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#1 Avon de Grey on Fri Mar 31, 2017 9:17 am


Name: Avon de Grey
Age: 24
Sex: Male
Personality: ESTJ-A [The Executive]
A representative of tradition and order, Avon utilizes his understanding of what is right, wrong and socially acceptable to bring people together... to an extent. Honesty, dedication and dignity are very important traits and are valued highly, and Avon respects people who stand up for what they believe in regardless of what happens. Avon leads by example, demonstrating dedication and purposeful honesty, and an utter rejection of laziness and cheating, especially in work.
AWARENESS - Avon is extremely aware of his surroundings and lives in a world of clear, verifiable facts. Even against heavy resistance, he will stick of his principles and push an unclouded vision of what is and is not acceptable; his opinions are not just empty talk, as he is more than willing to dive into the most challenging projects, improving actions plans and sorting details along the way, making even the most complicated tasks seem extremely easy and approachable. He doesn't work alone, either, expecting his reliability and ethic to be reciprocated, and will not hesitate to show his wrath on subordinates who jeopardize his plans with incompetence or laziness.
DEDICATED - Avon sees things to completion, bordering on an ethical obligation. Tasks are not simply abandoned due to becoming too difficult or boring, and as long as a task remains the right thing to do, Avon will make sure it is done. He is very strong-willed, making this dedication possible, and is patient enough to make sure that things get done, even if it's not in a timely manner due to things beyond his realm of control.
CALM & COLLECTED - Whether it's because things are going according to plan, or because he knows he can adapt to any situation including whatever is currently going on, Avon always keeps his calm. While it's not correct to say that nothing can take him by surprise, that brief flash will always fade and be reabsorbed into his extremely calm demeanor, with a smile on his face as he knows he can handle anything going on. Avon never loses his cool and never finds himself in a fit of rage, because he chose to focus himself on staying calm and trained his brain to readjust to any situation extremely quickly.
INSPIRING - Aside from his aura of charisma, Avon is an extremely inspiring person, pushing people to and past their limits quite often. Any means necessary to allow someone to reach the potential that he is aware they have, up to and including the risk of death, Avon will not stop until they are where he knows they can be, and this causes people to look up to him. Due to his nature of knowing when to back out of a fight, his troops will fight to their last breath at most times, knowing he will call them off if the fight can't be won, and finding a blazing will to keep fighting at all times.
PRIDEFUL - Avon is extremely proud not only of his own abilities and status, but also of his accomplishments and the respect he's given. Perhaps his biggest weakness, Avon's hubris could be his downfall, as he has a need to foster respect and maintain his dignity, getting so caught up in the expectations of others that he can fail to address his own needs.
MERCILESS - While he is loyal to his subordinates, there are things Avon cannot forgive. Knowing when you're beaten and retreating from a fight is acceptable, but begging for mercy is not; similarly, when somebody does something against his ethical code (such as begging for mercy), Avon will stop at nothing to make sure that person feels his true wrath. While this ethical code is fairly solid, there can be changes made to it, but there are no exceptions, regardless of personal status and respect to and from Avon.

RESPECT - The most important thing to Avon as a person is the respect he's earned. His regal demeanor carries with it a dire need to be respected by others, and a lack of this respect is nearly unforgiveable. While he can understand someone not respecting him immediately, someone losing respect for him will not be tolerated to any extent, and Avon will go to great lengths to make sure that he is respected... or feared into it.
POWER - Raw power is another important thing to him. Avon will attempt to help bring out the potential a person has so they can realize how much power they are truly capable of, but he will grant his own respect to people who prove themselves to be at a certain level of power without his assistance. Avon's respect is not easily earned because of his high standards, but people who work on increasing their power constantly can get it.
LOYALTY - Avon is fiercely loyal to those who have garnered his respect, and admires when his own Organization is as loyal to him. Not caring about their own safety or goals, and simply trusting in what he has planned or his own abilities to lead them to battle and safety at the same time are what matters to him, because while he can respect power on its own just for being power, he respects people trusting in him more than it.
BRAVERY - Similarly to loyalty, Avon has a strong admiration for people who are brave enough to head into dangerous territory to complete the things he needs them to do, even at the cost of their own life. While Avon will make an attempt to save them should things go awry, they should not expect him to save them when they accept the mission, and their bravery in doing so is something he can admire.

