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#1 Schala "Kid" Zeal on Thu Apr 13, 2017 2:46 am

Name: Schala "Kid" Zeal
Apparent Age: 16
True Age: ???
Sex: Female
Personality: fun-loving, carefree, and fearless are emotions she expresses outwardly. However she tends to brood and worry when left alone. She lies, twists, and creates facades to keep her real inner thoughts secret. She is very stubborn, straight forward and very very greedy, but she views herself more as a Robin Hood despite that. It isn't so much as she'll only target the rich but she won't needlessly hurt someone further than necessary to accomplish her goal. Financially or otherwise. She tends to be willful in her pursuits and seems unable to control her Fiery tongue or temper very well. But she is far from being Kind as well. Despite her complexities she's more chaotic good than anything else and doesn't mind helping when she can as long as it doesn't clash with her own objectives.

Height: 5'5''
Weight: 120 LBS
Physical Traits:


General Fighting Style: The fighting style is more akin to quick sudden motions and stealth manuevers than a fighting style meant to end fights before they can begin. However that will not always work. So they have trained in extensive pressure style tactics to compliment their quick speed in ways that allow them to defeat or at least wound even the toughest and more durable of opponents given enough time.

Strengths: Speed, Reiatsu
Weaknesses: Endurance, Durability


Name: Prism Dagger
Description:  A powerful dagger that subtlety shines with colored hues shifting like that of a rainbow, in terms of steel it is comparable to Zanpaktou and has the innate second effect of being empowered by spiritual energy, making it even more effective at cutting things than one might suspect. in terms of boosted damage. Each of her dagger attacks are equal to a bala (unless the element is negated or resisted) because the color the dagger is showing is also the "elemental affinity" possessed by the dagger itself. Giving it means to attack with that element. (Blue making the dagger an ice or water dagger for that post. Red being a flame dagger. Yellow Lightning, Green Wind, Brown Earth. Etc. Etc.) the color only lasts one post and changes EVERY post whether Kid wants it to or not. The dagger never has more than one element at a time.

Name: Astral Pouch
Description:  Her accessory has a wooden amulet inside it. While seemingly ordinary this amulet allows Schala to travel through dimensions. The pouch is enchanted to always be in Schala's possession and the amulet functions without being taken out of the pouch.


Ability Name: Supernatural Agility
Description: Users are glaringly, obviously and super/unnaturally more agile than their race because their capabilities are pushed beyond the natural level; making them immensely more agile and able to combine their balance, bodily coordination, speed, reflexes, strength and endurance in ways that most people cannot. In essence this could lead them to being the perfect assassin candidate. Example feats include reflexively dodging bullets with minimal effort and movement, accurately chucking a knife into the barrel of a gun from 20 yards away, and keeping track of users of high speed movement like shinigami with Shunpo with relative ease, as well as being able to make short-term and sudden movement attacks with high speed and accuracy.

Ability Name: Time Reversion
Description: Upon Schala's literal death her body is teleported randomly, even to another dimension if needed, to a place where she can be resurrected. This is achieved by time literally rewinding for her and her alone using her own personal timeline. The last thing she ever remembers, upon waking dazed and confused, is that she was basically dead and can't recall how or why she managed to get by just fine. This also means finding a means to put her in stasis, or soul trapping her, essentially causes her to stay in the "wait I'm dead" phase and loop in a permanent coma state until freed.


Ability Name: Will of Fire
Description: Schala is immune to all of her own abilities as well as 50% resistant to all other fire elemental abilities including "Molten" "Lava" and "Heat" based abilities.

Ability Name: Redpin
Description: She creates and then hurls three dozen knives created by her reiatsu at her intended target(s). This barrage covers six feet in width and six feet high of an area. Each blade strikes with the force of three bala. These blades are made of pure heat energy and as such can leave varying burns. First degree for minor cuts and hits, second degree if they manage to pierce the skin. This ability does require Kid to be stationary but does not require stationary targets.

Ability Name: Fireball
Description: Schala creates and launches up to 10 fireballs at bala speed. These inflict first degree burns and are comparable in strength and size of a Bala.

Ability Name: Magma Bomb
Description: Schala launches a volley of condensed fireballs at an enemy, up to 2 per target, with any number of targets; these inflict 2nd degree burns and are comparable to a cero in speed and damage and can only be used once per post.

Ability Name: Fire Pillar
Description: Schala chooses a location on the ground within 20ft of her; this location then erupts with a 3ft diameter, creating a pillar of fire that goes up to 50ft in the air, deals 2nd degree burns, and is comparable to a cero in damage. This has a one post CD.

