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#1 [Private] Hush (Wolfgang) on Wed Apr 05, 2017 11:15 pm

Another night in Hueco Mundo, He walked alone through the endless sands and took in the silence. Something about the silence was comforting when there was much on my mind, especially when it induced stress he neither needed nor wanted. The climate was just a tiny bit warmer than usual, and Thor couldn't help but wonder why. The climate was never warm in Hueco Mundo unless a fire was lit, which led him to believe there was some sort of fire in the general vicinity of where he was. Curiosity steering his steps, he edged himself steadily closer to the source of the warmer climate. Perhaps it would turn out to be something worthwhile.

However, after taking a few steps, he topped and questioned why exactly he eas curious about something like this. Was he really so bored that he decided to search out a source of increased humidity in the middle of Hueco Mundo where barren trees didn't even exist? Being honest with himself, I came to the conclusion that this was at least half the motivation for it. At the same time, Thor was indeed curious, as always. Why would a fire be started here? Were there outsiders traversing these lands? That was a slim possibility, but really who would want to come to this place...seriously. There was nothing to explore unless one was some sort of scientist looking to take samples of the reishi in the sand. Only residents of this land could truly appreciate the atmosphere this place had. Wild and peaceful mixed together.

After deciding to pursue his curiosity, he began walking at a steady pace yet again. His hands inside his pockets, Thor would release a bit of his spiritual pressure outwards, so whoever it was out there, they would find him first, before he found them.


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#2 Re: [Private] Hush (Wolfgang) on Wed Apr 05, 2017 11:47 pm

"Four to one says that caterpillar looking hollow eats his opponent. Ya don't disagree do ya? Of course ya don't, how could ya? we're but one voice so it matters not. We're of the same opinion anyways". The Jackal spoke aloud meanwhile consulting himself. The Arrancar found himself sat atop of a sand dune, meanwhile observing the constant struggle for survival. The weak often turn out to be prey, and when the weak feeds upon the weak. Then the stronger of the two gains more power. Such was the way of Hueco Mundo, the endless and pretty much lifeless deserts. Glancing up at the moon, the quarter moon brought to mind a question. Did the moon ever once changed its phase? The Jackal struggled to remember seeing a full moon in Hueco Mundo. An accomplished grin manifested on his face, before bringing his right hand to rest on his chin. A careful stroke of his face before releasing a sigh set the tone. There was a camp fire of sorts, the flames flickering and licking each other. Crispy it was as it cracked, sparks flew, but no further ignition aside from the fire. The Jackal was sat down next to the fire. Down below him was the skirmish that came to an end. It would appear that the caterpillar did overcome. And before enjoying its own feast, the creature set its sights upon The Jackal. The man sighed once more, fully expecting the creature to attack without cause. As most would expect, the caterpillar was suppose to crawl. But no such thing at all. Said caterpillar looked to have slithered, moving up the sand dune to meet the Jackal. The teal colored haired man cocked his head off to the right. His spiritual pressure rose, becoming more noticeable, seemingly enticing. However, the caterpillar hollow proved to be a novice. Its instincts had fooled it into believing that Wolfgang was prey. And so as it edged closer to the man, it began to disintegrate into nothingness. A mild shake of the head showed wolfgang's disappointed. He did began to ponder just how the deceased made it so far. A truly tragic situation to be involved with right now.

Be that as it may though, Wolfgang soon took note of a different spiritual pressure in the area. It was slowly edging towards him and closing in. The Jackal sniffed the air a little, before picking himself up. A quick dusting of his garments, before turning his body to face whoever was closing in. The Jackal appeared most casual, gripped by his own curiosity. At times like these he could use himself a cigarette. How short teal colored hair danced in the gentle breeze which passed. The crackling flames swayed to the side, the breeze hardly threatened their right to burn. Instead, it gave the flames some more fuel which was most welcomed for the Jackal. It was strange, since it wasn't like he was planning on cooking at all. However, having a fireside chat was often a good way to relax. It won't be too long now before he wouldn't have to keep speaking to himself only. The never ending nights of Hueco Mundo can get quite lonely. Being part of a gang was often better for most. It meant their chances of survival will often increase. Wolfgang stood his ground, for this stranger was closer than he actually realized. The man came into view, causing Wolfgang to raise his left eyebrow. This one was most certainly different compared to the caterpillar from a few moments ago. This meeting could become troublesome, or better yet just what he'd been longing for. A chance meeting on a chilly night.
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#3 Re: [Private] Hush (Wolfgang) on Thu Apr 06, 2017 6:12 pm

