uninteresting person. Even without having them clearly dictating what she does and controlling her body, Nicole still leans on Sansei and Mizu as necessary. She prefers to let Mizu be the lead, with being happy and carefree most of the time, and have Sansei take over if there's a threat that needs her attention. It's hard to judge who Nicole is due to Sansei's influence over her life time, but with Mizu helping to make her happy again, it's better to just let Nicole be who she's trying to be.

    • People!
    • Food!
    • Sunshine!
    • Rainbows!
    • Everything Cute!

    • Combat
    • Bloodshed
    • The Screams of The Innocent
    • Power
    • Training

    • Combat!
    • Loud Noises!
    • Blood!
    • Confrontation!
    • Damage to Nicole!

    • Everything Cute
    • Social Interaction
    • People
    • Weakness
    • Damage to Nicole

    • World Peace!
    • Keep Nicole Safe!
    • Nicole Never Fights Again!

    • War
    • Become Captain-Commander
    • Nicole is Feared in Combat


Height: 4'9"
Weight: 97 lbs
Physical Traits: [Alternate Outfit]


General Fighting Style: Sendo Genkotsu [Zanjutsu Variant]
This style focuses on the fluid motion and constant switching of many different forms, stances, and styles to suit the needs of the situation the fighter is currently in. Making it hard to predict and harder to counter this style encourages growth and change rather than rigid "pattern" and "technique". So you may never see the fighter fight the exact same way twice or you could see her do the same thing many times. It really depends on her opponent. It combines all of ones martial knowledge with tactical analysis and through this refines into a style that cannot become obsolete. One might argue it could be considered the "ultimate" style, but due to how complex and never ending it can get.. It would also be considered impossible to learn and dismissed. The Lisola Blood-line specialize in this "impossibly growing" style.

Strengths: Speed(x2.0), Reiatsu(x2.0), Reiryoku(x2.0), Durability(x1.5), Endurance(x1.5)
Weaknesses: Strength(x0.33), Reflexes(x0.75), Sensing(x0.5), Hakuda(x0.1)

Ability Name: Water Manipulation [Tier 1]
While in her Sealed state, Nicole has access to very basic water generation and manipulation. She cannot use this to harm someone, but she ca, as an example, create a ball of water over their head and drop it on them, to cool them off. The water she creates is completely pure, almost as though artificially made, and can be created and manipulated freely within 10ft of herself, and can generate up to 20 gallons per post.

Ability Name: Acid Manipulation [Tier 1]
While in her Sealed state, Nicole has access to very basic acid generation and manipulation. She cannot use this to harm living people, but she can, as an example, create a small dollop of acid in a door to break it open. The acid she creates is pure and doesn't inflict any burn damage to players or NPCs, and can be created and manipulated freely within 10ft of herself, and can generate up to 10 gallons per post. Nicole is immune to her own acid.

Ability Name: Sansei & Mizu [passive]
Due to the dual-nature of her soul, Nicole's Zanpakutou is unique insofar as the two identical blades only two centimeters apart. Anything cut by Nicole's Zanpakutou in its' sealed state must spend 50% more energy on healing the wounds.


Sealed Appearance: [To reflect the dual-nature of her soul] Nicole's sealed Zanpakutou takes the appearance of an almost standard Katana with a blue handle and white diamond grip, with a square golden tsuba, and identical twin blades. The two blades of the Zanpakutou are only two centimeters apart, and make it so anything cut by her has a more difficult time healing up.
Zanpakutou Name: Sansei Mizu
Call Out Command: Flow Unhindered, Sansei Mizu

Inner World Appearance: Nicole's Inner World has two identical yet different appearances, which depend on who she is talking to when she goes into it. At both times, Nicole's inner world takes on the appearance of an islet in a lake. When she is talking with Mizu, the water is blue and there are thousands of trees surrounding the lake, and even a few on the islet; when she is talking with Sansei, the water is green and nothing else is alive, with just snags and a black sky like night, though she can see as clear as day.

