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on Mon Mar 27, 2017 5:01 pm


9th Division
9th Division


Name: Shingen Minamori aka 'Shin' or 'The Twin Blades'
Age: 35
True Age: 109
Sex: Male
Shingen isn't like any normal person. He has two personalities due to an event that allowed his body to now be occupied by two spirits that have become joined as one. The first is his original personality that he was born with naturally. The second is the personality of the soul that bonded itself to his soul, Desmond.

Shingen evaluates each situation before acting. If its an enemy to deal with, he evaluates the opponent's strength at the beginning of the battle then does his best to finish the fight as quickly and painlessly as possible. If it is an investigation, he does his best to solve it as quickly as possible with the highest possible success rating. Shingen looks forward to new events, challenges, and meeting new people. The best thing to him about new experiences are the unknown factors of what lies ahead.

Desmond is a very high-spirited and colorful soul. He will tell you exactly what's resting on his mind at that very second with no abiding filter. Desmond will look over every situation he walks into and act immediately upon the first thought that crosses his mind, regardless to how that thought will make anyone around him feel. Don't disregard those thoughts however as each one of those thoughts are just as dangerous as the abilities of the man when wielding his weapons. He may not be the most strategic but once his mind is focused upon something, either he will obtain it or no one will.

Attitude: Shingen continues to be a two-sided coin with two different attitudes contained within one vessel. The Shingen side was always there from the beginning. The Desmond side on the other hand, was picked up in a very unique situation on a very special day. Since this day, Shingen has become known as a true two-sided coin and never know what to expect from him.

Shingen has a straight-forward attitude. If you are honest with him, he will be honest with you. If you are rude with him, he will teach you manners, whether he must be nice or rough to do it. If you do him a favor, he will return the favor. If you need help with anything, he will offer his help and see what he can do. The most important thing about Shingen is that he focuses on establishing, maintaining, and protecting bonds.

Desmond has an out-of-nowhere type of attitude. One moment you see and hear something from him only to see and hear him come from a completely different direction with something that's completely different from where he just was a split second ago! Don't stand in this guy's way of any of his goals or desires. This will only leave you as either a burned corpse, a frozen icicle, or something worse in between.

Likes: Now, growing from one's likes and dislikes...Shingen is a person who must now explain them for two. Though, in very unique situations, Desmond can do that very well for himself! For two distinctly different personalities that now co-exist in the same body, how many likes and dislikes do you think they may share...if any at all? Let's find out.

First off will be Shingen. Beginning with communication, you must be able to communicate with others which is very important to Shingen. It’s a huge staple when trying to establish peace in Soul Society and Human World. Second, is his relaxation when not on duty. When he isn’t performing any of his responsibilities, it becomes important for Shingen to rest up and conserve his strength for when he is needed. Shinigami never know when they may be called into action, specifically the higher ranking officers such as himself. Last, but not least, is the time he takes to enjoy the smaller things that make up the finer things in life. Things like the sunrises and sunsets, holding hands with those close to you, and eating a really good tasting meal. These things can be so easily looked over and not enjoyed for what they are worth. Shingen takes moments to give them some appreciation.

Now, let's see what we get for likes on the Desmond side of the coin. Starting with instant results from his actions and desires. Desmond would prefer to see instant results from any and all actions he performs so that he won't have to go back over anything, push further over something he feels is unnecessary, and/or waiting too long on anything. Next, he likes having full control over every situation he's ever in. Now, he won't allow anyone to know when he doesn't have full control...they just have to be that good to find out on their own. The more control he has in his hands...the more powerful he truly is. Finally, is the smell of freshly burnt or frozen bodies from work with his hands. He extremely loves seeing the results of his handy work.

Dislikes: The amount of dislikes have now increased due to the amount of personalities Shingen must carry within him from this point forward. Shingen may dislike certain things for certain reasons but Desmond on the other hand, has his own set of dislikes, which are completely different, for completely different reasons.

Shingen doesn’t appreciate being asked about his scar. It brings back a horrible memory of his first mission after being commissioned as a Shinigami. How would anyone else feel being asked about anything that holds bitter memories for them? He dislikes enemies who totally disrespects the meaning bonds and uses them as sign of weakness. Bonds between people should always be a sign of strength and purpose. This is what Shingen believes and fights for.  The final thing that Shingen dislikes is being woken up in the middle of the night. The only thing related to this more irritating is being woken up for something that could have waited until the next morning or served no purpose in the beginning.

