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#1 Date, Masamune on Thu Apr 06, 2017 10:24 pm


Name: Date, Masamune
Dokuganryū (The One-Eyed Dragon)
The Chosen
Real Age: 450
Phys. Age: 25
Gender: Male

In his youth, Masamune was an aggressive and ambitious man who placed his claim on the north of Japan in the years following the Sengoku Period. Described by some as reckless and others as erringly brave, he was a ferocious warrior that demanded respect from friend and foes alike. His sheer force of will, tactical mind and ferocity in battle earned him the name Dokuganryū.

He retains much of this early fire as a young man even after living a long and full life, having been renewed after death to his prime, known to many around soul society as a man with something of a temper but none the less ambitious and particularly shrewd man, befitting his role as Captain of the 10th Division.

Known to be a particularly good tactician and general, having lived in a time when he spent most of his life fighting one war or the next. Knowing just how to rally his troops and strike fear in the hearts of his enemies. Analytical and patient, having learned many lessons in recklessness in life and beyond.

Masamune loves a good challenge, nothing better than a fight where he can go all out and even better if the odds are against him. Something of an adrenaline junkie. His love for fighting could have had him join the 11th Division if the Gotei at the time had decided that his tactical knowledge and skills would have been wasted letting him be just another berserker.

It takes something spectacular to earn his respect, be it strength or something else, but once gained he is a fiercely loyal friend who will do anything within his power to keep those he cares about safe.


Height: 6ft
Weight: 160lbs
Physical Traits:


General Fighting Style:

Masamune is a very physical fighter, using his speed and strength in tandem with his incredible skill with the blade (Or multiple blades, as the case might be) to dispatch threats with a calculated efficiency, minimizing effort spent on his part to kill his foes. Using his speed, he keeps pressure on his target, to keep them close and in range of his abilities.


Physical Strength: Masamune is quite physically powerful, from constant training in his years as a shinigami.

Speed: To match his overwhelming physical strength, Masamune is incredibly quick on his feet, being just as quick with his reflexes and reaction time.

Zanjutsu Master: Masamune’s true skill lies with the blade, which he has trained relentlessly. Among one of the most prestigious swordsmen of the gotei, with few able to match his raw talent.


Hakuda: Despite his proficiency with the blade, Masamune is only passably capable of hand to hand combat. Able to overwhelm weaker opponents with his natural strength and speed, but falling behind those who train in the art.

Kidou: Another skill that has fallen by the wayside, while he can cast some spells he uses a lot of energy to do so.

Personal Abilities:

God’s Eye: When un-obscured by his eye-patch, Masamune’s right eye provides him an unparalleled insight into everything he sees, specifically due to being able to determine direct links of cause and effect. To the most minute detail, he is able to take in and process any situation to formulate a plan of action accordingly, giving himself the best chance of succeeding in whatever he is trying to do.

Raijin’s Soul: Masamune has a natural affinity with lightning, granting him the ability to generate and manipulate it to his liking.
  • - 1st degree burns inflicted on elemental manipulation attacks


Sealed Appearance: From it’s sealed state to bankai, Masamune’s zanpakuto doesn’t change forms at all. Being that of a black steel blade with a silver cutting edge. From the hilt is an engraving of two intertwined dragons reaching about midway up the sword.

Zanpakutou Name: Nemuri ryū (Sleeping Dragon)
Call Out Command: Rend my foes, bite and tear!

Inner World and Spirit: Nemuri Ryū’s inner world is wreathed in darkness, constantly raining. The only structure seems to be a temple, where the spirit resides. Atop its roof rests a large pale dragon, constantly sleeping.

The spirit itself is a young woman with long black hair, slender and regal in form. Often portrays itself as tired or bored, but has a fiery temper and can seemingly arc up to a full blown rage in moments.


Appearance: Upon releasing his zanpakuto, the blade seems to split into two, with a second sheath being created for this second blade on the opposite hip. Both blades are identical.


Storm’s Edge (Passive): While released, Masamune’s blades crackle with electricity as the reiatsu that forms the blade is condensed over and over to create an edge that is capable of cutting through most defenses with ease, be it physical or some strange ability. The incredibly dense reiatsu, resonating at such a high frequency that it disrupts normal manipulation of spiritual particles and simply enhances its cutting edge many times against physical matter. (All sword-based attacks become armour-piercing, defensive techniques are 50% as effective)

Static Generation (Passive): As long as his zanpakuto is in a released state, Masamune generates excess electrical charge to store in his body. Alone, this ability does very little, but should he let it charge long enough he is able to utilize in a few different ways. The longer he charges this ability, the more powerful it is up to four posts. Once it is discharged, the ability must begin charging again.

