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#1 Skylar Krystal on Sun Mar 26, 2017 7:25 am


Name: Skylar Krystal
Age: 22
True Age: 27
Sex: Female
Skylar is a very interesting individual. Though Hollows are reknowned for their lack of heart and inability to produce genuine emotions, Skylar is constantly happy. She still lacks a heart like all Hollows and Arrancar, but her young age leads her to be genuinely curious about a lot of things life has to offer... or, rather, death.

When she first encounters something or someone she doesn't know, Skylar is almost guaranteed to have a smile on her face while her eyes light up. She will poke and prod the unknown, either physically or with questions, until she is satisfied she knows enough about them to consider them friend of foe. Due to her relative inexperience with the world, there are a lot of things that have yet to be poked and prodded, which means Skylar spends a lot of her time trying to learn as much as she can about things.

If Skylar knows a person enough that she isn't going to poke and prod them immediately, she will likely consider them a close friend. Her version of friendship can range from tackling hugs to punches in the face, but they're always done with a smile. It's very rare to see Skylar not smiling, because everything is fun and new to her in almost every way. She doesn't understand the people who sit and moan about their loneliness when they can literally walk twenty miles and find people they can hang out with and share stuff with; people who are lonely are just lazy, and aren't attempting to fix it at all.

Skylar also enjoys being alone, to an extent. While she enjoys company much more, Skylar doesn't mind the occasional bout of loneliness insofar as laying in bed and listening to music, reading a book, or something similar to that. She knows she can always break the loneliness if she wants to, so sometimes she decides to just relax and be herself, by herself.

Due to Skylar growing up in a time period where Sexual Intercourse was not in any way, shape or form taboo, she can sometimes be misconstrued as promiscuous, having no boundaries when it comes to sex. She knows her body, she knows that she's hot, and she's far from afraid to use sex to get what she wants, especially if what she wants is just sex. While she's not promiscuous, Skylar does care to some extent who she has sex with, and won't just bone anyone who happens to look at her a certain way. She knows what she's attracted to, and if what she wants is just sex, she'll go after those who she is attracted to.

In a fight, Skylar continues to smile. She bounces around a lot; not really acrobatics, but just jumpy and happy and peppy, because fighting is fun. It's a way to break boredom, it's a way to say hi to someone you like, it's a way to see how strong someone really is, or a way to see how weak they are. There are a lot of purposes for fighting, but Skylar doesn't care about most of them- when she fights, she focuses on the fight. She doesn't spend a year considering their intentions before she puts up her fists, she is naive and will punch you in a split second if she thinks there's any chance you're challenging her.

When fighting, Skylar is mostly instinctual in her combat- since she lacks any form of range in her combat style, she gets as close as she can and punches things until they stop moving.. though occasionally she continues to punch after that.

Skylar often keeps her cool, though, and isn't known for an explosive temper. As stated above, she will not hesitate to punch someone she thinks is challenging her, but aside from that she's a relatively calm individual, who will sometimes help mediate things between her friends. Since she never stops smiling, it's very hard to make her gloomy or depressed, even when friends die; she'll simply say something like 'too bad!' and sometimes, though not always, try to prevent her friends from getting revenge.


Height: 5'7"
Weight: 198lbs
Physical Traits:
Skylar Krystal has a rather lithe figure, skinny but not starving. Her muscles are hidden by her clothing, making her look much weaker than she actually is. Her long blonde hair is arguably straight, with curves lining the edges and frays, reaching down to her thighs when she's not moving. She has C-Cup breasts, and knows very well what her body looks like. Her skin is free of any tattoos, but her ears are both pierced in the lobe with a single ruby stud. Skylar's eyes are a vivid blue, standing out strongly from the pale skin covering her body.

After becoming a Hollow, Skylar's hollow hole was developed on her naval, but is rather small at only a single inch wide. As for her mask fragment from being an Arrancar, the back of her neck is covered in her old mask, though it's hidden by her hair. From the front, it looks like she doesn't have one at all.