Desmond hates not getting what he wants, when he wants it. He will do whatever it takes to get his wants/desires no matter how it affects anyone else. He dislikes distractions from what he is currently doing. If anyone does/says anything while he is focused, that person will suffer greatly. Desmond also dislikes anyone else having the last word in back and forths. His word will ALWAYS be the last word, no matter how it is delivered.

Fears: Fears. Situations that cause one to feel feelings of great uncertainty and undeciveness which lead extreme doubts in success going forward. Shingen is one who does whatever he can to avoid allowing his fears to become reality as they do exist in the furthest back corner of his mind. It is one of the driving reasons he fights the way he does. Desmond on the other hand, either commpletely ignores his fears or uses them as a creative tool for offense against those standing before him. Two completely different standpoints with fear.

Shingen doesn’t want to be in a place where he has no bonds with anyone. Not having any connections with anyone will not provide him that reason for existence and it will also take away a lot of reasons he has to fight. Shingen definitely doesn’t want to be in a place where no one will bond with him from that point forward. That situation will leave his future completely empty and who can do anything with a blank life? To be completely alone is that his ultimate fear for Shingen.

Desmond fears having no control, at all, in any situation. The greatest fear in relation to having no control is not existing in any capacity. If the man doesn't exist, then he can't have any form of control of anything, in any way. He must never allow any force in existance to erase him completely.

Dreams/Desires: Dreams/Desires are what drive a person to wake up each day. They are the building blocks for the strength that person wields. So the question now becomes, what are the dreams/desires for Shingen and Desmond? Do they share any or are they still completely opposite as they have been so far by comparison.

Shingen: 1. To rebuild the Gotei 13 to an organization to be feared by all outside forces, give souls the feeling that Soul Society is safe to come to and nothing will happen to them while they are there 2. Restore dignity to the Gotei 13 and Soul Society by first teaching his Division 9 that bonds are not a sign of weakness by any means but instead are sources of strength and inspiration to carry on the fight.

Desmond: 1. To claim as much as power as he can, in any and every way possible. No matter who stands in his way and why they are there...he will go through them to obtain more power (in every type known) to become more feared by everyone. 2. To be able to literally say that he's been everywhere. There were...limitations..before but now that he no is no longer bound physically, this is more realistic for him.


Height: 7'
Weight: 249 lbs
Physical Traits: Deep red hair that reaches down to the bottom of his neck, a long scar across his face, three smaller scars on his right shoulder, 7', about 249 lbs, nicely tanned brown skin color, and bright blue eyes.
Clothing: Shingen's uniform is a forest green top that's sleeveless, black long scarf, black arm sleeves that are from the top of his bicep to back of his hand, black pants, black ninja tabis, and his zanpaktou.
Accessories:  No accessories


General Fighting Style: Shingen's fighting style is to find his opponents as quickly as possible and dispose of them before they have a chance to become a threat. If they are already a threat, he will become a larger threat and eliminate them way or another. He has a number of ways to pull this off but his job within the Gotei 13 calls for him to keep all other powers in existence in line while not becoming a threat to the Gotei in and of itself. By doing this, Shingen is an Expert in Zanjutsu, Reiatsu and Reiryoku. He isn't proficient in Kido and Hakuda but no one is the greatest in all things. His zanpaktou's abilities support his physical strengths and battle tactics/strategies.

Desmond's fighting style is to use his abilities in such a way that he's not only torturing his opponent but entertaining himself in the process. His actions always keep his opponents guessing what will come next from the man because not even Desmond himself would be able to tell you over 90% of the time. Whatever is at the top of his mind at that moment after the battle starts is what he will go with in order to end the battle in a very creative way.
Strengths: Zanjutsu, Reiatsu, Reiryoku
Weaknesses: Kido, Hakuda


Sealed Appearance: Traditional katana with a black hilt wrapping and a black sheathe.

(You are allowed one or two personal abilities, so long as they match with the rest of your abilities.)


Call Out Command: "Freeze their heart's flames as you burn away their frozen emotions", Kōtta Honō(Frozen Flames)
Shingen’s Zanpakuto transforms into two black blades. One red edged blade and one blue edged blade. The red representing the fire abilities while the blue representing the ice abilities.
Abilities: ASTRAL FIRE
Shingen/Desmond can create and manipulate White Flames from any point on his body, burning anything they touch and causing second degree burns to flesh. Because these flames are White, they burn at a temperature of 1,500°C, and will melt and evaporate regular ice and water instantly on contact. Ice and Water which are controlled by another Spiritual Being will melt or put out the fire based on who is stronger. Astral Fire will melt and be put out if it comes in contact with Umbral Ice.