Mizu Appearance: [Mizu is a girl in her mid-twenties] judging solely by her looks. She wears a mis-matched blue and white outfit, with very long blue hair and golden eyes, and almost always seems to have a smile on her face. Mizu has a single scar over her heart, coming from her left shoulder and going over the heard towards her right hip. Her outfit is skimpy and revealing, but only because she enjoys feeling water on herself and wears only the bare minimum, aside from her sleeves and legging. She is the same height as Nicole, and the same build.
Mizu Personality: Mizu is a very happy and cheerful individual, defiantly optimistic and kind-hearted. She never wants to see anyone hurt, and has sometimes requested Nicole not to train solely so she doesn't have a chance of getting hurt. Mizu will go out of her way to see the good in people's hearts and their intentions, and will automatically try to justify anything that could even remotely be construed as mean or evil.

Sansei Appearance: [Sansei is a gigantic beast] who has no true form. His plant-like appearance is intentionally ironic, because plants cannot survive his nature. Regardless of what form he takes on, Sansei is 1.5x as tall as Nicole is, and in his plant-form (which he prefers), his arms are long enough to reach down to his thighs while standing at attention.
Sansei Personality: Sansei is a very cruel and patronizing individual, defiantly pessimistic and cold-hearted. He wants to watch the world die, and while he won't encourage Nicole to fight simply because she's his method of survival, he will try to manipulate her into doing certain things he can get away with. Sansei goes out of his way to see the evil in people's hearts and their intentions, and will automatically assume people are going to betray him and Nicole if they do something selfless.


Appearance: Sansei and Mizu split into two different blades. [Mizu becomes a cyan rapier] with a long straight blade meant for thrusting, while [Sansei becomes a green katana] with a long curved blade meant for slashing. Due to the two splitting into separate weapons, Nicole loses the Sansei Mizu ability she has in sealed.
Boosts: 2x Overall [3x Speed, See: Untapped Potential]

Ability Name: Water Manipulation [Tier 2] [Replaces Tier 1]
While in her Shikai, Nicole's Water manipulation is stronger: she can solidify it temporarily, acting similar to ice but only while touching her; she can create one cero-like beam of water that deals concussive force equal to a cero (but does not explode) per post, and she can generate/manipulate water within 100ft of herself, and can generate up to 40 gallons per post.

Ability Name: Acid Manipulation [Tier 2] [Replaces Tier 1]
While in her Shikai, Nicole's Acid manipulation is stronger: it deals first degree chemical burns when it touches a character, she can create a cero-like beam of acid once per post, and she can generate/manipulate acid within 100ft of herself, and can generate up to 20 gallons per post. Nicole is immune to her own acid.

Ability Name: Untapped Potential [passive]
Nicole's reiatsu spikes her speed up to 3x instead of the standard 2x of her release.

Ability Name: Stinger
Utilizing Mizu, Nicole realigns herself, then thrusts forward 20ft at Bala Speed. She cannot change direction while using this ability, and it always goes exactly 20ft from her original position in a perfectly straight line, unless she hits something she can't move through. This ability has a 2 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Helm Breaker
Utilizing Sansei, Nicole adjusts her position before launching herself up to 20ft away and spinning her blade at high speeds around herself the whole way. This ability inflicts cero-level damage to everything hit, and has a 2 post cooldown.


New Name: Hageshī Junsuina Sansei Mizu
Appearance: Continuing the theme of splitting apart, in Nicole's Bankai, [Sansei takes the form of a whipsword] able to separate into a whip that can reach up to 20ft, and reform into a sword which is 5ft long at will, while [Mizu takes the form of an ornate longsword of water] meant for both thrusting and slashing, which is 5ft long. Both weapons glow with their respective element color, and are coated in it at all times.
Boosts: 3x Overall [4x Speed, See: Peak Potential]
Abilities: [Retains Previous Abilities, except where noted]