  • Numbing Strike: By channeling the ability through his blade Masamune is able to discharge the built up energy into a basic attack. Causing extra damage in the form of electrical burns and numbness, making even a light hit dangerous.
    • 1 Post: Minor Burns, no Numbness
    • 2 Posts: 1st Degree burns, numbness around area hit
    • 3 Posts: 2nd Degree burns, complete numbness of limb hit.
    • 4 Posts: 2nd Degree burns, numbness over the entire body.

  • Static Field: Releasing the stored charge into the surrounding air, lightning fills the area and pushes anyone inside it backwards. Causing burns and physical damage in the process.
    • 1 Post: 1m Radius, Minor Burns.
    • 2 Posts: 2.5m Radius, 1st Degree Burns, Bala Damage
    • 3 Posts: 5m Radius, 1st Degree Burns, Hado #40 Damage
    • 4 Posts: 10m Radius, 2nd Degree Burns, Cero Damage

  • Flash Redirection: By discharging the energy stored in his body through his sword, Masamune is capable of deflecting energy based attacks (Such as bala/cero) while utilizing his innate swordsmanship. Cleaving beams in half to part around him, or batting smaller energy based attacks
    • 1 Post: Bala level energy abilities may be deflected (Maximum 5)
      2 Posts: Up to Hadou #40 equivalent energy attacks may be deflected
      3 Posts: Cero level energy attacks may be deflected

Storm Rush: Gathering his reiatsu into a condensed mass of power, he draws a single blade back in a two handed grip. The sword held edge up, horizontally past his head before he suddenly flashes forward. His killing intent clear enough to cause visions of demise as three strikes seemingly simultaneously to cross over the target in three directions. Should one attack be blocked, the other two will almost surely hit. To completely escape this technique, one must block all three strikes at once, how they do this is up to them.
Speed: Shunpo
Damage: Cero damage inflicted with each strike (x3 Cero Damage maximum)
Cooldown: 5 Posts

Enhanced Raijin’s Soul (Passive): A simple boost to his ability to manipulate lighting, as well as enhancing his already impressive natural speed by channeling reiatsu all through his neural system to send it into overdrive.
  • - x2 Speed Boost
  • - Bala Speed, Bala Damage on electrical elemental attack. Maximum 5 electrical manipulation attacks per post

Boosts: x2 Strength, x2 Endurance


New Name: Ochitsuki no nai ryū (Awakened Dragon)
Appearance: In Bankai, his two swords become six. Three sheathed on either side of his body. All of these blades are identical in shape and are wielded effortlessly between his fingers, almost like claws.
Call out Phrase: Wake from your slumber,

All Previous Abilities are retained, unless they have been enhanced, in which they are simply replaced.

Enhanced Storm’s Edge (Passive): An enhancement to Storm’s Edge, crackling lightning arcs from any sword held to the ground, and between each other. All attacks cause severe electrical burns and are incredibly effective at piercing barriers. (Barriers are 25% as effective on all sword based attacks, 2nd Degree Electrical Burns inflicted on hit)

Awakened Raijin Soul (Passive): Enhanced manipulation of lightning mixed with an enhanced physical speed by way of increasing the speed of his neural system, stacking with normal boosts. Any lightning utilized in this form deals cero equivalent damage and inflicts 2nd degree electrical burns.
  • - x3 Boost to Speed
  • - Bala Speed, Cero damage lightning attacks, Inflicts 2nd Degree burns
  • - Limited to 3 lightning manipulation attacks per post

Storm Dance: An enhanced version of Storm Rush, with a greater concentration of reiatsu and a larger number of blades, Masamune initiates the attack with a sudden dash, lunging past his target a total of five times before initiating what is essentially a powered up version of the Storm Rush attack. The attack is incredibly quick, overwhelming most foes with the speed and ferocity behind the attacks.
  • Speed: Shunpo
  • Attacks: 5 dash attacks, 3 simultaneous attacks as a finisher
  • Damage: Cero damage for each initial dash that hits, Equivalent 2 Gran Rey damage if all finisher strikes hit (Each strike equalling around 2.5 Cero worth of damage)
  • Cooldown: 6 Posts

Static Generation (Passive): Enhanced for each stage, gradually increasing in power. Generally by reducing the amount of charge required for an ability.

  • Numbing Strike:
    • 1 Post: 1st Degree burns, numbness around area hit
    • 2 Posts: 2nd Degree burns, complete numbness of limb struck.
    • 3 Posts: 2nd Degree burns, numbness over the entire body.

  • Static Field:
    • 1 Post: 5m Radius, 1st Degree Burns, Bala Damage
    • 2 Posts: 10m Radius, 1st Degree Burns, Hado #40 Damage
    • 3 Posts: 20m Radius, 2nd Degree Burns, Cero Damage

  • Flash Redirection:
      No Charge Required: Bala level energy abilities may be deflected (Maximum 5 per post)
    • 1 Posts: Up to Hadou #40 equivalent energy attacks may be deflected
    • 2 Posts: Cero level energy attacks may be deflected
    • 3 Posts: Gran Rey level energy attacks may be deflected.