Thor kept on walking as he finally saw it. A single man standing by a lit fire stack. Growing extremely curious as to who this individual was, he would increase his pace as started walking again; this time near towards the man. Coming to a sudden halt, he would make sure to keep at least a six feet distance between the man and him. Thor would not utter a word as he silently would start to observe the Arrancar who was in front of him. The man was about six foot three, if he was to make a rough estimate. Two inches shorter than Thor who was six foot five. He was brown skinned lad, who had teal coloured hair. A very usual mixture that he had never quite seen. He wore a typical white and black Arrancar costume which made Thor sigh in disappointment. "What was with Arrancars and the same old shit costume?" he thought. It offended him that his race had no fashion design when it came towards clothing.

Directing his eye's towards the man, Thor would smirk. He had no idea who this individual was, but something told him that he would find out soon.

He would wait until the man blinked his eyes, as he would Sonido to get behind him. An eye normally takes three hundred milliseconds to blink. Thor would be behind the stranger before the blink ended. As speed being one of his major character strengths, he was able to perform incredible, or at least useful feats. Besides, he was the fastest Arrancar after the Cero King. "And who might you be Arrancar? Looking for something of sorts?" Thor asked, his spiritual pressure spiking in and out.


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#4 Re: [Private] Hush (Wolfgang) on Sun Apr 09, 2017 11:19 pm

The Jackal finally had the chance to take a good look at the stranger which approached his position. A man who was a little taller than he was. A man whom seemed quite proud of his stature and place in the world. Such things brought about a certain degree of curiosity from within the teal colored haired one. His greenish orbs that played the role as the windows of his world took note. Ever so observant he was, constantly seeking out what may yet be the unexpected. Hueco Mundo was a dog eat dog state of affairs. And only a few places had some semblance of order to it. The chaos was real, and often welcome too. For in the midst of chaos will certain opportunities ever present itself. Wolfgang was intrigued by the individual heading his way. Which is why he was also looking out for sudden changes. The flex of a muscle which would give away movements and the like was one way to look at it. A smirk adorned his face as he stood there. This time however, he straightened up as to not seem so casual. The Arrancar changed his stance meanwhile readying himself. The Jackal wasn't yet completely sure what to expect at all.

At times certain others can be read like a short children's story. Others were more like a trilogy of books, with extensively long chapters. So much so that they're jam packed with hidden surprises, enough to keep their readers wanting more. Nevertheless though, with this individual coming in close, the Jackal's pesquisa was on point. As such a blink was meaningless, in his eyes. For he could still perceive the multitude of various happenings around himself. With the stranger showing off his Sonido, the Jackal cocked his head to the left this time. This Arrancar like himself made his way behind him. Standing a good five meters behind the Jackal, whom whipped his body around mid sentence as the man spoke. Wolfgang kept his spiritual pressure in check, his mind sharp and his body composed. However, on careful inspection, he was far from open. Inviting like a Venus fly trap, but deadly like a crocodile lurking in murky waters. "It is common courtesy to introduce yerself first. In any case though". The man stated while allowing his words to trail off. His body now facing the stranger's own. "I'm Wolfgang Jakkalera, my friends, enemies and acquaintances alike calls me The Jackal. As for what I'm looking for, well then".