Ability Name: Water Manipulation [Tier 3] [Replaces Tier 2]
In Bankai, Nicole's Water Manipulation reaches its' peak: she can now convert water she has generated to ice freely and can in fact generate ice on its' own as well; she can form weapons out of the ice; she can convert ice to water, and can manipulate water within 300ft of herself, as well as generate up to 40 gallons per post. At this stage, she can also create two cero-like attacks of water that deal concussive force equal to a cero (but do not explode) per post, as well as five icicles (6in long each) that shoot at the speed of a bala and pierce enemies (but do not explode) per post. Additionally and finally, Mizu is coated in water at all times during Nicole's Bankai.
    Rain Storm
    Nicole can fire off a large amount of energy into the sky (Equivalent energy drain = Hado 80); starting next post, for 3 posts after, it will rain 100 gallons of water each post, spread out over 300ft. Nicole cannot freely manipulate this water the post it falls, but can do so the next post. This ability has a three post cooldown.

    Nicole can purify any liquid that is physically touching her, instantly freezing it into solid ice and removing anything else from it. This works on anything that is classified as a liquid, can work on up to 40 gallons at once, and has a five post cooldown. Any liquid, from blood to acid, will instantly turn into ice and stop moving. Nicole cannot manipulate this ice.

    Ice Manipulation
    An Extension of Nicole's Water Manipulation, Nicole can generate up to 10 gallons of water in the form of pure ice, and can separate and manipulate each molecule of the ice freely. She can use this to create weapons of ice, walls that can withstand the force of a cero, or spikes surrounding something. Nicole's Ice Manipulation is weaker than her Water, and can only stretch to 100ft from herself at any time. Additionally, Nicole can only manipulate ice like this once every other post.

Ability Name: Acid Manipulation [Tier 3] [Replaces Tier 2]
In Bankai, Nicole's Acid Manipulation reaches its' peak: she can now convert acid into a gaseous state, which will deal first degree burns internally if inhaled; her blood becomes acid while in Bankai, and it deals second degree chemical burns when it touches a character. She can manipulate her acid within 300ft of herself, and can generate up to 20 gallons per post. At this stage, she can also create two cero-like beams of acid per post which explode into gas upon impact, and can create 5 bala-like balls of acid which explode into gas upon impact, per post. Nicole is immune to her own acid. Additionally and finally, Sansei is coated in acid at all times during Nicole's Bankai.
    Acid Rain
    Nicole can fire off a large amount of energy into the sky (Equivalent energy drain = Hado 80); starting next post, for 3 posts after, it will rain 50 gallons of acid spread out over 300ft. This acid will deal first-degree chemical burns on anything it touches except Nicole herself. Nicole cannot freely manipulate this acid the post it falls, but can do so the next post. This ability has a three post cooldown.

    Acid Armor
    Nicole can solidify Acid around her, giving her a Hierro of acid for two posts. This ability requires at least 50 gallons of acid under her control, and has a four post cooldown. Any attack equal to or stronger than a Gran Rey Cero that hits Nicole will shatter the armor completely, rendering it useless.

Ability Name: Peak Potential [passive] [Replaces Untapped Potential]
Nicole's speed further increases, and is now 4x her original.

Ability Name: Active High-Speed Regen
By focusing on her Water Manipulation, Nicole can disable external use of the ability for up to 3 posts, and gain High-Speed Regen for the same posts. This regen can, like all High-Speed Regen, regenerate lost limbs; however, for injuries that severe, it requires all three posts to work. Minor injuries, like cuts and blood loss, can be regenerated much faster and take less energy. This ability has a four post cooldown, plus the duration of the ability, starting when it ends (CD is 5-7 based on active length).

Ability Name: Killer Bee
Utilizing Mizu, Nicole thrusts forward up to 5ft at cero speed (slightly faster than Shunpo) with her blade forward; anything hit is treated as though it were struck five times simultaneously in a pentagram-fashion, centered on the tip of the blade. This ability has a 3 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Shredder
Utilizing Sansei, Nicole twirls the blade around her at high speed, the whip-like feature extending around her whole body providing defense, dealing gren rey cero-level damage to anything within 5ft of her and canceling out any attack weaker than a gran rey cero. This ability has a 3 post cooldown.


