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on Sun Mar 26, 2017 8:47 pm

Such a brilliant day was occurring. The sun was shining violently, but not to the point of incinerating a person that was attempting to soak up some rays. The weather was bearable too, which was odd for extremely sunny days, like today for instance - the weather was surprisingly cool, as opposed to scorching. A day in the sun, an excellent vacation away from the everyday reality of fighting and shenanigans, and the various other mundane tasks of the arrancar race. A chance to relax, and not even quarrel with his Espada colleges when it came to philosophical debates or do battle with spiritual beings of other races. This was one day that Thor couldn't pass up, a nice cool, relaxing 'vacation' in Western Cape, in the middle of South Africa, which was usually a hot spot for minerals and stuff.

One of the other reasons he was in South Africa, apart from wanting to have a vacation was to gain knowledge about minerals and such. Also, he wanted to know how the process came to be when it came to mining. Considering how popular the country was to having minerals and other geological materials, Thor knew he had chosen the perfect spot to conduct his research. At this instance however, he had chosen to conduct his research on one of the largest mining plants in South Africa. Which was the Beaufort West mine. The mine represents one of the largest iridium reserves in South Africa having estimated reserves of twenty eight point eight million tonnes of iridium.

Walking slowly towards the mining plant, his hands inside his pockets, he would walk. As always he would release a bit of his vast spiritual pressure outwards just to make his presence noticed.

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on Sun Mar 26, 2017 10:17 pm

An Electrical disturbance was present, as an Electrical portal that seemed to tear through the fabric of the air itself opened up. Through the strange portal that seemed to peer into an endless plain of grassy fields, stepped forth the "Necron Primarch" himself. Many myths were made around the strange Arrancar, being feared for his stories as well as being praised as a "God". Looking at his surroundings, Necrones made sure to be correct about where he was. The location was South Africa, Western Cape. Which was centered with in the middle South Africa and had a place of "Interest". The place of Interest being the "Beaufort West mine". Why? people may ask. Well... the answer was quite simple, and the answer is Iridium. Why was Necrones interested in this Material? Well apart from being the most corrosive-resistant element to date, it has many applications. These Applications being needed to test a new substance being developed by Necrones.

As the portal closed behind him, Necrones proceeded to put on a long black cloak to cover his body. Why would he do this? Well considering he was on Earth once again, he'd prefer not be noticed as a cyborg from his Robotic limbs. Easier to get business done when you don't have a massive crowd focused on your every move. After doing such Necrones proceeded to walk towards the destination in question, he was aways off but that didn't matter. As Necrones made his way to his destination, he noticed how some of the locals had given him odd looks. Not like he really cared, he was more interested in getting his business done as fast as possible. When approaching close to the place in general, he noticed a very familiar energy signature. One that was usually given off by that of his own race. The signature made him question whether he should continue forth, was the person around him going to be a nuisance or not. Disregarding his thoughts he proceeded to head towards the mining facility.

While walking relatively fast, the signature got stronger and stronger. Up to a point where he was able to pin point where/who it was coming from. A Man in a Red coat with white hair, was all he seemed to notice. There was no doubt that the character was indeed the person he had detected. Necrones walked past the man, who was walking relatively slowly. Necrones walking at a rather faster than normal walking speed, with a noticeable heavy thump every time one of his feet hit the ground. He made eye contact for a split moment, his eyes glowing lime green like they always did. He did his best to hide his energy and his body, as he did such, although there were no guarantees that it had worked at all. He began to approach the forefront of the facility he was looking for. Stopping instantly, and quickly scanning with his eye's the surrounding area. There were quite a lot of people around the area, and as such, Necrones had to be as careful as possible. He continued to scan the area.