Ability Name: Inferno
Description:  Schala ignites the air within 10ft of her, increasing the temperature drastically and causing first-degree burns to everyone that isn't her within the area for 3 posts. This ability has a 5 post cooldown. Schala's other abilities that pass through this range have 50% more power.

Ability Name: Volcano
Description: Schala chooses a location on the ground within 100ft of her; this location then erupts with a 10ft diameter, creating a pillar of lava that goes up to 200ft in the air, deals 2nd degree burns and Gran Rey Cero damage, and causes it to rain down with lava that moves at cero speed and deals bala damage as well as 2nd degree burns for 3 posts, covering an area of 200ft around the initial location. This ability has a 5 post cooldown.

Ability Name: RedWolf
Description: Schala creates a wolf-like creature made of pure fire that can withstand the damage of a cero before exploding. This wolf is under Schala's control, can bite down to deal 2nd degree burns and bala-level damage, and explodes with the force of a cero within 5ft of it when slain. Schala can create 1 wolf per post up to a maximum of 3 wolves.

Ability Name: Salamander
Description: Schala creates a dragon's head at a target location up to 10ft away; this head remains for up to 3 posts, but can be destroyed early by taking a Gran Rey Cero, and cannot move once its' created. The Dragon Head will breathe a stream of fire inflicting cero damage and traveling at bala speed, as well as 1st degree burns, twice per post at Schala's command; the stream will travel up to 50ft in a single line, and is 6in in diameter. If the head takes a GRC before it disappears, it explodes with the force of a GRC within 50ft. This ability has a 4 post cooldown, starting after the head goes away or is destroyed.

Boosts: Speed, Reiatsu x4

History: Born into a nameless village somewhere in Europe in the early 1700s, Schala Zeal was never going to amount to much. Even back then, people knew that something was off with her, some strange power that she seemed to emanate that made her marked as cursed. She was tried as a Witch at the age of 13 when she reported seeing ghosts, and was set to burn at the stake. The next thing she knew, she was somewhere in Russia.

Orphaned at a young age, Schala had goten used to being on her own. She made her way through the cold harshness of Russia, stealing what was needed to survive and finding her way back to Europe, and even her own village. She had no idea how long it had been, but not a single person in the village knew who she was and she was welcomed with open arms.

One too many attempts to steal led her to being discovered, but the man who had done so didn't want her to be tried, but rather adopted her. He came off as someone who was loving and trusting, and over time Schala began to trust him back. He taught her how to steal without getting caught, how to use her skills more effectively and efficiently, and never to take more than what she absolutely needed.

Tragedy struck when the village was attacked by Bandits. Though the history books report that there were no survivors, that's not technically true as Schala remembers being in the village during the attack, and fighting against one of the bandits with everything she had. She knew that she had survived, but did not know how. Fearing the worst, she stayed away from the village just in case any other survivors may have been around, and found her way to America in the early 1800s.

It was around this time that Schala realized her aging process wasn't quite the same as everyone else she'd met. Even after all the years, the entire century that she'd been around, she still looked like she was a child, no more than 14 or 15 at the absolute best. though she didn't understand this power of hers, she realized it could be useful to get away with some of her thefts, and accepted that whatever it was, it wouldn't go away any time soon.

The next few years were fairly tough on Schala, as no one trusted a young girl walking around and she had to continue to fend for herself. She practiced fighting and learning how to use her body in more dangerous ways in the event that someone tried to... take advantage of her, but luckily for her that situation never actually came up.

Around the dawn of the 19th century, Schala had found herself inexplicably escaping from several other situations that should have resulted in her death, but still never understood how she managed to escape. She refused to ever test her theory directly, but cursed any higher power and became an atheist when she realized that she couldn't die.

Continuing to practice her fighting, thieving, and everything in between, Schala found herself with a vast array of powers, most of them based around Fire. Finding an open canyon where she could practice them directly, Schala spent decades mastering her abilities to where she wouldn't have to worry about the day that may inevitably come and take her forever, the day she doesn't find herself inexplicably escaping.
Nothing lasts forever.

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#2 Re: Schala "Kid" Zeal on Sat Apr 15, 2017 12:26 am

Approved 3-2.

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#3 Re: Schala "Kid" Zeal on Sat Apr 15, 2017 2:18 am

Bumping to 3-1, not stepping on toes, just I did tell Rena she'd get 3-1.

Also Moving.

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#4 Re: Schala "Kid" Zeal on Sat Apr 15, 2017 2:20 am

Understood, I just like picking on Rena ;P

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#5 Re: Schala "Kid" Zeal on Sat Apr 15, 2017 2:21 am

Fair enough :p Now let's stop xD

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#6 Re: Schala "Kid" Zeal on Mon Apr 09, 2018 10:36 am

Re-approved at 1-4, now go steal some shit.

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