COWARDICE - The number one way to piss of Avon is to show cowardice. Begging for mercy, be it on yourself or someone else, will always have the adverse effect of invoking his ire, leaving him to take out the newly found wrath on the person begging for mercy, and then anyone else in the nearby area.
ENVY - People should be proud of what they have and what they can do, not envious of what someone else has. If someone were to voice that they were disappointed with what they had and wanted what someone else had for the sole purpose of them not having it, it would invoke Avon's wrath even more than cowardice would.
SLOTH - Similarly, Avon dislikes it when people are lazy and not occupying their time with something that matters. Even if a person is enjoying nature, they're okay; it's when they're sitting around doing nothing and wasting time that Avon gets irritated at them. People should always be trying to get themselves more powerful or making relationships they can utilize at a later time when they need something, and Avon has no respect for people who waste large amounts of time.
AVARICE - While it's true that Avon believes people should be utilizing their time in some manner or another, he also has no respect for people who constantly just want more. When someone attains a new level of power, they should be happy with it for at least a little while, instead of immediately trying to push themselves further. A person's avarice must be held in, or else they can be consumed by it and Avon dislikes that.
FEAR - Ultimately though, the thing Avon hates the most is fear itself. The rest of the things that Avon dislikes or hates can be summarized by this one word: fear. Fear for their life, fear of losing what they have... showing this fear is an incredibly high sign of weakness that Avon has zero tolerance for, and is another way to invoke his wrath fairly easily.
WEAKNESS - All of that being said, Avon fears his own weakness; while he knows the limitations on his power, and strives to increase them, he cannot account for everything at the same time, and he is only so good at hiding his true emotions because of his fear of his own weakness. Showing it, feeling it... these things infuriate Avon, and the knowledge that he's not as strong as he thinks can drive him to new heights.


Height: 5'10"
Weight: 172lbs
Physical Traits: [ᴘɪᴄᴛᴜʀᴇ]
Carrying himself with style, in a regal and aristocratic manner, it's actually very obvious that Avon comes from a family where presentation matters. His hair is naturally a very platinum blond in color, almost so much so that it looks white, which makes dying it very easily. Due to his reiatsu manifesting as blue most of the time, he dyes his hair to be a vivid oceanic blue, and keeps it at a short cut which only extends a few inches in back, but the front is long enough to cover his eyes and reach down to his lips. With pale skin, free of any blemishes, scars or other marks, Avon looks almost vaguely feminine in his face, but his facial expressions betray that possibility unless he's sleeping. His eyes are a dull grey when he's not using his power, but fill up to a vivid blue when he is, or red in Hyper Mode. His hollow smile is only accentuated by his dull eyes, and they show very little to no emotion.

The only scar that Avon de Grey has is six inches long directly over his heart. Due to having heart surgery at a young age, the scar has grown as his own body did, and he's kept himself free of anything else. He wears two lays of clothing on his upper body; a simple white shirt, which is kept buttoned up, with a black long sleeve jacket over it. It looks very similar to a suit in style, but the jacket is rarely if ever buttoned up. Continuing with his blue motif, the inside of the jacket and the back of the tie he wears are both the same silky blue in color. His pants are a perfect fit, but he still wears a black leather belt with a gold buckle on it, as well as a pair of handcuffs on his left hip, attached to the belt loop. While this makes them semi-impractical to use, he enjoys the ideas people get when they see them. Avon's shoes are black dress shoes, with black laces and gold tips at the end.


General Fighting Style:
Generally speaking, Avon fights by standing still. His abilities do the talking for him, though that certainly doesn't stop him from talking while doing it, while he tends to keep his hands in his pockets. Since he has abilities which negate damage to him and allow him to fight without moving much at all, Avon is physically weak. His abilities are primarily defensive in nature, while they do enable him to be aggressive in turn, but he almost never holds back in a fight, failing to see the purpose in letting others have a chance to accurately respond. Avon is skilled with his Energy Manipulation, and is also searching for new ways to surprise his enemies when using it. Due to his fragile nature, Avon will often immediately go into Hyper Mode if anyone lands even a small scratch on him, due to an innate panic at actually being hit.

+|REIATSU Without a doubt, Avon's biggest strength is his pool of reiatsu. While his power and control are also slightly above average, they don't come close to his pool.
+|SPEED Avon is also a speedster, which he needs to be as a glass cannon.
+|INTELLECT Avon is able to slow down time in his head to analyze situations much faster than someone else. This doesn't mean he can control time, just his perception of it.

