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#1 Ragnar Lothbrok on Sat Apr 08, 2017 4:10 am


Name: Ragnar Lothbrok
Alias: The Warborn
Real Age: 1283
Phys. Age: 27
Gender: Male
When someone doesn't know Ragnar, he has a nasty habit of coming across as a total ass. He is rude, snide, crass, has no censor, and genuinely seems to not care about anything that doesn't directly involve him. However, if you somehow manage to get past this layer of brutality, and find a way into Ragnar's life and heart, you've made a friend for life. Ragnar is fiercely loyal to all who prove themselves, and while he values physical strength very highly it pales in comparison to a person's honor. As a Viking, Ragnar holds those who respect the traditions of Honor in an extremely high regard, and will go out of his way to make sure other people live up to those traditions.

Ragnar does have some flaws, however; aside from the assinine brute that people first meet, Ragnar doesn't fully grasp the concept of territory or personal space. There are times when it may seem like he is purposefully trying to be a jerk or make someone uncomfortable that he genuinely doesn't think he's doing anything wrong. This can sometimes be misconstrued into a sociopathic line of thought, but in reality Ragnar just doesn't understand the concept of personal space.


Height: 7'6"
Weight: 389 lbs
Physical Traits:
Wears a standard Shinigami outfit, with a Haori made of fur as an homage to his time in the World of the Living.


General Fighting Style: Ragnar fights in a purely melee style, much like a
Strengths: Endurance¹, Strength², Reiryoku³, Reiatsu³, Stamina, Agility
Weaknesses: Sensing³, Spiritual Control³, Kidou(Restricted to ≤10), Hakuda

Ability Name: Reginkunnr Endurance¹
Ability Description: Ragnar feels no pain whatsoever, and so long as he can keep moving his body (read: not paralyzed or dead), he can keep fighting at full force.

Ability Name: Reginkunnr Strength²
Ability Description: Ragnar's strength is always higher than his tier or release would normally be. Sealed, he has a 3x to Strength; Shikai is 4x, Bankai is 5x, Toukai is 6x.

Ability Name: Reginkunnr Reiryoku & Reiatsu³
Ability Description: Ragnar has an absolutely insane amount of Reiryoku & Reiatsu: 6x over someone else of his tier - however, he cannot control it worth shit beyond his abilities, cannot seal it at all, and cannot sense other people over his own energy.


Sealed Appearance: [Picture] - Approximately 6ft in length, sheathed over his shoulder on his back.
Zanpakutou Name: Ragnarök
Call Out Command: n/a - Simply saying his name is enough to wake Ragnarök up.
Inner World: [Picture]
Spirit Appearance:


Appearance: [Picture] - Approximately 6ft in length, blades are 1ft at longest.
Boosts: 2x Stamina; 2x Speed

THICK SKIN [passive]
Ragnar is 15% resilient to all elemental damage, and has a Hierro-like effect at all times.

Ragnar strikes at the Earth, causing a Magnitude 4.0 Earthquake; everything within 50 meters of Ragnar will feel the Earthquake, and will potentially lose their balance momentarily. This ability has a 3 post cooldown.

Ragnar makes a single attack at 2x his current Strength. In Shikai, this is 8x; in Bankai, this is 10x; in Toukai, this is 12x. This ability has a 4post Cooldown before it can be used again.


New Name: Ragnarøkkr
Appearance: [Picture] - Approximately 8ft in length, blade is 3ft at longest.
Boosts: 3x Stamina; 3x Speed
Abilities: [Retains Previous Abilities, except where noted.]

THICK SKIN 2 [replaces Thick Skin] [passive]
Ragnar is 25% resilient to all elemental damage, and has a Hierro-like effect at all times.

EARTHSHAKER 2 [replaces Earthshaker]
Ragnar strikes at the Earth, causing a Magnitude 6.5 Earthquake; everything within 500 meters of Ragnar will feel the Earthquake, and could lose their balance momentarily. Everything within 50 meters of Ragnar will suffer violent shaking, and most non-industrial buildings will collapse. This ability has a 4 post cooldown.

Ragnar strikes with the fury of the sun; for one post, his attacks are at Bala speeds and inflict first degree burns if they reach their target. This ability has a 3 post cooldown, and shares a cooldown with Duskbreaker.

Ragnar strikes with the fury of the moon; for one post, his attacks inflict Cero-level damage on top of his regular strength to anything he hits. This ability has a 3 post cooldown, and shares a cooldown with Dawnbreaker.


New Name: Aldarrök
Appearance: [Picture] - Approximately 20ft in length, blade is 8ft at longest; additionally, Ragnar's size increases: See Below.
Boosts: 4x Stamina; 4x Speed
Abilities: [Retains Previous Abilities, except where noted.]

JǪTUNN-MÓÐR [passive]
While in his Toukai, Ragnar has an increased size; he stands at 21ft 7in tall, and weighs an appropriate 3584lbs.

THICK SKIN 3 [replaces Thick Skin 2] [passive]
Ragnar is 35% resilient to all elemental damage, and has a 2x Hierro-like effect at all times.

EARTHSHAKER 3 [replaces Earthshaker 2]
Ragnar strikes at the Earth, causing a Magnitude 9.0 Earthquake; everything within 500 meters of Ragnar will feel the Earthquake, and will suffer violent shaking, while all buildings will collapse. Everything within 50 meters of Ragnar will be pushed back to at least 50m away, and will suffer the same violent shaking the entire way. This ability has a 5 post cooldown.

Ragnar pours his very soul into his attacks; for 5 posts, his attacks are at Bala speeds, inflict second-degree burns, and inflict Cero-level damage on top of that, to anything he hits. This ability cannot be used if Dawnbreaker or Duskbreaker are on cooldown, and places him in a Fatigued state for the remained of the thread after it ends.