Once again his words trailed off as he thought about what his response will be. "I have ventured out all the way here, only because I heard that there are some interesting folks in this region. Normally I stick to the deepest and darkest corners of Hueco Mundo, but I am growing tired. I yearn for a new adventure if yer will. My mind is constantly seeking new heights, and a means to develop certain theories of mine. Now then, who might yer be and what brings yer all the way out here?". The Jackal asked, meanwhile carefully manipulating a coin using his left hand. Said coin danced between his fingers, appearing in and out of sight. This stranger might come to notice that there was more than a few things that was quite odd about the man.
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#5 Re: [Private] Hush (Wolfgang) on Mon Apr 10, 2017 9:39 pm

The man would say to Thor that it was common courtesy to introduce himself first which Thor agreed. However, he would go on to act as if he did not hear what the man had just said because he wasn't a person who liked to be corrected. He felt that he was the one that should be doing the correcting. But be that it may, he would give the stranger in front him a quick nod as he would go on to speak, "Wolfgang Jakkalera. What an interesting name you have." Thor said as he rubbed this chin slowly. "Do you know that Mozart's first name was also Wolfgang? The name itself is a tradionaly popular name in Germany which is still used to this day." He was a history connoisseur and enthusiast of many things that helped him broaden his knowledge. So, it was kind of his thing to know about stuff that most people were not aware about.

"How very interesting indeed." Thor would respond after hearing the man talk about how he wanted to go on new adventures and how he wanted to develop new theories of his own. So far, the man was interesting to say the least, but Thor wanted to know more about him. But before that, he would go on to introduce himself. "I'm Thor Blerster, the third Espada." He said raising his hand going in for a handshake. "Nothing really. Just got bored of staying inside damn fortress. I prefer to venture the outside world rather than wasting my time sitting inside a room and starring into a wall." Thor considered his purpose to be the pursue of knowledge. It was something that interested him greatly. And he knew that he wasn't going to find any of it inside a fortress that was mostly filled with savages.

Directing his eyes to the trick that the man was performing using a coin, Thor would speak, "what kind of gimmick is that?" He asked, his curiosity was slowly getting the best of him. "You said that you preferred sticking to the deepest darkest corner's in Heuco Mundo. So, my question is, why exactly? Is there a reason you dislike coming into the light?" Eyeing the man with the slicing gaze of his light blue eyes, wrapping his hands on his biceps as his arms folded over his chest, Thor would wait for an answer before continuing on with the conversation.


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#6 Re: [Private] Hush (Wolfgang) on Thu Apr 13, 2017 12:20 am

"Interesting indeed. I think I would have liked to have sat down and pick apart this Mozart's creature's brain. Yer never know, we could end up having a lot in common, no?". The replied promptly with a smile, noting that while he didn't have all the details regarding Mozart. They shared something in common with each other, and maybe wits and intelligence was one. The Jackal almost let his mind drift away onto other things. His thought process registering a multitude of different possibilities, likely and better yet unlikely scenarios. It was often so lonely having to keep his desire to seek out more knowledge to himself. There was so much more one can learn, and Wolfgang had the kind of drive to do so. It wasn't so much power that moved him, but simply his will to learn and develop further. Strength was a necessity no doubt, but ingenuity can also be most invaluable to say the least. The world needs a Wolfgang, whether it be Mozart or Jakkalera.

Progress was a must, and the exchange of words between the two strangers continued. And in no time a revelation was made, for this man turned out to be part of the Espada. The stranger revealed himself to be Thor Blerster and that third Espada at that too. The Jackal's eyes widened as he smiled with glee. His hand duly extended to shake the hands of the Espada. Shortly after though, the Jackal took steps before circling the Espada. This was Wolfgang's way of seizing up the Espada, his right hand resting on his chin. The Jackal completed his full circle, arriving back in the position that he started. The Arrancar sighed a little and then nodded to himself. In the eyes of Wolfgang, an opportunity may have just presented itself for sure. The coin in the meanwhile kept on dancing between the Jackal's fingers. Wolfgang settled down a little and composed himself. So much was said, and so much to cover off. The Arrancar may come across as absent minded, but he was a full deck for sure, mostly.

