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#1 Graven Unbound (Post-Invasion) on Mon Apr 10, 2017 5:51 pm


Name: Graven Fel
Age: 21-24~
True Age: 5,944 (Unknown IC)
Sex: Male
Personality: A cold, unfeeling demeanor reflects itself upon Graven’s face in the form of a near-permanent look of disinterest, hiding his heart behind walls of ice.  The true chill of his personality becomes apparent when he speaks, his apathy sending chills down the spines of even the most stone-cold, nihilistic bastards among any race. In those who capture his attention, those hellish red eyes seem to pierce straight through their soul, batting aside any defenses and leaving one quivering beneath his gaze.

If someone manages to see past the “mask”, however, they might notice the slightly drooped shoulders and set to his face both speaking of weariness so profound that it cannot possibly have been created in a few centuries, or even in a millennium. The only explanation an observer can find lies in his eyes, where a shadow of deepest sorrow and pain unimaginable lurks beneath the orbs colored with rings of fresh blood straight from the heart.

As an Adjuchas and later as a Vasto Lorde, he was truly, undeniably happy. Graven was a kind, caring individual who would stand up for even the weakest of Hollows, an undeniably rare outlook in the Darwinist society of Hueco Mundo. Even the few Shinigami he encountered were stunned when he would rather talk peacefully than fight. His transformation into an Arrancar is shrouded in mystery, and few Hollows are old enough to remember him as anything other than such.

When questioned about his dubious evolution, Graven’s emotionless expression will darken, and his reiatsu will begin to feel ominous, like the calm sensation just before a storm breaks. Despite the few, seemingly callous words stating that it doesn’t matter, any observer could clearly see that remembering what happened that day is extremely painful for him. When paying closer attention, one might catch a glimpse of tears streaking down his face before the Arrancar is able to wipe them away. As Graven walks away, the last thing either enemies or allies will hear is a name whispered softly, lovingly, as it tears itself out from his throat with more passion and agony than any one being should ever endure.


Height: 5'10"
Weight: 165lbs
Physical Traits: Scarlet spikes defy gravity, sprouting from snow-white hair perpetually tussled from sleep as they fall over uncaring eyes of the same shocking hue. Blood-red tear tracks run down his face, previously only shown as such in his Segunda Etapa, but now a permanent fixture on his face. Flowing down to his shoulders, shaggy as if he was in Segunda but as short as if it were his normal hair, the mane of white and red frames an angular, yet masculine, face devoid of blemishes and scars. A light frown adorns the man’s visage as a clear compliment to the sadness living behind the hellish rifts peeking through half-lidded eyes.

Graven stands at 5’10”, a middle-of-the-road height that isn’t tall by any means, but isn’t short enough to be a hindrance. His physique is lean and well-balanced, streamlined enough to reach extreme speeds but sturdy enough to strike a devastating blow. Calloused hands feature well-trimmed nails, a habit born through necessity, as it were. His skin looks and feels remarkably smooth, belying the natural Hierro that protects him from most bodily harm. The snowy locks adorning his head are impossibly soft, seemingly melting in one’s hands.

Upon closer examination, one might notice that Graven’s canines are long…almost too long. His left ear is pierced in the lobe and around halfway up the cartilage, the former being a silver stud and the latter being an intricate silver cuff inscribed with the iconic leaves and berries of a “witching” tree. He is clean shaven, and has no freckles spattered across his tanned flesh. The planes of the man’s body are sharp and angular, yet maintain an air of masculinity unfazed by the passage of time, and unmatched by any other.

Graven’s Hollow Hole formerly lay in the hollow of his throat, but now can be found somewhere else after his fusion with his Zanpakuto. It cannot be seen with the eyes, unless one were to cut him open. His Hollow Hole has literally taken the place of his heart, an odd and complicated system of arteries and muscles moving around a void of what once was.

Graven no longer has a mask fragment from his time as a Hollow, as his physical form has taken something more akin to his original Segunda Etapa. Oddly enough, the skin underneath where it used to lay is completely unblemished and the same uniform tan as the rest of his body, which begs the question - How did that one happen?

Upon Graven's right pectoral lies a single tattoo, a "0", branding him as the Cero Espada. This marks him as the strongest Hollow in existance, and the ruler of the feared organization that has taken over Hueco Mundo.