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on Mon Mar 27, 2017 9:36 am

When it came towards sensing or detecting another's spiritual pressure, Thor sucked balls at it. It was honestly quite pathetic when he thought about how he couldn't sense for shit. But then again, he had to part away with some of his strengths for more useful power that would help him in battle. But that was a different story entirely. As he kept walking forwards, he felt something. Not a pulse of spiritual pressure, but rather, a feeling similar to someone following him. Slowing down Thor let whoever it was behind him to pass him by, and that was when he saw it. A large figure that was covered entirely by a black cloak moving past him in a rather quick pace. Thor wasn't sure who this person was but he caught eye contact with this individual for a second, which was when he caught the glimpse of the glowing green coloured eyes. Taken back from what he had seen, Thor would come to a sudden halt as he watched the stranger move forward without stopping. "What the hell is that?"

Curiosity was something that could not be satisfied. At least when it came towards Thor. He knew he had this eternal itch that he couldn't suppress. He knew that how much he fed it, it was still not enough. At this particular instance he could feel his curiosity building up. It was slow at first. But he knew it would sky rocket soon. It was time to feed his curiosity, even though it was futile when it cam to long term.

Thor was following the large cloaked stranger closely. Keeping his distance, not wanting to blow his cover by letting the stranger know he or she was being followed. What was quite noticeable when he looked at the stranger from the back was the walking pattern. It wasn't similar to any human, arrancars, Shinigami and etc. As a person who had a vast knowledge about physical movements that the body made, Thor had the notion that whoever that was in front of him was not human at all. It's walking pattern was more similar to a robot. "Damn it!" Thor said to himself as he increased his pace. The stranger who he was following made a sudden stop in front of the facility. Knowing that this was his chance, he Sonido'd behind the stranger as he tapped like what it seems to be his or she's robotic shoulder. "Hello there stranger. May I ask what you're looking for?"

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on Tue Mar 28, 2017 3:33 am

Necrones' eyes were fixed on the Mining facility, whereas his senses were focused upon the stranger that seemed to be following him. The strange man had followed him up to this point, leading Necrones to believe he was a threat. Necrones didn't do anything brash, he simply stood there as to see whether or not the stranger would just pass him by. Within that instant however as soon as Necrones moved his attention, the mans energy signature found itself right behind Necrones. Necrones was tapped on the shoulder, and as soon as he was, he quickly spun around. Using the momentum of his spin to attempt to hit the man with his left fist before following with a right uppercut. Whether he hit the stranger or not, was whether the man was really expecting Necrones to do anything. Necrones did catch something however, something the man had said just before Necrones reacted.  

"Hello there stranger. May I ask what you're looking for?" the stranger said, it left Necrones questioning the mans intent. Necrones replied quickly to the mans senetence, "Should I follow your greeting with another? Would that honestly be necessary? If you're looking for a name go elsewhere. If you're looking for a man go elsewhere. If you're looking for an answer to a question that has no need to be answered, then simply walk away". Necrones faced the man directly as he took a few heavy steps backwards. His gaze as cold as winter, no emotion, no emotion at all.

As Necrones waited for the mans reaction, he was cautious to continuously scout his surroundings. Making sure that the man had not brang any company along with him. Although the percentage that he would have was low, it's best to never take anything to chance. Since this man was obviously an Arrancar, without even having to gain much more evidence. It left Necrones curious as to whether or not he was apart of the group known as the Espada. Necrones had no such care for those who were apart of such a useless organisation. Necrones considers such things to be inefficient.


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on Tue Mar 28, 2017 5:49 pm

Just as Thor finished uttering the last word of his sentence, the stranger in front of him spinned around towards him -- bringing his left fist towards Thors face in an attempt to punch him. Seeing the punch come from a mile away, Thor simply crouched in an instant to avoid it. Then he would shoot back up, but yet again to be greeted with an right upper cut. Leaning back immediately, he would dodge it. Thor had a great opportunity to add in a counter attack, but he didn't want to make things worse than they already were. And something told him that the retaliation he had seen from the unknown person was simply his instinct acting up. Or, he could just be paranoid like most of the Soul Reapers.