When he woke up in Valhalla, he thought everything was perfect. What he didn't understand, though, was where everyone else was? All records of Valhalla indicated that regardless of when someone died, they entered Valhalla in the order of their strength; this, of course, meant that Odin was always to be the first into Valhalla, because none could ever match his strength. Ragnar has expected to be in the first hundred, but... where was everyone else? Then he heard the growling behind him.

Actually... I should start from the beginning. Sorry, I tend to throw the order around a bit, shake things up... but I caught your attention, didn't I? Alright, real quick let me explain who we're talking about: Ragnar Lothbrok, former king of Nordic Germany, blah blah you know the stories, and if not just go to Wikipedia. That shit was all 1200 years ago and I don't feel like getting into it when there are much better authors than myself out there who would love to explain Ragnar. Moving on...

After death in the Snakepit, Ragnar found himself a Spirit, with the chain of fate emerged from his chest. With no one to talk to and no one to explain anything, he simply wandered around and found his way back to his family, watching them though they could not see him. A strange man in a black robe appeared from nowhere, and told Ragnar that this was not the end; Valhalla awaited, and simply required a Gatekeeper, which was the man with the sword. As the Konsou was performed, Ragnar closed his eyes and went to Valhalla.

When he woke up in Valhalla... you read this part. Then he heard the growling behind him and turned to see a giant wolf-man hybrid snarling at him. Immediately reaching for his weapon, Ragnar realized he was defenseless against a giant wolf in what he thought to be an emptied-out Valhalla... so he did what any sane person would do, and punched the wolf with his bare hands.


The voice rang out in his head as the wolf snarled again, and it took Ragnar only a few moments to understand the wolf was speaking directly to his mind.


Over the next few years, Ragnar and his Wolfy friend began to explore Valhalla as Ragnar was told all sorts of tales about Odin and Thor and Fenrir (who the Wolf suspiciously looked like), but eventually there was nothing left to do but wake up. He prepared himself and ventured out of Valhalla, to figure out what else there was in this realm.

As he stepped outside, the bright sunlight flared; covering his eyes, he found himself in District 2 of Northern Rukongai. People were strangely excited that he was awake, and he spent another few years learning where he was and how Soul Society functioned. He made his way to the Shinigami Academy so he could find out what the Valhalla experiences he'd had were, but they brushed it off as his subconscious manifesting an appropriate reaction to the Konsou. Still, he went through the Shinigami Academy, having natural memories of fighting, and was placed in Division 6.

Flash forward ten years and people are confused why Ragnar still doesn't have his Shikai. He admitted that he could hear distant voices, echoes on the shore, but couldn't make out anything they were saying due to his abnormal reiatsu/reiryoku. Going to the Captain-Commander of the Gotei, Ragnar asked for training on listening to his Zanpakutou; it took six months of constant meditation, but Ragnar was able to finally hear the word Ragnarök.

Releasing his Shikai for the first time was an event that will be talked about for generations to come. When his Reiryoku and Reiatsu pulsed into Ragnarök from his claymore of a sword, the entire Division 6 building collapsed. Luckily only a few people were hurt, and nobody was seriously injured, but Ragnar realized just how strong his reiatsu and reiryoku actually were.

Now approximately 600 years old, Ragnar honed his skills with his Shikai, mastering it fairly quickly before moving on to start learning his Bankai. Now that he could hear Ragnarök speak, and realized that the Valhalla he had originally woken up in was actually his Inner World, he could go back there at any time by meditating. Ragnar spent another six months in constant meditation, with permission from the Captain Commander, to unlock his Bankai; that was the plan, anyway.

Five years later, with still near-constant meditation, and Ragnar hadn't gotten any close to his Bankai. That was, until he manifested Ragnarök in the world around him. The moment he did that, Ragnarøkkr was unlocked to Ragnar, but he held off before activating it, not wanting to destroy anything else. Going out into the wastelands of Rukongai, far beyond District 100, he released into his Bankai state for the first time.

Surprisingly... nothing happened. There wasn't a giant crater, there wasn't an apocalyptic Earthquake, just a normal release. He trained with it for a while, then went to the Captain-Commander to show them that he'd unlocked Bankai. His Captain congratulated him and told Ragnar about how someone goes about becoming a Captain. Ragnar completed the Captain's Proficiency Test, performing his Bankai with five existing Captains, including the Captain-Commander, watching him. After it was over, his captain congratulated him again and announced his retirement.

Ragnar refused to take his friend's position. Instead, he requested time to train his Bankai and master it, as well as undergoing training with his insane reiryoku. The Captain-Commander permitted this, understanding that Ragnar was a unique situation, so he left Seireitei and went to the outskirts of Rukongai. For two hundred years, he wandered districts 90 to 100 in each direction of Rukongai, helping people when he could and meditating on his Zanpakutou. Ragnarök wandered alongside him, with Ragnar having a difficult time sealing him back up.

Ragnar spent many years listening to and talking with Ragnarök, wanting to understand his Zanpakutou spirit and manifest him correctly, as well as be able to converse with him at all times. Even now, Ragnar still has a difficult time understanding Ragnarök when he's in a battle, but when Ragnar is calm he can fully converse with Ragnarök. Hearing about a new Captain of the Sixth Division, named Kaitou Eta-Naru, Ragnar decided it was time to head back.

When he finally arrived back in Seireitei, few people knew who he was, and he didn't most other people. Apparently, 500 years is a long time to have been gone, so Ragnar decided to start with the Captain-Commander, and see if he could meet this Kaitou fella.

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