General Fighting Style: Graven fights best in close combat, using high-speed attacks and vicious combos to tear his enemies to shreds. The abilities he gained upon becoming a Hollow and later an Arrancar assist with this, the blood created and controlled by his reiatsu being versatile enough to use as both a fearsome weapon and a near-insurmountable defense. The loss of his released form is a slight hindrance, as he needs to get used to his new abilities, but the ghostly claws and tail that appear while Unbound help some.

Reiatsu/Reiryoku: Graven has an immense level of reiatsu and near-endless amount of reiryoku, far higher than anyone at his caliber has a right to have. Those who experience the full weight of his spirit feel as if they are alone, suffocating at the bottom of the ocean.

Speed: Graven's base speed is insane, due to his species as a Hollow, and he has further progressed it along through a mastery of high-speed movement techniques.

Cero/Bala: Due to his age, Graven has been using Ceros since before the Gotei 13 was founded, and had a knack for it even then. After millennia of practice, he is able to crank out energy attacks as if they were nothing, while they move faster and hit harder than they normally should.

Hand to Hand: Graven's base form, and his Resurreccion by extension, relies heavily on his claws and fangs, so Graven has learned how to weaponize his entire body. He is a master of almost every martial arts style that has been invented to date, and is always willing to learn more.

Pesquisa: Graven sucks at sensing anything over his own massive Reiatsu output. As long as someone is within around 50 meters, he MIGHT be able to feel that they're present.

Swordsmanship: While he has a Zanpakuto, this really isn't one of his strong suits. Far from it, actually. He has about the skill of a Lieutenant-Class Shinigami with his blade through sheer force of will, but considering his age he should be able to do so much more with it.

Reiatsu Control: Graven has the fine reiatsu control of a chipmunk with bladder issues. It's embarrassing, really. If it weren't for his mastery over Ceros or the ability to control blood, one would think that his greatest feat with his own energy was NOT obliterating Las Noches every time he so much as sneezes.

Stamina: While operating under normal day-to-day stress is fine, fighting takes quite a bit out of Graven. This isn't to say that he isn't able to partake in a prolonged fight, but he'll pretty much pass out afterwards. His working maximum is approximately two-and-a-half pages, maybe a little more if he releases.


Name: Sanguine Reiatsu
Effect: Arguably, this ability places Graven among the most powerful Arrancar, perhaps even dominating in combat effectiveness. His reiatsu is…unique, in that it has the form and consistency of blood. When released, Graven is able to manipulate his own blood, along with the “blood” created by this effect. Solidifying, moulding, and shaping this blood is child’s play, along with enhancing attack or defensive power as he sees fit. Using this technique, Graven can reshape and control both his own reiatsu and any blood upon the battlefield to use against his opponent. He can control about 30 gallons at most, half of which is produced upon release of his reiatsu, gaining 5 gallons every post afterward until he hits maximum capacity. Being hit by the blood itself causes damage similar to an average Cero, allowing him to use this technique as both an effective weapon and a powerful defense.

-Technique Name: Negation Wall
Technique Description: Graven forms a partial dome of pure, densified blood, defending himself from any attacks on the chosen side. The dome itself is amorphous, allowing it the potential to redirect an energy-based assault back at the attacker as well as reinforcing its strength against melee attacks. The curvature of the dome itself varies according to necessity, and it can be either concave or convex as the situation dictates. This technique is instant, and lasts for 3 posts or until struck as dictated. Negation Wall requires 3 posts to cool down after its collapse, and uses up 3 gallons of blood. It is capable of reflecting any attack up to a 60's Hado in strength, and is capable of absorbing up to Hado #70. After that, it merely reduces damage done to Graven.

-Technique Name: Destrozar (ravage, pull or tear apart)
Technique Description: Using the nature of his reiatsu against his opponent, Graven leaves a portion of it inside of his opponent after a successful attack. Once the reiatsu hits the target’s bloodstream, Graven rips it out violently, turning his opponent’s blood against him. This technique leaves lacerations along 15% of the body in most cases. This ability is able to be activated upon a successful attack, and takes 5 posts to infect enough blood to take effect. After this attack takes effect, it requires 3 posts to cool down.

-Technique Name: Cero Blades
Technique Description: By blending 1 gallon of his blood with a Cero, Graven can form a katana out of the mass of raw power that is similar in form to his Zanpakuto. The blades created by this technique are around the same strength as the steel making up a Zanpakuto, and release the full force of a Cero when shattered. A small trail of reishi follows the spine of the sword, revealing to an observant onlooker that Graven can fire the Cero at any time, allowing for a little “tactical creativity”. Damage done from this blast is equal to that of an ordinary Cero. The sword itself has no charge time, lasts for 3 posts, and must cool down for 3 posts upon release.


