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#1 [Private] Like Father, Like Son? on Fri Mar 31, 2017 11:13 pm

Does it really matter how I got this pour soul to show up?

Here's a lesson for those of you within the walls. It's not as safe as you think. I left a note on the door of one, Jun Shibutani. Knowing that if I promised him some secret techniques and the like of some silly farce, he'd show up, I invited him to somewhere in Ireland. Sure. Ireland. for a drink or whatever, where I'd be tossing whoever against the walls and the like. After all, who would he be to ignore the fact that the lower districts were a horrible place to be? Of course my reaction would be to hide in a corner somewhere, but not out of fear.

Without missing a beat, naive Jun Shibutani seemed rather unusually excited for the lesson he'd never really receive. My darkness spread out in a thick fog, to come and meet him, I would spray him with barrages of razor sharp darkness needles, and then spear him in several places. His shoulders, knees, arms, whatever. It didn't matter to me. I wanted to see the agony twist through his body and face. He would be gone soon. "Did ya miss me, old buddy old pal?... Hadou 90. Kurohitsugi."

You all know how this ends.

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