In her standard outfit, Skylar wears mostly white and black clothing to match the outfit the Espada are supposed to wear. Her top's first layer is a simple black tanktop which has a built-in bra to keep her breasts from moving around while she fights, with a white and black jacket over this. The sleeves on the jacket only come to her elbows, which are protected with a simple gold bracelet, and the jacket's open center has a belt strap holding it together to almost act like a kind of choker, though not really. She wears a sapphire pendant under the collar, which rests between her breasts most of the time, with a platinum chain.

Her wrists are covered by her Zanpakutou, but her hands have simple black leather gloves over them, save for the fingers to allow her full dexterity with minor protection, so she doesn't have to worry about getting dirt and stuff on her hands. Her waist has two belts on it which keep her shirt tight, but don't actually hold anything up and are just for style. Under the skirt/shirt combination she wears, she also wears a simple pair of black spandex so creeps cant look up her skirt and see her naughty bits; these spandex are attached to her stockings by way of garter belt, which is also lined with black leather and gold buckles.

Her stockings come up to the top of her thighs, with gold designs on the outside of each thigh and on her knees, as well as black leather boots with 3 inch soles and five buckles on each boot, making sure they don't come off unless she wants them to. While in this outfit, Skylar actually stands up to 5'10" tall because of the boots, which surprises some people when they see how short she actually is after taking them off.

Sometimes, however, she can't get away with wearing her standard outfit. If the Cero King demands it, Skylar does have a variation on the Regular Espada Uniform that she wears, complete with a boob window and middrift showcasing. Even when wearing this outfit, she does keep her ears pierced with the ruby stud in each, as well as the sapphire pendant she wears.


General Fighting Style:
Skylar lacks any form of Ranged attacks, and can only fight from melee range. That said, she's very, very good at getting into melee range and punching you. Her fighting style is somewhat similar to a Boxer, utilizing a variety of punches in combat, though she's not above kicking and biting as well. Her fighting is very instinctual, having undergone little to no training on actual fighting, relying instead on her instincts to dodge and attack. She also pays very little if any attention to subtle cues in combat, preferring to punch her problems than talk them out.

Strengths: Strength > Speed > Endurance > Durability
Weaknesses: Spiritual Power > Sensing > Intelligence

Skylar's Hierro is stronger than normal, manifesting as 2x as powerful as a normal Hierro of her tier.

For three posts, Skylar ignores any and all wounds she has, and gains a 50% increase to her speed and strength. The wounds don't heal, but she doesn't feel the pain that they would be causing her. This ability has a five post cooldown before it can be used again.


Sealed Appearance: In its' Sealed State, Skylar's Zanpakutou takes the form of gold bracelets around her wrist, covering the back of her hand all the way to her forearm, allowing a bit of protection while she punches things.
Zanpakuto Name: Although their full name is Lucha de Puños [Fist Fight], because of their bloodthirsty nature they allow Skylar to simply say Lucha to activate them.
Zanpakuto Call Out: Time to fight, Lucha.
Cero: Skylar has access to Bala, Cero, Gran Rey Cero, Cero Oscuras, and Cero Cornea.


Appearance: In her Resurrecion, Skylar's mask fragment covers the majority of her face and changes her clothes to have gold and black rather than white and black. Her gloves slim down and don't look bulky, and she wears a skirt instead of pants.
Boosts: 3x Speed, Strength, Durability, Stamina

While in her Resurrecion, Skylar's Hierro is even stronger, doubling in potency to a grand total of 4x as strong as a standard Hierro.

Cero Punch[passive]
While in her Resurrecion, Skylar cannot fire off Bala, Cero, or any variation of the two (including Gran Rey Cero, Cero Oscuras, or Cero Cornea); instead, the destructive force that a Cero holds is imbued in her fists, causing equal damage to a point-blank Cero on every punch she lands.


Appearance: In Segunda Etapa, Skylar is covered in black and gold armor, and her mask covers the rest of her face, as well as growing two antennae, though it's never explained what function (if any) they serve.
Boosts: 4x Speed, Strength, Durability, Stamina

In her Resurrecion Segunda, Skylar's Hierro is significantly stronger, peaking out at 6x as strong as normal.

