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#1 Ring of Cleansing on Tue Apr 04, 2017 9:10 pm

Noziel AranOnline

8th Division
8th Division
Item name: Ring of Cleansing

Description: It is a simple ring with a modified and engineered rune to equate to the Kanso Mark used by Gotei. The mark bears a simple cross with a four-pronged spiral.

Effect: It does the same job that the Kanso mark does for Shinigami, and purifies the soul of a hollow that has been slain, or the soul of a human that is still bound. It is worn so that the mark is on the inside of the palm, and makes it simple to use. There is no training required, simply instruction should be enough.
Even if the powers used by the person equipped with this apply the killing blow to a Hollow, then the soul will still be purified.

Number of it you have/possible/allowed: One, additional copies would not improve the job of the ring.

Private Equipment or Public: Standard issue for every Committee recruit. No charge, and effective as soon as the item is approved. Only exception is Quincies, who have a different method for purification, elsewise, everyone in the Committee has access to these. If lost for some reason, they are simple enough to make that they can be replaced.

Under no circumstances is it considered tolerable by the Committee that any other human race or organization have access to these rings.


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