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#21 Re: [Private] From One Newcomer to Another on Sun Apr 02, 2017 2:11 pm


1st Division
1st Division
Seras frowned just a little, how was she supposed to know what a cell phone was? Between being from the middle-ages and also being a mindless anger monster for the last few hundred years, she didn't stand much of a chance there! She tilted her head as Skylar began her fruitless attempt at explaining exactly what she meant, but it was like she was speaking a completely different language as far as Seras was concerned. For that whole point she just had a blank look of confusion plastered over her features until it was broken up with a quick kiss. That was much more her language, promptly returning the gesture of affection.

"Sounds like a plan! You'll have to show me all this stuff"
She nods enthusiastically, hopping off the other girl's lap to retrieve the rather deadly looking scythe she carried around. "Where are we gonna go?" Seras decided to defer to Skylar's choice here, maybe some places had better 'phones' or 'internets' or something, how was she to know? Stowing her weapon carefully across her back, she waited for the decision to be made.
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#22 Re: [Private] From One Newcomer to Another on Sun Apr 02, 2017 2:40 pm


Gfx Queen
Gfx Queen

Skylar felt warm when Seras was near her. She felt happy that Seras seemed to feel the same way. When Seras offered to come with her to see all the cool stuff that the Human World had to offer, Skylar smiled happily and warmly.

"We're going to a beautiful city." Skylar stated as she finished adjusting her clothing, kissing Seras again as she opened a portal to Los Angeles, a large city in California, on the entire opposite coast of New York, where Seras had already been.


"It's called Los Angeles. Let's walk around a bit, I can get a phone any time." Skylar pulled Seras in close, wrapping her arm around the redheadded Arrancar as they began to walk around, having almost no idea where she was going but focusing entirely on Seras' reaction to things. The human world hadn't changed much in five years, but if Seras had never been here...

Well, that was a different story all together!
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