-|ENDURANCE Avon has a very low pain tolerance, and every hit that gets through his shields matters more than it would on someone who's used to being hit.
-|STRENGTH Avon has a very low strength in comparison to other people. You won't see him throwing any buildings at anyone.
-|STAMINA While Avon has a large pool of reiatsu to pull from, his physical stamina is sub-par at best. Getting him to spend the effort to dodge your attacks is almost as effective as actually hitting him.


As Avon's primary and main ability, this is an over-arching ability that encompasses anything within Avon's range of thought. Within this ability, Avon can form attacks similar to Balas, Ceros, Gran Rey Ceros, even Cero Oscuras, as well as other things similar to Getsuga Tenshou. The only limitation on this ability is Avon's imagination. Attacks that have certain levels of power will have cooldowns based on their power, as per regulation. Avon can create energy anywhere within 10ft of his body, and can manipulate it anywhere within 10m - Energy that leaves his range after being manpulated keeps its trajectory for up to 50m before dissipating.

Attacks equivalent to a Bala in speed and power can be fired off 20 times per post.
Attacks equivalent to Cero in power can be fired off 3 times per post.
Attacks equivalent in power to Gran Rey Cero have a 4 post cooldown.
Attacks equivalent in power to Cero Oscruas have a 5 post cooldown.
Attacks equivalent to Forbidden Kidou in power have a 6 post cooldown.

Avon can create a snake-like creature out of energy. This snake can be controlled telepathically by Avon and shares the range limitation of Energy Manipulation. This snake can be destroyed by taking a Cero Oscuras worth of damage, and attacks by suiciding into the enemy to explode for a Gran Rey Cero. After exploding, either by attacking or dying, there is a 3 post cooldown before the snake can be created again.

Avon is coated in a thin barrier of Reiatsu, which passively blocks any attack up to a Cero level. After this ability has blocked an attack, it has a 1 post cooldown before it reactivates. Avon can focus on it to strengthen the barrier, increasing it to a Gran Rey Cero level, but it gains a 3 post cooldown instead. Avon cannot move while focusing on this barrier.

Avon can create a barrier of reiatsu around him, which negates and absorbs any attack below a Forbidden Kidou in damage. This can last for up to 3 posts, and has a cooldown of 5 posts. Avon cannot move while using this ability.

Avon creates a barrier of reiatsu around him which negates and absorbs any attack up to Hado95 in strength. This only lasts for 1 post, but Avon can move while using this ability, and it has a 5 post cooldown.

Avon has a 3x Boost to his Reiatsu, Reiryoku, and Speed.


This ability functions as an advancement upon Energy Manipulation. It functions identically, but his range limitations are doubled (can create within 20ft, manipulate to 20m, and energy continues for 100m before dissipating) - Additionally, all attacks in this more at 1.5x as strong as they were before.

While in Hyper Mode, Avon is coated in a compact barrier of reiatsu. This acts vaguely similar to a Hierro, ignores all attacks that are equal to a Bala or weaker in strength, and allows him to, once every other post, shrug off any one physical attack.

While in Hyper Mode, Avon can manifest a sword of pure energy. This sword can be wielded with both hands and acts like a normal sword, or it can be thrown at Bala speeds and explodes equal to a Cero. Avon can form one sword per post, and can only have one sword at a time.

Avon can release a burst of energy which causes everything, including himself, within 100m of him to instantly stop moving at all. This lasts for approximately 10 seconds, after which everything will return to normal - this must happen in the same post Avon uses this skill. Avon himself cannot physically move or use Energy Manipulation while this skill is active, but his brain can continue to think. This ends up being a way to Avon to react to anything, even that which would catch him off-guard, but he cannot use this to set up ambushes in advance. This can be used every post, but is as straining on his reiatsu as a Forbidden Kidou.

Avon has a 4x Boost to his Reiatsu, Reiryoku, and Speed.


When a person hears the name 'Smith', there are usually a few things that go through their mind; however, most of them are dependent on other factors. If you hear the name 'John' or 'Jane' before 'Smith', you might assume that the person in question is, for whatever reason, lying about their name. John Smith combines the two most common names in the English Language; specifically, though, in the United States of America. You may also think, when hearing 'Smith', that a person is unoriginal. They're just a Smith, who cares about them. Something to that extent, anyway.

John Smith, unfortunately, was subject to this ridicule. No one actually has the name John Smith; no one actually came from nothing to build a monopoly company, right? No, not quite. John actually did; his father, Avon's grandfather if you're following along, was a farmer. Just a regular, run of the mill (get it?) farmer. John wanted more than that, though. At the age of 17 he ran away from home a year before he should have, and went to Los Angeles. It was there that he met Jane, and the two of them instantly connected. Attending free seminars to figure out what the shit fire he was doing, John spent two years preparing his business model.