Shingen/Desmond can create and manipulate Black Ice from any point on his body, freezing anything it touches and causing second degree frostbite to flesh. Because the ice is Black, it is -200°C, and can freeze around the form of regular fire, putting it out but remaining in its stead. Fire which is controlled by another Spiritual Being will be put out or melt the ice based on who is stronger. Umbral Ice will put out and be melted if it comes in contact with Astral Fire.

Shikai Techniques:

Shooting a large amount of energy into the sky, Shingen/Desmond can create an atmospheric catastrophe, causing it to rain down with the element he sent up for 2 posts in a 100-yard diameter from his current position. This ability has a 5 post cooldown for each element, and cannot be used with both elements at the same time.

Erupting with spiritual force, Shingen/Desmond releases a large nova of either Astral Fire or Umbral Ice, spreading for 20m in any direction from him. Astral Fire will ignite everything in this range, and burn most other things. Umbral Ice will freeze everything in this range, including the ground, making it ice, and difficult to walk on. Each Nova has a 5 post cooldown, but cannot be used in the same post.

Shigen/Desmond can create up to 20 fireballs or shards of ice that are 6 inches long at any point within 10m of his body, and send them in any direction of his choosing. This ability can be used once per post per element, and the bullets are identical to a Bala, save for the elemental effects.
Boosts: x2 Strength, x2 Speed, x2 Endurance, x2 Reiatsu, x2 Reiryoku


New Name: Nido Reitō(Second Degree Freezing)
Shingen/Desmond's blades now completely change in look. This change signifies a few things. First, let's go over the look. Both blades are now larger, longer, and covered in large serrations. Each still their individual colors but are now completely covered in those colors and also now have golden hilts. The growth in size and show in color both signify the growth in natural and elemental power the swords now possess.

By releasing a nova of pure energy from his center of mass, Shingen/Desmond can instantly target all water, ice and fire within 50m of himself and reverse their very nature, causing fire to become water, water to become ice, and ice to become fire. This does not work on any of those elements which are controlled by another Spiritual Being, and the transposed elements do not have Shingen/Desmond's Astral or Umbral qualities.

With an open palm, Shingen/Desmond can combine his elements to create pure energy, that takes on neither element's quality, and blast it off. This ability is nearly identical to a Cero once it's fired off, and can be used up to twice in one post.

Placing his palms together, Shingen/Desmond can combine his elements to create pure energy, that takes on neither element's quality, and blast it off. This ability is nearly identical to a Gran Rey Cero once it's fired off, and can be used once every three posts.

Boosts: x3 Strength, x3 Speed, x3 Endurance, x2 Reiatsu, x2 Reiryoku


Appearance: Nido Reitō doesn't change in appearance from Bankai but it's growth in power surely shows as this where it reaches it's maximum.
By combining his elements, Shingen/Desmond can create Black Flames which are unique in that they defy logic, burning at -200°C. This ability can be used to replace Astral Fire in any of Shingen/Desmond's other abilities, but have the freezing properties of Umbral Ice instead. This element drains twice the amount of energy as any other ability, because Shingen/Desmond has to combine the two elements. Once Shingen/Desmond reaches his peak power, this ability can be used for a maximum of 5 posts, and then has a 10 post cooldown before being used again.

By combining his elements, Shingen/Desmond can create White Ice, which is unique in that it defies logic, being at a constant state of 1500°C. This ability can be used to replace Umbral Ice in any of Shingen/Desmond's other abilities, but has the burning properties of Astral Fire instead. This element drains twice the amount of energy as any other ability, because Shingen/Desmond has to combine the two elements. Once Desmond reaches his peak power, this ability can be used for a maximum of 5 posts, and then has a 10 post cooldown before being used again.

Boosts: x4 Strength, x4 Speed, x4 Endurance, x2 Reiatsu, x2 Reiryoku


Shingen Minamori is a man who once came from a happy human world childhood till he was held hostage in a burglary by a thief. His parents were ready to give up anything they had to the thief in exchange for a safe return of their son, however once the thief got all they had to offer he walked out holding Shingen as leverage and killed him anyways just before running off into the night by stabbing him with a knife. Shingen's spirit didn't move on though and held onto his parents’ home as he wondered why they allowed the thief to kill him, blaming them for his death. It wasn't long afterwards though, that a shinigami came and performed a Konso sending him to Soul Society.

