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#1 Yorui Senba on Tue Apr 04, 2017 3:47 am


Name: Yorui Senba
Alias: Kitty
Real Age: 197
Phys. Age: 17
Gender: Female
Yorui falls in line with the type of people are the behind-the-scenes workers who make things happen. Their sense of duty and loyalty means that they will rarely be happy in the front, preferring to be in the engine room. People who fall into this category, like Yorui, are the sensible, prefect type of characters, who want to get it right and “do good.” Their value to the team is protection—from mistakes, from omissions, from self-delusion, and from going off-track.

Yorui loves seeing things come to fruition. Ideas, complexity, and imagination are of value only if they lead to a practical end result or a favorable outcome. She feels the need to be clear on what is expected so that they can plan and work with consistent and steady energy toward completion.

Opinions are slowly arrived at and, consequently, will be well thought out, tried, and tested. she is not prone to bursts of emotion, but when these outbursts do occur they are generally very explosive. Logical, detached, and detailed, people like Yorui pride themselves on their store of data and knowledge, all arrived at with clinical procedure and experience.

Yorui, and people similar to her, take great care not to get it wrong, and they like everyone to take responsibility for their actions—and their mistakes. Serious-minded, individualistic, and thorough, they may focus so much on the task that they forget the needs of others—including themselves. She likes to plan, schedule, and drive through to completion in a logical, linear sequence. Any deviation from the plan would be questioned and may take some convincing of its merits.

Hidden under all this however is a contradiction of sorts. She strives for freedom, not like she is feeling enslaved, but more than she likes to be free to do what she wants to do when able. She won't put this before duty but if she becomes stuck in a "All duty-no play" situation for too long she can start to get fidgety and express more desire for time for herself.


Height: 5'7''
Weight: 149 LBS
Physical Traits:

Accessories: Bingo Book - She has a red book in which she writes names, details, ect regarding anything and everything she finds of value. The reason this is special is because only she can read it as it's coded and keyed to her spiritual energy. If you are in this book, your either screwed, or important.


General Fighting Style:  As a highly trained member of the shinigami force she is adaptable to fighting new and unknown powers varying from the unrealistic to the unbelievably powerful. While she may not believe she can win she will still come up with new strategies on the spot to try and do so anyways. She excels at stealth and high speed combat making her style more akin to "Pressure" where she widdles an opponent down over time as opposed to "explosive" where one would use brute force to overwhelm.

Strengths: Hoho Grandmaster, Zanjutsu Expert, Hakuda Expert, Speed
Weaknesses: Endurance, Durability


Name: Feline Transformation
Description: She is able to transform into a cat for an indefinite period of time, but can only turn into a cat twice every post(She can revert freely however). She retains all of her speed and spiritual power in this form but not access to her abilities outside of Shunpo.


Name: Tsukiyubi
Description: By placing two fingers against an opponent the user is able to send their target several meters in the opposite direction, almost as if they had used the Bakudo 8 Seki. Without the requirement of the opponent attacking or moving first.

Name: Raioken
Description: The practitioner performs a series of ultra-high-speed punches with both arms. Due to the sheer speed and number of punches this technique can be quite taxing. Keeping it from being used for another three posts.

Name: Senmaioroshi
Description: This is a Zanjutsu technique that is similar to Raioken in it's speed and number of attacks. Due to the extra weight of a weapon however this technique is more difficult to pull off at those speeds effectively making this even more taxing. This can be used every five posts.

Name: Enhanced Kaido
Description: Her training in healing Kidou is sufficient enough that she can stop herself from bleeding and even heal minor wounds. However that is all she is able to do. It expends energy but this can essentially be looked at as her being able to bestow minor regeneration to herself or someone she is in contact with.

Name: Speed Clones
Description: The practitioner creates at least 15 clones of themselves at once using Shunpo. While they are indistinguishable from the user's true self and mimic their movements, the clones do not last long disappearing after a single post. This ability is very taxing and requires a four post CD. Only able to be achieved 3 times in one thread.

Name: Utsusemi
Description: The practitioner moves at great speed to avoid an attack, leaving an afterimage which can appear to have taken damage. This has a 3 post CD and can only be achieved 5 times in a thread.