Sealed Appearance: Due to the near-transcendent state that Graven has found himself in after extended exposure to his Segunda Etapa, he has found that he has fused with his Zanpakuto, allowing him access to the power given to him by his release forms without the need to release a blade.
Zanpakuto Name: N/A
Zanpakuto Call Out: N/A
Cero: Graven is capable of using Ceros, Balas, the Gran Rey Cero, and Cero Oscuras, as well as a handful of...unique Ceros, listed below.

Technique Name: Cero Devastación
Technique Description: As this technique is released, Graven draws his power back in upon itself, causing a large blast of crimson reishi to draw itself from the target to his finger or mouth. Anything caught within the blast collapses in upon itself from the sudden gap, much like a vacuum. Of course, the sudden rush of matter colliding with itself proceeds to evacuate outward, causing a large-scale shockwave that slices through anything in the vicinity. This occurrence marks the key difference between Cero Devastación and the Cero of any other released Arrancar; Graven’s Cero has the ability to implode instead of explode.  This technique takes a single post to charge, and takes 5 posts to cool down. It strikes with the force of a Cero Oscuras initially, and the return shockwave is equivalent to a 40's Level Hado.

Technique Name: Cero Dios
Technique Description: Graven, after achieving his Unbound state, decided to cut his Cero Iluvia in half to make a more practical technique, one still able to end most opponents, but with less damage to himself. This is the result. Cero Dios is utterly massive, red and black reiatsu flowing in equal measure as reality begins warping around it in a manner similar to a Gran Rey Cero. This technique strikes with the force of Hado #99, and requires a seven post cool-down.

Technique Name: Cero Iluvia
Technique Description: The hellish light glowing in Graven's eyes and his estigma intensifies as he charges this, one of his strongest techniques. Ceros pulse and flow down his arm to his palm, coagulating and blasting outward in a rain of destruction as he fires it towards the enemy. The two Ceros that make up this technique are absolutely devastating, causing reality to warp along the edges. They each strike with the force of a Forbidden Kido spell, and upon detonation Graven's release form ends, and he becomes fatigued. This is a final technique, and it's power is definitely worthy of such. The ability is only able to go 150 meters before detonation.


Name: Gemelos
Effect: High-speed movement is an exceedingly fine art, and none are more natural to it than Graven. As a wolf, it is part-and-parcel with his nature to strike hard and fast with as much grace as a cat. One might even call him a savant, albeit a deadly one. Due to his natural grace combined with either blade or claws, Graven is capable of preforming advanced techniques with little to no difficulty. His skill with this technique has even become such that he can be considered one of the fastest of his tier, stunning his foes as he moves at supersonic speeds in combat. The key behind Gemolos, however, is that this advanced form of Sonido allows him to create afterimages of himself that act as mirages. He can create up to 5 mirages of himself using this ability per thread, and they immediately fade after an attack, appearing for only around 2 seconds as if Graven himself were stuck before disappearing.

Name: Enhanced Senses
Effect: Due to his nature as a Wolf-Based Hollow, Graven's senses (excluding his spiritual ones) are far more sensitive than those of a human or Shinigami. Even other Hollows are incapable of matching this aspect of the Espada in action. Beyond-perfect eyesight, sonar hearing, hyper-sensitive skin and taste-buds, and a nose nearly 1,000 times more sensitive than normal all combine to make Graven the perfect predator.


Appearance: When released, Graven's appearance no longer changes from his base form, the only indicator between his various states of release being an increase in reiatsu color, density of his reiatsu, and his glowing eyes and estigma. In his base form and Resurreccion equivalent, his reiatsu is crimson, and in his Segunda Etapa equivalent it turns black with crimson edges.

Name: Unbound
Effect: Graven is able to power up much like an Arrancar would normally by using Resurreccion and Segunda Etapa, except there is no change beyond the wild showcasing of his massive spiritual energy. Unbound has two stages that Graven can access. Level 1 grants him power equivalent to his Resurreccion, an explosion of crimson reiatsu coming forth to reveal that his eyes and estigma have begun glowing, and he glows lightly himself. Level 2 heralds a far different change, red-trimmed black reiatsu surging outward before dissipating, showing that the red glow that previously surrounded his body had restrained itself to his blood stream - much like a Quincy's Blut in appearance - and his schlera have turned black in addition to his irises and tear-mark estigma burning red. He is able to hold any of these indefinitely and swap between them at will.