After arriving in Soul Society, Shingen's new life began. He needed to find a way to life and figure it out fast in order to make it. A few years later, Shingen and his friends were in the forest playing around when they spotted a battle in the distance. It was a Gotei 13 captain and his Lt. battling a hollow that snuck into Rukongai forest and was devouring the campers or passersby to keep its presence hidden and keep the kill count low in order to avoid arousing the attention of the Gotei 13. Shingen's friends all decided they didn't want to hang around any longer for their safety and they should head back to town but Shingen hung around and watched. Once the Captain released his Shikai, increasing his reiatsu, it reached where Shingen was standing and it rendered him unconscious. The hollow was defeated and the Lt. spotted Shingen laying so they tended to him before taking him back to town. The Captain stayed with him until he reawaked, making sure he was ok. Shingen had never been this close to a Shinigami before and he was speechless as the Captain was speaking to him but he did manage to nod that he was ok. It was then that Shingen decided he wanted to join the Gotei 13 and become a Shinigami.

When Shingen became old enough, he enlisted into the Gotei 13’s Academy. This was the first step for him to become one of the famous 13 Gotei Court Division Captains. Shingen heard many stories of how so many step beyond the doors of the Academy and numbers of them don’t last very long. The training must be very intense and take quite the time in order to learn all they need their students to learn. Either way, Shingen was going to go all the way…from beginning to end and graduate as high as possible. He went through it all, grueling physical training, Zanpakuto swordsmanship, diplomacy and tactics, then last but certainly not least…kido. During his time in the Academy, Shingen met a female that he established a strong bond with.

Years later, Shingen went through the Academy and graduated to officially become a Shinigami of the Gotei 13. On his first official mission, he came face to face with his first Hollow. The battle was rough and thankfully he wasn't alone. However, he didn't walk out unscathed as he earned his a very large scar across his chest from the talon from the Hollow. One that remains to this day as reminder to Shingen that the enemy won't show or give you mercy. Shingen realized that day that he almost lost everything that he worked so hard to gained almost as quickly as he had earned it. All of those skills, the spells, and most of all..the bond he made would be gone. It was because of this that he determined that bonds would become the most important thing to him and what he would fight for and defend from that day forward.

Now, as a seat of his division, Shingen plans to incorporate his visions into his subordinates. Once they get the message and begin to show his message in their battles, perhaps it can spread to other Divisions and outward to the rest of the Soul Society itself. From there, Shingen really hopes it spreads between other powers that exist. The more peace that exists between all of the major powers, the better off they all will be in the end. That is what Shingen ultimately wants. He realizes that not everyone will go along with it willingly at first and there will be battles that will be fought but those battles can be used as more messages in his eyes.

However…tragedy reared its head again for Shingen as he returned to his Division’s barracks one day. You would’ve thought that now that years had passed and he had become settled into this new life that nothing could go wrong for him. Well, apparently, someone in someplace felt otherwise on this particular day. Shingen was doing extremely well in spreading his message within his Division. So well in fact that even members of other Divisions were beginning to pick up on it and spread it themselves. He had the perfect Captain heading over his Division that he established a bond with and reinforced Shingen’s message strongly. Shingen was not only a successful Seat member of Division 13 but he had also gotten married over the years. That woman that he established a bond with since his Academy days is now his wife. By this point, he was even considering having children when the sight he saw changed not only his mind on that but many other things. His wife was in the arms of his Captain and it wasn’t just a simple hug as they were lip locked in a kiss. Shingen learned in that moment that many of those beliefs that he fought so hard to defend and fight for weren’t as true as he thought and decided to leave not only the Gotei 13 but the Soul Society altogether. Without warning to anyone, Shingen grabbed a small bag of necessities and disappeared in order to find the answers to the questions that now burned within him and about the world in which he lived in.

After living in the World of the Living for so many decades, Shingen found the peace he was looking for. Was he able to find the answers he was looking for to the questions that forced him to leave the Soul Society in the first place? Well, he got some but he also realized that while he did become a stronger person during his time also left things open that can only be answered when he's around people. So with that sitting on the back of his mind day by day, he knows and accepts that one day he WILL have to return to the Soul Society. It's the only way he can officially put away everything in his past and move forward as both a man and a shinigami.

As time moved forward, a day came where Shingen felt something he hadn't felt in many, many years coming close to where he made a home in the World of the Living. Spiritual Energy. They weren't Hollows who could have energy this strong and know he was there? He would soon find out that it was a human that got pretty strong and was a bounty hunter. Shingen wasn't exactly the target but it didn't mean he couldn't become a nice warm-up for the hunter on the way to his target. Shingen did all he could to avoid any fighting when another energy signature made a sudden appearance, those it wasn't familiar by was familiar by race. It was another shinigami. Shingen was both elated by curious at the same time on why the appearances of such powerful ppl as this shinigami was no was a Captain. A battle did erupt with the visiting Captain returning back to Soul Society with Shingen in tow. He knew he would return one day.