Tentōken (天踏絢, Heaven-Stepping Adornment): It is a brown mantle, with a large drawstring closure at the collar and a large brooch. The Tentōken requires no skill or previous experience to use. It allows one to hover in mid-air, and does not immobilize one of the user's hands. This seems to be one of the rare instances in which Air-walking in Soul Society is even possible. She generally wears this over her uniform.

Anken (暗剣, Dark Blade): Small knives which she hides in her boots. She can launch them at a target with a swing of her leg. She has two in each boot and these are able to pierce armor based abilities as well as be launched at Bala speed.

Razor Wire: Razor-sharp wire which she carries on her person. She can trap an opponent in a field of it almost instantaneously and is supposedly strong enough to hurt someone at least a little bit even if they possess strong defensive power like an arrancar Heirro. She is skilled enough with this to not hurt herself most of the time.

Spirit Wire: Using her energy to manipulate the wire Yorui is able to attach it to an object and is then able to change the trajectory of said object once. She can only do this once per object but has no limit to how many objects she can effect simultaneously. She can also use this somewhat effectively to "Spider-Man Fling" herself around objects and such.

Stealth Tools: She carries, hidden under her cloak but attached to the inside of it, 12 knives, 20 shuriken and 4 metal stakes. This is replenished every thread.


Sealed Appearance: Her Zanpaktou looks like a longer than average Katana, which is why her weapon handle looks like it could hold three hands in her appearance image, where as a standard Katana blade is 23 inches. Her blade is 33 inches long.

Zanpakutou Name: Satsujin-sha (Murderer)

Call Out Command: Pierce to death.




Name: Arcs
Description: This ability is a toggle passive and causes swings by this weapon to leave an "Arc" of spiritual energy, aka Light, that lasts for an entire post or until the user cancels it. The arcs cannot hurt the user because it is their own energy and only deals damage to things that make contact with the arc equal in power to that of the weapons swing. Though the ability is passive it does not need to be used. The user is able to turn it off and all at will. It should be noted that the user can only have four arcs active at any given time. If a fifth were to be made the first created would instantly vanish. If a sixth then the second would vanish and so on.

Name: Pierce
Description: She sharpens her reiryoku around her Zanpaktou and mixes it with the zanpaktou's own energy which also sharpens temporarily. Essentialy allowing her to make a slash or stab against defensive abilities and techniques and bypass the general bulk of them more easily than normal. This ability was developed in order for the "average strength" stealth-based Yorui to deal with Tankier opponents. She can only use this once per post however.

Name: Flash
Description: She creates a temporary sun flare on the flats of her blade, which she is immune to, that causes a blinding flash in all directions around her. Anyone caught in the flash take minor bala damage from the intense energy burst and lose at least 75% of their ability to see properly as everything blurs, darkens and stings from the sudden light exposure. The effect lasts one post and cannot be reapplied for another two posts. The ability can be used once per post for the damaging effect however. The flash extends up to several hundred yards. Unless obstructed by solid objects.

Name: True Way of Stealth
Description: This is more of a mixture of a kidou and a hoho technique than a zanpaktou ability, however she is only able to pull it off in shikai and bankai and thus it is here instead. For one post, until she attacks someone or is hit by an AoE, she is completely masked by visual means by bending light around her the same way Bakudo Kyakko does. This also masks her spiritual energy for a short time as well. Now applying Airwalk, or her Tentoken if she is in Soul Society, She creates the ability to move silently by never touching the ground to make noise. This mixture of techniques is difficult for her however and can only be done once every four posts.

Boosts: x3 Speed


New Name: Shi no sutorōku (Deathstroke)
Appearance: This thing is as big as her and requires both her hands to properly wield despite being weightless to her as her Zan.

Her Bankai keeps her shikai powers.

Name: Hikari o korosu (Slaying Light)
Description: Essentially a Getsuga Clone. This ability creates a large wave of light from the zanpaktou's blade at the dimensions of forty feet high and one hundred feet wide. The damage of this skill can vary from a cero to a gran rey cero and gains a CD appropriate to the power used. At the minimum this ability can only be used once with a one post CD. At max it's one use with a 3 post CD. People who stare at the light attack lose at least 25% of their vision as it blurs from sudden light exposure.

