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#1 Ryuuichi Mazino on Mon Apr 10, 2017 2:53 am

Name: Mazino Ryuuichi
Alias: Black Demon, Ryuu
Real Age: 213
Phys. Age: 24
Gender: Male
Personality: Ryuuichi is a man who likes to see the brighter side of the world. He likes to try and believe it's peaceful even though it obviously isn't so. However, one can still dream right? Though no matter how optimistic he may be, he sees the world realistically when it means either life or death. It isn't, well let's be optimistic, we could go attack the group of hollows and continue on back to Sereitei. However, that isn't the case. The squad is injured and fatigued. The most realistic way back would definitely be to find a way around or try to draw the hollows out one by one to eliminate their numbers before ambushing.

For most situations, Ryuu is an idealist. He is one to follow his own beliefs until the very end, though still, in any situation where lives are on the line, he will look at the facts and find the most ideal and rational way to survive. Lives are nothing to play with. The way Ryuuichi sees things is rather logical. From his experiences things are usually one thing or another. If you're not a friendly, you're an enemy. If you're not strong, you're weak. If you're not alive, you're dead.

Surprisingly, Ryuuichi is both playful and serious. He gets in on jokes at times and even enjoys them, however he knows the time to be serious. He may show his playful side but deep down he can be rather serious and focus on his goals. Of course, his number one goal is to protect those he cares about. Though it's not like that's a unique goal, but that doesn't mean it's a bad one.

Ryuuichi is out and about plenty, always looking for any odd jobs or something to do. Though that only makes up part of his day. At times he likes to sit down and simply meditate, a lot of the time speaking with his Zanpakuto or just observing the scenery. Though half the times he's just sleeping. Ryuuichi does however not like being in large crowds like parties or anything of the sort. That doesn't mean he hates people though. If anything, one thing he hates the most is being alone.

Ryuu is the epitome of courageous. He's always willing to fight for what he believes in, whether verbally or physically, even if that means not fighting. He will always go life and limb to save somebody else despite the dangers that lie ahead. He is confident in his training that he has completed over the years and that it won't betray him when he needs it most.

Clever in combat, naive in speech. In combat Ryuuichi relies on his instincts and usually comes out on top. Only rarely does he have to make any sort of strategy, however it will only be a few moves ahead and he is always ready to improvise when needed. Outside of combat is a different story. Ryuuichi has decent above average intelligence, but despite that he is rather naive. A lot of things go over his head and this is likely due to him being at a young age. Despite is appearance at times, Ryuuichi is actually a rather polite person and doesnt try to be rude. Whenever he is rude, it is with good intentions and he has a reason for it. Though just like anybody else, people lose their temper and begin to act out of character at times.

Overall, Ryuuichi is a brace and kind guy who will go out on a limb for somebody he trusts, whether he has to put up his honor or even his life. He believes if he can save many other lives, then just sacrificing his is worth it. Ryuu is always leading the charge when it comes to protecting.

Height: 6'1
Weight: 174 pounds
Physical Traits: Ryuuichi has a stature of 6 feet and an inch. With his lean and athletic build he weighs around 170 pounds. Despite his appearance of being a bit tall and rather muscular, his weight is a bit lower than it should be which makes him actually faster than he normally would be seen as.

He has black choppy hair that seems to just rest on his head. The style is short and his bangs come down to cover his forehead and only barely reaching his eyes. He is decently toned with light skin. His eyes however are a bit unusual, being a bright yellow color. The most distinguishing feature on his face would be the large scar that goes diagonally from near his right eye, over his nose, and down to his left cheek.

The scar on his face isn't the only one though. If anybody gets the pleasure of seeing him topless, they'd see countless scars across his body. However none of them are as prominent as the one on his pretty face. The scars across his body are just small cuts that seemed to stay on his body and remain.

His attire is rather different from the basic Shinigami wear. Most Shinigami had their black and white robes, Ryuuichi however is a bit different. He wears completely black robes. At the waist it held together by a black cloth belt while the torso is left open still. Halfway up his torso under his robe is a black sash that hugs his body tightly. If anything, it seems he is wearing a type of Karate Gi. Over it is a type of jacket that is left open and goes down just below his waist. It usually freely blows in the wind since it isn't tied down by the cloth. The jacket is long sleeved and has a collar that rises up to the length of his neck. On the front are some plates of armor that hang over his chest, but still reveal a bit of skin inbetween the armor and the sash that covers his middle.

