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#1 Annie Hoekstra on Fri Mar 24, 2017 1:16 pm


Name: Annie Hoekstra
Alias: The Dark Child
Real Age: 9
Phys. Age: 9
Gender: Female

Annie tries to be a friendly, happy, and somewhat 'bubbly' individual. She smiles a lot and hides her pain and suffering behind laughs and cheesy little grins. While she enjoys large numbers of people surrounding her, Annie does know the dark side people have. Due to her history of abuse and assault from her father, Annie hides her true self quite a lot, keeping a barrier between herself and the outside world at all times in order to prevent her inner heart from being hurt once again.

Annie tries very hard to be outgoing and friendly to everyone she meets. Even while people are trying to 'help' her, by finding where her parents are, Annie will let them do everything they can to help, but always finds a way out before the police take her; or at least, tries to. Sometimes she has to get away in a more... violent manner, killing the cops and escaping through the wreckage, but she tries to not do that. While Annie does enjoy some violence in a playful way, she doesn't enjoy seeing people get hurt, especially those she cares about.

The little girl enjoys making friends, showing people the toys she's collected, and constantly asking people if they've seen her bear Tibbers. She enjoys asking people if they want to play, too, telling them it'll be fun; her favorite line, though, is 'I'm rubber and you're... on fire!'

When no one is around, Annie takes off her mask and becomes her true self: a cynical, pyromanic sadist who wants to watch the world burn. Annie, while making sure no one can see her, will casually set fire to semi-important buildings- post offices, schools, police stations... she refuses to set fire to people's direct houses, though, a testament to her desire to see only certain types of people get hurt. The kind of people who won't save her or her sister from the abuse they suffered.

In combat, Annie stays at range utilizing her abilities to do the fighting for her, almost always immediately releasing Tibbers from his doll to do the melee fighting for her and let enemies deal with him while she barrages them. She's known to laugh maniacally while casting her abilities, and seeing things on fire gets her excited.

Annie is a small girl with vivid red hair and green eyes. She wears a small headband with cat (or bear?) ears on it, because it looks cute. Her hair is in a small cut, almost bob-like with some pointing down to frame her face with bangs, and some hanging off the side in front of the headband. She wears a purple dress with stripes, and her pink backpack is always on her in some way. When she's not carrying tibbers with both arms, you can see the scars and bruises littering her body, though only just barely. Her socks come up to her knees and are pink and purple striped, with black dress shoes underneath.

Annie likes to play dress-up a lot, with several outfits in her backpack at all times. Though her actual outfit can change on a whim, what does not change are the scars and the vivid green eyes Annie always has, as well as the backpack. Due to being a manifestation of her subconscious, Tibbers also changes outfits when Annie does.

(NOTE: All pictures in the second paragraph are not perfect representations. Regardless of what "outfit" Annie is wearing, she always has green eyes and red hair.)


Fighting Style: Annie fights almost exclusively by using her abilities and her doll. She has no skill whatsoever with melee combat, regardless of having a weapon in her hands.
Strengths: Annie's only strength is her pool of reiatsu; however, Tibbers has increased Strength and Endurance.
Weaknesses: Annie is only 9-years old, meaning she has a very low amount of strength and endurance; contrary, Tibbers is rather slow considering he is a bear.

Boosts: At all times, Annie has a 2x boost to her Reiryoku.

[燃す]Mosu - Sear
Annie fires off a fireball at Bala speeds; aside from dealing first degree burns on impact, this ability is identical to a Bala and can be fired up to ten times every post.

[崩壊]Houkai - Disintegration
Annie fires off a fireball 5ft in diameter, traveling at Bala speeds but inflicting Cero-level damage and second degree burns. This ability can be fired once every three posts (two post cooldown).

[焼却]Shoukyaku - Incineration
Annie fires off a wave of fire dealing damage similar to a Gran Rey Cero, ten feet wide and five feet tall, extending for up to forty feet from her hands. This ability travels the entire length in a single post, and has a four post cooldown before it can be used again.

[溶融盾]Youyuu Tate - Molten Shield
Annie can cover her body in reiatsu, taking on the element of fire. For three posts, Annie is covered in a fire that deals second degree burns to anything that touches it, and acts like a Hierro of regular strength. If Tibbers is released, he gains this as well. This ability has a 6 post cooldown.

[放火]Houka - Pyromania
Annie releases a large burst of fire energy immediately behind or below her. While this ability does inflict cero-level damage and first degree burns, it is not intended for direct use in combat; rather, this ability launches Annie 50ft in the opposite direction this is cast very quickly, is intended to be used as an escape/dodge technique, and can be used every other post.


Doll Name: Tibbers
Doll Appearance: Tibbers takes the appearance of a 12ft tall bear, with a toy-like appearance of being sewn together where there are holes.
Doll Personality: Tibbers tries to protect Annie when and where he can, and has been known to force her to release him if he thinks she's in danger, even when she's not. This has lead to more than a few situations where Annie needs to run away because Tibbers' danger sense tingled incorrectly, and he caused more mayhem than anything else would have. Still, Tibbers genuinely wants to protect Annie through any means, and truly loves her.

Boosts: When Tibbers is released, Annie gains a 3x to her Reiryoku instead; Tibbers has a 3x to Strength, Durability, Endurance, and Stamina.

[暴れる]Abareru - Rampage
For 3 posts, Tibbers has a 5x increase to Strength, as opposed to 3x; afterwards, his strength drops to 2x instead for 2 posts, then return to 3x. This ability has a 5 post cooldown, starting after Tibbers' stats return to normal.

[回復]Kaifuku - Recovery
Annie teleports to Tibbers' shoulder. This ability can be used once every six posts.