Gran Rey Cero Punch
Skylar makes a single punch at Gran Rey Cero-level damage. If this ability doesn't hit anything, it has no cooldown; if this ability does hit a target, it has a 3-post cooldown before it can be used again.

Beam Hands[passive]
While in Segunda, Skylar's reach for punching is extended by 3ft. Her reach for kicks are not extended this way. This takes the appearance of being little beams of energy from her gloves, as seen in the picture above.


When she was born, Skylar Krystal was a simple, but pretty baby girl. She didn't have much ado about her, but she had platinum blond hair and brilliant blue eyes and everybody seemed to love her. Her first words were 'mama' and 'daddy' much like a normal child; she enjoyed chewing on things, and drooling on them too. Her father worked as a Government official, at some top-secret project in New York that he couldn't share with the rest of the family, but he made enough money that her mother could stay at home and take care of her all year round.

Skylar was home-schooled, from an early age. While most other kids were not going into the public school system until they were around six years of age, Skylar was being taught basic math and reading comprehension at the age of four. She was by no means a genius or a prodigy, but her mother knew how to persuade her to learn, and by the time she was six like most other kids who were just starting school, Skylar was already doing fifth grade things, in only two years' time, because her mother was pushing her and knew how to persuade her. At the age of seven, Skylar was actually considered a prodigy.

The only break she got was when her father came home on vacation; see, Skylar's family lived in Connecticut, which was a few hours away from New York city. He didn't come home every single night, but sometimes he would spend a whole week at work and only be home for a few days; therefore, Skylar's mother made sure that she never had to work if her dad was home, because she only had a limited amount of time with him to begin with, and she didn't want to impeach on that.

Once she was 10 years of age, Skylar was allowed to choose a High School to enter. Although the general age to enter high school was 14, Skylar's proficiency with schoolwork and learning meant that she was well above her actual age group, and in just a few short years was able to surpass almost all of them, entering Freshman year at 10. She graduated by the age of 12, a full 2 years before anyone else her age would have even entered High School, lending more people to believe she was a true prodigy. In reality, her mother just knew how to persuade her.

Once she had graduated High School, Skylar decided that she didn't need to learn anymore - her mother argued lightly, but Skylar confessed that she only ever did it to make her mother happy, and had no interest in the knowledge she had been given; she only ever learned anything because it made her mother smile at her, and that's all she ever wanted. Making her mother smile was her only goal, and it didn't matter what she had to do; but now, she wanted to explore the world a bit. Her mother simply smiled at her, and she knew this was the extent of the permission she would get.

The call was quick. Two words. They were all it took for Skylar to come rushing home. Those two words will forever be ingrained in her memory, everything she does and everything she did will always be based on those two words: "She's dead." From the police report, Skylar later found out that it was a burglary gone wrong. Skylar had been staying the night at a friend's house, playing video games and talking about boys all night, while her mother was brutally tortured, raped, and killed. Skylar devoted her life to finding him and making him pay, in the same ways he made her pay. He would, without a doubt... pay.

A righteous inflicting of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent; personified, in this case, by a horrible cunt. Skylar Krystal was very, very aware of the definition of the word 'Nemesis'. She may have only been 15 years old, but she was going to be the appropriate agent to manifest the righteous inflicting of retribution. She began going to the gym; specifically, a Boxing gym in her neighborhood, and training there daily. For five years, Skylar spent almost twelve hours a day training in boxing, lifting weights and working out. By the time she was twenty, Skylar was an extremely athletic girl, and was not the kind of person you want to casually fuck around with.

She still had copies of the police report, and the cameras taping the burglary. She knew the man she was looking for was about six feet tall, had black hair and green eyes. That was all she knew. She didn't know his voice, she didn't know his skin tone... just his eye color and hair color. Not a lot to go on. Skylar knew deep in her heart of hearts that she would make it work, though, and that the man would be brought to justice.

