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#1 Reo Sato on Sun Apr 02, 2017 5:24 am


Name: Reo Sato
Alias: Ninez (pronounced nines except with the "s" sounding as a "z")
Real Age: 99
Phys. Age: 14
Gender: Male
Personality: He is generally very formal unless he knows you very, very well. Though he does slip some when he forgets who he is talking to from time to time. Despite his young age, he's very mature and hardworking, hoping to eventually become a Captain Commander. Hence his motivation to be in Squad 1. He is eager to learn as well.

For those that he's friends with, he doesn't mind joking around...but only after work. He's a bit stiff that way unless it seems like his superiors don't mind. He is often very curious about the Human World and what Kokoro is cooking up next, though he tends to stay out of that Captain's way. However, he takes the Shinigami's duty very seriously, always doing his paperwork and turning it in early, performing Konso, and most importantly, purifying hollow and killing arrancar.

So when he had heard that some higher ups had been drinking tea with the enemy, he was both disturbed and pissed off. Even mentioning it will set him into a rage and a rant. Otherwise, he seems fairly stoic, though is kind and a good little helper. His strong sense of duty also makes him want to stick by the Captain Commander's side unless ordered not to. If he does disagree with an order, he will state it, his reason why, and if it still stands, then so be it, he'll do it, even reluctantly.

That said, he doesn't deny the sins of the Gotei 13, and does have a strong sense of justice, even if ordered he will not kill an innocent person. He finds it very admirable that the current Captain Commander sought to repair the relationship between them and the Quincy. He does have his quirks and antics. Like sliding right into parade rest when emergency summoned, wearing his blindfold because he thinks it's stylish and goes with his outfit, and organizing people's things when never being asked to.


Height: Five foot two
Weight: 109 lbs
Physical Traits:



General Fighting Style: There isn't much to his fighting style. Hack it, punch it, kick it, put big holes in it, just kill it. That said, he is mindful of when and how he uses his abilities, since they generally take up a lot of energy, and with his little amount, can be very bad if he doesn't make them count. That said, he can't use kido worth a damn to the point of simply giving up on it entirely, and relies fully on his physical capabilities to win a fight...with maybe timing his powerful abilities at the right moment.

Strengths: Durability, strength, agility
Weaknesses: Energy amount, kido (lolnope), limited sight: Explained below. 10% weakness to energy (kido, cero, Alex K's energy beams, Jin's Asteroid, Quincy arrows, etc., so nothing elemental or anything like that.)

Ability Name: Special Sight
Ability Description: He is colorblind, or blind in general technically. What he can do, however, is "see" in a limited area (50 yards) all around him. This sight allows him to see in greyscale, as well as where things are, what things say, etc. However, it also allows him to "see" reiatsu. Barrage style attacks or manipulations of hundreds of small objects confuse and overloads him, or even the special speed based character (like Kaede), making him freeze in horror and outright confusion. At most, he might use his sword to block/hide behind it...that's if he remembers he has it. Oddly, battling multiple hollows don't bother him...but fighting multiple people of any kind of relevant amounts of power (player characters), can get troublesome for him.

Ability Name: Magnet Pull
Ability Description: He can call back his sword, or any object the same size of it or smaller that is also metal, via magnetism.


Sealed Appearance:


Zanpakutou Name: Jishaku

Call Out Command: "Accelerate: Jishaku!"


Appearance: It is seven feet long and three feet wide

Abilities: Contrary to most other zanpakutou, his abilities don't have a specific name.

Railgun Spike: A piece of the huge sword is broken off and fired like a railgun. Moving at bala speeds, it can penetrate even the toughest of barriers, though at a cost in energy draw. The piece disappears afterwards and is regenerated on the blade. 5 post cooldown.

Electric Current: For five posts, an electric current surges throughout Reo, electrocuting all that come into contact with himself and whatever conductible materiel he's touching. five post cd.

Railgun Material: He can launch anything metal at bala speeds and high penetrating power. Though again at high energy cost. 4 post cd.

Magnetic: The passive part is that upon hitting the opponent, or their weapon, they're marked for 5 posts (with his sword, not a fist or foot or anything from his direct body). Then he needs to activate the ability to "magnetize" the part they hit. That part will be pulled towards Reo's weapon. The pull is very hard to resist, but is possible. 6 post cooldown, 3 if not activated within the five posts. The pull itself only lasts 2 posts.

Magnetic Orbit: Four pieces of his sword separate from the body of it. They take up positions diagonal from him 18 feet away from him. They then start to accelerate and move so fast around him that his body looks a bit blurry. This lasts for 2 posts, with a 7 post cd. Serves mostly as a defensive move, but can be...offensive if the opponent is dumb enough to try to get through it physically.

Boosts: Strength and speed x2.


New Name: Akuseru Jishaku
Appearance: Both swords are 6 feet long, and 3 feet 10 inches at their widest part.

Abilities: The previous abilities in addition to some new ones.

Greater Railgun Spike: Same as before, from either sword, a piece is separated and is fired at bala speeds, with even higher power. Can only be done twice a thread. Afterwards does not leave him with much power left, maybe one or two more abilities can be used.

Magnetic Control: He can control his swords without touching them, give him a much greater reach. He can control them from 8 yards away.

Accelerated Strike: He can magnetize and accelerate a blow, quadrupling it's raw power and speed for that one strike. 4 post cd.

Magnetic Reach: He can reach out and pull or push any amount of metal 1 ton or less. Obviously, the heavier the object, the harder it is to pull or push. This is passive. He can even strengthen it to stop a zanpakutou or equivalent from hitting him, though can be overpowered, but that is difficult to do. Naturally, it can be resisted if used on a player's persons/weapons.

Boosts: Strength x3, Durability x3


New Name: [What's your zanpakuto's new name?]
Appearance: [What does your bankai look like? Character appearance changes, weapon changes, etc.]
Abilities: [What abilities does your character gain]
Boosts: [In this release, you get a 4x boost; you can apply this to as many 'stats' as you want (strength, speed, durability, etc) but they're diminishing returns; the more you have, the less effective they actually are.]


History: He was born into a very poor family in Kyoto, Japan. As the second oldest, Reo assisted in a lot of things, primarily housework and assisting his older sibling and parents. However, he was also sickly, and died at the young age of fourteen from pneumonia. He was sent to Soul Society fairly quickly.

He again helped whenever he could, gaining a strong sense of justice when he saw the crap taking place in the Rukongai. He learned how to fight the hard way. Though it didn't come to a head until he saw a Shinigami put an end to the bullying and bullshit happening. Since then, he tried to enter the Shinigami Academy. It took him four tries to get in because of his rather small amount of spiritual energy, but he got in. While he sucked horrendously at kido, he excelled in other areas.

Fifty years later, he graduated and due to his tendencies, was allowed to join Squad 1.

Side Notes: Notice the generally high cooldowns and power of abilities and then notice in weaknesses that he has a low amount of energy to use. Just bringing to attention that trade off.
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