When he went to the Business Assistance Facility in Los Angeles, he was more prepared than most other people they'd seen. His plans were well thought-out, he was prepared for things other people wouldn't even consider possibilities, and he had numerous fall-backs in case things went wrong. Regardless of how they looked at it, the Business Assistance Facility found no way they wouldn't at least make their money back, and obviously they were expecting much more than just making their money back. They invested a grand total of 100,000 dollars into John's new business, which at the time was basically a fancy version of picking things up from farms and bringing them to a Farmer's Market in Los Angeles, where they would get sold for profit.

Obviously this is being simplified, but John's business plan can't be revealed, for posterity's sake.

Anyway, three years down the road John had increased his original $100,000 to a grand total of $4,982,619. He paid off the original investors with $500,000 each, bringing him down to around 2 million left. With this, he continued to expand his business, which included anything he could get his hands on. He bought out other companies, he played the stock market, he married Jane... by the time John was 30 years old, his net worth was almost 1 billion dollars.

Avon was born that same year. His life was pompous, pandered, and he never had to do anything. If he wanted something, it was his. If he didn't want something, it went away. Avon was treated like royalty by the staff of Smith Manor, because he essentially was. His father taught him to be smart, loyal, and to carry himself like the royalty he essentially was. Nothing would ever stand in Avon's way, even his mother's death.

The police reports were crystal clear; primarily because John owned half the city, they weren't going to slack on anything that could get them fired. At 10:57pm on a Tuesday, the rain masked the sounds of a window shattering. As the five men entered the house, six maids were stabbed twice each, and Jane was stabbed ten times. Apparently it was some sort of grudge, because nothing was taken from the house, John was unharmed, and Avon was unharmed. It was meant as a message to John to back off.

John, however, wasn't like that. Avon wasn't either. They doubled down and expanded further; now basically owning Los Angeles, they agreed it was time to expand past the city. By the time Avon was 12 years old, his father and him were each worth over 20 billion dollars. It might seem weird to you, that Avon would be worth as much as his father, but with Jane dead all of her shares went to him; Avon and John each owned 50% of the company. There was no point in selling stock, the two of them were geniuses when it came to business.

Also at 12 years old, Avon had a heart attack; his heart couldn't handle the stress, or something like that, and he needed a transplant. Due to their net worth, John simply bought a heart from someone on the black market and it was transplanted into Avon overnight. The scar would grow with him, and he always kept it as a reminder of his mortality.

Avon began to expand privately, too. He started a small business, at the age of 15, through shell companies that essentially wrote school reports in a manner that was unable to be traced back to anyone else. College kids ate this shit up, and within a year he'd made over $600,000 on his own. John was extremely proud of him. Avon had gotten tired of writing the reports himself, so he started to delve into research and development, being the genius that he was, and wrote software to do it for him.

At the age of 20, Avon was worth more than his father was; John was worth about 35 billion, but Avon was worth 50 billion. They started to go their separate ways, but Avon still owned half of John's company, and Avon owned all of his own companies, as many as there were. His biggest achievement was a company called STAR_ which developed facebook advertisements, and jumping on that bandwagon as soon as the market hit meant STAR_ was the biggest company in that market; a monopoly all its' own.

Avon was 22 when John died of a heart attack. The man was 52, which was young, but it wasn't unheard of; police reports and the medical staff at two separate hospitals both confirmed that it was definitely a heart attack which had killed John. Since Avon now owned 100% of his father's company, his grand net worth was 97 billion dollars. He didn't want to run his father's company though, so he sold off 49% of the shares; his net worth remained unchanged, but he hired a board of directors to run the company for him, with very clear knowledge that he could drop it at any time and fire them if they went even $1 below what they should have.

Avon's 23rd birthday made things very weird for him. He discovered that he had some powers over Energy, and as humans all over the world had begun popping up with powers he assumed it was natural. He became a bit of a recluse for the next year and a half, mastering his power and everything that came with it.

At the age of 24, it's important to remember one thing: my story isn't over, and I'll be damn sure no one ends it any time soon. If any human is going to be the one to discover true immortality and invulnerability, it's me. You can bet your money on that.

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approved 0-4. So. Go beat up the things.

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Welcome to the house of Ika :p

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