On his left shoulder is more played armor while nothing is on the right side. On his arms are bracers that only cover the tops of his hands, which are connected to the jacket and tied at the wrists. Going with the black color scheme he wear black pants that are tucked into his black boots that rise up to just under his knees.

At times Ryuuichi can be seen to have a peaceful look, and at other times the menacing gaze of the devil. In combat he even seems to grin like a demon in battle. However most of the time he keeps himself composed and generally has an emotionless expression, giving the impression that he's a serious person. Despite the appearance, Ryuuichi is actually rather light hearted and a kind person.

Ryuuichi generally has good posture except when he's really trying to kick back and relax. He stands with good posture, he even sits in a traditional way. Sitting on the knees and toes with hands in his lap, back straight as a board. His presence itself is always known unless he himself is masking it.

General Fighting Style: Ryuuichi has his own self made fighting style. By combining knowledge of other things and even mixing in his own twists and techniques, he has created something unique for himself. Ryuuichi's style consists of the sword, only sometimes does he actually sue any kidou. His style is based on his speed and strength. He usually charges in like a berserker and slices and dices. At least that's what it looks like on the outside. Upon further inspection his style is actually coordinated and it isn't just senseless swinging of his blade. A lot of times he may mix in feints to throw off his opponent and he always makes good use of kicks or elbows when needed.

When fighting somebody of equal strength, Ryuuichi won't just jump in like normal. He makes use of his spacing and tries to mess with his opponent's depth perception by quickly closing the distance and suddenly creating a large gap between him and his opponent when they attack so it seems as if he's farther away than he really is, before quickly jumping in again. Ryuuichi also tends to switch stances a lot from a left foot lead to a right foot. The technique is actually very effective against those that backstreet a lot. Step in with the left for an attack, but then switch stances and take a step forward with the right to further your reach and attack range greatly.

On stronger opponents Ryuuichi will try to stall them out. Generally the only time he fights one would be to buy time for his allies to escape or buying time for reinforcements. To big time he focuses more on defense and only attacks with counters. He utilizes his speed to create distance between him and his opponent and close in when needed. Often he will try to flank and target any weaknesses his opponent has.

When sparring Ryuuichi will try to make his opponent become better. Ryuu will try to not hurt them and only attempt to disarm his opponent or incapacitate them with non lethal strikes such as elbows knees and kicks. A lot of the time he will even use the flat of his blade to strike his opponent.

At times when Ryuuichi is having a tough time or is even enjoying the fight, he takes the appearance of a demon cutting down his foes ruthlessly. He has a menacing presence on the battlefield with overwhelming power and might. To his allies he brings hope to his enemies he brings a swift death. Ryuuichi truly is a force to be reckoned with.
Zanjutsu Master
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Strength
Weaknesses: Kidou - With the exception of his Zanpakuto abilities, Ryuuichi lacks greatly with Kidou, including Hadou and Bakudo.

Instinct - Ryuuichi rushes into combat without a plan created by himself. He relies on instinct and his past training.

Hakuda -  Ryuuichi spent his time mastering the blade so he is very lacking with hand to hand.
Ability Name: Low Regeneration
Ability Description: Ryuuichi constantly ionizes his body so that only certain types of Reishi are attracted to him, specifically ones that will heal him. This allows him to heal small wounds quickly and anything above small wounds over time, some quicker than others.

Ability Name: Lightning Affinity
Ability Description: Ryuuichi is naturally able to manipulate and control lightning at his own will. This is due to his Zanpakuto being that of lightning, and more specifically, his soul itself had an affinity for lightning. Lightning caused 1st degree burns.

Sealed Appearance:

When sealed, Ryuuichi's Zanpakuto takes the form of a straight katana with a rather simple design. The blade is a basic steel color while the hilt is black. The handguard is also black in the shape of a circle.
Zanpakutou Name: Kumotta Arashi (Clouded Tempest)
Call Out Command: "Sunder the land, Kumotta Arashi."

When Ryuuichi's Zanpakuto is released into the Shikai form the blade doesn't change much. The Zanpakuto is still a straight Katana but with a black, magnum colored blade. The only other change would be the hand guard that changes into a black square shape while the black hilt remains.
Ability Name: Lightning Blast
Ability Description: The user points the tip of their blade or a finger at the opponent. On the tip forms a small ball of light, crackling with black lightning before the ball suddenly turns a dark black color and an enormous beam of darkness envelops the path the blade or finger is pointing, black lightning surging within its very being. This attack would be similar to a Cero. 1 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Lightning Ray
Ability Description: The user points the tip of their blade or a finger at the opponent. On the tip forms a small ball of light, crackling with black lightning before the ball suddenly turns a dark black color and an absolutely devastating beam of darkness envelops the path the blade or finger is pointing, black lightning surging within its very being. This attack would be similar to a Gran Rey Cero. 3post cooldown.