Name: Emperador Pesadumbre (Sorrow-Sworn Emperor)
Description: While using Unbound Graven draws reishi in from the surrounding area to form Ceros, imbuing and mingling them with his blood to pump the destructive power through his entire body. He can then release the Ceros at will through his body or the blood under his control. The control Graven has over blood is increased, allowing him to manipulate double the original 30 gallons at once. Ghostly claws of red reishi extend about an inch and a half from his fingertips, and a three-foot tail spreads made of the same, each of which is insanely strong - on the level of a Bankai of equal tier - complimenting his natural abilities and replacing a Zanpakuto when necessary.

Name: Sangre Del Emperador (Blood of the Emperor)
Description: While in Unbound Level 2, Graven has an infinite supply of blood. He can never bleed out fully, his manipulation of the blood is unlimited, and he is coated in it, increasing his Hierro by 3x. His "claws" and "tail" are now as strong as a Shinigami's Toukai, able to defend against the strongest Shinigami technique without worry.

Name: Transcendent
Effect: Graven's reiatsu and reserves has become so high that he cannot seal it away, even with Unbound, and most can sense him even if they have trouble sensing. Passive x5 boost to Reiatsu and Reiryoku. As a result of this, however, he has become completely unable to sense the reiatsu of others, having to rely on his own enhanced senses.

Name: Wolf Hunt
Effect: By channeling the Ceros running through his blood into his claws and tail, Graven can overcharge them briefly, augmenting a single physical strike with a Gran Rey Cero to cause overwhelming damage. This technique has a three-post cooldown.

Name: Enhanced High-Speed Regeneration
Effect: Graven has discovered how to hasten his natural regeneration and the regeneration he previously gained in Segunda Etapa with his blood manipulation, shaving a significant period of time off of the healing process. This works one post faster than normal, meaning most injuries will be healed in less than a post, medium injuries will be healed in a post, and the most severe of injuries, such as limb loss, take two posts.

Boosts: x3 Speed and Strength in Level 1, x4 Speed and Strength in Level 2.



5,920 Years Ago - A young hunter by the name of Graven is mortally injured while hunting and freezes to death in a blizzard.

5,800 Years Ago - Graven Fel becomes the first Adjuchas-Class Menos Grande in the wake of Suna and Shinran’s duel.

5,500 Years Ago - Graven and Alyss establish the Kingdom of the North, the first true Kingdom of Hueco Mundo.

5,450 Years Ago - Graven Fel evolves even further, becoming the first Vasto Lorde.

4,800 Years Ago - The Fall of the North begins, and Graven shatters his mask, becoming the first Arrancar, natural or otherwise.

4,700 Years Ago - Graven becomes a wanderer, letting Hueco Mundo get torn apart for revenge before he disappears, becoming naught but a legend.

3,000 Years Ago - Graven reemerges in the wake of the founding of the Gotei 13, allowing himself to be sighted by the first Shinigami Captains, but always disappearing before they could engage him. He is only caught once, by the first Captain of the Eight Division, and the encounter ends with the loss of the Captain’s left arm. After this, Graven is labelled a Captain-Only opponent, and any information able to be found is collected.

2,250 Years Ago - Graven participates in the First War, not necessarily a member of Apocalypse but keeping an eye out. He bears witness to Arngrim’s assassination of Anamist, and decides that such a man isn’t fit to lead.

2,000 Years Ago - Distrusting Arngrim’s motives, the First Arrancar secretly opposes the upstart whenever possible, but acts as one of his most trusted advisors.

1,500 Years Ago - In the final battle between Arngrim Wolfcloak and the Gotei 13, Graven orders the Hollows under his command to retreat, stabbing the other Arrancar in the back in a similar manner to what he had done to Anamist.

300 Years Ago - After disappearing once again into the sands as if a mirage, Graven comes out after 1,200 years to whispers of a rebellion.

150 Years Ago - After 150 years of war, Graven takes his rightful place as King of Hueco Mundo, beginning construction of Las Noches out of the bones of his ancestors.

100 Years Ago - Construction of Las Noches is completed, and Graven founds the Espada as a ruling class of Arrancar.

Present - Look at the site, then look at him. That's what he's done.

Side Notes: This is Graven after Rena lets out some aggression on the Espada as a collective. and he goes through a bit of character development.
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