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#1 Eun Shiba on Thu Apr 06, 2017 10:09 am

Noziel AranOnline

8th Division
8th Division


Name: Eun Shiba
Apparent Age: 16
True Age: 16
Sex: Male
Eun has shifted from that of one who is emotionally unstable to that of one who has all the control he needs. He allows you to see of him what he wishes you to see, and only shows so much intentionally. There are soft spots for some individuals, but they are only shown in private. His general demeanor is cool, calm, and collected, but may also include a minor superiority complex, and when this occurs, such things as control take the front seat. He will often say that if he wanted something, he would have it, and if you are alive, it is because he allowed you to live. Very emotionally hardened now as opposed to overly sensitive to everything and everyone, he hopes this will keep his powers in check, and so far it's worked wonders.

In combat, his level head makes for a clear focus. His precision is immaculate, and his intent to use whatever means within his power necessary to get the job done makes him a very capable adversary. In this, he works very hard to make himself a force to be reckoned with, and in tune with that, has a clear and sharp mind. What he intends, happens as it is intended.

That being said, he is not a god, and is fully aware of that. He knows full well that he can never be fully prepared for any circumstance, especially when taking chaos into account. With this in mind, he marches forwards with the ideals of the Committee in mind, but with mercy far behind. He is an assassin at heart,  and has a fully realized mindset when it comes to accomplishing his goals. His motives, actions, and word choices are all deliberate, and this adds to his charm and mystery. Though it could be said that he is indeed a manipulator, his goals are usually genuine, and his straightforward attitude contribute to his ever-increasing success rate.


Height: 4’9”
Weight: 110 lbs
Physical Traits:


General Fighting Style: His fighting style is very particular and precise. He prefers to fight from a distance, but can easily handle close combat so long as it does not entail hand-to-hand.
However, his reflexes work quite well, and can handle blocking sword strikes with his 'gun'. His gun fires 'spells' which are custom tailored to be nearly endless in potential effects, though all of them are precise, and have additionally deadly potential. He has plenty of options prepared for combat, and as such, will be difficult to handle if you are in an area that suits his skills.

Strengths: Reiatsu, Reiryoku, Spiritual Control, Reflexes
Weaknesses: Hakuda, Zanjutsu, Strength


Fullbring Item: Silver. Generically, Eun has a spiritual attraction to silver, and can command it to an extent, where his necklace is now a gun as seen here.

Fullbring Appearance: In the newly adjusted form that is controlled, Eun's appearance is unchanged. Nothing is added or detracted that would signify an increase in power. The only way to determine his power increase is via sensing or by the fact that he can use more than his basic abilities. When released, an additional copy is summoned for convenience.

Ability Name: Silver Drop
Description: Though he doesn't use it often, he still retains his affinity for silver, can purify it to 100% purity at any point, and freely manipulate it. He cannot generate it though,
and as such, it isn't all that useful.

Ability Name:Aegis Code: Scan
Description: At any point in time, Eun is capable of assessing potential damage on nearby structures, opponents, and himself, and calculating how much more damage that can be withstood from a particular source, be it via reiatsu, physical application, or weapon impact.

Ability Name:Aegis Code: Restructure
Description: If at any point, Eun withstands lethal injury, a small period of stasis is applied, supplemented by a visual blind of at least 50%. It's only temporary, but this allows his body to review internal damage, and essentially reverse engineer those wounds. This prevents death once per thread, and halts movement until the restructuring is complete.

Ability Name:Trident Langsturm
Description:Very generic bala clone, fires off emerald green bullets which can be halted at will by Eun. When re-engaged, bullet trajectories of his own can be altered in a full area of control. Amount of bullets fired at one time determines power strength of each particular bullet following bala scaling.

Boosts: x3 to Spiritual Control


Ability Name:
Line of Sight

Description: This ability allows Eun to teleport to a location, so long as he is not in combat, it is within his line of sight, and has an opaque surface to contact. A shot is fired and the light generated from this can pass through transparent objects like windows. When the marker hits an opaque surface, such as stone, Eun is transported to that location.

Ability Name:Devil's Arcane Light
Description: This fires a small projectile that is no more than 1 cm wide, and is approximately 10 cm in length. It travels at bala speed, and carries the destructive power of a Gran Rey Cero. This is most useful for long distances, and can only be used every 3 posts.

Ability Name:Hitscan Barrage
Description: This ability scans for potential vulnerabilities as it fires, and fires 4 arcs of energy that target those points It is moderately difficult to dodge these, but the damage can be blocked easily. Each bolt does around a Cero's worth of damage, and cannot be used for the next 4 posts.

Ability Name:Mirror Projection 1
Description: This ability targets an ally and gives them a shield that lasts for either 3 posts or up to the cumulative damage of 3 Ceros. Only one shield can be active at a time.

Ability Name:Mirror Projection 2
Description: This ability is like the above and follows the same rules, but can withstand up to 2 Gran Rey Ceros. This shield cannot be placed on someone that has already received a shield, and can only be active on one person per thread.

Ability Name:Ability Negation
Description:This ability does exactly what it sounds like, nullifying an ability and taking on the cooldown of said ability in its stead.