New Name: Fuhai Sansei Mizu
Appearance: In her Toukai, Nicole's weapons disappear, and in each hand she has [A simple sword hilt]. The hilt in her left hand is Mizu, while the hilt in her right hand is Sansei. Each hilt can form any weapon Nicole can think of, and change shape at will, made of their respective elements, but as durable as ZanSteel. This is exanded on in abilities below.
Boosts: 4x Overall [5x Speed, See: Limitless Potential]
Abilities: [Retains Previous Abilities, except where noted]

Ability Name: Fuhai Sansei Mizu
In her Toukai, Nicole has no "official" weapon. The two hilts in her hands can form any conceivable weapon that Nicole can think of, can change shape instantly, and are made of their respective elements - The hilt in Nicole's left hand is Mizu, and is therefore Water, while the hilt in Nicole's right hand is Sansei, and therefore Acid. Attacks which land with Mizu deal Cero-level damage on impact, while attacks which land with Sansei deal second-degree burns on impact. This ability drains no energy from Nicole, and has no delay. Examples of weapons are included, but not limited to: Straight Sword, Katana, Whip, Shield, Axe, Hooked Sword, etc. As long as the weapon can be wielded with one hand, Nicole can create and utilize it efficiently. Everything formed from this ability is as durable as a Zanpakutou, because for all intents and purposes, it is her Zanpakutou.

Ability Name: Water Manipulation [Tier 4] [Replaces Tier 3]
Nicole cannot use this ability in the same post she utilizes Acid Manipulation [Tier 4]. While this ability is active, Nicole's eyes become bright blue. She retains her previous abilities, her range is expanded to 500ft, and she can create 50 gallons per post. There is no limit to the amount of water Nicole can manipulate, except water that is under the control of someone else. Nicole also retains the use of her Ice Manipulation, but can utilize it every post now. She also gains access to the following new abilities:
    Mizu Ryuu
    Nicole can combine 150 gallons of water into a Dragon, and can have this Dragon move at Shunpo speed to crash into something. The Dragon itself is approximately 20ft long and 5ft in diameter, and when it crashes into anything it deals damage akin to a Forbidden Kidou. This ability has a 5 post cooldown. When this ability is used, the 120 gallons are erased from existence.

    Mizu Shouheki
    Nicole can combine 150 gallons of water into a giant wall 30ft x 30ft x 10ft, that can resist anything up to a Forbidden Kidou. This wall lasts until it's broken, but cannot be moved once it's created, and must be at least 5ft away from Nicole when it's first made. This ability has a 3 post cooldown, beginning when the wall is destroyed. When the wall is destroyed, the 120 gallons are erased from existence.

Ability Name: Acid Manipulation [Tier 4] [Replaces Tier 3]
Nicole cannot use this ability in the same post that she utilizes Water Manipulation [Tier 4]. While this ability is active, Nicole's eyes become a bright green. She retains her previous abilities, her range is expanded to 500ft, and she can create 35 gallons per post. There is no limit to the amount of acid Nicole can manipulate, except acid that is under the control of someone else. Nicole also gains access to the following new abilities:
    Sansei Ryuu
    Nicole can combine 105 gallons of acid into a Dragon, and can have this Dragon move at Shunpo speed to crash into something. The Dragon itself is approximately 20ft long and 5ft in diameter, and when it crashes into anything deals second-degree chemical burns on top of Forbidden Kidou damage. This ability has a 6 post cooldown. When this ability is used, the 105 gallons are erased from existence.

    Sansei Bakudan
    Nicole can combine 105 gallons of acid into a compact orb, which she can then throw at something at Bala speed. When it impacts anything stronger than glass, the orb will explode dealing Forbidden Kidou damage and second-degree chemical burns in an area 50ft around the impact site. This ability has a 5 post cooldown. When this ability is used, the 105 gallons turn into gas for three posts, lingering in the 50ft area of explosion, before dissipating. This gas, when inhaled, deals first-degree chemical burns to the mouth, throat, and lungs.

