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#1 [Open] Respect your elders on Sun Mar 26, 2017 3:37 am


"My my.. You bunch sure are quick and eager aren't you? You should relax and take a breath my boys." Came the elder voice of Gar Rou as he stood in the middle of a pack of Gillian who thought themselves tough shit, "You clearly realize I am vastly superior or else you wouldn't be in a group.. but you still think you can beat me? oh my.." he used his free hand to stroke his beard and sighed softly as he pointed his cane at the one directly infront of him, "You there. You seem to lead this thuggish gang. What say you to simply walking away...with your lives.."

He was laughed at and told that he was crazy to think he could fight six gillian at the same time at his age. His age? Foolish children.. He was not actually among the oldest of the hollow.. He was merely a very elderly man when he finally died as a human being. However even with those "set backs" in this new life.. Gar Rou was a master combatant and had more than enough power to do anything he previously knew how to do.

The group charged to attack him and he simply stabbed the one in the face with the tip of his cane before ducking down and kicking the next so hard his face cracked open and punching another in the stomach hard enough to burst through it's body.

The remaining four came at him still, but one hesitated when it saw what happened to it's former "friends?" and suddenly it noticed Gar had landed with a Sonido on it's head using it as a stepping stone for a moment as it's other three allies attacked. Of course all Gar had to do was jump away and poof. The poor fool who was his old perch was mangled by his over eager former allies.

"Oh my.. you are down to three. you started with seven. Are you sure you want to keep coming for little old me? I haven't even started being serious yet."

Assuming they didn't flee, or someone didn't show up to "assist the elderly". He'd frown at whatever response they gave and fire a cero at them for being too stupid to continue living.

If they did run however.. He would simply laugh his old geezer laugh and shake his head.

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