Name: Raitogurenēdo (Light Grenade)
Description: With this ability the user is able to cause an explosion of light and energy for up to fifty feet at the power of two Cero once per two posts. People who stare at the light explosion lose at least 50% of their vision as it blurs, and darkens from the sudden light exposure. She can use this as an AoE centered around her or toss a "Grenade" of light up to thirty feet away to achieve the same effect.

Name: Fuanteina hikari (Unwavering Light)
Description: With this ability the user is able to coat themselves in shining light and be protected from damage from all sources for one post. This ability has a seven post Cooldown. Unlike the other light abilities this does not blind opponents.

Name: Epitaph
Description: She is able to unleash an even more massive version of her Slaying Light called Epitaph. It is capable of consuming a city block and deals a forbidden kidou of damage. this version, being so large in scale, is slower than any other attack she possesses. Noticeably being slower than a cero but only barely. She is able to do this once per five posts.

Boosts: x4 Speed, Reiatsu


World of the Living Timeline - Yorui Senba was not actually a human before becoming a shinigami. She was a cat. A pretty black cat. She was very cunning, self dependant, and very friendly and free-spirited. She didn't seem to get into any trouble and she was well liked by the humans around her as well as other animals. She was faster than most other cats though, and able to jump higher despite her small size.

This was because despite being a common animal, Yorui the Cat had high amounts of reiryoku, almost rivalling that of a human, and was able to use it instinctually. Of course she was nice and well liked so she never did anything bad with this amazing power. She also lived to an old age and just died peacefully.

However because of her unnaturally high reiryoku levels she didn't just move on as a plus. She was reincarnated into a humanoid form and brought to Soul Society. It took her decades to adjust and learn how to be a human, as she had no knowledge most humans would have after all. But after about sixty years she managed to learn all she needed to about being a human and what they could do that she couldn't as a cat. She also managed to come to terms with the fact she was a mere cat before and was somehow now a human.

Shinigami Years - Because she had to learn how to "Human" as she puts it. It actually took her almost twice as long as most normal shinigami students to pass through the academy. However they recognized it was not for lack of talent or trying, and had to do specifically with her new existence being a huge change for her and as such worked closely with her to bring her up to speed.

Eventually she began to show extreme promise in Hoho, Hakuda, and was shown to be great at both Defensive fighting and Stealth tactics. With those being her highest marks it was determined she would best fit into the second division, but of course they gave her the opportunity to choose. Her personality, having molded itself during her time in Soul Society, made her a good fit with the second division and her skill sets matched it to. After thinking about it for a while she agreed with them and decided to join the second division.

On literally her first day, she managed to impress Sakura, vice-captain of Division 2 to the point the Feared Pink-Haired woman ADOPTED her. Having never had a family Yorui happily accepted. Nothing of note happened for a while after that until one night when she was about to return to Soul Society from a routine patrol of the living world. She got ambushed by a hollow just as she stepped into the Senkaimon with one foot and the two were forced to fight inside the Dangai Precipice world as a result because the hollow had destroyed her Jigokucho when she moved to dodge it.

Due to the way the dangai works, and how hard it was for Yorui and the Hollow to conclude their battle when they had to constantly deal with and avoid the Dangai's dangerous walls and defenses to keep people from being inside it too long. Yorui was missing for five and a half days of real time, but when she had emerged and given her report she was thirty-seven years older.

She was warned not to engage the enemy in such a manner again, even if it wasn't her own fault, and sent to rest. She would soon be back at full strength and resume her duties as 5th seat of Division 2 however, though it seemed that unless it was towards Sakura, her "prefect" personality and "task manager" style became even more pronounced from her little event.

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#3 Re: Yorui Senba on Mon Apr 24, 2017 8:31 am

Spirit Wire: Using her energy to manipulate the wire Yorui is able to attach it to an object and is then able to change the trajectory of said object once. She can only do this once per object but has no limit to how many objects she can effect simultaneously. She can also use this somewhat effectively to "Spider-Man Fling" herself around objects and such.

Stealth Tools: She carries, hidden under her cloak but attached to the inside of it, 12 knives, 20 shuriken and 4 metal stakes. This is replenished every thread.

Re-approve or deny her. Smile please. Preferrably the former.

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