Ability Name: Limitless Perfection [passive] [Replaces Peak Potential]
Nicole's Speed is further increased, peaking out at 5x her original Speed.

Ability Name: High-Speed Regeneration [Passive]
In her Toukai, Nicole has High-Speed Regeneration at all times. Severe wounds, such as a limb, require 3 posts to fully heal; minor cuts are healed almost instantly, and internal injuries that aren't fatal heal in two posts. Nicole can utilize Water Manipulation while this is active.

Ability Name: Ankoku Shuuha
This power allows the user to fire an overbearingly giant wave of dark spiritual power from their weapon. Equal in strength to a level 80 Kidou and covering a massive 80ft x 80ft this is one skill you do not easily deal with. This ability has a 4 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Soul Vertex
Focusing her energy into her sword, Nicole can release the energy in the form of a massive wave following the arc of her swing or in a beam by thrusting her blade. This technique has the destructive capability of a cero, and can be fired off twice per post. Alternatively, Nicole can further power the technique, doubling the damage it can deal, but causing it to have a one post cooldown before it can be used again.


Sixty-three years ago, in the midst of the Fourth Great War, between the Espada of Hueco Mundo and the Shinigami of the Gotei Thirteen, a romance bloomed. This romance has never been matched in pure intensity and heat, with both parties having perfect synchronization with each other. As it is well known, however, the flames that burn brightest are the flames that burn shortest; this entire passionate and intense romance only lasted for a single night and was between the extremely charismatic Ika Mazi and Naomi de Grey.

Four months after this intense love affair, Naomi realized she was pregnant. She also realized, however, that Ika Mazi would want nothing to do with this child; he was charismatic, sure, but Ika was not the type to take care of his children. Naomi recalled seeing him affiliate with other females quite regularly, as well as being aware that there were other Shinigami with his direct blood, due to him being the father. Knowing that Ika would not help her take care of her child, she went rogue.

Making the decision to go Rogue during the Fourth Great War was not a decision to be taken or made lightly. Naomi was fully aware of the potentially catastrophic consequences of her decision as if she was hunted down her and her unborn child would be executed. All hands were needed on deck, and every Shinigami had their part to play... but Naomi was a Vizard herself, despite never telling anyone, and even if they knew they couldn't confirm it.

Being born of two different Vizards, the young child was named Nicole and had a faint Hollow-like signature from birth. Naomi was unable to do anything about this, though, as she needed to keep Nicole safe from potential harm. Seeing the pure innocence of her only child, Naomi did the only thing she could think of that made sense and killed a student in the Shin'o Academy to steal their Asauchi before they could imprint on it, keeping it safe and hidden while she and Nicole ran away.

For several years, Naomi was the epitome of a nomad, never staying in the same city two nights in a row, utilizing variations of the Senkaimon that she was aware of to move around in the Human's World without being caught. Knowing that the Asauchi was awaiting her proper training, Nicole played with sticks and debris she located around their safe houses to train herself in the way of the sword.

Sansei was the first voice to speak to Nicole, which wasn't her mother's. Nicole listened very carefully to every word Sansei said, believing him to be her Inner Spirit. Naomi did not know any better and assumed that Nicole was correct that Sansei was her Inner Spirit, and encouraged her to do what he said and have discussions with him. Having a friend she could talk to at any time, Nicole never complained about moving around again.

Fifteen years into her life, Nicole was given her Asauchi and trained against her mother. While Naomi wasn't a Captain-class fighter, she did know her way around a sword and taught Nicole everything she knew. The wounds and scars she had a child have since faded, but we'll simply say it took quite a lot of time before Nicole was able to land a hit on her mother.

For five years, Nicole was trained in nothing more than the art of the sword. She knew her Asauchi better than she knew her own body, and finally, at twenty years old, she delved into her inner world to meet Sansei for the first time. What she found was a small islet with a black sky and nothing more than snags and loose debris... and a giant tree monster.