Time would pass after he gained a new home in a new Division under the Captain Commander. Shingen was now in the 9th Division of the Gotei 13. Time would pass and he would gain rank with knowledge and experience to eventually become the Captain of the 9th Division. Since then, Shingen has fought battles and spoken for the Gotei proudly. He has truly lived up to everything that has been put in front of him since his return to the Soul Society and he looks forward to more.

More time has passed and now, after a major battle...the entire Gotei has been taken over by a very strong power. Shingen is burning inside on how he wasn't able to even harm the enemy as a force any before leaving. He strongly vows that once he returns, they shall all regret ever making the decision of making the Gotei 13 their enemies...particularly him. Now being forced to regroup and reassess what the Gotei can and cannot do, Shingen went out on a personal venture in the World of the Living to see if he could find anything that would aid them in reclaiming their home from the enemy. In his search, he may have already started to increase the power of the Gotei by increasing his own, unknowingly as he ran into a woman he never met before.

Shingen later learned this woman's name was Devola and she had connections with the person who would change everything for Shingen minutes later after they started drinking together. Cause hey, who was Shingen to not drink when invited? Just when things were getting good and Shingen finally felt that he could settle into the moment, a stranger appeared and began to attack anyone who stood before him. Innocents were being killed, just because! Shingen didn't immediately act though as this was a World of the Living issue and didn't seem like he should do too much from that standpoint but the person who invited him there seemed to be the one who had some connection to this guy and even she was ready for a fight when he showed up. She was put down as well which is where Shingen stood up and got in between this 'Desmond' and Devola. Shingen got the arm reaching for his zanpaktou frozen in place and then was ignored by Desmond as he went back to focusing on Devola. The 9th Division Captain turned and unleased a large amount of insults upon Desmond which gained his attention, enough to where he even threw a way Devola's gun in his hand which accidentally freed her from the ice he encased her in. Once freed, Devola blasted a huge hole in him but he wasn't done yet. Desmond wanted the last word in their back and forthness in life. By this, he got behind Shingen, lifted him up in the air by his throat, then merged their souls together. After a brief disappearance, a new being appeared before Devola. Shingen/Desmond as she tries to assess who it will everyone else from this point forward.
Side Notes:
1. Sai (Block) Locks a target's arms in place behind their back.

4. Hainawa (Crawling Rope) An energy rope entangles the target's arms.

8. Seki (Repulsion) Creates a round shield that seems to temporarily paralyze and repel whatever strikes it.

9. Geki (Strike) Engulfs the target in red light, completely paralyzing them.

9. Horin (Disintegrating Circle) Causes an orange hued tendril with spiraling yellow patterns to erupt from the users hand and attempt to trap a target. The Kid? is able to connect with another one of itself if both have captured a target and bind them together.

21. Sekienton (Red Smoke Flight) Creates a blast upon activation and is used like a ninja's smoke bomb.

26. Kyokko (Bent Light) Hides the target from sight, by bending light. The spell has the ability to totally hide the presence and reiatsu of the ser or specified object.

30. Shitotsu Sansen (Beak-Thrust Tri-Flash) Forming a golden triangle with one's finger, it shoots three beams of light that pin the target to one place on a
surface, slamming into his or her body in three places in a shape of an equilateral triangle.

37. Tsuriboshi (Hanging Star) Creates a star-shaped cushion of Spiritual Energy, which anchors it to nearby objects with "ropes" of spirit particles. It can stop falling objects, acting like a safety net.

39. Enkosen (Round Lock Fan) Summons a shield of condensed reiatsu to block opponents' attacks.


1. Sho (Thrust) Pushes the target away from the caster.

4. Byakurai (Pale Lightning) The user fires a concentrated, powerful lightning bolt from their finger.

11. Tsuzuri Raiden (Bound Lightning) Electric current flows through any object the user touches and is able to lead electricity, damaging any target that is in contact with the object the current runs through.

12. Fushibi (Ambush Flare) Momo Hinamori uses this spell in conjunction with Shakkah? and a Kid? net that has entangled her opponents resulting in a large explosion around them all.