Seeing how it would be best to create some distance between them, Thor Sonido'd to the strangers right in good measure. The stranger would answer the questions that had been asked from him. However, not in literal sense of way. Instead of being straightforward and answering them, he would form what Thor asked to questions of his own and ask him back. Whoever this individual was honestly amusing to say the least. But was he aware the situations he was getting himself into by showing hostility? Probably not. Which was ill thinking in his part. Very ill thinking.

Eyeing the stranger with the slicing gaze of his light blue eyes, he would begin to speak, "obviously I should go elsewhere if I'm looking for a man since you're no man." A smirk would find itself on his face. "I agree that the question I asked you at first doesn't need to be answered. It was me just being curious as always. But, what you don't get is that your actions here have made me more curious than I already were a few minutes ago. So, you can evade all my questions you want. That is your choice." He paused for a second, taking a step forward, he continued, "but get this; my choice would be simply getting to know what I want to know from you, even if you like it or not." He paused yet again to emphasize what he was saying was serious, "This is not a threat. Merely I'm trying to satisfy my curiosity since you turned it up to a eleven." Thor's words were blunt an absolute. He didn't surgarcoat anything. Why should he?

Running his hand through his white hair he looked at the stranger, patiently awaiting his response. But before he would do such, Thor would add something in. "Judging by your body language and movements, it seems that you're anticipating something to happen. Fear not. I haven't brought anyone with me. But, however, do know that when you choose the behaviour, you choose the consequences. So, let's see what type of behaviour you chose to demonstrate now."

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on Sun Apr 02, 2017 6:03 pm

The Stranger who now stood to the right of Necrones, and had not only dodged his punches but also begun to eye him down after he'd Sonido'd beside the Machine. Leaves the question to begged, who was the strange man that had decided to engage with Necrones. Necrones himself didn't really care for who the man was, for the only thing Necrones actually had to know was that the stranger was an Arrancar. Begged another question of why was someone like him, with no control over how much energy he exerted, wondering about on Earth. A question that also didn't need to be asked. However a question that did need to be asked is why are there no traces of the Shinigami or others like them aware of this phenomenon? Perhaps they aren't all they're cracked up to be.

A question that should've come up was why did Necrones decide to suddenly strike towards the stranger. Was it on instinct? Does a Machine necessarily have instincts? Was it because Necrones was Paranoid? Are Machines Paranoid about anything? So then... why would Necrones do such a thing if not out of Instinct or Paranoia? A question you don't get to know the answer to. Simply put, regardless of how stupid his actions may have seemed, there are many more answers to be obtained through an action than a word. Sometimes questions don't need to be asked.

Reverting back to a straight posture, Necrones heard the stranger speak. "obviously I should go elsewhere if I'm looking for a man since you're no man.", the Stanger grinning after saying this. Necrones was genuinely confused at why the man was grinning, perhaps he found his smart-ass reply to be funny. Necrones like always was not amused by this in the slightest. It left Necrones wondering whether the man was ever going to say something that wasn't a complete waste of time hearing. "I agree that the question I asked you at first doesn't need to be answered. It was me just being curious as always. But, what you don't get is that your actions here have made me more curious than I already were a few minutes ago. So, you can evade all my questions you want. That is your choice.", The stranger paused for a second, before taking a step forward, before continuing. "but get this; my choice would be simply getting to know what I want to know from you, even if you like it or not.", The stranger paused yet again as to seemingly emphasize what he was saying. "This is not a threat. Merely I'm trying to satisfy my curiosity since you turned it up to a eleven."

Necrones didn't take the Strangers words as a threat, even if the Stranger had to make sure Necrones wouldn't. The only thing Necrones remotely had a response to was when the Stranger stated that he needed to satisfy his curiosity, to which Necrones Responded Immediately. "Is your curiosity set into a constant Cacophony of questions? Or is it just a simple wonderment?".

Noticing the Stranger run his hand through his white, he'd added something onto the end of his speech. "Judging by your body language and movements, it seems that you're anticipating something to happen. Fear not. I haven't brought anyone with me. But, however, do know that when you choose the behaviour, you choose the consequences. So, let's see what type of behaviour you chose to demonstrate now."          