Sansei began to teach Nicole about other styles of combat; utilizing her entire body, reflexively dodging and attacking, the psychological aspects... while Naomi could effectively keep teaching Nicole about Zanjutsu, she began to decline that training and requested other styles of learning. The world as a whole, what she was as a soul, what exactly in life was her role; things that a pre-teen would want to know, because despite being twenty years old... Nicole only looked nine, at best.

Naomi tried to explain everything about Soul Society, the Soul Cycle and the Soul King, Hollows and their job against them, what Shinigami were... Naomi tried to explain everything but ultimately couldn't explain things that she didn't have all of the information about. See, Naomi was never a Captain-Class fighter, nor was she a Captain-Class anything. Naomi was only a recent Graduate of the Shin'o Academy when she became pregnant with Nicole, so while she could effectively teach her how to fight (and admittedly, could have taught her some Kidou), there was a lot she simply was too naive herself to know.

As the two girls wandered the world together, training and meditating in their free time, Nicole began to speak to Sansei more and more, becoming obsessed with his blood lust. She began to be emotionally distant to her mother, preferring simply to spar with her and get stronger than have an actual discussion or even just enjoy any food in general. There were too many things that Sansei was forcing into the fragile Nicole's head, and she was absorbing them because she was doing as she was told.

Eventually, Naomi realized what was going on, and told Nicole to stop listening to every thing that Sansei said, and use her own intelligence to determine what she should listen to and what she should disregard. Naomi had still not manifested her Shikai, and even her Asauchi was still completely plain with no special markings or anything to indicate that it had even remotely begun to bond with Nicole, which worried Naomi.

Naomi left Nicole alone for three days, to sneak back into Soul Society and find someone to help. While she didn't find a specific person to give them assistance, she did find out that she was reported as Killed in Action during the Fourth Great War, which had ended years ago. Using everything in her power, Naomi found out that Ika Mazi had been staying in the human world, somewhere in the jungles of the Bogota... so she knew where to go.

At thirty-five years old, Nicole was still training in her Zanjutsu and slowly and slowly became more apathetic and bloodthirsty. Nothing Naomi did anymore could rouse her unless it involved fighting to some extent. Even if the 'fighting' was really just arguing about whether or not to listen to Sansei, Nicole couldn't feel any joy in anything that didn't involve fighting. She was, for all intents and purposes, a purely apathetic bloodthirsty machine who only lived for the glorious joy of combat.

Naomi wasn't sure what to do anymore. She couldn't seem to find Ika anywhere she went, and Nicole was getting worse by the day. Eventually, she had stopped talking completely and only bothered moving if it involved a fight, or her mother straight-up picking her up. One night by a campfire, Naomi told Nicole who they were looking for; her father, a man by the name of Ika Mazi, who was so wonderfully intelligent that he, of all people, would for sure be able to help her out and 'fix' her.

Fifty years into her life, Nicole felt no emotion as she unsheathed her Asauchi and walked towards the hollow standing over her mother's corpse, except for the glorious combat that was about to unfold. Silently, Nicole parried an attack from the Hollow and sliced its mask clean in two, killing and purifying it, while her mother took her final breaths. Knowing that she was now alone in the world, Nicole simply packed up her things and continued wandering through the Bogota Jungles, looking for Ika Mazi; it was the last thing she knew to do, and since she was only fifty years old, which was basically like ten in Shinigami years, she did what any sensible middle-class Shinigami would do... and tracked down Ika Mazi.

For five years, Nicole wandered through the Bogota killing stray Hollows and tracking down the energy signatures she could find when they flared up. Locating an incredibly high source in comparison to everything else she'd located, Nicole casually found herself drawn to it subconsciously, making every motion to get to the source of the energy as fast as she could. When she arrived, she found a man smoking a cigarette with two dead Adjuchas-class Hollows nearby him, and as both of them faded away into nothingness, she approached.

Nicole was unaware of how to control her Spiritual Pressure and only knew how to sense it by instinct and impulse. The man noticed her before she was even in eyesight of him, and as she pulled out her Asauchi he began to laugh at her, but at the same time, he recognized something within her. Acknowledging her as Naomi's kid, due to her looking almost identical to her mother and the familiar reiatsu within her, Ika Mazi took in his own daughter.