"Espada, Espada, Esapda, Tercera Espada, Thor Blerster". The man stated aloud, taken aback by the fact he was in the presence of an Espada. It now made sense when one was referring to the skill Thor displayed. He seemed an accomplished user of the Sonido. Wolfgang however knows that the Hollow race was as unique as any other. Many focused on speed, some more on their durability and Hiero. Some lucky few were able to managed both together, but it was somewhat rare. You can say it was down to those with a certain level of power. "Boredom is a disease at times, and there are only a few worthwhile remedies for it. I'm glad yer decided to come all the way out here. And this here ain't no gimmick, pardon the double negative by the way". He responded while flipping the coin in the air before catching it as it came back down. The coin was now being held in his left hand between in index and middle fingers. His eyes narrowed a little as he stood there gazing upon the Espada before him.

"How to explain it I wonder.. Hah! Well here goes. This so called light has been a nuisance for the longest while now. So much so that at times its become an inconvenience as it often brings about unnecessary attention. Its a bit strange, but us Hollows, seem to evolve better in the darkness. And often times when we step into the light, we halt our own progress. Purely because we lose our instincts, instead we become more civilized if yer will. Think about the time yer escaped from the Forest of Menos. Can ya even remember when yer became self aware? But still we carry on, we move into the darkness avoiding all flicker of light. Even the desert only ever shows a moon, one that is never full. I wonder about that. But in any event, I am more curious about our own evolution as a race. And it has occurred to me that it is best observed in the darkness. That is not to say there isn't another way, Thor Blerster". His voice was rich, he spoke with grace and showed a genuine interest in gaining more knowledge.

"I have heard so much about the Espada, but have never really bothered to look into much. It begs the question, what tales can one tell us about the Espada? Please indulge me a little bit here". This was Thor's opportunity to educate the Jackal about the Espada. To him there were more like the answer to the Shinigami's own organization, the Hollow's natural enemy. Could it be though that Wolfgang was out of touch? Thor might be the best person to help keep him in the loop.
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#7 Re: [Private] Hush (Wolfgang) on Thu Apr 13, 2017 7:55 pm

tercero espada
©2017 Alexis Grey

After shaking Thor's hand the man would circle him like an eagle circling it's prey. It was as if he was under some kind of scrutiny of sort's. Then the man would start to speak. It was of course not in the usual way he talked at first. The Arrancar named Wolfgang Jakkalera repeated the word "Espada" for about three times Thor couldn't help but raise an eyebrow. At first he found the man to be quite interesting. But now? He found him to be weirdly interesting in a way. Thor had already met countless people like the likes of Wolfgang, so he wasn't necessarily taken back at the Arrancars general behavior. It was quite amusing to say the least.

It seems like the flip and disappearing coin act was more than a gimmick. The man however did not explain how the likes of it worked even though Thor actually hoped that he did because his curiosity was sparking up rapidly. But be that as it may, he would listen with open ear's to the arrancars explanation about why he disliked coming into the light. It was an interesting explanation, though, however, Thor did not necessarily agree with it. But he would give his point of view nonetheless. "Do we? Do we really halt our progress?" He asked rhetorically tilting his head to the right. "Personally, I found out that our progress increases drastically when we come out of the dark. Because of the simple fact that progress itself is impossible without change, and those who cannot change will not change anything, thus not being able to progress themselves further." He paused for a few seconds letting the man take in what he was saying only to continue, "I don't see being civilized as a bad thing. If I wasn't civilized, I would be attacking you right now and attempting to consume you like some mindless savage. Why aren't I doing such? The answer itself is quite obvious, isn't it?" A smirk would find itself on his face as he would keep on speaking, "I never really did like living here. I found myself travelling to the real world whenever I can. Because if you have interest to gain knowledge but refuse to step out to the world ahead of you to gain that knowledge, you really aren't doing yourself any favors. This place itself is nothing but a barren wasteland that is riddled with nothing but hate, savagery and sand. It hinders you and does not let you progress forward after a certain point."