Ability Name: Overload
Ability Description: The user points any limb or even their weapon at their opponent. On the end appears a dark black orb. After a moment it shrinks and disappears. In its place is an enormous beam of energy crackling with black lightning  that engulfs the area, along with anybody who dare face it. Power of Cero Osculus. 4 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Flying Thunder Storm
Ability Description: The user uses their blade and as black lightning begins surging around the steel, the user does seven quick slices at the air, and from it launch seven 'waves' of darkness, crackling with black lightning as they fly towards either a single target or even across multiple targets to deal damage. Each wave is comparable to Hadou 40. 2 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Raiden's Lightning Touch
Ability Description: Ryuuichi's Zanpakuto is naturally attuned to Lightning, and so when covered in the crackling black electricity, everything his blade touches is electrocuted. Ouch, getting cut will be a shocking surprise.
Lasts permanently. The ability is even stronger with Bankai.

Ability Name: Raiden's Guard
Ability Description: Ryuuichi constantly is coated with lightning, and this even works as a shield at the cost of it not hurting anybody that touches it. This causes Ryuuichi to have 15% damage reduction and 20% during Bankai.

Boosts: 2x Speed, 2x Reflex, 2x Reiatsu, 2x Reiryoku

New Name: Hiyoke Kumotta Arashi

Ryuuichi's Zanpakuto retains the straight Katana appearance despite even being in the Bankai form. However, his eyes have a clear bright yellow glow to them. The blade is still a black magnum color with markings down the blade. The handguard goes back to a black circle shape and the hilt a pitch black as well.
Ability Name: Thunderstruck
Ability Description: The user drops down a powerful bolt of black lightning from the clouds to deal devastating damage. The damage radius is easily 60 meters. However, every 20 meters the power is decreased. Compared to Hadou 75 at the center. 70 at 20meters out. 65 at 40  meters out. 60  at 60 meters out. 3 post cooldown.

Ability Name: Lightning Stream
Ability Description: The user released black lightning out in all directions that can chain between targets. A good AoE ability that has a range of 30 meters all around. Compared to Hadou 60 Cooldown 3 turns.

Ability Name: Lightning Volley
Ability Description: The user can summon a maximum of 5 balls of electricity. Their size is each 5 meters in diameter. Ryuuichi can control these orbs at will. Individually they have power equivalent to Hadou 45. However if two of them collide and combine, their power is comparable to Hadou 60. If three combine, Hadou 70. If four combine, 75. If all five combine, Hadou 80. 3 post cooldown.

Ability Name:Raining Thunder
Ability Description: The user calls in thunderclouds to roll in from above. Each turn Ryuuichi can use three lightning bolts that have the power of a cero each. Storm lasts 5 turns with a 3 turn cooldown.
Boosts: x3 Speed, x3 Reflex, x3 Strength, x3 Reiatsu, x2 Reiryoku, x2 Stamina

New Name: [What's your zanpakuto's new name?]
Appearance: [What does your bankai look like? Character appearance changes, weapon changes, etc.]
Abilities: [What abilities does your character gain]
Boosts: [In this release, you get a 4x boost; you can apply this to as many 'stats' as you want (strength, speed, durability, etc) but they're diminishing returns; the more you have, the less effective they actually are.]

History: Ryuuichi's story starts in 1779 at his birth as Jack Washington. He was born due to.. high morale after the victory of the US breakaway from England.  During his life span he grew up to a lot of change. The USA becoming what it is today, the start of it all. A lot has happened, new states, new land being taken, the government rising up, Bill of Rights, Constitution, a lot of what the USA revolves around today is just being made. In 1795 when Ryuuichi was 16 he took part in the final year of the Northwest Indian War that lasted from 1785-1795. Ryuuichi survived the event and returned a warrior and soldier. As time went on, in 1801 began the first Barbary War that world last until 1805. Ryuuichi served as a General against the enemy for two years before his untimely death in 1803. He died a well recognized and decorated war hero. That was when he awoke as Ryuuichi Mazino.