31. Shakkaho (Red Fire Cannon) Fires a ball of red energy at a target.

32. Okasen (Yellow Fire Flash) Fires a wide arc of yellow energy at a target.

33. Sokatsui (Blue Fire, Crash Down) Fires a burst of blue spiritual energy at a target in a similar manner to #31, but over a wider area and with more power.

Misc. Techniques: N/A

RP Sample:
Today was not like any other typical day. Today…was a day of celebration instead of the everyday post rotation, book-keeping, barrack exercises, and yawning as each Division dreamed they would be called up to handle a Hollow attack. Yes, he said Hollow, which meant he was apart of the Gotei 13 to defend the Soul Society and World of the Living from their threats as well as keep the peace from inner issues. They are the Division that’s specifically sent to purify Hollows and defend souls in the World of the Living. His Division in particular was in charge of the Daireishokairou which is the Seireitei’s underground library. But enough about that and back to the subject at hand, as this day was being celebrated for promotions of a number of people as well as the loss of a few depending on how you look at it.

Their Division was on watch rotation this day and that didn’t matter too much to us. Most of them didn’t really go out much for various reasons being it family, personality, something job related, or they just plain didn’t see it worth doing. He was usually the family reasoned type which kept him away from most of everything on most of occasions. On this day however, not only did his Captain go but so did his wife. She told him that this celebration wasn’t like most others and had a reason to celebrate with some of the other wives, plus she wanted to get out for a bit. Shingen had no objections to either reason, besides, what could he really say while he was on watch from across the Seireitei? Well, it wasn’t about the ceremony itself that concerned Shingen though, it was what happened afterward on this day.

Once 3rd Seat Shingen got off of watch, he figured he would return home to find that his wife was already there and preparing dinner if it wasn’t already ready for him. He couldn’t wait eat something at this moment and the more he was thinking about it, the hungrier he was becoming when something caught his eye. It was a couple not too far from him in between two buildings which made him smile a bit as he thought about his wife and how they used to sneak around like that. He continued to walk further when he heard the female giggle and that giggle was all too familiar. There was just no way this was his wife..was it? Shingen got closer to investigate when he heard not only her voice to confirm but the guy’s voice was familiar as well….it was his Captain’s!! To his horror and dismay, Shingen began to lose air and feel sick as got dizzy while trying to take all of this in. Why were these two together and so intimate with one another? Suddenly, almost in an instant, the confusion and feeling of doubt disappeared and was replaced by incessant rage and anger. Shingen stormed over and stared them both in the face as he snarled and wouldn’t stop. His wife and Captain both tried to talk to him but words couldn’t reach him at this point as he was honestly staring holes through them both. In a random moment, he turned around after not saying a word to go home but he didn’t wait for her to return. Instead, he packed up some things and left for the World of the Living.

Shingen’s arrival to Karakura Town wasn’t a pleasant one as he was met by a Hollow. Things just didn’t seem to be going his way as it looked. He simply sighed before dropping his bag and drawing his Zanpakuto. The Hollow was of the lowest form…simply looking for lost souls to feed on for strength and just happened to cross paths with Shingen as he exited the gate from the Seireitei. “Till Death Do Us Part, Rensa Unmei” said Shingen to release his Shikai in order to put an end to this Hollow as quickly as possible. His katana then split into twins kamas, one for each hand as the ends of 20 foot chains enveloped his wrists that were attached to the hilts of the kamas. Shingen didn’t waste any time as he threw his right kama toward the Hollow and barely missed to the right. The Hollow laughed and gloated about the miss as it watched the kama drift by, however it didn’t keep its eyes on its opponent as Shingen had already launched himself forward to slash with the left kama toward the top of its head. The Hollow turned back in time to block and laughed again. Shingen only grinned as he slightly pulled on the chain of the right kama which made the right kama curve back toward the left. As the Hollow thought it was about to strike with an arm raised, the right kama impaled within the right side of the Hollow which forced it to scream out in pain. Shingen used this moment to Shunpo downward and finish it off with a slash with the left kama before retracting the kamas. He then began walking toward the mountains in order to keep out of sight and away from areas where Hollows could pick him up, like that one.

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on Mon Mar 27, 2017 9:44 pm


You have Personality in Side Notes and Appearance in personality so those two need swapped.

