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#1 Adelaide von Eisenberg [WIP] on Sat Mar 25, 2017 10:00 am


Name: Adelaide von Eisenberg
Alias: The Red Queen, the Queen of Hearts
Real Age: 52
Phys. Age: 20
Gender: Female


Appearance: Adelaide is a willowy woman of moderate height for a woman of her apparent age. She is 5'5" and 125lbs, though her build would not suggest it. She possesses deathly pale skin that seems perfect at first glance, but anyone who would look closely would be able to see the scars that litter her body. Said scars are both self-inflicted and from outside sources, some stemming from her bloody rages and some from her psychotic breaks. Her eyes are a deep crimson color, the color one often associates with blood or ill-will. Her hair is long, falling down her back, and it is a deep inky black. She possesses very elegant and aristocratic facial features, which are often schooled into an uncaring and aloof look. However, this elegance and beauty is still held even when her features are contorted into an expression of anger or bloodlust, giving her a rather unnatural talent. While rare to see one, Adelaide's smiles are positively radiant and are sufficient enough to raise even the most dour of moods.

She has taken to wearing rather simple yet well-put-together outfits. Her favorite is an entirely purple simple outfit that consisted of a purple choker around her neck with a bow, a purple dress that varied in shades from light to dark with a ruffle design around the shoulders, down the front and at the end of the sleeves, that reached her elbows and dark purple shoes. However, she possesses simpler dresses in a variety of colors, wearing whatever befits her in any certain situation. She also possesses a rather large collection of jewelry, however she only wears a pair of red gem earrings and a heart shaped locket about her neck that she refuses to open in the company of others.


Fighting Style:  [How does your character prefer to fight? Are they a more ability-oriented combatant, or do they rely on their knowledge of martial arts in combat? Do they know some special combat styles, or do they have an uncommon weapon - basically anything but a sword? Do they rely on stealth and speed, or are they defensive fighters, who keep their distance? What range do they prefer, and how they act when faced with an opponent of higher, equal and lower tier - what if they are sparring with a friend?]

Strengths: [What are you good at?]
Weaknesses: [What are you bad at?]

Doll Name: The Scions of the Abyss
Doll Appearance: Adelaide's Doll actually appears as two rabbit dolls, one black and one white. They each wear dresses befitting that of a young girl's doll, though the white rabbit wears a similarly colored dress while the black rabbit wears a black one. The rabbits both share red eyes and prink noses, however that is where their similarities end.
Doll Personality: Despite being a single Doll, each rabbit possesses their own personality.

The White Rabbit, who prefers the name Alyss, is a is soft-spoken and calm at most times, but she has shown to be completely unstable, shifting emotions as easily as Adelaide herself does. Alyss is forgetful, often becoming side tracked and focusing on things other than what is at hand. She seems to have become the focus of the brunt of Adelaide's psychosis, as she is more capable of crueler and more gruesome acts, such as extreme torture before killing a target. She also has a habit of speaking bluntly and coldly, yet cheerfully, masking her venomous words with sweetness, and talks in a cheerful, crazed yet somewhat childish tone. Despite all of this, Alyss represents Adelaide's more lady-like side. She can be described as a princess in all respects, never loosing her cool or marring her features with any expression other than a smile. This can appear very unnerving to those around her, especially when she speaks of murder and torture in such a way, but it appears that she could not care less. Her anger doesn't show on her face, but it shows in her actions, as she shows an intense dislike towards anything ordinary or anyone who interrupts her. In fact, she will do her best to destroy said interruption, even if it means ripping control of her powers away from Adelaide.

The Black Rabbit, who prefers to be called Alice, is the polar opposite of her "sister". She is callous, rude, tomboyish, reckless and wild, showing none of the propriety that Alyss shows. She freely expresses her emotions and her discontent, outwardly insulting people when upset or laughing raucously when she finds something humorous. She shows little regard for the consequences of her actions and possesses a rather short temper, making her energetically aggressive to everyone but Adelaide. She is also arrogant and overly confident in her abilities, often challenging those who may appear to be much stronger than her to fights. She is well invested in her own emotions, letting them carry her where they may without a care in the world. This often leads others to believe she is as unstable as Alyss and Adelaide, however this is not the case. While she will not hesitate to kill for Adelaide, she does not take pleasure in the act. Despite all of this, she shows miniscule amounts caring and kindness to Adelaide and Alyss. If hard pressed, she is capable of acting proper and girlishly, though she loathes doing it.

Sealed State Abilities:

Gift of the White Rabbit, Chains of the World - This is an ability gifted to Adelaide by Alyss. This enables her to create chains out of a mixture of her Reiatsu and the Reishi in the environment, these chains being strong enough to bind and restraint Shinigami of formidable power, as well as form defensive barriers capable of defending from attacks equal to a level 80 Hado. Adelaide is only capable of producing five of these chains when her Doll is sealed, however this number increases to ten when it is unsealed.

[Passive] Gift of the White Queen, Evidence of the Queen's Rule - This is a very unique passive ability granted to Adelaide by Alyss, born of the latter's want to be queen over all Bounto. This ability poisons Adelaide's very Reiryoku with a special substance, one that is extremely lethal to the Dolls of other Bounto. When she uses any attack that requires the usage of her Spiritual Energy, said attacks deal double damage against Bounto and their Dolls. Because this skill is specifically geared towards Bounto, it effects no other spiritual beings.