As Ryuuichi was born he lived yet another childhood and was eventually found for having exceptionally high spiritual pressure, reiatsu. He was taken into the Shinigami Academy to go through classes. Ryuuichi was young, naive, confident, and took it all for granted. However, Ryuuichi did continue to train behind the scenes. He trained his body more and more and practiced his sword swings constantly when he wasn't studying.

Eventually him and his class were taken out on a field test with two lieutenants within the Gotei 13. Everything was fine as there were merely low level hollows. However, suddenly a group of three arrancars showed up. They came and did their business, killing the lieutenants and the rest of his classmates. Ryuuichi however, they decided to keep for fun and took him with them. For three months he was kept prisoner. For three months he was made a slave. For three months he was tortured. For three months he didn't eat or sleep. For three months he was beaten, abused, and used for entertainment. Only until after the three months of hell did help finally arrive, two captains and three lieutenants came and rescued him.

After everything had ended, Ryuuichi wasn't the same naive boy who took everything for granted. He trained constantly, daily, every day for over a hundred years. He eventually began to make a name for himself. He went out and to hunt down hollows and no matter how many there were, he always came back. From the way he looked when he fought, Ryuuichi was then called the black demon. Ryuuichi continued on through the academy and though he wasn't a top 5 student or anything, he was above average. Ranked at exactly 10. His academics were above average, zanjutsu excellent, kidou was subpar. He was good at a few but besides that he wasn't as good as everybody else at it, which dropped his grade.

Eventually he continued working his way up in the rankings after graduating. He did odd jobs, went to the world of the living, slated hollows, performed rituals. He did exactly what a Shinigami had to do. Even though fairly young, day by day, month by month, year by year, Ryuu began to make a name for himself. Though small now, eventually he would be known by all.
Side Notes:
Roleplay Sample: The smell reeked.. it was like a thousand bodies died and decayed. That was the smell in the air as Ryuuichi sat huddled in the corner of a cell smothered in dry blood; his blood. The floor used to be a a gray color but now it was just dark red. Whether it was just his blood, he wouldn't know, he didn't care. All he cared about was his own survival.

It had been three terrifying months of hell, and nobody had come for him yet. Maybe nobody cared. Maybe they forgot he existed. Maybe they erased his existence on purpose.. however all those thoughts came to an end as he looked up and the door was open. Standing in the doorway was a captain of the Gotei 13.
"If you can move it's time to leave. We have come for you."

Ryuuichi silently nodded. He hadn't spoke once during these three months, if anything he didn't even know if he could still speak.
"A... Alright..."
This sound was his voice. Something he hadn't heard in a long time.

A few moments after exiting the cell, it didn't take him long to recover his Zanpakuto. He wasn't about to let his saviors do all the work in dominating the hollows and arrancar from the place. Ryuuichi stormed out with the captain and saw the battlefield. It was only one captain and the three of the lieutenants fighting the many hollows and the arrancar. Of course the captain with him would have to help, and Ryuuichi knew he wouldn't be able to do much to the arrancar but he could at least help with the hollows.

As he fought, he struggled from his weakness. He was definitely being overpowered, but what exactly could he do? That was when he remembered. How was he able to stay sane these three months? There was a voice he spoke to.. what was its name.. then he remembered.
"Ahh... Kumotta Arashi..."

His blade felt different. In his hand was a black blade with a square hand guard. However that wasn't the only difference. He felt more powerful as well, and crackling around him was black lightning. It seemed this was the Shikai form of his Zanpakuto. Normally a Zanpakuto changed a lot, however his remained the same. It was just the way he liked it.

With this new power he began fighting much better against the hollow threat, actually being useful now. Before, if anything, he was just in the way but now he was slicing and dicing the hollows like butter. Suddenly a hollow came from behind him to strike him, but when he turned to counter, it was no hollow, but in its place an arrancar that quickly struck him across the face. His vision became tinted red from the blood plastered upon his face. This was the attack that made his most prominent scar.

When he awoke, he saw all white. A few moments later he figured it out to be the ceiling he was parallel to. Ryuuichi sat up groggily. His face was mostly bandaged and it was the same for the rest of his body. It seemed as if everything was bandaged. As he looked around further he noticed he was at the hospital of sereitei. He was home. However Ryuuichi felt a twang of regret. He looked down at the pearly white sheets and gripped them tightly in his fists. He regretted needing to be saved. He regretted not being able to help. He regretted taking everything for granted... he regretted being weak..

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