Strengths and Weaknesses are more meant towards your character's actual... fighting strengths and weaknesses.. Take a look at this topic, where it's explained, Try to keep them even, please! - This also actually helps, because your Shikai and Bankai don't list your actual boosts, which they need to~

Your Zanpakutou abilities need a bit of work. You say that it burns the enemy with Heat, which is fine as a concept, but you don't describe how it actually works. It's, apparently, similar to a magnifying glass, but does that mean I can simply move my hand one inch and it doesn't burn me? They also need cooldowns; Glare should have a 3 post cooldown, meaning you can use it every fourth post, because it blinds them for one post, (plus we don't allow complete blinding and such.) Magnify level 1 can be used every post and Magnify level 2 can be used every other post (so use it, then wait, then use it), but as far as how they actually hit something, you need to be clear. Is it like a cero, where you point your sword at them and a beam of light shoots out that can be simply dodged, is it a slash like getsuga tenshou, what's going on when you use them?

At Bankai level, things get a bit more complex. We actually don't allow Fourth degree burns at all, because by nature that means it burns down to the bone, and that's just a little too strong. We only allow up to 2nd degree burns. in regards to Max Temp, again describe how it works and, if it's cutting through metal, what happens on flesh? (Keep in mind, you can't cut through Zanpakutou Metal with this, or any, ability.) This also needs a cooldown, and judging by the strength I'd say maybe 5 or 6.

Your background is pretty good. The one part that doesn't add up for me is how you're a Seated member of Division 13, you see your Captain and Wife having an affair, but in your appearance you state you're wearing a captain's haori?

Your "Misc. Techniques:" in side notes should actually be your strengths and weaknesses, to an extent. It implies Zanjutsu, Kidou, Hohou, Intelligence, and Spiritual Power, though weaknesses need to be re-evaluated (just my opinion). Everything below that, in Personaltiy, attitude, etc. should all be under Personality way up top at the application, since that's where it goes! You also don't need to list your known kidou, because as a Shinigami it's implied you know all of them, and we have an official list (seen here: ) where you can copy and paste them later, or just see what they do.

Finally, your Roleplay sample was alright, but you switched between third person (he did this, he did that) and first person (my division) a few times, so try to keep that under wraps. Since the majority of the sample was in third person, try to stick to that for future reference ^_^.


Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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on Tue Mar 28, 2017 3:26 am


9th Division
9th Division
I have no idea what you are talking about with the 'Personality and Appearance' thing. There is no appearance in my Personality section that I put in there and i put my Personality section in side notes for a reason. It didn't have anywhere else to go!

Now, as far as my Glare must be speaking of the Bankai form of it...and of course it has a I stated in the description. It would only place it a couple of posts longer than the Shikai form of it if anyone actually read it. A few minutes is longer than a few seconds. Not the rest of their lives or anything. Speaking of reading descriptions, the Magnify ability was described as a beam and you can only fire beams in one way from what I understand. That is to point whatever will fire the beam at the target and release the beam. Slashes are an entirely different matter and this is no slash. Getsuga Tensho is a slash while Cero is a beam and Magnify is a beam.

I didn't bother with cooldowns on the Magnify abilities for two was because of how rp and I already know that wasn't going to be a reason you'd accept but that's just how I am. I can't repeat moves back to back as it doesn't feel right and it would bore the fight for me. Reason two is that system the Zanpaktou works off of. It already had a cooldown system in place which forced the character to not repeat abilities even if he wanted to.

The haori thing actually was an oversight that I did at one point remove but accidently put back when I clicked the undo button for something else. Thank you for catching that for me.

And once again...there no actual Personality section other than the one i put in with his description of his personality so i don't see what you are referring to. Now, if you want me to put that part under his Fighting Style, I can do that.

Finally, with the rp sample...I started it in first person but wanted to change it but obviously didnt catch all of it to correct all of it. That's what that was. I made the changes I can.

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on Tue Mar 28, 2017 8:41 am


I have no idea what you are talking about with the 'Personality and Appearance' thing. There is no appearance in my Personality section that I put in there and i put my Personality section in side notes for a reason. It didn't have anywhere else to go!

~~Literally right under Personality. Where it belongs. It's part of it. So it would naturally go under it. This not being common sense disturbs me considering how "Intelligent" you seem to be acting towards Ika.

my Glare ability. / bother with cooldowns

~~On the first part. Jeff is a bit stupid because it does state it is a beam. However that is where Jeff's stupid ends and yours begins with the second bit. Time is a not a quantifiable factor in an RP setting of the Bleach Universe because one post could be anywhere from six seconds to five minutes and that's not even taking into account time skipping and "Dramatic Pause" or anything of that sort. You did not state a cooldown based on the forum's way of using a cooldown and that is what Jeff was referring to.

because of how rp

~~First. This isn't a debate on whether or not you would abuse a characters power. If the power was abusable to begin with we wouldn't have approved it. So your ability to RP or how you choose to RP has zero factor here. We balance the abilities of every character so that no one person can just walk in and auto fuck everyone (Which We've had someone actually try to do so. Lol.) If we ask you for CD's, Power Comparison's, speed comparisons, details of how "tough" a defense skill is. You don't argue. you put it in the app and we go "oh hey yeah that makes sense" or we don't like how strong it is and tell you. or we think it's too weak and we give a suggestion to make it "Better".