What she didn't know, or expect for that matter, was her mother stopping her. As a spirit, Skylar's mother had been following her around and making sure she was a good girl even after she had passed, but she knew her time was running out and had made a decision: she wanted revenge too. The man Skylar was going to be looking for was of African-American descent, had a rough voice, and talked in an English accent like he'd come from London or some shit. Her mother left shortly after that, to go away so Skylar wouldn't get hurt when things went wrong with her, which she knew would be soon.

It took another year, but Skylar did find the man. His name was Thomas. Skylar introduced herself by punching him in his stupid, rapist face, and beating him within an inch of his life. Picking him up and tossing him over her shoulder, Skylar brought him back to his apartment where she tied him down and straddled him on the bed, waiting for him to wake up. As soon as he did, she began beating him again until he passed out. This continued for several days until Skylar finally killed him, having gotten her revenge in the most satisfying way she could think of.

She called the police, telling them her current location and what she'd done. They showed up and handcuffed her, but she explained that he had raped and killed her mother six years ago, and that this was her revenge. The police didn't care, and she was thrown in jail. During the trial for her Murder, Skylar found out the man who had committed the rape and murder was sentenced to death five years ago, having been caught shortly after his crimes. Skylar had killed an innocent man.

She pleaded guilty, and was put to death. harboring ill-will and resentment towards her father for never explaining that the man responsible had been caught, she followed him around as a Spirit, until the day she decided enough was enough. Killing him, she became Hollow and started to eat others.

What began as simple Human Soul Consumption very soon escalated. Skylar enjoyed the feeling of power, and knew that she was reaching the limits of the power she could attain, so she started eating other Hollows. Within a year, she became a Menos-class Hollow, and found herself fighting very hard to retain her conscious mind. So many souls had been consumed, so many memories and individual emotions fighting for control of the Menos body they all shared, Skylar was struggling to maintain control but she was able to.

Another Menos, who was also an individual instead of a mindless beast like most of her kind she'd seen, told her that she could still get stronger. Menos wasn't the peak; there were at least two more stages of Hollow she could go through to peak out. Acknowledging this, Skylar thanked him for his information, and then ate his face. Then she ate the rest of him. Skylar wandered through the white desert of Hueco Mundo for months, eating anything she came across until she evolved into an Adjuchas.

Going from a giant Hollow with hundreds of souls in your head to a single, regular-size Hollow with only your own thoughts is not only disorienting and weird, it's also extremely unsettling. Skylar accomplished this task, though, and set off to keep eating other Hollows, knowing she would have to get stronger. What she did find, however, were Hollows who had taken off their masks to become Arrancar. They admitted it was a small loss in actual power, but it made their peak potential so much higher. Skylar remembered her friend telling her there were TWO other stages of Hollow to go through, but Arrancar didn't seem like one of them.

Interrogating an Arrancar she overpowered, Skylar found out there was one more stage she could go through before she became an Arrancar: a Vasto Lorde. She pondered this, as she ate the Arrancar she obtained the information from, and slept on it for a few months.

Eventually she decided she was, indeed, going to become a Vasto Lorde before she took off her mask. While it may be a small loss in actual power, it would increase her peak potential so much more that it was completely worth it to do. Skylar continued racing around Hueco Mundo, devouring everything she found; regular Hollows, Menos, Adjuchas, especially other Arrancar. She didn't know what else to do to become a Vasto Lorde, just that she wanted to be stronger.

Six months later, on the day of her Twenty-Seventh birthday, Skylar encountered her first Vasto Lorde. It was weakened by far, clearly barely having emerged from a battle of its own, as it feasted on another Vasto Lorde it had overpowered. Skylar snuck up on it and bit into the back of its face, killing it in one clean blow. This was the day she ascended to Vasto Lorde herself.

Skylar wasted no time what so ever, immediately ripping off her mask to become an Arrancar. For the first time in five years, she could feel the wind blow on her golden hair once again, and smiled genuinely.

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0-5. Go kill Kokoro. idc. have fun. Approved.

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