Well... Necrones had already figured that the stranger hadn't any company, Atleast any company with in sensing distance. A thing that did warrant curiosity was when the Stranger had stated that Necrones be best to choose carefully how he act. Atleast that confirmed that the stranger was smart, although not smart enough to realize why Necrones had done what he did. It seems the Stranger was trying to make him think upon his actions, hinting to something bad happening if otherwise.

Necrones hadn't really moved throughout the Strangers whole speech. However after the stranger had finished talking, Necrones simply proceeded to walk away from the man. As Necrones walked away, he continued to scan his surroundings... or at least the area surrounding the Mining Facility.
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on Mon Apr 03, 2017 9:02 pm

The machine was quite calm. It didn't seem to show much emotion at all. Which was obvious because machines don't usually show emotions, feeling and such. Unless of course you're an Autobot from Transformers. But that was something else entirely. Be that as it may, it did answer Thors first question immediately after he asked it. After listening to it's response, the smirk on Thors face would widen even more. Wrapping his hands on his biceps as his arms folded over his chest he would go on to reply by saying, "simple wonderment, as you would put it." He paused, "questions are formalized curiosity. I'm poking and prying on you for a purpose. But, I just don't pry on you. My curiosity leads me to anywhere that I find interesting. If there is a place, person and thing that holds my interest, I'll be there." Wiping the smirk off his face he would lean a bit back, only to speak again, "Curiosity is the very essence of our existence as beings. 'Who are we? Where are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going?'... and so on and on such questions can be asked. Honestly, I don't know the answers for any of them. Though I wished I did. But I want to find out. And I will." The tone of his voice was once again absolute and unwavering. He knew everyone had a purpose -- and he had his. Thor, however, would not stop there as he would add something in, "I honestly will not stop my questioning. Whether you want me to or not. My curiosity has it's own reason for existing."

The machine would turn around as it would start to walk as nothing ever happened only to scan the facility once again. It was totally disregarding Thors presence and the confrontation they both had. This offended Thor deeply. He had honestly not expected this turn of events to unfold. But he wasn't the one to give up so easily. He stated to the machine very clearly that the actions he chose to demonstrate would result in whatever the consequences that would pan out. Since it had chosen the actions it wanted to display, it was time for Thor to do the same. Sonido'ing to the machines front, having a six feet distance between them, he raised his right hand up, as he used his magma manipulation to form a two barrel shot gun in his hand. Pointing it at the machines chest, he would say, with a smug look on his face, "names Thor Blerster. I'm the Third Espada. And you are? Oh damn... how could I forget?... you don't like answering questions. How silly of me to ask." His index finger slowly went on to push the trigger back, but he kept it on a point where it wouldn't fire. Not yet, of course. There was still time.

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on Mon Apr 24, 2017 10:27 am

Necrones had heard the strangers replies, but chose to ignore them. The Stranger sonido'd in front of Necrones and proceeded to form a double barreled shotgun out of lava. Necrones' attention was drawn immediately to the weapon, as he observed closely what powers the individual had. "So much for standing by your words" Necrones immediately replied.

The strangers face seemed to slowly turn into a smug expression, "names Thor Blerster. I'm the Third Espada. And you are? Oh damn... how could I forget?... you don't like answering questions. How silly of me to ask." The Stranger seemed annoyed, by the fact that Necrones had practically completely disregarded everything he'd said. Necrones' face didn't change expression, as he stared at thor.

"Just like you said right? You choose behavior, you choose consequences. Perhaps you should be smart enough to follow your own code. ...and as for a name, you may get a title. The Necron Primarch, a legend and a nightmare." With these final words Necrones clawed at the air, and then simply vanished as if he was never there.
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on Sat Apr 29, 2017 3:20 pm

The man clawed put of the air as he simply vanishes. Annoyed at the outcome Thor would shake hos head as he would turn to the right and beginto walk. Where did he walk to? He didn't know. But he just kept walking.


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