~~"Oh but Rena a CD makes no sense your way"

I can't repeat moves back to back

~~According to you it would be NO issue at all to simply make a CD based on Staff advice or what you can find around the forum. Because you would have had one naturally anyways. However "implications" and "Vague" crap don't fly. If you have a CD you state the CD on your app. If we don't like how you stated it, which is what happened here, or it isn't balanced for the ability. We let you know and you fix it.


As far as Jeff's assessment went. He wasn't wrong where it mattered most. Magnify Level 3 and Level 4 are denied because we don't allow third and fourth degree burns or frostbite due to how heavily overpowered it can get against another character even with the smallest of hits landing. Regeneration is not a substitute for Orihime. If they got burned or frostbite that badly it'd wreck their character for quite some time. If not permanently. So we don't allow it and save everyone the headache. Sorry thems the brakes.

~~Now you don't "currently" have any boosts filled out for Shikai or Bankai. This isn't mandatory and if it was intentional that is fine I'm merely mentioning it because without those boosts you are saying that your character is so strong he doesn't need them or he is weaker than normal fighters. Which in either case would need to be listed somewhere at some point. Just mentioning this part though. Dun care what you do here.

~~your strengths are as follows. Zanjutsu, Hoho, Shunpo, Reiatsu, Kidou, Analytical Tactician
~~your weaknesses are as follows. Hakuda, Politics

Okay first. Political failure is a character flaw. Not a weakness. So that is ignored. Shunpo and hoho aren't different things because Shunpo is a skill within Hoho's combat style. So those are smashed together.

So it's now.

Zanjutsu, Hoho, Kidou, Analytical Tactician, Reiatsu

So my question and the point to pointing all this out now becomes.... Does that seem balanced to you?

You are good at every form of combat and excel with spiritual based combat. And the only drawback is that instead of knowing any martial arts you can "simply throw a punch".

Seems like you may need more of a weakness to balance out no?

~~This next part is not required but irked me therefor I am mentioning it.

I'm going to be nice. Okay no I'm not. Your fighting style is so lacking that my entire brain hurts thinking about it. You swing a sword and you use Kido. That's your fighting style? you don't try to use your analytical tactician nature to pressure the enemy in a way that benefits you? You don't try to discern weaknesses and exploit them as best you can with your hoho techniques? You don't do fancy fencing crap because hell yeah?

You just swing a sword and use magic spells.

So while this is still passable since despite being completely vague and tasteless still covers a bit. Due to the fact the shinigami academy trained you in these things.....

You could easily make it better.


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on Fri Mar 31, 2017 7:03 pm


8th Division
8th Division
I took a little more time not being stupid about this than I ought to have been but.... here.

You have been given simple instructions to follow.

-Magnify 3 and 4 are both denied, for the simple reason that we don't even allow 3rd or 4th degree burns.
-Kidou does not need to be listed, you went through the academy, so it's assumed you know all Kidou.
-Your personality is still tacked onto the end. We have a template for a reason, please use it.

Quite frankly, the list goes on, and you have not made very many edits, even if at least you added cooldowns to the abilties we denied.

If you need me to make a full, consolidated list of the changes that you need to make, ask.
This is not approvable.


Play the game, use all the pieces, leave your cards on the table.

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on Tue Apr 04, 2017 7:11 am


The changes are approvable. I vote 1-4. Jeff and/or Noz need to confirm since apparently we all looked at the app.


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on Tue Apr 04, 2017 7:12 am


8th Division
8th Division
Confirmed with me and approvable


Play the game, use all the pieces, leave your cards on the table.

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on Wed Apr 26, 2017 8:55 am




Obviously my characters are righttttt there.
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on Thu Apr 27, 2017 7:02 am


8th Division
8th Division
Changes have been reviewed and approved by me. Moving back to the proper section.


Play the game, use all the pieces, leave your cards on the table.

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on Tue Sep 05, 2017 4:01 am


Gfx Queen
Gfx Queen
Approved, at Tier 0-4. Congratulations.


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