Gift of the Black Rabbit, Scythe of the Apocalypse - This is a powerful ability gifted to Adelaide by Alice. This enables her to summon a large scythe that appears to be made of a blood red crystal. This scythe was made for the destruction of anything tied to the spiritual realm, and as such it possesses the ability to scatter Reishi when it damages a Spiritual Entity or construct. This enables the scythe to cleave through spiritual attacks with ease, as well as damage spiritual beings grievously. Spiritual Beings are effected differently, however, due to their Reishi being formed differently in order to facilitate an actual body. As such, damage from the scythe only sends their Reishi into disarray, causing wounds to heal more slowly.

[Passive] Gift of the Black Queen, Army of the Abyss - This is a very unique passive ability granted to Adelaide by Alice, born of her want to be queen over all Bounto. It was inspired by the nature of Hollow, namely Adjuchas and higher who would eat each other in order to gain more power. Once a Bounto is sufficiently defeated, Adelaide is capable of "consuming" their Doll upon killing them. This doesn't destroy the Doll itself, but adds it to the arsenal of Dolls Alyss is capable of creating when she is unsealed. The Dolls retain their powers, though their allegiance reverts to Adelaide and their appearance can be changed in order to fit her whim.


Doll Appearance: When released, the rabbit dolls turn into glowing balls of light before changing shape, said light soon fading to reveal two young girls.

Alyss takes the form of a young girl with pale white skin, white hair and blood red eyes. She wears an entirely white dress, a simple white frilled one underneath and a white overdress on top with a bow on the back that billows out at the end and laces up the front with white string. On her arms are detachable sleeves that are also laced up at the top. She wears powder-blue roses around her neck and around the waist of her dress. She wears white cloth tied around the base of her left leg, near the ankle, and black string around her right wrist.

Alice takes the form of a young girl with crème colored skin, blood red eyes and long black hair with two side plaits with chain pieces at the ends. She wears a red coat with a white checkerboard design down the front and a large bow around her neck, a black tight skirt and laced-up white, heeled boots. She, like her sister, are rather short in stature, being only 4'11" tall. They are both also rather lithe, though Alice herself appears a tad more healthy due to her variable color palate.

Doll Abilities:

The White Queen's Decree, Denizens of Wonderland - This is an ability that Alyss possesses when she is released, and exemplifies her right to be queen of the Bounto. She is capable of forging minor Dolls from the souls of those Adelaide devours, or from the Dolls of other Bounto. These Dolls are all under Alyss' command and can be summoned upon her whim. Due to being the Doll of a Doll, all of those she controls have their powers weakened considerably, making a single Doll a rather small threat to any combatant. However, Alyss is capable of destroying her Dolls in order to bolster the power of another Doll, giving her the ability to possess full-powered Dolls at the cost of having less on-hand if she is unable to acquire more. Due to them being Dolls, Alyss herself is subjected to the rules of Doll control. If she does not possess enough power to control her Dolls, or if she is critically wounded, they may turn on her and attempt to kill her.
Alyss' Dolls:

[Passive] The White Queen's Doctrine, Law of the Abyss - This is an ability born from Alyss' need to make sure the Dolls she is able to create stay in line. With this, she is capable of fully ridding her Dolls of their free will, making it so that those below her own level of power are completely unable to turn against her under any circumstances. However, it comes with a sort of secondary function for those above her power. She is capable of emitting a dark spectral mist that undoes the composition of a Doll, not matter their size or power. This grants her a defense against her Dolls incase anything should go awry to make them turn on her. This passive is tied to her own Dolls and is incapable of effecting anyone else's, even her other half or herself.

The Black Queen's Decree, Call for the Executioner - This is an ability that was born of Alice's need to protect Adelaide rather than impose her will upon others. This enables Alice to utilize the scythe and chains that Adelaide is able to call upon when the power of the twins is sealed. However, Alice is able to use these to a greater degree, possessing great skill with the scythe. She is also capable of summoning the chains upon any surface, enabling her to sprout them from the air in order to walk upon them, or from a wall in order to catch he enemy off-guard. Unlike Adelaide, Alice isn't restricted in the number of chains she is capable of creating, with the girl being able to generate a nigh infinite number of these chains to bombard her enemies with.

[Passive] The Black Queen's Doctrine, Law of the General - This is a passive augment that Alice has given birth to in order to help her protect Adelaide. Where she and Alyss both possess Adelaide's own physical strength's, Alice's is greatly increased when she and her sister take their true forms. Alice receives a passive 3x boost to her speed and strength for as long as she is released, enabling her to keep up with even those who outstrip Adelaide in physical ability.

Treaty of the Twin Queens, March of the Bloodstained Black Rabbit - This is an ability that was created when Alyss and Alice


Fused Doll Name: The Empress of the Abyss
Fused Doll Appearance:
Fused Doll Abilities: [What abilities does your doll have?]

Background Details


RP Sample:

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#2 Re: Adelaide von Eisenberg [WIP] on Fri Sep 01, 2017 9:42 pm

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