Ability Name:Aegis Code: Reversal
Description: This ability reverses the wounds taken by any individuals, and has no cooldown. The catch is that this only applies to minor wounds, such as cuts, scratches, burns, etc.

Ability Name:Aegis Code: Reversal Extend
Description: This ability reverses the damage done from most major wounds, so long as the damage isn't to internal organs. This can only be done to each target once per two posts.

Ability Name:Aegis Code: Stasis
Description: (With Ally PC permission)This ability can place an ally in stasis for a duration of no more than 3 posts. During this time, no damage can be recovered, even if regen is innate, movement is fully restricted with no exceptions, and no damage can be taken. The stasis can be revoked at any time. When stasis is lifted, 2 posts must pass before someone can be placed in stasis again. (The post limits do no incur on NPCs.)

Ability Name:Bound Deflection
Description: This ability seeks out any material that has reflective properties, such as glass or metal, and amplifies them, allowing them to become undamagable (so long as it is not a PC item) and then reflects any energy based particle that comes in contact with it.

Ability Name:Energy Magnet
Description: A shot is fired, and the object that is impacted becomes a magnet of sorts, drawing in any energy-based attack below a Cero. This effect lasts for 2 posts and applies to all parties.

Ability Name:Physical Magnet
Description: A shot is fired, and the object impacted becomes a magnet of sorts to any projectile that is not spiritually charged. This effect lasts for 3 posts, and applies to both parties.

Ability Name:Spectral Speculation
Description: Eun marks an area and during the opponent's post, any enemy targets within 5 meters of the mark are targeted. Two Cero-like blasts spawn for each enemy target, and bombard the area. It can travel through walls and surfaces without causing damage to them. The only exception is that it cannot go through anything thicker than 5 cm.

Ability Name:Excess Limit Bomb
Description: This ability spawns a blast directed on a target with pristine accuracy. There is a momentary flash on the target, followed by a massive (and easily detectable) surge in energy. One post later, the blast will hit, and the energy poured into it will impact the target. This results in a blast not to exceed two forbidden kidou in damage, and will leave Eun drained. This is a once per thread ability, and meant to end combat.

Boosts: x4 to Reiatsu + Reiryoku


History: In the womb, there was a hollow attack of a rather large scale. Several small fries and a few Gillian class showed up to terrorize the area and find more souls to devour. During the attack, the hollows were drawn to the Yong family, and his father stood up to protect them, giving his life essence to protect them. Though the man fell, Hollows still drove by. One of them attempted to reach inside Eun's mother, and instead, was vaporized by an unseen force. Born to a semi-poor family in Seoul, North Korea, Eun was named for the aspirations of his family. His mother wished him to gain fame, riches and power by any means. Though his dad was now gone, his family was still taking after him. After a time, his mother allowed him minor treats here and there. One of these was the necklace he never stopped wearing.

Though he didn't ever seem to remember much, Eun was a very studious boy and kept trying his best to please his mother. After all, she was all he had left. The few times she did give him a gift, it was something valuable, like his necklace, or fancy clothing, or something else that needed to be taken care of. Unfortunately, if anything ever happened to the gifts he was given, Eun was chastised heavily for wasting money. As time grew on, his grades slipped, and more and more often he found himself at the mercy of his mother, yelled at, disciplined, and disgraced all the more for things that were becoming less and less his fault. One day, his mother came home drunk, and spouted something about him stealing from her. He was scared and didn't understand what she meant, not at first. But it became clear she was referring to the silver-emerald necklace he wore. He explained to her that it was a gift that she gave him, but she refused to listen. She said it was never earned and that the necklace was worth more to her than Eun was. All of a sudden, his mind went black. He woke up to find the whole house was flattened, and his mother... Oh dear god, his mother, crushed and twisted under the wreckage. What poor Eun didn't understand was that his necklace seemed to hear him, and grew into a massive snake of silver and emerald, blocking out his memories and causing him to embrace the emotional turmoil caused by abuse. It was he who in one blast, leveled his house and killed his mother. He wouldn't know for a very long time.

A few years passed and he was bequeathed enough money from his dead mother to make a trip to Canada, specifically Victoria of British Columbia.  He managed to get a job at a small grocery store and held the job for only a couple weeks before a customer started to berate him. Again, he went black and has no memory of that day. The store was destroyed, and everyone in it, dead. He retreated into his apartment, to hide from whatever it was. See, he didn't understand what this was, or why it happened to him. He also tried to live a normal life, but it was difficult. To this day, Eun only sparingly goes to school in Victoria, BC, Canada, and works odd jobs as a result of paranoia.

The truth of the matter is that life is finite. At least that is what Eun first thought. Emptier than the blackness of the void, his dream was long and quiet, until the first rune appeared. Then a voice sounded. "Your power will soon awaken." This was the rebirth of Eun. He would forget all but his prior name, instead referring to himself as Eun Shiba. Awakened now to a new truth and a new power, one centered around control, Eun now exists with one purpose in mind. Order. He's already lost plenty, most of which by his own hands. He has taken the runes he's been given, along with the new form his fullbring takes, a gun. It is no ordinary gun though....

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#3 Re: Eun Shiba on Fri Jul 21, 2017 8:33 am

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