Leaning a bit back, the two golden studs on the front of his coat twinkled in the moon light, "the Espada was created by one single man who now runs it: Graven Fel, the Cero Espada." He let his voice trail and his mind wander. "He is responsible for the creation of the great fortress and walls of Las Noches. He is the very first hollow, so they say." Thor didn't care for the Cero Espada's name or his position, because in time he knew that he would usurp the man and claim his place at the top. "As of this moment the Espada are Graven Fel, the Cero King. Skylar, the Primera. Myself, Thor, the Tercero. Yukari, the Quinto. Tara, the Octava. And lastly, Seras, the Neveno Espada." He said stretching himself as his eye's directed towards the man waiting to see if he would ask any questions or if he had something to say.

technique log [click to open]


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#8 Re: [Private] Hush (Wolfgang) on Fri Apr 21, 2017 12:35 am

The White Deserts

The Jackal stood with a grin wiped all across his face. It was refreshing being in the presence of another. Since by doing things this way, he could gain a better understanding of the individual involved in all this. The Arrancar was his own man of course, but held certain aspirations. And becoming intoxicated by his need for knowledge kept him yearning. The prospects of being among others never really crossed his mind, but he soon began thinking of the possibilities. In the eyes of the Jackal, his old friends and acquaintances tended to die at some point. This was a never ending cycle, and a destiny many dared not confront. Despite his current outlook, the Jackal is most certainly a curious individual. And at present, Thor had his attention, even if for so long. With the Tercera Espada giving his rebuttal and general view point, laced with important information. The Jackal brought his hand up, causing the coin to slip inside his sleeves. Said hand came and resting against the side of his head. His index finger extended, meanwhile his other fingers folded. This was his way of showing that he was in fact listening, and certainly observing. How delicious it was to hear another regurgitate their beliefs. The Jackal was never the type to damn another according to their own personal beliefs. He may not always agree, but there are always lessons to be learned for sure.

At the question of whether or not an Arrancar really did halt their progress. The man nodded to confirm this belief or view point. He felt strongly about it, but was never the type to dwell on one thing for too long. The Jackal maintained his grin however, patiently waiting. "Progress is impossible without change. I see, I see mhm. Perception is often far from truth. Though, your current disposition and being where one is, is perhaps proof of yer words? I would like to think so indeed. And I think I get it for sure". This seemed a good place to start for sure. Progress being impossible without change. The Jackal has always been a creature prone to adopt to his surroundings. In fact most Arrancar living now were proof of such. This is why the man got as far as he did. "Though being uncivilized often have nothing to do with life or death. The most civilized often brings forth terror and death. Just look at our friends the Shinigami. They drape themselves in black kimonos and the like. Representing the end, for us poor hollows. They say we often become purified when slain by a Shinigami. Without going into too much of an explanation, that is all a matter of perspective".

The Jackal stated while resting his eyes on Thor. His hand moved from the side of his head and rested in his pocket. The coin that he carried was rested inside said pocket. The Arrancar with teal colored haired dusted himself off and sighed a little. "It appears you and I have some difference in opinion, but not so unalike". Looking around Thor, his eyes moved from side to side. His teal colored orbs settled once more before he spoke again. "This barren wasteland has always been good to me, the darkness more so. You do peak my curiosity though. Yer mentioned that this Cero Espada Graven Fel was supposedly the first Hollow. I am skeptical of such claims, and I deem it a myth. But who knows right? I did however realized something. Cero is strongest, and if ye be the Tercera Espada. Then I suppose you're the third of forth in command? That will depend on the pedestal that the Cero Espada placed himself upon. No big deal for sure indeed. Inside the walls of Los Noches there is some form of Hierarchy.

This is like the Gotei thirteen model, Sotaicho, Taicho, Fuku Taichi, San Seki and the list goes on. Tell me Thor, what adventures could I come upon by being among the Espada?".
The man fell silent while awaiting a response. He had given the Espada an hint, but felt like it wasn't his place to invite himself to the party at all.

### words
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