Boosts: x3 Strength, x3 Endurance


New Name: Ryujin (Dragon God)
Appearance: All six blades form back into a single sword, condensing their power in one place. It’s gleaming steel edge seemingly engraved with dimly glowing lightning pattern, it’s edge a continuous stream of energy.

All abilities are retained from previous release states, unless replaced by an enhanced version.

Avatar of the Storm God (Passive) - Crackling with energy, Masamune’s body flows with electricity as it does in previous release states, allowing him set his nervous system to overdrive, enhancing the reaction times of his neural synapses. In effect, he gains a massive speed increase while in Toukai.
  • - Additive x4 Bonus to speed. (x6 total)
  • - Absolute pinnacle of lightning manipulation

Raikiri (Passive) - The final evolution of Storm’s Edge, with it’s energy condensed into a single blade allowing for it to become even more effective at negating the effects of defenses. Sword based attacks are enhanced much like before, inflicting higher base damage with the added electrical burns.
  • - Armour Piercing (Defences are 10% as effective)
  • - Cero Damage on Sword based attacks
  • - Electrical Burns inflicted (2nd Degree)

Lightning Dragon’s Final Dance (Finisher Ability) - The ultimate and final form of the Storm Dance, starting in a similar fashion by attacking with five dashing sword strike to pass through his opponent. Where this ability differs is that once these attacks have completed, the target will find themselves surrounded with five simultaneous attacks, preventing escape from any direction. After which, all images but the real Masamune vanish.
  • - 5 Dash attacks (Cero Damage, mixed with Raikiri maxes out at 10xCero Damage)
  • - 5 Finisher Strikes (If all attacks connect, equals the damage of 2 Forbidden Kido)
  • - Left in Fatigue State after used, Toukai ends.

Static Generation (Passive): Enhanced for each stage, gradually increasing in power. Generally by reducing the amount of charge required for an ability.

  • Numbing Strike:
    • 1 Post: 1st Degree burns, numbness around area hit
    • 2 Posts: 2nd Degree burns, complete numbness of limb struck.
    • 3 Posts: 2nd Degree burns, numbness over the entire body.

  • Static Field:
    • 1 Post: 10m Radius, 2nd Degree Burns, Hado #40 Damage
    • 2 Posts: 20m Radius, 1st Degree Burns, Cero Damage
    • 3 Posts: 40m Radius, 2nd Degree Burns, Gran Rey Damage

  • Flash Redirection:
      No Charge Required: Bala level energy abilities may be deflected (Maximum 10 per post)
    • No Charge Required: Up to Hadou #40 equivalent energy attacks may be deflected (2 per post)
    • 1 Posts: Cero level energy attacks may be deflected
    • 2 Posts: Gran Rey level energy attacks may be deflected.

Boosts: x4 Strength, x3 Endurance, x2 Speed,



At the age of 17 the scion of the Date Clan, Masamune, took the mantle of daimyō when his father stepped down. It was during the aftermath of the Sengoku Period of Japan where various warlords vied for power in the midst of the chaos and confusion of the warring states. Proving to be a particularly ambitious young leader, Masamune proved himself to be a capable, if somewhat aggressive and reckless, general and warrior to his men.

The years tempered this surprisingly brilliant young mind into an accomplished daimyo, who after years of war and fighting managed to finish his life as a highly successful daimyō worthy of his father’s faith, passing away peacefully despite a lifetime spent in war. Leaving behind a legacy that would remain for the years to come.

It wasn’t the end for Masamune however, when he awoke his body felt refreshed, returned to his prime in life. He learned quickly of the Soul Society and the shinigami who served to rid the world of the hollow and almost immediately the fires of his youth were rekindled. He let his ambitions carry him to the academy to bring his newfound life into motion. Proving quickly to be both a tactical mastermind and a very competitive combatant when it came to the art of zanjutsu, having been a masterful swordsman in life, it was second nature to him at this point.

A renewed man, Masamune quickly raised his way through the ranks of power, proving himself in battle time and time again much as he had done in life. He took a position in the 10th division, initially as unseated office to work his way from the very bottom despite receiving offers from various divisions wishing to recruit him for his exemplary skill in battle and particularly tactical mind after he had completed his training at the academy.

Masamune had continued to work his way up towards the ranks, considering the first Vizard had appeared, where he really began to shine. Not only aiding with the plans for such an operation, hunting the exiles down for execution but actively taking part. His suggestions and advice proving to be rather helpful, a few of these missions proving successful due to the advice provided. This proved to be something of a continuing theme, helping from crisis to crisis in the seat of vice captain.

He retained this seat until the 4th great war, in which the previous captain was slain in battle to leave Masamune the one to take up the mantle. Which he has retained up until this point.

Side Notes:

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