[混乱]Konran - Conflagration
Tibbers releases a large pulse of fire from his core, causing Cero Oscuras damage and 2nd Degree burns to everything within 25 feet of him. Buildings can be toppled, and in addition to the damage everything is pushed away with an invisible force similar to a giant Hado#1:Sho. This ability cannot be used again for 5 posts.

[炎の呼吸]Honou no Kokyuu - Flame Breath
Tibbers breathes out flames, inflicting cero damage and first degree burns to everything they touch. This ability covers a range of 10ft in a cone in front of him, and can be used once every post.


When she was born, Annie Hoekstra was the cutest girl you'd ever see. She looked exactly like her mother, with the same red hair and green eyes, and being of Bount blood meant she would live for a long, long time. She doesn't remember much of her early childhood, being a toddler meant she didn't have the association of remembering things. The earliest memory she does have is looking over to her little sister Kiahni, and seeing their father on top of her.

Annie's mother died when she was 3, and when Kiahni was 2. Her father did not like talking about her very much, so Annie didn't know much; from pictures, she knows that they looked similar, but that's the extent of it. Knowing every night that their father would come into the room when they were asleep made things difficult at home, and Annie tried to be brave and stick up for Kiahni, who was younger. She'd often stay awake after sending Kiahni to bed, and tell their father to use her instead. For a few years, things were... as good as they were going to be.

Knowing that she was starting school next year, Annie needed to make a decision. She couldn't let their father continue abusing them, and if she wasn't home she wouldn't be able to protect Kiahni anymore. The night her father decided that they needed to sleep in different rooms, Annie had her decision made for her. At around midnight, she heard Kiahni crying, and made up her mind. Punching down the door, Annie walked into the room to see their father on top of Kiahni, covering her mouth; that was the last straw.

A fireball left Annie's hand and landed squarely on her father's face. Throwing her bear, Tibbers manifested for the first time and took up the entire room, while Annie ducked by him and grabbed Kiahni, throwing her over Annie's shoulder. Hiding near the door, Annie covered Kiahni's eyes as Tibbers ripped apart her father, who had no time to react and defend himself due to literally being caught with his pants around his ankles. When it was over, Annie picked her doll back up and made sure to grab Kiahni's before moving to leave the house.

Kiahni wanted to leave on her own, understanding to a small degree what was going on, so Annie set her down and let her walk down the stairs on her own. Unfortunately, Kiahni tripped and fell, falling down and crashing into the stairs several times; Annie ran down to try and help, but Kiahni was bleeding and wasn't moving or breathing. Thinking she had killed her father and her sister, Annie began to cry and ran away; there was nothing else for her to do.

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#2 Re: Annie Hoekstra on Fri Mar 24, 2017 8:35 pm

[混乱]Konran - Conflagration
Tibbers releases a large pulse of fire from his core, causing Gran Rey Cero damage and 2nd Degree burns to everything within 50 meters of him. Buildings are toppled, and in addition to the damage everything is pushed away with an invisible force similar to a giant Hado#1:Sho. This ability cannot be used again for 3 posts.

4 post cooldown, and I'd prefer a smaller range but that can be discussed with Rena. My gut says 20 meters given it's an all encompassing wave of fuck off, but see what she says.

[消費する]Shouhi Suru - Consume
Tibbers can eat any corpse to gain a 25% increase to strength and speed. Tibbers can eat one corpse per post, and the boost lasts as long as he is summoned/released.

"Any Corpse"

Yeah no. PC's, and it lasts for a post since it has no drawbacks beyond that. 4 x boost as opposed to 3 for 5 x as opposed to 4.

For five posts, Tibbers' speed and strength are increased by 100%; afterward, they are half as strong as normal for two posts, then return to normal. This ability has a cooldown of six posts, starting after Tibbers' stats return to normal.

A 100% increase means doubling. Two x 4 is 8. That's a solid no copy. 6 x is a limited Final move for two apps on site. It is not common. 5 x for 3 posts, 5 post cooldown two posts 2 x sounds fair. Once again, I'll deflect towards Rena if you'd prefer the second opinion.

[放火]Houka - Pyromania
Annie can eat fire made by other spiritual being to restore her reiatsu. She can do this once every three posts, and eating any amount of fire restores a fifth of her maximum reiatsu.

Ask Rena for limitations on this, because a fifth seems excessive and I'm really tired of the Reitsu cockblock gimmicks people are going for if I'm to be honest. That means over 15 posts you're getting 100 percent restored. No. Next.

Annie can cover her body in reiatsu, taking on the element of fire. For four posts, Annie is covered in a fire that deals second degree burns to anything that touches it, and acts like a Hierro of regular strength.

Lacks a cooldown, lacks a limitation, Fix that then we'll talk. If I had to guess I'd say duration will be cut to three.

You're getting a bit lazy by having no history for anyone, and the personality is non-existent. I'd still like some measure of work put towards them, so do that, then I'll approve.

-Disclaimer if this is a WIP it does NOT say so, and looked like you'd kinda glossed over and finished so.. yeah-

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#3 Re: Annie Hoekstra on Sat Mar 25, 2017 1:40 am

Personality: Expanded upon.
Appearance: Expanded upon.
Strengths: Clarified.
Weaknesses: Clarified.

Disintegration: Reworked completely.
Molten Shield: Duration reduced to 3, cooldown increased to 6, now also applies to Tibbers.
Pyromania: Reworked completely.

Rampage: Fixed, as per your comments.
Conflagration: Range reduced to 25ft
Consume: Removed; replaced with Flame Breath

Additionally, Annie Hoekstra now has a listed History. Hagane (player of Kiahni) pre-screened the History and approved it; a personality for Tibbers was also added, and boosts were written in.

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#4 Re: Annie Hoekstra on Sat Mar 25, 2017 8:16 am

Approved. 1-3

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