Nicole still hadn't spoken, but Ika began to train her casually when he was bored of anything else he could be doing, not wanting a child of his to ever be seen as weak simply because it would reflect badly on his Adonis DNA. He actually kind of liked her, to an extent, having no emotions aside from combat, but her constant apathy and emotionless, robotic stare into nothing got annoying after a while, so he decided to experiment on her.

Ika began by injecting his own blood into her, and since it was acidic he only started with a single drop to see if there was any apparent effect. Nicole seemed unphased by it on her face and in her head, but physically it was obvious she was straining from the pain, and Ika knew he wouldn't be able to keep injecting her with straight acid because she wasn't immune to it and it would eat her up from the inside.

Utilizing his basic knowledge of Kaido, Ika healed up her wounds and stuck her in the training room against mirages of himself as he went to spar Rena Lisola, the newly appointed Captain-Commander of the Gotei Thirteen. Their battle was fierce and intense, similar to Naomi and Ika's romantic love affair, but lasted even shorter as they were both bloody and bruised.

It was approximately ten minutes after Rena left that Ika had his brilliant idea, and collected all of Rena's blood from the battle that he could. After purifying it through his research lab, Ika began to inject Nicole with Rena Lisola's blood. Immediately, Nicole seemed like a different person, talking and being happy, which pissed off Ika because he preferred the silent version of her, but she still hadn't manifested any powers. Ika injected Nicole with all of Rena's blood that he could scavenge, and had finished only moments before Rena was knocking at his door.

It had been two months since their fight, and Rena wanted to know why she was detecting her own energy source in the Human World when she clearly wasn't. Ika explained that he used her blood to test on a kid, to which Rena demanded he give her over and stop testing on children; Ika handed Nicole off to Rena like she was a chocolate bar, but made no promises to stop experimenting on children.

Rena brought Nicole back to the Soul Society, where she found out that Nicole was, in fact, Ika Mazi's own daughter, and promised that nothing bad would happen to her again. Acknowledging Nicole as her own daughter, despite not having sex with Ika directly, Rena decided that the only thing she could safely do was to bring Nicole into the Dangai and spend some time teaching her how the world really works, because while she may have an Asauchi, Nicole was no Shinigami. Not yet, anyway... but that was going to change.

[The following threads have or had a large impact on Nicole's history. This will be updated as Nicole is developed.]

[Project Gallifrey] - Rena sustained the Dangai while Reika, her pet... something... trained Nicole in proper combat and taught her how Soul Society works. Over a 90-year period, Nicole imprinted on her Zanpakutou, unlocked her Shikai, Bankai, and Toukai, mastered all three of them, and was placed as Rena's third seat.

While Nicole had the power to rival any Captain in Soul Society, Rena wanted to keep a closer eye on her and not let Nicole wander off. Third Seat of First Division was the closest Nicole could be placed that didn't have any real power, and allowed Rena to keep a tight leash and make sure Nicole was behaving appropriately.

There was also the fact that Nicole had mastered how to effectively use her releases, but was still very naive regarding the world, didn't have control over the two spirits raging inside of her, and couldn't control her power to its full extent. Rena was unable to continue holding the Dangai up for much longer, so they stopped the training there... for now. The future would hold whatever it was to hold, and training was always an option.

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#2 Re: Nicole Lisola-Mazi on Sat Apr 15, 2017 2:56 pm

Nicole's donezo.

History is 2,004 words, so I'd like at least Tier 0-5. History ends on pre-Dangai training, but the rest of the app implies post-Dangai, so if I need to change that a bit I can. My plan is to expand on Nicole's History through the time she's played, more so than I do with other characters, so I'll likely add in a paragraph to summarize the Dangai.

Smile Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed!

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#3 Re: Nicole Lisola-Mazi on Sat Apr 15, 2017 10:47 pm

Approved 4-5. >_>

Kidding. 0-5.

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